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~~∞∞Ω∞∞~~ Chapter 25 ~~∞∞Ω∞∞~~

Bilbo sighed, it had been a month since Thorin had made the plan to catch the ones responsible for his injuries and almost killing him. Bilbo didn't like it and wished that they came up with another way. He knew that either way whatever plan they came up with would be dangerous and there was no avoiding that. Thorin had started to recover quite well and was able to walk around on his feet with the use of a cane, he was pushing himself a little and as much as everyone wanted him to take it easy he wouldn't.

Bilbo winced as Thorin received a whack to the back of his knees from Dwalin with a training sword as Bilbo was adamant about using the wooden ones when he was still healing. He didn't want to have to care for Thorin again because he wasn't going to listen to reason while he was still recovering but allowed him to use Orcrist so he could build his strength up as he practiced the swings. Thorin landed heavily to his knees with a curse. Dwalin sighed and walked closer and went to help him to his feet when suddenly Thorin swiped his sword back and behind Dwalin's feet and caused him to fall backwards. Bilbo winced again as Dwalin landed on his back with a thud. Dwalin let out a groan before chuckling and climbing to his feet as Thorin did the same.

"Well at least we know you can still fight dirty." Dwalin said.

"When have you even not fought dirty Dwalin?" Thorin smirked as he used the sword as a cane and sat on the couch beside Bilbo.

"So true." Dwalin stretched out his back before moving over to the chairs where Bilbo was sitting.

"I hate this." Bilbo said.


"This plan you came up with. I hate it."

"Bilbo we can't just wait around for the next attack. They could go after you, or our children and I won't have that. I can't have that. If I can't protect my family, how can any of the dwarves in this mountain expect me to protect them. I have to do this."

"Doesn't mean I can't hate it."

Thorin chuckled and was able to put his arm around Bilbo and pull him in closer making Bilbo give him a half glare. Dwalin chuckled at them before being on the receiving end of Bilbo's glare. He threw his hands up in surrender before sitting back and crossing his arms.

"Well you can hold your own against me longer now so when do you want to do this?"

"As soon as Oin gives his reluctant ok. I can defend myself so the sooner the better and everything can go back to normal."

"Alright. Well I will get Oin to come check on you tonight and then we can put everything into motion."


Bilbo grumbled under his breath at the thought of this plan starting already. He had tried over the last month to discourage this plan to Thorin but he didn't succeed. Thorin squeezed Bilbo to his side to stop the grumbling while Dwalin sighed and shook his head before climbing to his feet.

"You two are nauseating and it's worse since you had children." Dwalin said as he walked out.

"You and Ori are exactly the same!" Thorin shouted after him as the door slammed shut before chuckling.

Bilbo was sitting not really listening to him as he thought on what they going to do be doing. Thorin sighed as he move around so he faced Bilbo a little better which made Bilbo look up at him.

"What is it?"

"It's just that what if they hurt you again. Thorin I can't raise our children alone."

"You won't. I won't let that happen. Everything will be fine. We still have a couple of days before Oin will let me out and as soon as we have dealt with this, I will take it easy again. I promise."


"Come let's have a nap since we don't have the children right now. I could do with some time with my One as well. Dwalin beat the shit out of me today."

"You got him back good though. He didn't expect that."

"No and the reason he didn't expect it is because I am injured. He never would have let his guard down otherwise."

"Well let's hope these dwarves are the same and don't expect you to be able to fight back."


Thorin stood and held his hand out to Bilbo as he climbed to his feet. Bilbo smiled as he took Thorin's hand and climbed to his feet. They both walked back over to the bed and climbed in. Bilbo slid in and laid down next to Thorin. Thorin reached out pulled Bilbo in close and wrapped his arms around him and let Bilbo lay his head on his shoulder.

"Sleep Bilbo everything will work out fine." Thorin said as he held Bilbo close.

Bilbo sighed and closed his eyes and snuggled in close to Thorin now that he could. Thorin's arms tightened briefly around Bilbo before relaxing as Bilbo fell asleep. Thorin lay there a wake for a while longer before he too drifted off to the sleep, getting some rest before Oin came in poking and prodding later that evening. Dis was looking after the babies tonight and Frodo would be with Bilbo and Thorin later that evening to spend some time with him since most of their energy lately was focused on the babies and Thorin's recovery.


Oin gave his reluctant approval two days later and the next morning Thorin was getting dressed in his robes since he was going to address everyone today. He had his armour on underneath the robes hidden and Orcrist was strapped to his back and a shorter sword tied to his waist. He still wasn't quick at drawing Orcrist from his back so he had a shorter sword in case the person was to close for him to draw Orcrist in time.

