Well, I was never anticipating on writing a sequel to "A Brotherly Vacation," but this idea popped into my head not so long ago, and I decided to go through with it. So, here it is:

Sonic and Tails' Day Off

As in "A Brotherly Vacation," this story will also be set in the Sonic Boom universe, or else it wouldn't be considered a sequel, wouldn't it!? LOL!

Anyways, here's the prologue.

Why so harsh?

Bygone Island was as sunny as ever on this summer Wednesday morning. Everything within the grass had sprouted into fresh flowers, and the trees were covered nearly from top to bottom with leaves that could turn an entire forest green. The environment felt peaceful … and sounded peaceful, as birds were chirping sweet tunes as they flew in the distance. The air rushing around the plants was warm and calm with some mild winds.

All was right with the world …

Sonic the Hedgehog was being his usual self; running around at his supersonic speeds through the forest, not caring where he ended up next. His mind was set on being adventurous as he wandered aimlessly through the plant-rich summer environment. At times like this, all the blue speedster cared about was going to new places he hadn't been to before in his life.

It had been a couple of weeks since Sonic defeated Shadow the Hedgehog in a (some would say) epic duel while Dr. Eggman tried to round up everyone whom had turned enemies against Sonic and his team in the past and create an alliance that would destroy Team Sonic once and for all. Of course, the league of villains stood no chance against the likes of Miles "Tails" Prower, Knuckles the Echidna, Amy Rose and Sticks the Badger. Even without Sonic helping them, the four managed to kick out the villains, and then, after Shadow disappeared, the team of five heroes proceeded to play a game of volleyball with Eggman's damaged Eggmobile as the ball! That had been one hell of a day!

Sonic thought back on that day and pondered that it might be a great idea to have a day like that occur sometime again in the future. He always enjoyed throwing speed punches and kicks at Shadow and Eggman, but he felt somewhat bored on a day when he wouldn't get a chance to do something like that, unless he was having a fun, fluffy time with Tails, whom Sonic considered to be his brother by bond.

The blue hedgehog soon realized that he was now running on a very particular pathway he knew very well and that he had ended up choosing that path while he was daydreaming in his running. This path just so happened to lead to Tails' house and workshop.

"Man, I gotta stop daydreaming when I'm running!" Sonic thought to himself, "One of these days, I'm gonna smash my head against a tree if I keep doing that!"

In just a matter of seconds, Sonic found himself approaching the house where his brother lived. He skidded to a stop and took a moment to gaze at the surroundings. All seemed very quiet this morning, with the exception of the windmill that was providing power to the house and the workshop where Tails kept his own personal plane and worked on his inventions.

"I daydream about going to the middle of who-knows-where, and I end up about to say 'good morning' to my little bro," Sonic said to himself as he walked up to the front door, "I gotta feed myself some brain medication."

Sliding his adventurous thoughts out of the way, the cobalt hedgehog gently knocked on the door three times.

The only answer he got was silence.

He knocked three more times; still no reply.

"There's only one other place to look," Sonic said to himself as he sped away from the door and zipped to the door of the workshop, knocking on that door three times as well, "Yo, Tails! Ya in there? Ready for a nice run to the middle of anywhere on this island?"

Then came a dull-sounding voice from inside the workshop …

"Hi, Sonic. Yes, I'm in here, and as for your second question, no."

Hearing a voice that sounded like that brought Sonic into his brotherly instincts.

"Hey, why the sad-sounding voice, bro? You're usually so energetic at this time of the day," said Sonic.

"Not today," replied Tails.

"Can I come in?" asked Sonic.

The hedgehog heard a sad sigh from behind the door before receiving his answer …

"Come on in."

Sonic slowly opened the door and stepped into the workshop. As he closed the door, everything inside appeared to be perfectly fine. It looked as though Tails wasn't working on anything massive at the moment. The yellow plane looked squeaky clean, and all of the tools were in their proper places.

Then, he spotted the yellow two-tailed fox sitting lazily in front of his desk with a pencil in his hand. There were several pieces of paper on the desk, one that had writing on it and others that had scribbled drawings that could only have been scrapped design illustrations.

Sonic knew what all of this meant. Tails was struggling to think of a new invention.

"Hey, little buddy," the hedgehog spoke gently as he approached Tails and hugged him from behind, "How's my fox brother doing on this beautiful summer morning?"

Tails had a sad look on his face as he looked up at Sonic, seeing the look on the hedgehog's face that told him he wanted to help him.

"Trying to come up with something that won't fail us," the fox replied sadly.

