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Chapter 10

Tails vs. Eggman

Tails and Zooey stared at the Obliterator Bot that was blocking their path to the exit. Zooey was horrified, but Tails immediately brought his left wrist to his face and activated his communicator.

"Sonic! A little help here please!?" he shouted into his communicator.

"We're on our way, bro!" he heard his hedgehog brother reply.

But it was too late …

The Obliterator Bot reached down and snatched Tails with one of its big arms.

"TAILS!" screamed Zooey in horror.

"AAAAHHHH!" screamed Tails as he tried to wrestle himself out of the robot's fist, "ZOOEY! HELP! HELP ME!"

The vixen could only watch as the Obliterator Bot took her boyfriend up another flight of stairs. She began hyperventilating as the thoughts of him being tortured by Eggman began to consume her mind.

A moment later, the rest of Team Sonic arrived, only to find Zooey weeping on the floor.

The blue hedgehog knew right away that something bad had happened, and he was sure that it involved Tails.

"Zooey? Are you okay? What happened?" Sonic asked the vixen.

"It's Tails! They took Tails! A big robot scooped him up and took him to Eggman!" Zooey yelled as she bawled her eyes out.

Sonic felt his heart rate go up at an alarming rate after hearing that Tails had been captured. It was at times like these when he felt that it was time to put everything in the universe aside, and do anything he could to save his brother, even if it meant sacrificing himself just for Tails' own safety.

"I will not let that fat ass lay one finger on my little brother!" he shouted out loud, seemingly unaware of four others in his presence.

The four all looked at him like he was crazy, and he realized that he had nearly panicked in front of everyone.

"Are you alright?" asked Amy.

Sonic set all of his fears aside and started pondering numerous strategies in his head.

He had to think of a plan … and fast!

The hedgehog turned to his team and started giving the orders …

"Amy, Sticks, get Zooey to safety! I'm sure Tails parked his plane by the back door! Knuckles, you're with me!" he said.

"Got it!" replied Amy before she and Sticks walked up to Zooey, "Zooey, please calm down. We'll get you outta here."

"We'll have Tails back soon," added Sticks.

"I hope," replied Zooey sadly.

The pink hedgehog gently helped her good friend back up with help from Sticks, and they led her to the dark corridor that Tails had used.

Sonic and Knuckles, on the other hand, ran back upstairs and began their search for Tails.

Tails was brought to a door at the end of a hallway on the top floor, and the Obliterator Bot suddenly opened its fist and dropped the fox to the floor. He came down with a thud, and it left some pain in his face and chest.

"Ya think you could be less abusive when carrying people!?" the fox yelled at the robot.

The door then opened, and it revealed a room with windows all around it that provided a somewhat good view of Bygone Island, and it featured dozens of control panels.

Tails could not recall seeing this room before, so he assumed it must have been an additional room from when Eggman had to rebuild his lair after the fox bravely destroyed a gigantic Monster Bot with the Tornado, which resulted in the old lair melting to smithereens.

The plane had been an experimental project intended to revive the Tornado so that Tails could give his own plane a break, but this project was short-lived after the catastrophe with Monster Bot, and Tails reverted back to his own yellow pride with wings.

All of a sudden, Tails felt the Obliterator Bot's hand shoving him towards the doorway, and within seconds the fox was pushed in, and the door closed.

Tails looked around the room and gazed at his surroundings, until he noticed a crippled Eggman in a wheelchair, staring out towards the orange sunset.

"Ah yes. It's about time I saw your face again, Tails," the evil doctor spoke in a cold voice as he turned his wheelchair around to face the two-tailed kitsune, "I've been waiting three days for this."

Tails was stunned as he took notice of the injuries his enemy had. He had no idea until now what he had done to him with his Gold Ray. He was afraid to admit it, but he felt somewhat regretful for harming him that severely.

"I've been hungry for revenge ever since you did this to me!" Eggman trailed off in anger, "Do you know what it's like to not be able to move a muscle for days!?"

