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"And this is the lab area. I expect you to be able to keep up with my research materials and assist me on my projects." With a smile, the tall man looked back at the young woman following him and his stockier friend, Ben Grimm.

"I understand Mr. Richards. In exchange for room and board, you need me to be your assistant." Here she paused, "Are you sure I'm qualified for this though? I mean I'm happy that you picked me, but it's just that I never even took a physics class before." The black haired female told them sheepishly.

"Ah don't cha' worry. Egg head here just needs someone to help him when I'm not here. There's plenty of room anyway. You might even learn a thing or two being here. Now if you excuse me, I got a lovely lady waiting for me at home." Ben gleefully told Reed.

He clapped Reed on the shoulder and shook the woman's hand before leaving.

"As Ben said, it's not a hard job. A bit of record management and helping me conduct my experiments. As long as you follow my instructions, you should be good. I hope you're up to it Nicole." Reed held his hand out to Nicole who only paused a second before smiling and taking his hand.