Continued from Insanity…

Omniscient POV

The two Nephilim were driving through the night, towards the Coldwater cemetery. The night was foggy, and eerier than normal. They stopped the car.

"Aw, man, just put her down. Geez, I don't like this…" said one. He was fidgety and very superstitious, having been raised in a home very respectful to the dead.

"Oh what, are you scared? Got the heebie-jeebies of graveyards?" answered the other, mocking the first. They lifted Nora's body out of the car, dragging it through. "We were commanded to leave her here, and so that's what we're going to do." Something ran over the first Nephil's foot, and he dropped Nora's legs with a flinch.

"Sorry, dude…I felt something, and I just…" There was a thud; the second Nephil had punched the first.

"Stop being such a cherry! Jesus Christ; what are you, not an immortal?" he shouted.

"Don't say his name in vain…"

"Dude! Catch it; you are not at home anymore, with your rosaries and mommy and trinkets! Heaven doesn't want you and Hell won't have you! Stop being such a punk!"

"Don't talk about my mother, you asshole!" They stared each other down, before seeing the body in between them.

The first Nephil rose his hands. "Whatever, man. Where should we put her?"

"Just somewhere where she can be spotted." They'd walked some more distance before the first Nephil sensed something off.

"Just…leave her here!" he cried, lying her down on the ground. The second Nephil looked at him like he couldn't believe it.

"You can't tell me you don't sense something around here…it's not right…"

"You're a wuss." The second Nephil began touching Nora's hair. "She's very beautiful…"

"Don't get a hard on over a practically dead body! Besides, we have to leave her here, safely, as commanded…" the first Nephil said. He was already feeling nervous, and his ignorant friend's behavior was really pushing him to a limit.

"Aw, you're such a bitch. Just go back to the car; I'll take her." Relieved, the friend sighed.

"If they ask, I ain't see shit, man."

As his friend left, the second Nephil dragged Nora's body to the shadows. Licking his lips, he unzipped his pants. Before he could even touch her, he felt his head pushed to the ground. Looking up, he saw the flash of a knife, and a dark hoodie. He tried to scream, but his mouth, and body seemed to be forced still.

"You should have listened to your friend."

His internal screaming got louder as he felt his man part be cut off, slowly and agonizingly. He could have fainted as the shadowed figure held it over his face.

"You disgusting son of a bitch." The voice hissed. "Try, or even mention, this ever again, and I will cut it off again, along with the rest, and leave you strung up by the skin of it. I will know." Horrified, he didn't have time to react before the shadowed figure stabbed him through the throat.