Chapter 10 – Fox Trap

"Oh, this is going to be fun," Dick chuckled as he rubbed his hands together in anticipation.

"Are you sure David took the bait?" asked Bruce, sitting pensively in his leather chair. "Beating him in practice might hurt his pride a little, but enough to come and try to steal from Wayne Manor?"

"Bruce, you don't know this guy's ego," replied Dick. "He sees me as so below him that if he doesn't get even with me, the world will end."

"Very well," sighed Bruce. "But I do think turning off the security protocols is a stupid decision."

"Come on Bruce," said Dick. "With security on, they would even make it onto the lawn. At best they could be charged with trespassing. We need them to be inside the mansion, so they can be arrested for breaking and entering."

"Fine, but I do think I should stay here," stated Bruce.

"No, I can handle them. You need to be out of the house," reminded Dick. "That way they know the coast is clear. Now go, you and Selina have a great dinner while I catch these three idiots."

David, Justin, and Andrew crept toward the Stately Wayne Manor, as a Rolls-Royce pulled out of the driveway.

"Good," whispered Justin. "No one will be home."

"At least Wayne, that slut he's dating, and his butler," growled David. "Dickie will hopefully still be there. I want to show what happens when he messes with his betters." David slapped a baseball bat onto his palm.

"Give it a fucking rest, will you?" Andy snapped. "Jesus Christ David, he beat you in practice. Let's just grab some stuff and get out of there. I heard that Wayne's is super paranoid, and has more security than the Pentagon."

"Where did you hear that?" asked Justin.

"My dad," replied Andy. "Apparently one of his clients tried to break in, and…"

"Shut up," growled David as he put on his mask. "Let's go." Justin and Andy put on their masks and the three raced over the fence.

Robin sat in the Batcave looking at the monitors on the Batcomputer. The Terrible Trio were running across the lawn to the manor. They all had backpacks, flashlights and Fox even had a baseball bat. Hitting a couple of keys, a scan showed that no one was carrying any firearms.

"I guess David hopes he can beat up Dick Grayson," Robin said to Ace, as he scratched the dog behind the ears. "Well, at least now he might have a chance." Changing to a different camera, Robin saw Vulture picking the lock of one of the French doors that opened into the rear foyer. Robin then turned up the volume.

"Let's split up," commanded Fox. "Vulture, you take upstairs. Shark, hit the basement. I'll take care of this floor, and remember, Grayson's mine." Robin hit the mute button, then stood up and stretched.

"Showtime Ace," Robin chuckled.

Shark walked down the stairs in the manor's basement as quiet as mouse in a graveyard. The basement wasn't as well-lit as the main floor, it gave Shark a spooky feeling. He felt like one of those idiots in a horror movie, who goes downstairs to be brutally murdered.

"Get together man," Shark whispered to himself as he crept down the hall. "Try the wine cellar, you'll find something in there. Plus, you could use a drink." For whatever reason, this place was giving him the creeps. He felt like someone was following him. Sharked turned around suddenly.

"Hello?" he called out as once again he heard footsteps. Shark whipped around again. "Guys is that you?" All Shark saw was a giant painting of a three-headed dog snarling down on him. Inching toward the painting, Shark read its name; Cerberus Guarding the Underworld.

"Grrrr," growled something behind Shark. Shark turned around slowly and saw a massive, jet black Great Dane. The dog had his fangs bared and growling deeply.

"Easy there boy," Shark whispered as he mentally wished he brought a weapon. "You don't want to hurt me."

"He might not want to, but I do," replied a voice behind Shark. Spinning around, Shark gasped when he saw the Boy Wonder. Robin fist shot out and hit Shark in the throat. Shark wheezed, and his hands automatically went to his neck. Robin then hit Shark on both of his ears and followed with a knee strike to the face. Crunch and Shark fell to the floor, out cold. Robin then tossed Ace a treat. "Good boy."

Vulture tipped toe nervously along the upstairs of the Wayne Manor, wondering how he got mixed up with this. What started out as just looking for thrills had now turned into dealing with Gotham City's most wanted. Hell, Fox killed a guy and despite what Fox said, Vulture knew that if, no when, they got caught, it wouldn't be a slap on the wrists. A sudden noise made Vulture turned around.

"Hiss!" yowled a cat.

"Jesus!" whimpered Vulture through clenched teeth. He relaxed when the feline raced away. Vulture turn to continue his way, only to see a hooded figure blocking his path.

"Boo," the hooded figure said, then slammed Vulture's head against the wall. Vulture crumbled to the floor.

Fox grabbed anything he thought was of value and crammed it into his backpack. As he entered the library, he grabbed what looked to be a golden skull and stuffed it into the bag. Then he saw the necklace. A string of pearls in a glass case, the supposed pearls that Martha Wayne wore when she and her husband were killed. Fox raised his bat to smash the case.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you," cautioned a voice behind him. Fox turned around and saw Robin.

"Hello, Bird Boy. I was hoping on meeting up with the Orphan, but you'll have to do," taunted Fox as he dropped his backpack and carelessly swung his baseball bat. "We never got to finished what we started on the ship." Robin just motioned Fox to bring it. Fox charged Robin, swing his bat at Robin's head. Robin parried with his bo staff. Fox tried again, striking at his ribs only for Robin to spin out of the way. Robin countered with a roundhouse kick to the small of Fox's back, sending the punk flying. Getting up with a curse, Fox attack with an overhead strike. Using his staff, Robin blocked the strike then kicked Fox in the groin with a steel-toe boot. Fox dropped the bat and fell to his knees with a squeak. Robin finished him off with a right hook, causing to Fox to crash to the floor.

"The police are on their way, Lawford," Robin said as he pulled Fox's mask off. David then puked his guts out and rolled on the floor in pain.

"How do you know my name?" whimpered David in a voice that was several octaves higher than normal. Robin just shrugged. "No judge is going to convict me. I got connections!"

"No, you don't. You father has or had connections," replied Robin as he knelt down. "You destroyed his connections when you stole from his clients. You started a gang war that has killed dozens of people. Those clients are pissed at you, and do you honestly think Justin and Andy won't spill their guts out?" Fear began to dawn onto David.

"Please, let me go," David pleaded. "I'll pay you anything you want! Anything!"

"I'm not for sale," growled Robin as he delivered another punch, knocking David out.

Batman and Robin grappled onto the rooftop as Gordon turned off the Bat-Signal. Seeing the Dynamic Duo, Gordon walked toward them as he lit a cigar.

"Well, the 'Terrible Trio,' have pleaded guilty," said Gordon as he blew smoke. "According to our sources, the boys' fathers made a deal with the gang leaders. The boys do prison time for punishment for embarrassing them. In return, Great White, Two-face, and Black Mask won't kill them if their dads don't reveal anything to the GCPD."

"Do you think they'll keep their word?" Robin asked.

"Maybe," Gordon replied with a shrug. "They're in Blackgate's general population, but if anything happens, I'll have the warden put them in solitary. On the plus side, the gang war has officially stopped thanks to you kid." Robin gave a ghost of a smile and Batman affectionately squeezed his shoulder.

"Unfortunately, there will still be bad blood between Two-face and Black Mask," said Batman. "We need to keep an eye on them. I have no doubt that trouble between them will start up again soon."

"At least we got a couple of 'masked crooks' off the street," Gordon pointed out.

David Lawford walked into his cell and saw his cellmate. Over six feet tall, covered in tattoos, the man gave David a vicious smile of broken teeth.

"Hello Foxy," greeted the prisoner, making David gulp as the cell door slammed shut.