OK so this particualr idea popped into my head due to me wanting to try a selt insert plus it was between this and a cross over between gundam seed and wing/ac featering Heero X Lacus because I personally think they'd make a great pairing due to how in some ways Lacus and Relena are alike. Not in the being a naive cling on who refuses to acknowledge the need to fight kind way but having a general disbain for war, plus they're both charismic figures, and much like Relena I think Lacus would be able to bring out the more humanitarian part of Heero like Relena did when Heero saved her when her school was attacked and I think that particular factor makes for great relationship development.

I might (no promises) go through with the idea at a later time but not right now because if I ever do I want to make sure a good result comes out in terms of story quality.

Minor confession I actually just got back in to the gundam series recently so I've been watching many different series along with Seed which brings me to a point I want bring up now so people aren't left wandering why later. I'm gonna stick with the general cannon story line to a good extent however I'm not gonna follow canon detail for detail for two reasons. One it's make things incredibly easy to predict and while I watched all of Seed(and not seed destiny) i've also been watching a few other series so I know general plot but I don't remeber every little scene word for word so changes in dialauge will occure and in fight scenes because for the life of me I can't recall every weapon every single mobile suit has though I'll most likely sniff around and find out later but I still don't intend to have fight scenes follow cannon blow for blow.

In the middle of a park a boy was viewing a lab top screen which displayed a video an elegant teen female pop star idle with long pink flowing hair singing on a stage in front of a large number of people.

The idle in question was a recent pop artist who quickly rose to the top in terms of popularity and for good reason.

She not only had talent that allowed her to excel in her particular profession but unlike other artistes she honestly put her heart into her songs earning a lot of charisma and popularity even on the earth.

"Lacus Clyne sure knows how to blow people away with her songs." A voice said.

The boy turned to see his younger step bother and sighed. "Callahan you could've arrived here sooner."

Callahan had brown spiky hair and an average white complexion and wore a simple blue short sleeved short along with tan pants.

"Yeah but I don't really see that harm in taking my time somewhat, we've got nothing urgent going on." Callahan said before glancing at the lab top screen still showing a video of the famous singer.

"You know it would probably be a dream come true to meet a girl like Lacus don't ya think?"

The first boy shrugged."I guess."

"Come Eric. You might not show it openly but even you're a big fan of hers."

The boy identified as Eric and a mixed tan skin complexion, plain black hair and eyes that were a really dark shade of brown to the point they were almost black making the pupils barely visible. His attire consisted of blue jeans, with a gray hoodie zipped up halfway revealing a yellow shirt underneath.

"As nice as seeing the most famous idle of the plants and probably the entire earth sphere would it's not gonna happen."

"Don't be like that there's always an off chance it can happen."

Eric sighed in slight annoyance "Chances are pretty close to zero, if there was a number to be put on it said number's probably in the single digits."

"Still not zero." Callahan chimed.

"If you say so." Eric said closing the laptop. "Anyway how are our friends doing."

"Fine from what I've heard Kira is writing some paper for the teacher at our school."

"Seriously? The I know that guy likes to be of assistance but Kato leans on Kira way too much."

"How do you know?"

"This isn't the first time which brings up the point that the teacher needs to stop using him simply because he's a coordinator."

"Hey cut the prof some slack from what I hear he's got a serious writing problem."

"Then maybe he should work on fixing it."

"Yeah yeah come on let's see the others." with that Callahan went off deeper into the park followed by Eric.

"Oh by the way did hear about Sai?"

"Um no."

"He sent a love letter to Flay."

"Oh." Eric had actually met the two few times Sai simply seemed like he an ok person if a little dunce at times. Flay on the other hand was someone Eric just plain disliked.

Though she was easy on the eyes and initially tried to come off as friendly cracks showed in her faced in the form of her being a typical stick up the ass brat who thinks the world revolves around and based off a few things she'd say about coordinators here and there more than likely a racist.

Considering the two individuals in question were arranged to be married where a lot of others (boys) envied Sai for being betrothed to Flay due to her good looks Eric pitied him. Sai and others may have thought he was lucky but Eric suspected the truth was contrary to popular belief.

"Come can't you show a little interest or envy"

"Nnoooot really."

"Stuck on a certain pink haired Idle?"

"Only you think that."

"Riiigght anyway let's see what the prof has Kira helping with today."


"Hurry up we need the OS completed so the machine can be operated." The voice of a middle aged almost elderly male called out.