"Why do ya say that, Tails?" asked a confused Sonic, "A lot of your inventions have helped us out tremendously."

"Well, over the past few months my success record has slipped down dramatically," said Tails, "Nearly every first impression lately has ended up with either average reviews from you or a disaster that upsets one or all of us."

"That's just not true, little buddy," said Sonic, "I've only seen very few of those incidents, and it caused little to no strain for us."

"Well, that's what you think, but what you didn't catch was another incident that happened just two days ago," said Tails.

This left Sonic feeling confused. How could he have not gained knowledge about an incident that involved Tails the day before yesterday?

"What happened, little bro?" asked Sonic.

"Well, … I had just finished building a prototype for a new weapon I had come up with to use against Eggman ..."

Eggman was picking on Tails yet another time. Amy, Knuckles and Sticks were all right behind the fox, trying to defend him, but it was no use, especially since Sonic was off running some errands, completely oblivious to what was happening right now.

Then, …

"It's somewhat of a coincidence that I decided to do this on a day when my arch-nemesis had other business to attend to. Why don't you run along and play with your new girl that looks more beautiful than any of you?"

"That's my girl you're talking about, Egg Face!" shouted Tails furiously.

"And one of my good friends!" added Amy.

"And what makes you say that!?" asked Sticks.

"At least she's got one fewer tail than you for one thing," said Eggman.

That was the last straw. Tails had fire burning in his eyes as he grew extremely offended about his twin tails, especially since it came from Team Sonic's archenemy.

Seeing how red Tails' cheeks had become, Amy, Knuckles and Sticks all stepped backward so the fox wouldn't harm them by accident, just as he pulled out his new weapon: a golden ray gun.

"I'll send you on a one-way ticket back to your garbage house for that, you MONSTER!" screamed Tails as he fired a ray of golden plasma towards Eggman, "CALL ME A FREAK AGAIN! I DARE YOU!"

The plasma hit Eggman and immediately blasted him about a football field's worth of distance backwards.

"Whoa! That was amazing!" said Knuckles in astonishment, "Tails, you come up with the wackiest weapons!"

However, Eggman then came flying back right over them. Then came a crashing sound before Eggman was seen flying over them again, followed by another loud crash, and another fly-by by Eggman before one final crash-landing sound was heard.

"WHAT!? That wasn't supposed to happen!" yelled Tails as he grew worried that something terrible must have happened.

"We'll investigate where the crashing sounds came from," said Amy, "For now, just make sure he's at least alive."

"Alive!? He's our arch-nemesis!" Tails shot back, "Why would we want him alive!?"

"I know he's our enemy, Tails, but I'm sure Sonic wouldn't wanna come back and hear that you had accidentally killed Doctor Eggman. He would get bored for the rest of his life, and he probably wouldn't forgive you for it. Just check on him for us, please?"

Tails sighed in frustration.

"Alright, Amy."

"C'mon, guys!" Amy called for Knuckles and Sticks to follow her as they began their investigation.

45 minutes later, Tails was walking back to his workshop. He had checked on Eggman, and, to his relief, he was still alive; just knocked out and left with some injuries that would take a few weeks to heal. What the fox didn't know was the extent of the damage he had really done.

He was to find that out through unfortunate circumstances …

Tails suddenly found himself coming face-to-face with Amy, Knuckles and Sticks, all glaring angrily at him. The fox gulped and drew a deep breath. He was sure now that he had done something horrible.

"I'm sorry, guys," he said nervously, "I really am. L-Look, if you w-wanna know if Eggman's still alive, he is."

"That's not what's gotten us pissed off," said Amy.

Tails blushed as his heart rate went up. He was feeling very nervous now.

"Eggman crashed through the door of my house and caused a massive wreck inside!" shouted Amy.

"Then he blasted into my cave and ruined my bed!" added Knuckles.

"He crash-landed into my orchard and wiped out half of my plants!" finished Sticks.

Tails' face turned pale as he realized the damage he had caused. He now regretted what he had done to Eggman … and to an extent, his friends. He slowly backed away, but the trio followed his footsteps and surrounded him in just a matter of seconds.

"I'm really sorry!" Tails cried, "I meant no harm to anyone or anything! I didn't know my Gold Ray was set to boomerang mode!"

"Well, maybe next time, you'll know better than make a boomerang weapon!" Sticks yelled, "You stole my idea!"

Tails gulped and quivered as he knelt to the ground and burst into tears.

Then, Knuckles grabbed him by his forehead so that he was forced to make eye contact with his teammates.