Tails simply shrugged his shoulders.

"Well, just you wait. In just a matter of minutes, I'll have your limbs treated to real torture in the hands of my newly-built Torture Bot!" finished Eggman.

Tails gave the villain a dumbfounded look and replied, "You really do come up with the stupidest names for your creations."

"Quite wise words from someone like you," commented Eggman.

"Well, duh! I do so happen to have an IQ that's about the same as yours!" Tails shot back, "Plus, what do you mean by Torture Bot!?"

"Well, I'm so glad you asked!" replied Eggman before turning his back on the fox, "Orbot! Cubot! Send in Torture Bot!"

Tails crossed his arms and stood where he was. He wouldn't admit it, but he felt as if Eggman's new Torture Bot would be nothing more than a small, dull robot that could do nothing special.

However, his prediction was proven wrong …

Seconds later, Orbot and Cubot entered the room. With them was a small red robot that was equipped with what appeared to be hundreds of blade-like knives.

Tails gulped in fear.

"Tails, say hello to Torture Bot! It features the latest in blade technology that shall be unleashed to tear you apart!" announced Eggman.

"You wanna tear me to shreds just because I accidentally harmed you with my Gold Ray!?" the fox yelled.

"Accidental? You did it on purpose because I had teased you about your tails!" Eggman retorted.

"It was accidental because I didn't know it was set to boomerang mode!" argued Tails, "Just because of that one mistake, you wanna rape my girlfriend to death and then rip me apart!?"

"What else could I think of to humiliate you?" said Eggman, "I thought that by turning your girlfriend against you and then killing you in disgrace would be the perfect revenge for leaving me as a cripple!"

"What the hell is wrong with you!?" screamed Tails, "I never meant to cause such harm to you, and yet you have the sick, twisted nerve to cause me such pain and humiliation!? You are such a twisted bastard!"

"Try all you want, but no insult will get to me as much as 'freak' gets to you!" Eggman shot back.

"Shut the hell up!" screamed Tails the instant he heard the word 'freak'.

"Why should I?" asked Eggman, looking as if he was confused, although Tails knew that he wasn't.

Suddenly, the door was blasted off the doorway and smashed into one of the windows, and into the room came Sonic and Knuckles.

"Did somebody call for backup?" said Knuckles after Tails dodged some flying glass from the windows.

"Well, well, look who it is! The blue pineapple has come to save the day!" said Eggman, "I must admit I didn't see that one coming!"

"Yeah? Well, maybe you should reconsider your predictions next time, Egg Head," replied Sonic.

"Or maybe, … how about you?" Eggman replied before pressing a button on one of his control panels.

Right behind the trio of heroes, an elevator shaft opened, … and, to their sheer horror …

Amy, Sticks and Zooey were shoved out of the shaft by four more robot guards.

"What!?" Knuckles screamed, "But … that's impossible!"

"Maybe you should all be careful about predicting where I place my lair guards! My defense system is only about to get better than ever!" said Eggman proudly as three of the guards each held one captive, and the fourth one grabbed Knuckles before he had a chance to throw a punch at it.

"Hey!" the echidna yelled as he felt his body get squeezed to the point of almost killing him.

At that moment, Torture Bot jumped in front of the four captives and started spinning its blades in a threatening manner so that Sonic and Tails could not save them without getting themselves sliced apart.

"You see, bulkheads!?" said Eggman evilly, "There's nothing you can do to stop my evil plan now!"

A fifth guard suddenly burst into the room and grabbed Sonic while his back was turned on it.

"AGH!" the hedgehog screamed as he felt as if he was about to be squeezed to death.

"And now, it's time for the moment I've been waiting for!" announced Eggman as Torture Bot slowly approached Tails, "Do you have any last words, Tails, before I finish my revenge before the very eyes of your friends who turned you into the emotional mess you have become and shall remain as you die?"

