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Summary: Bilbo has a secret or a few. He has the Arkenstone but knows he can't give it to Thorin. What can he do to try and relieve him of his gold-sickness and will Bilbo be able to forgive him.

~~∞∞Ω∞∞~~ Chapter 1 ~~∞∞Ω∞∞~~

Bilbo stared at the stone in his hand. It was the Arkenstone. He had grabbed it before the dragon could burn him alive when he had put on the Ring. He wanted to give it to Thorin but he was scared. Thorin wasn't the same Thorin he met in his home in Bag-End or through the journey to the mountain. He was mad and crazy with all the gold and gems and determined to find the stone.

Bilbo loved Thorin and he knew the Thorin before the madness loved him as well. But now he cared more for the gold and gems and stones in the mountain than him and the company.

It was night now and after Bard had left the mountain entrance earlier that day when Thorin refused to give up the promised gold Bilbo didn't know if he could actually give Thorin the stone anymore. He didn't know what to do. Thorin was going to fight an army of elves and the townspeople of Dale over some gold and gems that he had promised them. Bilbo was sitting in one of the alcoves away from the company who were all resting and getting ready for what tomorrow would bring, with the stone in his hand as he looked it over.

"I can't give this to him." Remembering what Balin had told him if someone had or hadn't found the stone.

Bilbo winced feeling something push against his stomach and settled a hand there. He knew what was wrong and had been able to hide it from the company and from Thorin, too scared to tell him.

"I know but there isn't much we can do for daddy if we give it to him. We need to get rid of it."

Bilbo and Thorin had lain together after what happened with the pale orc when Thorin recovered enough. Bilbo knew that there was a possibility of getting pregnant but he didn't think of that at the time and he certainly didn't think it would happen the first time either.

He was also worried at how quickly the child was growing. He knew from other Hobbits in the shire that they don't feel the child move till they were about 6months in and by then they are very noticeable. His stomach was rounded now but easily hidden from Thorin and the other dwarves using his clothes.

Coming to his decision Bilbo hid the stone back in his coat and snuck past all the dwarves and headed to the front of the mountain and grabbing some rope near-by tied if off and climbed down the side of the gate and out of the mountain.


Bilbo snuck into Dale, past all the elves standing guard and soon found the Elf King, with Bard and Gandalf and made his presence known. They were all surprised at what Bilbo was doing handing over the Arkenstone but accepted it either way. What really surprised Bilbo was when the Elf King stared at him intently for a few minutes and he understood his reasons.

"I see now why you have come."

"I don't understand, I just told you why?"

"That maybe so but it is not the whole reason is it halfling?"

"Bilbo?" Gandalf asked.

"It seems your halfling, Mithrandir, is pregnant and with the Dwarf King's heir no less."

"Bilbo, is this true?"

"Yes Gandalf. I was going to tell you."

"You need to tell Thorin. Family is everything to Dwarves."

"You really believe that? He doesn't listen to Kili or Fili and they are his family. No I can't tell him not till the old Thorin is back."


"Gandalf please don't."

"Very well. Let's get you a bed to sleep in."

"Halfling?" Thranduil called out stopping Bilbo from leaving. "Should you need assistance with the birth of your child, I offer my help."

Bilbo was startled but didn't understand why. "Why my lord?"

"Because you will need it and the dwarves if you stay with them may not be able to help you."

"You will need Thranduil's help with this Bilbo." Gandalf said.

"Thankyou." Bilbo said before following Gandalf out.

Gandalf had Bilbo taken to one of the beds and headed back into the tent with Thranduil and Bard for more discussion.

"You know a dwarf pregnancy is hard on dwarves themselves Mithrandir, even harder on the race of man, who knows what it will be like for the Halfling. You should warn him."

"Why do you care for the halfling, Thranduil? You do not care for Thorin why would you care for his heir?" Bard asked.

"I may not like the halfling for breaking the dwarves out of my dungeon but I understand why and admire his courage. I have no ill will towards his unborn child even if it is Thorin's heir." Thranduil said before switching to Elvish not wanting Bard to overhear the next bit. "I am not as cold as everyone seems to think me as. You know elves have as much love for children just as dwarves do. I will not stand by if the halfling is in need of aid when the time come for the child to enter the world. He will need more help than what the dwarves can provide."