"I'm very sorry!" Tails repeated as tears poured from his eyes and created waterfalls down his white muzzle, "I'm truly sorry!"

"We'll see about that, Tails!" said Amy.

"I mean it!" yelled Tails.

"This one's for my bed!" said Knuckles.

Before Tails could reply, Knuckles delivered a punch to Tails' chest. The fox held his chest tightly with his hands and moaned in pain, only for Sticks to then grab his arms.

"This is for what you've done to my house!" yelled Amy as she slapped the poor fox across his right cheek, then again across his left cheek.

Tails gritted his teeth as more pain went into his face.

"And this is for my orchard and for stealing my ideas!" said Sticks as she finished him off by smacking his face so hard that he fell to the ground and his nose started bleeding.

With that, the trio walked away, still in anger, leaving poor Tails all alone with a bloody face, bruised cheeks and a bruised chest.

The fox simply laid there in pain, agony, guilt and humiliation. He had never felt so humiliated before in his life. This felt just as painful as the early years of his childhood before he met Sonic. It felt as though history was repeating itself. Tears spilled from his eyes and mixed with the blood from his nose, creating a huge mess all over his face.

He then turned over to his new weapon that was now sitting next to him and gave it an angry look for the damage it had done.

"You stupid Gold Ray!" he yelled as he kicked it with what little strength he had left.

The Gold Ray only slid a few feet further than where he was lying.

Finally, out of the shock and humiliation he had received for what he had done, Tails passed out.

Sonic was horrified as he listened to Tails' sad story. He had no idea that their own friends could be so violent towards the poor fox.

"I was unconscious for several hours before I woke up that evening on my makeshift bed," explained Tails, "Zooey had found me in the middle of the forest and brought me home. She bandaged me before waking me up and started soothing me softly as if she was my big sister. I told her what had happened and that it was all my fault, and she simply told me that accidents happen before kissing me."

Sonic was lost in his thoughts as Tails finished his story. There was a lot he needed to sort out if Tails was ever going to feel any better.

"Why didn't you tell me about this sooner, little bro?" asked Sonic, "You know I could have put a stop to all of this in a flash had I known about it right away."

"I thought our friends would berate me even more and call me off as a tattletale," answered Tails.

"That sounds rather inexcusable," replied Sonic, "I'm sure they wouldn't do such a thing like that."

Tails only banged his forehead against his desk and suddenly burst into tears again. Sonic sighed sadly. He felt sorry for Tails and wanted to do whatever it took to make him happy.

It was at that moment that Sonic sat down in the second chair next to Tails and turned the fox's chair towards him so that they could face each other.

Then, Sonic gasped in horror as he looked at Tails. There was a purple bruise on the white fur of his chest which Zooey had bandaged. There were very rough bruises on both of his cheeks, which Zooey had put white healing cream on which created a dark pinkish color for his cheeks. Finally, his nose was slightly out of shape with faint blood appearing to ooze out and run down his mouth to the bottom of his chin, although the blood was actually pink stains that Zooey had tried washing off but to little avail. His nose also had a bandage wrapped around it that was helping it heal.

"Oh, my Chaos, Tails! Did they really do all of this to you!?" asked a horror-stricken Sonic as he stared at Tails' facial injuries.

The distraught hedgehog pulled Tails onto his lap and hugged him while they maintained eye contact.

"Yes!" whined Tails, "Even Zooey was in tears while she was smearing what looked like diaper cream all over my face! She felt so sorry for me that she stayed at my house overnight and all day yesterday just to care for me, acting as if she was my big sister or even my mother."

Sonic sighed in disbelief.

"Well, at least you can be grateful that your girlfriend cares for you very much," said Sonic soothingly.

"Yeah," agreed Tails, "Whenever I had to go to the bathroom, my face and chest were in so much pain that she had to carry me to the bathroom as if I was a baby. It felt so embarrassing, but she said she didn't mind only because she loves me and doesn't want to see me so sad, just like you do."

Sonic's mind soon drifted away from how caring Zooey was to Tails, and pondered more serious thoughts as to why he hadn't known sooner about all of this chaos.

"You know what really disturbs me?" asked Sonic.

"What? That my face is all scrunched up?" replied Tails.

"No. What bothers me is that no one else has told me about this," said Sonic, "Why hasn't anyone else told me about this? They could have had a 'whatever' amount of time yesterday to tell me, and they hid it all like I shouldn't know. Why shouldn't I know when my little brother that I care very deeply about gets hurt, … not just physically, but emotionally, too?"