All Tails could do was look at his five friends with a miserable look on his face. He looked as if he was ready to burst into tears and weep like a toddler. That one look was all that had to tell how sad and humiliated he felt right now. He had let his entire team down, and even worse, he had let his girlfriend down, all because of one mistake that he didn't intend to make. Now, here he was: about to be killed in disgrace by Eggman in front of his friends, and presuming that the evil scientist would probably kill them after finishing him.

Out of all of Tails' friends, Sonic was especially torn up inside. He could only watch as his worst nightmare was coming true: his best friend, … his little brother, … the one whom he had taught so much, … the one he had tried so hard to protect from danger, … was about to be ripped apart by Eggman before his very eyes. He never wanted this to happen to Tails, and he especially never wanted to see it happen.

Zooey burst into tears as the thought of her boyfriend being murdered was too much for her to take. She could only weep in sorrow as she anticipated the moment that Eggman would destroy the love of her life.

Torture Bot was only a few feet away from the fox. It was ready to make the kill. All it was waiting for was for Eggman to give the signal, but what Eggman was waiting for was to hear Tails' final words.

"Fine then!" the fox yelled as he burst into tears, "Before you kill me, … I do have something I have to say!"

Those words, … 'before you kill me,' … immediately burned into Sonic's brain. This only made the moment feel even more like a nightmare coming true. He desperately wanted to throw Eggman out the window of this room, but since he was trapped within the tight grasp of a robot guard, there was nothing he could do but watch as his little brother prepared to make his final speech.

"Torture Bot, stay where you are!" ordered Eggman.

Torture Bot stopped spinning its blades and ceased all movements.

With the room suddenly still and silent, Tails felt as if time had stopped. He felt like he was stepping towards the doorway to nowhere. He had no idea what to do at that moment. It was like being in a dark, soulless world where nothing could exist.

With tears still spilling from his eyes, the kitsune finally spoke up …

"I'm sorry," he murmured.

"That's all?" said Eggman after a few more seconds of silence.

"I'm sorry to all of my friends," added Tails, "I'm sorry for all the wrongdoings I've committed. I'm sorry for all the pain I've caused for all of us. I'm sorry for the trouble I've put us all into. I'm sorry for letting my team down. I'm sorry for letting my girlfriend down, but I'm especially sorry for letting the world down."

Tails' five friends all broke into sobs as they listened to the fox's tearful last words.

"Anything else?" asked Eggman impatiently.

Tails glared coldly at Eggman while tears continued to trickle down his face.

"One last thing," he answered.

"Well then, get on with it. I don't have all evening. I gotta get some sleep to get over this back pain, ya know!" complained Eggman.

Knowing that now was the only time he would be able to do so, Tails slowly dug into the pocket of his work belt wrapped around his waist. He then pulled out a small rectangular cube.

"So, … I assume you're gonna blow yourself up with a bomb?" said Eggman, feeling quite amused at the thought of Tails committing suicide out of shame and humiliation.

Then, …

The fox pressed his thumb against a tiny button on the cube, and it suddenly opened up and transformed itself into something that Eggman, Knuckles, Amy and Sticks hoped would never see again …

The Gold Ray!

Everyone who recognized the weapon immediately gasped in horror, which gained the attention of Sonic and Zooey.

"Oh, no! Not again!" shouted Sticks with a horrified look on her face.

"Tails! No!" screamed Amy.

"Not the Gold Ray!" finished Knuckles.

Sonic and Zooey gasped after hearing the words 'Gold Ray'. They had heard that name in the last few days when Tails told them his sad story about how the team wrongfully abused him after he had used it on Eggman.

Tails ignored his team and continued glaring tearfully at Eggman. Then, he pointed the Gold Ray directly at him.

The villainous scientist stared at the Gold Ray with wide eyes of horror as he anticipated history repeating itself in just a matter of moments.

"Are you really serious!?" he growled at the fox, "You have no idea how much pain I got from that thing! You must be completely out of your mind!"

"Who says a genius is ever out of his mind!?" Tails shot back furiously.