Gandalf nodded slowly and lost himself in thought for a while before turning back to the conversation for what they would do tomorrow.


Bilbo woke early and left just as the elves and men of Dale started out towards the mountain. Bilbo was just able to make it the mountain and climb up the rope, hidden from sight thanks to the Ring. He listened to Thorin speak with the Elf King and Bard and watched as his face turned to horror when Bard pulled out the stone. Bilbo hidden from sight in a corridor pulled off the ring and walked out as Thorin said it was a trick.

"It's no trick Thorin." Bilbo said and watched as horror moved back onto Thorin's face. "I gave it to them."

"You did."

"I took it as my 14th share. I did it for you and the company, you have changed and are not the dwarf I fell in love with."

"My One has betrayed me." Thorn breathed out, making the company look to him in shock.

"Thorin, I love you, just not who you have now become."

"You traitor. Throw him over the rampart." He ordered the dwarves who didn't move and looked at him in horror. "I said throw him over." Still they didn't not move and Bilbo wanted to run. "I'll do it myself."

Thorin grabbed him quicker than Bilbo realised and moved to throw him over and if it had not been for the others he would have succeeded as they were pulling both back from the edge. Thorin had his body pressed to Bilbo's as he tried to push him over and felt something kick at him from Bilbo's stomach which caused him to pause. Bilbo looked at Thorin in horror feeling the child kick him which had caused Thorin to stop trying to push him over the gate and then cried out at a particularly hard kick which again Thorin felt.

The company not understanding why Bilbo cried out in pain but grabbed Thorin and thanks to his shock pulled him off Bilbo and Balin was able to grab Bilbo with Bofur's help and drag him away from the stunned Thorin. In their haste to remove Bilbo from Thorin's grip, the courting bead given to Bilbo from Thorin was ripped from his neck and fell down the side of the gate and sank into the waters below. Bilbo had tried to grab it as they pulled him away from Thorin but missed. Thorin's hand had been around his neck and caught the piece of leather used. Thorin's eyes for a split second widened seeing the courting bead fly through the air and out of sight before hardening at the sound of the wizard.

"Thorin Oakenshield if you do not want my Hobbit then I ask you return him and his unborn child to me, unharmed." Gandalf boomed coming out from behind the elf archers to stand by Bard.

Bard and Thranduil didn't know what to do and were in shock as they watched everything happen on the gate. One of the archers at Thranduil's command had pulled back an arrow and aimed at Thorin but under the orders to harm and not kill. He knew the Hobbit would never wish for Thorin's death and if things could be settled peacefully than he would try for that. But he had an image to up hold in front of the dwarves so he would not show mercy if it could not be resolved. But he would not let the Hobbit die after what he did for the dwarves. When he saw that Bilbo was drawn away from the shocked Thorin, he motioned for the archer to stand down.

Balin looked down at Bilbo and placed his hand to his stomach and gasped looking at Bilbo in shock and amazement.

"Why didn't you tell us?"

"I was scared Balin, I still am."

"Bilbo..." Balin started

"Bilbo you need to go. Get out of here while he is distracted. We will meet with you later." Bofur said and Bilbo nodded and hurried to where his rope was.

Bilbo climbed over the edge of the gate and climbed down the side and moved to Gandalf's side. Words rattled around in his head that Thorin yelled at Gandalf about wizards, shire rats and banishment.


The battle started and Bilbo was in the ruined city of Dale. He had seen Thorin and the rest of the company leave the mountain and help their kin fight. He was now looking towards a Ravenhill near Dale and where Thorin, Kili, Fili and Dwalin were now going up. He saw the elf and she-elf that had captured the company in Mirkwood come up to Gandalf and mention that another army was coming from where Thorin and his small group now were.

"I'm going up there to warn them."

"Bilbo you can't. You shouldn't even be here. You're pregnant. Please go to the great hall with the women and children of Lake Town."

"No I won't leave them. How can I raise my child knowing I abandoned his father when he needed me? No Gandalf I can't do that. I'm going up there and you can't stop me."

Bilbo turned and hurried away to make his way up to where Thorin and his friends were.


Climbing up the mountain Bilbo made his way through the building and found Dwalin and Thorin finishing off the last of the orcs there. He pulled off his ring when their backs were to him before making is presence known.

"There are reinforcements coming. We need to get out of here. It's a trap."

"Bilbo." Thorin said in utter surprise.