Bilbo was dressed and had his mithril shirt on under his clothes as well and his ring in his pocket in case he needed it and Sting tied to his waist. He didn't like the idea of having the weapon around the children but in case he could at least hold someone off till help arrived. The ring would also serve as a good defensive tool and trick.

Bilbo had gotten up early and had washed and dressed the babies and then left them with Thorin and went and go Frodo ready before dropping him off with Fili and Kili, warning them that they better not get him dirty before the announcement this morning and they had also be dressed nicely or suffer Thorin's wrath. Bilbo chuckled at the looks the two gave him before promising and ushering Frodo into the room as Bilbo snickered behind his hand as they shut the door, muttering to Frodo about how bossy and scary he was.

Bilbo returned to the room where Thorin was watching the babies as they explored the area of the room they were in. Bilbo ushered Thorin into the bathroom to get ready before getting his clothes out and dressed while he watched the babies. Ranna came in during this time and took each child for feeding before going out her day while she waited to be called on.

Bilbo sighed as he watched Thorin finish with the last few pieces of jewellery and came over to help him with the last few pieces. Thorin didn't tend to wear much gold and jewels, the only ones he wore were the ones that meant something to him. Whether they be family heirlooms or something the boys had made or were significant to him.

"Are you ready?" Thorin asked as he placed his crown on his forehead.

"No." Bilbo said with a chuckle making Thorin smile.

"Everything will be fine."

"You can't promise me that Thorin."

"Stay near the company and all will be fine."

"Fine, but Dwalin stays with you." Bilbo said with a glare.

"Alright." Thorin said and kissed Bilbo gently before a knock on the door sounded. "Who is it?"


"Come in, Balin." Thorin called out.

"Thorin, Bilbo." Balin said as he walked in and shut the door behind him. "How are you this morning?"

"We are fine Balin."

"How are you?" Bilbo asked as he picked up Thrlin and handed him to Thorin.

"I am well."

"Everything ready?" Thorin asked.

"Yes. A meeting has been called and the dwarves will be assembling shortly." Balin said as he stepped forward to Bilbo and took Belladonna from him so he could collect Dila who was rolling over the floor giggling. "Someone seems happy today." Balin said as he watched Dila squeal as Bilbo picked her up.

"Yes. She is normally the quiet one but obviously is very active today." Bilbo said with a laugh as he gave her a little tickle. "Thankyou Balin." Bilbo said as he went to take Belladonna back from him.

"I have her." Balin said as he bounced Belladonna in his arms. "Shall we head to the Throne room to start with?"

"Sounds good." Thorin said

Bilbo followed the two dwarves out of the room as the guards assigned to Bilbo fell into step behind them as they left the hall. It felt like forever since he had been out in the mountain and in truth it had been a long while, especially when Thorin was injured. Bilbo felt on edge the instant they left the Royal Wing and he didn't like it. He didn't like feeling uncomfortable in the mountain. The last time he felt like that was with the Dragon.

They met quite a few dwarves along the way who all bowed to Thorin and giving their praises that he was alive and for the babies in their arms. The dwarves couldn't get close with the guards around them and Thorin was making a show of limping to all that passed. They reached the Throne Room and the only ones that were there were the Company, Dis and Frodo, so Thorin's limp all but disappeared when they were sure they were alone. Bilbo relaxed only slightly as they gathered around together at the steps before the throne.

"Are we all set?" Thorin asked.

"As much as we will ever be." Fili said, with Frodo on his hip

"I have my spies scattered around the area looking for anything suspicious and ready to act if they should be needed." Nori said.

"Very good."

"Well, its not long till the dwarves will be gathered. There will be some talk going around by the dwarves that have seen you walking Uncle, so hopefully they get these dwarves attention and brings them out of the stonework."

"It should. I made and extra effort to limp quite a bit so that it seems like I am not as healed as I am right now. So, it should make them think I'm an easy target."

"Even if we separate slightly during this my spies will be close at hand and so will I." Nori said, especially seeing that Bilbo was not liking any of this.

"That is fine, but Bilbo and the babes are to be protected at all costs." Thorin said.

"Everything is ready." Balin said with a smile, knowing Thorin was worried.

"Let's go." Thorin said.