Somehow picking up the sense of a threat to its master, Torture Bot started spinning its blades again and prepared to charge at Tails.

"If anyone's out of their mind, it's you!" Tails continued, "You and your sick brain hatching the idea to rape my girlfriend with the help of raping robots just because I caused you harm I didn't intend!? I'd vomit all over you if I heard that a hundred times in just a matter of minutes!"

"Well, I can tell that this time, you do intend to cause me pain!" Eggman shot back, "I'll be contacting my lawyer and opening a case against you for intentional physical violence!"

"And what makes you think you can do that!?" asked Tails, "I'm only eight years old, which means I'm too young to be treated as a criminal!"

"I don't care," said Eggman, "I can launch a case against whomever I want!"

"Besides, I can most definitely open a case against you for intending to rape my girlfriend! Now that's a real crime!" argued Tails.

"Now there's two reasons why it wouldn't turn out in your favor," put in Eggman.

"What reasons!?" asked Tails.

"One: I never actually got to rape her!" said Eggman.

"But you still threatened to, and you admitted you wanted to!" argued Tails.

"Don't interrupt, ya yellow flying fur!" retorted Eggman, "And two: The justice system wouldn't be loyal for a freak like you!"

Everyone gasped as they anticipated the inevitable ray of plasma that would come blasting towards Eggman just as had happened four days ago.

Tails gritted his teeth and aimed his Gold Ray directly at Eggman's face.

"SAY THAT WORD AGAIN!" the fox screamed, "SAY IT! I DARE YOU!"

Amy, Knuckles and Sticks were immediately brought back to the time Tails said those very words to Eggman and shot him with the Gold Ray, which led to devastating consequences for everyone.

"Or what? You'll kill me and lead everyone into a universe of sadness, boredom and depression?" said Eggman.

"Kill you!? Do you really think I'd ever kill you!?" yelled Tails, "Never in my life have I invented or carried a weapon designed to kill people! I may be younger than you, but I know better than to do such a sickening thing! You're just a cold-blooded murderer!"

"Which, in fact, I'm very proud to be," replied Eggman, "And I can't wait to add another six victims to my murder list!"

"Perhaps your wish will have to be put on hold, Egg Face!" shouted Tails.

Suddenly, the fox pointed his Gold Ray towards a control panel and set it to Boomerang Mode. Then, judging his moment accurately, he fired a ray of plasma.

Tails' teammates all shut their eyes as they expected the worst to happen …

However, what happened instead was the plasma burning up the control panel and bouncing off towards the Torture Bot.

The blade-equipped stood no chance of defending itself, and the plasma blasted it towards a window. Glass was smashed and flew everywhere as the Torture Bot flew out the window to its death.

"No! Not my brand new robot! I was looking forward to doing many things with it!" yelled Eggman in horror, only to meet the sight of Tails' Gold Ray pointed directly at him again.

A sharp pain hit Eggman's back again, and he yelped in pain. The other members of Team Sonic opened their eyes after realizing that their brief moment of horror had passed, but they were still worried that Tails may still hit Eggman with his Gold Ray.

"You have no idea what it's like to have such intense back pain!" the villain complained, "I can barely move without getting a sharp sting! You've made my life so miserable lately!"

"You think I made your life miserable!?" Tails shot back, "Think again, thick head! You've tried so many times to make our lives miserable, and all that happens is that you get tastes of your own medicine! So, essentially, you've made your own life miserable!"

"Well, thanks to what you've done to me, I won't rest until I make your life as miserable as possible, now that I can't kill you with my Torture Bot!" said Eggman.

"And what do you plan to do?" asked Tails, "Just torment me to no end with your insults in front of my friends until you run out of them? Why not speak with some dignity?"

"I'm surprised to hear that, seeing as you appear to be undignified," commented Eggman coldly.

"What the hell do you mean by 'undignified'!?" shouted Tails as his anger took control of him again, "I'm a pilot and inventor with a lot of dignity!"