"We need to leave now."

"Dwalin get Fili and Kili. We leave now."

Bilbo looked passed Thorin's shoulder to see the Pale Orc standing inside a half ruined tower but thankfully there was no one with him from the company.

"I will end the line of Durin starting with those two nephews of yours then your life, Thorin Oakenshield."

"Call Fili and Kili back now." Thorin said to Dwalin.

Dwalin started to leave when more goblins and orcs came from nowhere. Bilbo turned and started to fight. He was exhausted and didn't know how long he would be able to last. Bilbo jumped to the side when a goblin fell from behind him off to his side causing him to turn to see Thorin with his back to Bilbo so that no one would sneak up behind him.

Bilbo turned back and went pale seeing another orc that had been following them come towards him.

"Thor…" Bilbo started before he was knocked aside and fading into unconsciousness.

"Bilbo!" Thorin shouted seeing him not moving before being thrown from the ground onto the frozen water fall.

That was the last Bilbo saw till he woke again and he was alone. He could hear fighting from close by before there was only silence. Bilbo struggled to his feet and a hand going to his stomach hoping for some form of life and breathed a sigh of relief when there was a small kick pressed to his hand. Bilbo looked around before picking up his sword and walked to the end of the small cliff to see Thorin watching something under the ice.

Bilbo hurried down and just as he made it to the ice Thorin cried out in pain and was thrown back as the Pale Orc climbed out of the water and went to stab Thorin in the chest. Bilbo felt his heart skip a beat thinking he was going to see Thorin die but Thorin picked up his sword and stopped that from happening but there was nowhere for it to go. Bilbo looked down at his sword and then the orc and made his choice. Bilbo ran at the orc with his sword raised and stabbed it in its side making it pull back from Thorin and roar in pain before swinging an arm around and catching Bilbo in the head and throwing him away.

The Pale Orc turned on Bilbo as he tried to scurry away as it advanced with a grin on its face. Thorin stared in horror before climbing to his feet and gripping his sword and running it through the Pale Orcs chest right where its heart was. Bilbo felt lightheaded as he saw the Pale Orc fall forward with a sword sticking out from behind and Thorin panting for breath. He saw blackness creeping into his vision as Thorin stumbled over to him.

"No! Bilbo, stay awake! Bilbo!"


"Fili! Kili! You're alright."

"Uncle is he?"

"No. No he's alive but for how long I do not know."

Thorin looked to the wound on Bilbo's head and the one on his side of his chest from when the Pale Orc swung around at him he had caught the end of its weapon across his ribs. As it happened the Mithril shirt Thorin had given Bilbo had bunched up allowing the injury to take place.

Thorin buttoned Bilbo's shirt back up before tried to slide his arms under Bilbo to pick him up when an arm was put on his shoulder stopping him. Looking up at Fili he saw him shaking his head.

"You are weak and injured Uncle. Dwalin will help you."

"No. I'm fine."

"Uncle you are bleeding."

All four of them looked to Thorin's shoulder where the Pale Orc's weapon had stabbed him. Thorin had been able to redirect the weapon to make it a non-fatal injury if he got help in time. Thorin winced as Fili pulled his hands away from Bilbo as Dwalin reached down and lifted the Hobbit into his arms.

"He is so light." Dwalin commented.

"What do you mean? He's pregnant."

"He is lighter than I would have thought."

Thorin stepped forward and unbuttoned a couple of Bilbo's buttons on his chest to find him thinner than the last time they had laid together. That and the fact he was pregnant made Thorin ill. He hadn't noticed how thin he was when he was looking at the injury but now he could tell he was thinner but had a rounded stomach.

"He is thin. Uncle if he pregnant with your heir how come you didn't make him eat more." Kili asked.

"He was never this thin when we laid together. But we haven't lain together since before entering Mirkwood. I had not known he was pregnant till I almost…" Thorin trailed off.

"Let's get you both looked at." Fili said as he and Kili helped Thorin down the mountain.

As they were reaching the bottom Gandalf and Thranduil were making their way to them. Gandalf gasped in horror seeing Bilbo unconscious and Thorin ready to pass out. Both were loaded onto some horses that had survived the battle and rushed to the city of Dale to one of the healer's tents and looked over.

~~∞∞Ω∞∞~~ End of Chapter 1 ~~∞∞Ω∞∞~~

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