"But sir shouldn't we be giving this over to the Earth Alliance?"

"To hell with them. With blue cosmos exerting so much influence within their ranks giving the machine to them along with the original five would merely usher the world further along the path it's already been condemned to."

"But both the alliance and Orb will want answers."

"If your so worried then you can give them the answers."

"But if it was discovered we were acting without Orb's or the Earth Alliance's knowledge both sides would..."

"I don't give a damn about either of their wraths one side is fundamentally corrupt to its' very core and the other is ruled by a naive fool who believes that by merely flaunting idealism he's accomplishing something."


Looking at a humanoid shaped machine that was almost completely obscured by the shadow of the building cast over it with the exception of it's blue eyes which were hit by what little sunlight there was inside the building the first man merely pondered the purpose surrounding it's existence.

"With this the world may possibly be set on a much more just path."


"So Kira what does the teacher want you to help with today?" Callahan asked.

"Oh just a new program the professor wanted to show the school directors."

"So he went from asking about papers to PC programs?" Eric asked.

"What did we talk about involving slack?"

"Something extremely brief and that I don't recall ever agreeing to."

"Got me there." Callahan said scratching the back of his head.

"It's alright I really don't mind helping him out." Kira said.

"If you insist." Eric said though he still felt the professor was dependant on Kira too much.

"So what have you two been up to." A boy named Tolle who sat next to a girl he was dating named Miriallia.

"Just the usual with me watching news of the war and Eric watching Lacus Clyne's videos."

Tolle smiled at that."It's nice to know there are fellow fans around."

"Well to be clear I only watch them occasionally so please don't fall for any exaggerations that my little brother might try to paint." Eric said.

"Alright maybe you're not watching all the time but you usually are when you're not visiting with that researcher guy you met a year back." Callahan said.

Tolle was about to speak when a red haired girl and two of her friends were walking by.

'Not the particularly the first person I wanted to see.' Thought Eric as the red head came closer revealing herself to be Flay Allster.

"Flay what have you been up to?" asked Miriallia.

Flay remained silent as if unsure how to answer to particular question or too embarrassed to and the reason soon found out when one of the two accompanying the redhead spoke up.

"Flay tell her about the letter you got."

At this Flay's face tinged red slightly in response. "What letter?" Miriallia inquired.

"Flay got a love letter from Sai Argyle."

Eric watched with less then moderate interest as the conversation dragged on and glance at Kira who's head hung downward slightly and mentally sighed.

'Kira I hope you realize soon that she's not worth it, cause even if anything were to happen between the two of you odds are it'd have a bad ending.'

It may have been derived from the calm atmosphere the colony gave off or maybe it was due to the fact that the said colony was apart of the neutral nation which made people think the idea of what happened next was impossible.

However against what the people would have liked to believe a loud booming sound of suddenly went off in the distance and soon after the ground shook causing most were standing to fall to it.

"What the-What was that?!" Callahan asked all but panicking.

Eric looked in the direction the sound came from and felt as if his stomach turned to ice.

Fire was coming from the upper stories of a five story skyscraper which was horrifying enough but to matters go from bad to worse a GINN from the plant orginization of Zaft of all things was standing next to the burning structure and shooting at other various facilities.

"It's an attack but why is Zaft here?" Tollo asked.

'Good question. I didn't think the chance of the war reaching here was zero but if we were attacked I'd have had my money on those bastards in the Earth Alliance.' Eric thought.

"We gotta get out of here!" Exclaimed a boy named Kuzzy who had just shown.

"Right let's head for the shelters." Callahan said running in the said direction with everyone following close behind.


Alarms were sounding throughout the entire building alerting everyone inside.

"Director Shirou we need to get you off this colony until the attack has been repelled." A private gunman said as he and the said director ran through the halls of a privately owned facility.

Shirou scowled at the request. "You fool we finish the final programs on the OS for our mobile suit now and have it join the fray."

"But sir that would reveal it's existence to all three sides."

"That was unavoidable in the long term of all this."

Suddenly a third voice spoke up.

"You're right. But unfortunately it's debut will be tide in with its destruction."

Shirou turned to see another person dressed in an all black space suit save a helmet revealing a man with brown hair and a beard pointing a gun at him.

"How did you get here!?" The private gunman exclaimed upon laying eyes on the intruder but refrianed from drawing his own weapon since he'd be shot before he could pull it out of it's hoister.