"You're undignified because you're a freak!" Eggman added.

That was the last straw …

Tails felt his cheeks blushing deeply in fury and humiliation. Tears started welling from his eyes once again as that forbidden word burned into his brain.

Zooey and the rest of Team Sonic all gasped and held their breaths as they anticipated that their aerialist would once again hit Eggman with his Gold Ray.

"Please don't do it, Tails!" thought Amy.

Tails' body shook as if he was having a panic attack, while he kept his Gold Ray pointed towards Eggman and his finger was ready to pull the trigger.

"Tails, … please don't," said Sonic in a calm voice, which surprised everyone in the room, except Eggman.

This somehow managed to get his little brother to stop shaking, and he was about to put his Gold Ray down, when …

"Ha! I knew it! You're nothing but a bluffing freak!" shouted Eggman as he laughed evilly.

Tails once again burst into tears as he re-pointed his weapon at his team's nemesis. His heart rate was rising dramatically, and he felt as if all he wanted to do was blast Eggman into next year.

With nothing to stop his fury, Tails screamed on top of his lungs, "GO TO HELL, EGGMAN!"

"TAILS! NO!" everyone else in the room screamed.

But it was too late to stop him now …

At that very instant, Tails set his power slider all the way to the right and pulled the trigger, and a powerful ray of golden plasma came out of the Gold Ray, aiming directly towards Eggman.

The injured scientist was too busy laughing evilly to notice the plasma coming towards him, and he didn't notice until it was too late.

"Oh, no," he murmured.

The plasma hit him directly in the chest, and he and his wheelchair were suddenly blasted backwards towards a wall of control panels. The back of the chair smashed into the wall, and the panel exploded with a burst of electricity. The wheelchair then bounced off and headed directly for the robots that were holding the rest of Team Sonic and Zooey.

The captives all closed their eyes and turned their heads away just as Eggman collided with the robots, and they all went crashing down to the floor, which released everyone they were holding.

The heroes got themselves up after falling to the floor, while Eggman's wheelchair bounced off one of the robots and was blasted out another window.

"YYEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHH!" he screamed as he took a long fall all the way from the top floor of his lair down to the grounds below.

What everyone in the room heard next was a big thud as Eggman's wheelchair crashed to the ground.

Sonic rushed over to the window where Eggman had blasted through, and he looked down to see whether he was dead or alive.

Eggman's arms appeared to be making very small movements, and his wheelchair had smashed into a thousand pieces.

"I think Egg Head is lucky to be alive," the hedgehog commented as he turned to his little brother, who was now on the verge of bursting into tears again.

Everyone looked at Tails as if they were scared, and the fox shared sad glances with his friends.

Then, unable to contain his emotions any longer, Tails dropped his Gold Ray, collapsed to the floor and burst into tears. The poor fox started weeping as the guilt of once again attacking Eggman with his Gold Ray took hold of him.

A stunned Sonic walked over to his little brother and knelt down to comfort him.

"Tails?" the speedster spoke gently, "Are you okay, little bro?"

"No," Tails replied as he felt his big brother lifting him up for some warmth, "Why have I suddenly become so violent? What has become of me? I've turned into a monster!"

"You're no monster, Tails," replied Sonic as he placed his hands on Tails' shoulders, "Nor are you violent. Just because you attacked Eggman twice with a harmful weapon, doesn't make you a violent monster."

"B-but, … (sniffle) … I k-killed … Eggman!" wept Tails.

"You didn't kill Eggman," said Sonic gently, "The wheelchair saved his life."

Tails was very surprised to hear that.

"I thought … (sniffle) … I had … m-mur-murdered him!" the fox cried, "I thought you'd hate me for killing our enemy and leading us to a life of boredom!"

"Sssh. It's okay, little bro," soothed Sonic, "Even if you did kill Eggman and led us to get bored for the rest of our lives, I still wouldn't hate you, … because you're my special little brother. I could never hate you."