Everyone headed for the doors of the Throne room and walked out to the guards that were waiting outside. Thorin's limp came back quite prominent and as they walked past dwarves heading to the great hall, they could see concern on their faces when they looked at their King. The company moved off through a set of corridors and into a small sitting room that connected to the balcony that they had been at when they announced Bilbo's pregnancy. Bilbo sat down beside Thorin on a couch as they waited for everyone to be gathered. Aside from some guards and dwarves tending to fires around the mountain everyone was there. They figured anyone that was wanting to kill Thorin would not be tending to their duties and would be asking for the day off, but Nori and his spies would still be looking into them anyway, just in case.

Thorin wrapped his arm around Bilbo's shoulder and pulled him in beside him while they waited to go out on the balcony and address the dwarves of Erebor. Bilbo was shaking slightly as he focused on Dila in his arms. Fili silently came over and took Thrlin from Thorin so he could calm Bilbo easier having put Frodo on the ground when they reached the room and was playing with a toy he brought with Kili. Thorin nodded his thanks to Fili who walked a short distance away next to Balin who had Belladonna.

"Bilbo? You need to calm down. Everything will be fine."

"You can't know that."

"I can. I'm not leaving you or our wonderful children. That's why we have to do this. I can't have us living in fear of the next attack. The next one could be you or one of our babes and I can't have that. I won't."

"I can't lose you." Bilbo said softly, looking up from Dila.

"You won't. I'm right here. I'm not going anywhere." Thorin said softly and brought his arm up and rested on Bilbo's cheek before pulling him in to kiss him gently.

Bilbo all but melted into Thorin's arms after who tighten his arms around Bilbo more, careful of Dila. Bilbo shuddered slightly as he relaxed and went into a soft doze before there was a knock on the doors leading to the balcony. Kili opened the door being closest, his spare hand resting on his sword just in case. On the other side was one of the council members whose eyes flickered to Kilis hand on his sword.

"Everyone has gathered."

"Thankyou. We will be out shortly." Kili said before he shut the door and turned to the company. "Everyone is gathered."

"Everyone ready?" Thorin asked and looked to Bilbo.

"Aye." Everyone said as Bilbo slowly nodded and sat up.

"You can do this Bilbo. Everything will be fine."

Bilbo stood and Thorin followed and walked over to Fili and took Thrlin from him with a nod. Thorin walked over to the doors where Kili was waiting, and the others all lined up behind Thorin and Bilbo. Balin walked over to Bilbo and handed Belladonna over to him so that the babes were with Thorin and Bilbo at the front. Thorin nodded to Kili who opened the door and the guards standing outside turned to them and pulled the other door open and held them both open for everyone to walk though. Bilbo and Thorin led the group out with Dis behind them with Frodo and Fili and Kili behind her. Balin and Dwalin followed the boys and the rest of the company followed behind them.

The cheers from the gathered dwarves was almost deafening to Bilbo who was shocked at the noise. He stood beside Thorin in the middle of the balcony while the company formed around them. Fili stood beside Thorin with Balin and Dwalin next to him. Whereas Kili stood beside Bilbo with Dis beside him and the rest of the company stood around them with the council formed off to the side. Thorin adjusted his hold on Thrlin and held out his hand and the noise slowly quietened down. Thorin waited a few seconds before speaking.

"Thankyou all for coming. As many of you know I was injured a few months ago in a tunnel collapse. We have since ruled this as accidental and there was no foul play involved. We are thankful to have not lost any more of our kin in this incident." Thorin said making the crowd cheer hearing that it was not foul play and that the rumours were true and they had not lost anyone else.

"On another note, my One, has had our children. We were blessed with three children. My son, Thrlin and two daughters; Belladonna and Dila." Thorin announced and Bilbo was sure this time he would lose his hearing at how loud they were cheering. "As what was said when we announced the pregnancy, Fili is still in line for the Throne until such time as Thrlin is old enough and shows an interest in ruling."

Bilbo sighed quietly in relief at the cheers that started up again. He still hoped that the dwarves were still ok with the plan. He knew how quickly things could change and that it could suddenly be that they didn't want the King's nephew as heir to the throne. He still wasn't a hundred percent sure that the dwarves of Erebor were completely happy with the King's heirs being half hobbit.

Bilbo felt Thorin wrap his arms around his waist and bring him slightly closer so the dwarves of Erebor could see their princesses in his arms. Thorin kept his arm around his waist as Bilbo pressed in a little more to him. Bilbo looked up at Thorin who was smiling slightly at him and looked at the children in their arms. They looked back out to the dwarves to see an arrow flying straight for Thorin.

~~∞∞Ω∞∞~~ End of Chapter 25 ~~∞∞Ω∞∞~~

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