"Oh it was rather easy with those morons from Zaft attacking the colony for the official five prototypes. They make good distractions albeit unintentionally but it worked in my team's favor none the less."

"Bernard. Still working for that aspiring tyrant I see." Shirou spat at the now identified intruder.

"You know as well as I do our boss wants nothing more than to put an end to all wars ensuring everlasting prosperity."

"Only what he believes to be prosperity."

"Please don't be stubborn about this anyone here knows idealistic thinking alone achieves nothing."

"Believe me I'm well aware of that which is why I intend to take action!" Shirou said before drawing a pistol from his pocket.

Unfortunately Bernards gun was already out and all it would it was simple act of pulling the trigger to stop Shirou's would be resistance something the private gunman had realized.

There was no time to draw his own weapon and fire at the intruder and Shirou's life took precedence in the current situation so the gunman did the only thing he was able to and threw himself on front of Shirou to shield him from the gunshot that would soon come.


"Dammit the shelter's already getting full too!" Exclaimed Callahan after he step in.

Since the group's departure from the park they had made it to the Morgenroete facility where they had initially found a shelter but quickly found out it was close to full.

The result being Flay and her two friends getting in it while the rest of the group to was left to look for another one look for another one.

As soon as they found one Sai, Kuzzy, Tolle, and Miriallia wasted no time getting in but as soon as Callahan got in it beeped signaling it only one more person could enter.

Meaning either Kira or Eric would have to stay behind. To add on to things a figure wearing a thick coat and hat concealing their figure was running through the halls as if in search of something, weather or not was a shelter was unclear.

It didn't help matters when Kira went off after them unintentionally causing Eric to gave chase in the process.

After running through a few halls whilst Kira called after the figure causing them in turn to respond by telling him to stop following them in a voice that sounded as if it was disguised leading Eric to suspect the person Kira was trying to catch up with was actually a girl.

Eventually the three came to a corridor the branched off to the left moderately close to where it's entrance was and to the right further up ahead at the midway point.

Kira had finally caught up with the figure and grabbed ahold of the person who in turn spun around to face him losing their hat in the process.

'So my hunch was right.'

"Will you stop following me already and get to a shelter?"

"You're a girl." Kira said sounding surprised at the fact.

The girl in question scowled at Kira.

"Yeah I am got a problem with that?!"

"No I just..." Kira stopped short when three men in green Zaft uniforms showed up at the end of the hall in the direction the three teens were headed and took aim.

Kira and the unknown girl took down the hall branching off to the right at the mid point of the corridor with two of the three men giving chase.

The third however had taken notice of Eric who had been standing off further toward the back end of the corridor at the last second and took aim at him. With the right branch hall blocked off by the Zaft personnel and no time to run back the other way Eric utilized the only option he had and dashed down the left branching hall which was closer to him.

He heard one or two gunshots go before any foot steps followed meaning he more than likely had somewhat of a head start over his soon to be pursuer.

Alas things quickly turned grim as quickly as the may have looked up in terms of chances of survival when he turned down the only path that was available leading to a hall that had windows showing the outside indicating the hall Eric found himself in led to another building that was separate from the facility he was currently in.

Much to the teen's bafflement and relief the entrance was already open and seemed to have no door. Regardless of reason for the facter Eric simply ran through as quickly as he was able and much to his shock no sooner than he was all the way inside the other building that a thick steel door dropped down sealing him inside.

Stairing at the door Eric began to question the rather put of place convenience of what had happened.

"Well it looks like I won't be able to got back to the others for a while. I hope Kira got away."


Looking at the surveillance camera moniters Shirou who was now in the security room of the private facility after getting away from Bernard with the chance the deceased gunman had bought him at the expense of his own life now watched as a certain teen entered through the entrance connecting the private and montgomery facilities and smiled before typing in a lockdown code resealing the doorway before any member of Zant could get in.

"Hm hm hm it seems now I won't have to frantically search for someone to inherit the torch."

Alright that's it for the first chapter sorry that not much happened. Originally I was going to have go up to the part when the Gundams were obtained but I wanted to post this sooner rather than later.

Pairing are pretty much the usual with exception of the main oc and Lacus.

As for who Kira's gonna be well it's gonna another major OC who wont appear until on the story because I think he needs be with someone and there's no way it's gonna be Flay. She's a horrible person.

Seriously she's as bad as Louise from from the anime familiar of Zero and that's saying something. No really it is if you've seen the anime you should already know why, but I digress.

Basically pairings are.




Kira/Secret OC ;)