The two brothers looked at each other, sharing glances of sincerity as the fox continued to let the tears pour down his white muzzle.

"I'm so sorry, Sonic," Tails whispered very faintly so that only Sonic could hear him.

"It's okay, Tails," Sonic whispered back with only Tails hearing him, "You have nothing to be sorry for. It's all over. It's just a memory now."

Tails managed to grin faintly at Sonic after listening to his soothing words.

"I love you, big bro," the fox whispered.

"I love you, too, little bro," the hedgehog replied.

The two brothers hugged each other as tightly as they could while Tails let his tears flow freely down his face. It was the only way he could let go of all the emotional pain that had consumed him over the past several days. It also allowed him to replace all of the pain with relief since he and his friends were all safe now, and Eggman was defeated once again.

Amy nearly cried as she and the others watched the two brothers hug each other. She felt that it was very heartwarming for poor Tails to have Sonic there to comfort and soothe him with his brotherly hugs. At times like these, it felt as if the two were more than brothers. Their relationship was so strong that no other one could compare to it.

Zooey slowly walked over to the two brothers, and Tails looked up and saw his girlfriend grinning at him.

"Tails?" the vixen whispered.

Sonic softened his grip on Tails and allowed him to get back up. The fox obliged, and he immediately wrapped his arms around Zooey's back.

"Zooey!" Tails cried softly, "I'm so glad you're safe! Oh, thank Chaos, you're okay!"

"I'm happy to be safe, but I'm even more happy that you saved the day, sweetie," replied Zooey.

Tails' cheeks blushed madly, and he instantly kissed Zooey hard on the cheek in such a loving fashion.

"I love you so much, Zooey!" cried Tails.

"I love you so much, too, Tailsy," replied Zooey.

Tails blushed even deeper from embarrassment.

"Do you have to call me that in front of everyone?" he asked her as he noticed Amy, Knuckles and Sticks all sharing awkward glances with him.

"Well, I personally think it's cute," replied Zooey, "After all, you're my sweet Tailsy!"

Tails' cheeks were as red as they ever had been in his life.

"Tailsy? That's a funny name," commented Knuckles.

"Does this mean he's suddenly a fox in disguise as a look-alike wannabe?" said Sticks.

"No," replied Amy, "It's just a name that Zooey likes to call him. He's still the same Tails we've always known."

"Lighten up a little, bro," said Sonic as he noticed Tails' deep red cheeks.

"There's no need to be embarrassed," added Zooey, "After all, they are your good friends."

"Yeah, but now everyone will tease me about that name to no end," commented Tails.

"No, we won't, Tails. We promise," objected Amy.

Tails and Zooey broke apart so that the fox could calm himself down. Sonic patted his back for a minute while their three teammates walked up to them.

"I know we've said it once before, … but we're really sorry for all the hurting we've caused for you," Amy apologized, "We had no idea what it would lead to."

"I'm just as guilty," added Sticks, "We did take things a little too far."

"I will admit, though, it was fun getting to trash a gigantic robotic insect," said Knuckles, "It made my day feel complete."

This earned snickers from Sonic and Tails.

"What's so funny?" asked Knuckles.

"No, you're right, Knux," said Sonic, "Trashing robots does feel like a lot of fun."

"Yeah, … well, anyways, … I also wanna apologize, Tails, for putting you into such a big mess," added Knuckles.

"It's okay, guys. I forgive you all," replied Tails with such sincerity in his voice, "It may take some more time for me to get over it after everything we've been through today, … but other than that, … I think I'm feeling a lot better than I was just a few minutes ago."

Everyone smiled at Tails, and the fox returned it with a smile of his own. It was the first real smile he had put on his face since he was kissing Zooey in the middle of the jungle roughly an hour and a half ago.

Then, suddenly …

One of the robots' arms severed, and it smashed against one of Eggman's control panels.

At that moment, an alarm sounded throughout the entire lair.

"Oh, no! This can't be good!" shouted Sticks as fear took over her once again.