Sonic allowed Tails to crawl back into his chair before standing up, looking deep in thought.

"Sonic?" asked a worried Tails.

"I gotta get to the bottom of this, once and for all!" said Sonic with a look of determination.

"Sonic, I've already told you everything!" said Tails, "There's even more evidence on this piece of paper!"

The injured fox pulled out the paper that had writing on it and showed it to Sonic. The hedgehog took the paper and read through it several times before he realized that it was a list of inventions that had gone awry or did not have successful results. What surprised Sonic was that there seemed to be about … TWENTY … of them, … approximately.

UT – Caused chaos when it started reading everyone's minds. Later captured by Eggman. I set off on a one-man mission to retrieve it. Sonic and the gang rescued us, only for Sticks to throw UT into the sea. Replacement later built successfully after a nice, brotherly vacation with Sonic.

Unbolterizer – Tested against Eggman, only for it to malfunction and nearly get my team killed. Amy, Knuckles and Sticks all scolded me. Sticks even went as far as to slap me in the face, which got Sonic angry in my defense. Sonic tried to comfort me, but I only fled and isolated myself in this room until I got the Unbolterizer fixed and it successfully showed its worthiness.

Berry-picking Machine – Tested it at Sticks' orchard but wrecked everything! Sticks forced me to clean up the mess and I missed the pie festival, but the Lightning Bolt Society snatched me after witnessing the catastrophe, thinking I was one of them! Later retried successfully.

Hyper Exo Manifier – Tried it out against some Froglodites when Sticks was kidnapped, only for it to fail miserably.

Decoration Bazooka – I wanted to come up with a faster method to decorate the village center for New Year's Eve, so I tested this out, but it failed and the team decided to scold me, except for a comforting Sonic, just as was the case with the Unbolterizer.

Auto Adjuster 3000 – Never completed as my tools had been stolen.

However, what Sonic had witnessed was only half of the list. Further down the list were inventions in which Tails suffered even worse consequences. Some of them caused the team to yell at him, except Sonic, and some of them were prototypes that failed tests and never left the workshop which depressingly sent Tails right back to the drawing board. The final one on the bottom of the list was the Gold Ray which caused the disaster that led to Amy, Knuckles and Sticks beating up Tails in retaliation.

Sonic was stunned. He never imagined that Tails could have this many failures in his inventions. Many of them he had seen in the past had worked out great, so he was absolutely shocked to see about twenty failed inventions, half of which were never to be successful and therefore got Tails in trouble with his team.

After reading through the entire list one more time, he set the paper down and looked at Tails' scrunched face again. Tears were still spilling from the poor fox's eyes, and now Sonic fully understood why he was so sad and depressed, aside from getting beaten up. He had worked so hard on one invention, but it failed, which caused him to rush through another invention, which suffered more dire consequences. It all led up to the Gold Ray incident in which Tails suffered the worst consequences yet.

"I am so sorry, little bro," said Sonic sadly, "If only I had known sooner, maybe I could have found a way to help you get out of this wreck of a situation you're in now."

"You don't have anything to be sorry for, Sonic," replied Tails in between sniffles, "It's all my fault."

Sonic instantly placed his hands on Tails' shoulders, which was enough for him to look up at his big brother and gulp nervously.

"Another thing I won't tolerate is you beating yourself up for all of this that has happened to you. Accidents will happen, Tails. Nobody's perfect," said Sonic coolly.

Tails simply looked into Sonic's emerald green eyes and sat there, deep in thought.

"You've gotta take things one step at a time, little bro," Sonic continued, "Just rushing straight to the next concept after another one fails is not the answer."

Tails gulped again as he nodded his head.

"I know you wanna redeem yourself with the others, little bud, but I think trying to rush straight to the next drawing is not the answer to that problem," said Sonic, "I'm glad you're walking again, but now is not the time to come running back in here, talking to your inventions as if they'll give you advice. I suggest that you head back to the living room, make yourself some lunch, take a nice hot shower and get a nap, okay?"

"I'm on the brink of having an empty kitchen," explained Tails, "Zooey went to the village center to buy us some groceries."

"She's still staying here?" asked a surprised Sonic, managing to hold back a chuckle.

"She said she'd stay here for the week until Sunday, or at least until I'm fully recovered," said Tails.

"That sounds like sisterly motives," commented Sonic, Tails simply rolling his eyes after hearing said comment.

No sooner did they hear a knock on the workshop door, followed by a female voice.

"Hello? Tails, I'm back. I got us some food that will last us the rest of the week," came Zooey's voice.