Then, they heard a computerized voice echo throughout the room …

"This complex will self-destruct in t-minus sixty seconds and counting!"

Everyone felt their heart rates go up as they realized that the danger wasn't over just yet. They all had to leave right now!

"We gotta get outta here now!" yelled Amy.

"Right!" replied Sonic, "Amy, Knuckles, Sticks, head to the front entrance! Tails, Zooey and I will go to the rear and get the plane running!"

"Got it!" replied Sticks.

Without another word, the six all burst out of the room and started running through countless hallways and stairways towards the first floor.

Throughout the entire way down, they felt the ground rumbling as the walls and floors all started crashing down over them.

"Hurry!" shouted Sonic as the six reached the first floor.

"This complex will self-destruct in t-minus thirty seconds and counting!"

Amy, Knuckles and Sticks all ran for the front door, while Tails opened the door to the corridor he had used, and he, Sonic and Zooey ran in and sped down the corridor towards the back door where Tails' plane sat.

Knuckles ran towards the front door and smashed his fist against it to break it down. The door went crashing to the ground, and Knuckles, along with Amy and Sticks ran out into the open grounds.

Then, they looked to their left and spotted Orbot and Cubot lifting an unconscious Doctor Eggman and shoving him into his Eggmobile.

"Do you know how to drive this thing?" Cubot asked Orbot.

"Well, let's just say that I know a few basic controls," replied Orbot.

Within seconds, the Eggmobile had lifted itself into the air and flied away.

"I'll bet his next stop will be a hospital," commented Amy, "Especially given the fact that he needs another wheelchair."

At that moment, Sonic kicked the back door open and allowed Tails and Zooey to run over to the former's plane.

"I'll meet you with the others up front!" the hedgehog called.

"Got it!" the fox replied.

Sonic sped away, while Tails and Zooey climbed into the yellow plane. The vixen jumped into the back seat, while Tails took the controls. He immediately pressed the 'Ignition' button, and the propellers started turning. He then turned the control yoke around so that the plane was turning towards some space where he had enough ground to get the plane into the air without crashing.

"This complex will self-destruct in t-minus fifteen seconds and counting!"

"Hurry!" Zooey shouted to Tails.

"I'm going! I'm going!" replied Tails quickly as he pushed the throttle down.

The plane accelerated down the curved space it had, and soon it became airborne.

"Blue Leader, I'm airborne! I'll come down to reach you in a few seconds!" Tails spoke into his wrist communicator.

"Copy that, Yellow Sky!" replied Sonic.

The hedgehog turned up just in time to watch Orbot and Cubot carrying Eggman away in his Eggmobile just before several loud explosions rocked the lair grounds.

"T-minus ten seconds!"

"Come on, Tails!" yelled Sticks.


Tails' yellow plane came into their view.


Tails rotated the emblem on his work belt and started charging up his Enerbeam.


"Today, Tails! Please!" pleaded Knuckles.


The young fox got his Enerbeam ready to fire and he looked down towards his teammates.


Tails fired four Enerbeams down towards his teammates.


Sonic, Amy, Knuckles and Sticks each grabbed an Enerbeam and were lifted off the ground.


"Speed it up, Tails!" shouted Zooey.


Tails pushed his throttle all the way down so that his engines would run at maximum power.


Tails' plane gained speed and only just managed to bring its shadow over water before …


A huge, loud explosion suddenly rumbled the entire area, as Eggman's lair blasted apart in a huge roar of fire and smoke which quickly consumed the entire space owned by the villainous doctor.

Sonic, Amy, Knuckles and Sticks all held on tightly to their Enerbeams and watched in astonishment as Eggman's lair blew up and smashed to the ground. Some of the debris was blasted into the sea surrounding the tiny island, and in just a matter of seconds, Doctor Eggman's lair was once again no more.

As soon as the black smokescreen was all that remained, they all looked away, and Tails slightly lowered the speed of his plane so that everyone was in for a safe trip back home to Bygone Island.

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