Sonic immediately sped to the door and opened it, revealing a bright yellow one-tailed fox with a crimson red dress, bracelets and slippers. It was really no wonder Tails had been crushing on this girl before he won her heart.

"Whasup?" asked Sonic in his cool voice.

Zooey sighed and gave Sonic a half-grin.

"Nothing much, Sonic. How about you?" asked Zooey.

"I was just running around at the speed of sound, and out of complete randomness ended up here after daydreaming, and got the word of a tragic story," replied Sonic.

"I take it that Tails told you what happened on Monday," guessed Zooey.

"He did, and I feel very sorry for him," said Sonic in a sympathetic voice, "I really wanna help him out any way I can."

"Me, too," replied Zooey, "I've been staying here these past two days looking after him."

"So he told me. You're more like a sister to him now that I look at it," commented Sonic.

Tails rolled his eyes again as he overheard their conversation.

"Well, I'm his girl now. We may very well be like siblings even though we're only dating," said Zooey.

"I can see it now, 'The Story of the Three Siblings.' Once upon a time, there was a speedy hedgehog who one day got two fox siblings," said Sonic out of amusement.

Tails face-palmed and groaned out of pure embarrassment.

"We ougtha try that out as a three-some someday," added Sonic, striking a break-dancing pose in front of Zooey.

"Ugh!" moaned Tails.

"Okay, Sonic. You're beginning to sound and look just like James Bond," commented Zooey, "That's the perfect example of someone not being himself."

"James Bond, you say?" replied Sonic with a curious look on his face.

"Don't you know who James Bond is?" asked Zooey.

"Of course. Everyone's heard of that famous British secret agent. I would often go to theaters with random people of all kinds just to watch all the action, car chases, etc," said Sonic, "Why do you ask?"

"James Bond never keeps his girls, and the cocky attitude you give towards girls will make you just like him in that way," explained Zooey with a grin.

"Nothing about romance in my future?" said Sonic out of randomness.

"And I thought you weren't even interested in romance," replied Zooey with a light chuckle, "I'm surprised you could be acting this way right now, especially since I'm taken … by your own little brother."

Sonic sighed, feeling defeated.

"I just wanna add some humor to this situation," said Sonic.

"Maybe you could do that by stopping the random flirting. Don't you have some friends to talk to? Our poor little fellow over here needs some emotional help," Zooey reminded him, pointing at a distraught Tails.

Sonic's mind immediately re-engaged to "serious mode" as he looked at the sad state Tails was in.

"Right. I gotta run, guys! See ya later!"

In an instant, Zooey found herself facing a blue trail of smoke which disappeared almost instantly, which at that point Sonic was already gone.

With the famous hedgehog out of the way for the moment, Zooey turned back to her boyfriend, who was trying to choke back some more tears. She sighed sadly as she sat next to him and pulled him in for a comforting hug.

"Sorry about him," she apologized.

"It's okay, Zooey," replied Tails sadly, "He's always been like that. We're used to it by now."

Zooey simply sighed and kept hugging Tails.

"He suggested I have some lunch, take a hot shower and get a nap," Tails added.

"Okay, Tails," replied Zooey, "Let's get you in the house."

Tails tried standing up, but the moment he was in an upright stance, the pain in his chest was once again getting the best of him.

"Damn it, Knuckles! Why did you have to punch me in the stomach so hard!?" thought Tails as he struggled to start walking. Although he had managed to start walking again, he still had a hard time doing so without someone's aid.

Seeing that Tails was about to collapse to the floor, Zooey grabbed her boyfriend and wrapped her arms around his chest before aiding him towards Tails' living room at a very slow pace as she had been doing over the past two days. The poor two-tailed fox groaned and moaned in pain the whole time he walked; Zooey being the only thing keeping him on his feet.

Meanwhile, Sonic was once again running at his namesake speed through the forest, hoping to meet up with at least one of his friends. There were so many things going on in his mind, now that he had learned about what had happened to Tails.

Hardly a minute later, Sonic was in front of Amy's house, hoping to catch a glimpse of the pink hedgehog. He was thinking of giving her a serious lecture …

Well, this prologue may not sound anything like what the title suggests, but trust me, this will eventually lead to what you're anticipating will happen in later chapters. I had to come up with a prologue that seemed somewhat like what had happened to Tails in "A Brotherly Vacation," so that this would fit in as a sequel.

The downside is that I signed up for a summer college class, and it starts on Tuesday, so I may only be able to update on certain days when I'm not busy. Therefore, I hope you can all be patient while waiting for future chapters.

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