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As he patrols through the streets of the ruined city, Asura adjusts his gloves and sighs in boredom. Soon after, the sun goes down and all is dark. Asura is just finishing up his shift when one of the (not sure what to call the four horsemen of John substitute yet, but they look kinda like different animals made of smoke/fog) bursts through the wall behind him. Two soldiers following it and yelling at him to run away. Once the creature reaches him, Asura simply draws his sword and slashes it in half.

About two weeks later, Asura sighs as he sits through some boring lecture in a high school classroom. He stares out of the window, completely ignoring everything around him. After class, as he goes to leave but he is pulled back into the classroom. He quickly turns on whoever pulled him back. He looks down to see a short girl with dull lavender hair.

"What do you want?" Asura asks angrily.

"I am Surveillance Officer Shinoa Hiragi. Commander Hiragi told me to watch you in this school until you are able to get out of your prohibition. To do so, she said that you have to make a least one friend. Work on your "teamwork she said."

"Anything else?" Asura asked, more annoyed than angry now.

"For now, no" Shinoa said, obviously trying to get under his skin.

"Fine" Asura said as he walked out. Shinoa began to follow him. "I know you're following me, so let's see if you can keep up."

"What?" Shinoa said, confused.

"Later" Asura said as he rounded the corner of the hall. Shinoa turned the corner as well, only to find Asura is nowhere to be seen.

"How did he do that?" Shinoa sighed as she began to search the school for the person she was supposed to observe.

About two hours later Shinoa walks slowly up the stairs to the roof. "You're slow" Asura says as he hears Shinoa walking up, panting hard. Asura is sitting cross legged on a bench by the fence.

"How did you can disappear that easily?" Shinoa said, frowning.

He stood up and began walking down the stairs. Shinoa groans at the thought of walking down more stairs. By the time she reached the bottom, she saw Asura helping a brown haired boy pick up some drinks and snacks that the boy had dropped. Shinoa runs over to them. They begin walking whatever way the boy was heading before.

"Hi, I'm Yoichi" the boy said to Shinoa.

"Hello, I'm Shinoa" she said.

"Yeah, I had to beat the crap out of a couple of guys a minute ago. Yoichi was getting bullied and I felt like being violent" Asura shrugged.

"If you do that anymore, the commander will extend your prohibition" Shinoa said, still tired.

"Alright. But this was worth it" Asura said, both frustrated and slightly satisfied.

Suddenly, a loud boom sounds from behind them. They whip their heads around to see smoke billowing out of a nearby skyscraper. A loudspeaker sounds. "All civilians are to take shelter immediately. A vampire has escaped from a nearby laboratory." A grin grows on Asura's face. Shinoa places as she realizes what he is thinking.

"Asura. Don-" she starts to say, but he is gone before she can finish. She scowls. Yoichi's face pales a second later as he realizes what Asura is about to do. They run after him, trying to stop him from doing something stupid.

Asura sprints to his locker and grabs his sword and the gun from so long ago. Then, he runs up the stairs in the school towards the top floor. He hears a scream from a classroom down the hall. He walks into the classroom to see a short vampire in a ruined straightjacket sinking her fangs into some girl's neck. As he enters the vampire turns and stares at him.

"I'm going to kill you" Asura says simply as he draws his sword. He runs at the vampire, sword flashing in the light. She merely jumps up and dodges his slash. She reaches over and rips the leg off one of the desks.

She runs at Asura, swinging the sharp metal rod, but he dodges just as easily, slicing off her arm and jumping over her in the process. The vampire grabs the arm and shoves it back into its place, reconnecting it. She walks over to the girl she was just drinking from.

"I'm gonna drink her dry and then I'll kill you and everyone else in this school. You damn livestock" she says as she goes to sink her fangs into the girl again. Asura's eyes widen momentarily as his pupils dilate. He turns around slowly.

"What did you just call me? Livestock?" Asura says, eyes flashing. In that moment, at near superhuman speed, Asura lunges forward and catches the vampire by the throat. "I'll show what livestock can do" he says.

The vampire grows frustrated and tackles Asura out of the window. As they near the ground, Asura plunges his sword through the vampire's chest, barely missing its heart. When they land, the vampire is about to gloat that Asura had almost killed it, but failed, until a white sword punctured the creature's chest.

"Don't get mouthy, vampire" Mahiru Hiragi said as she swiped her sword out of the vampire's chest and the monster dissolved. Asura glared at the commander. He was about to stand up, but was tackled into a hug by Yoichi, his head making contact with solid concrete. When Asura does not protest the hug, Yoichi looks at him to find that Asura is knocked out cold.

Mahiru looks at Shinoa. "Who's the brown-haired kid?" she asks.

"Evidently, a friend" Shinoa says with a smile.

"I guess he's back on duty then" Mahiru says, sighing. A few hours later, Asura wakes up in a hospital bed. He gets up and looks around to see Yoichi and Shinoa sitting at his bedside.

His brow rises slightly. "Ok. How the hell did I get here and what the hell happened?" he asked them.

They share a surprised expression and Shinoa asked "You don't remember?

"Should I?" Asura asked, confused.

"It's fine. However, she also said that you're still required to go to this school for a little while longer and that you're stuck with the two of us so we keep you from doing something stupid again!" Shinoa declared.

"Yah!" Yoichi said in excitement.

Asura sighed as he rubbed his forehead in despair. "At this rate I'm going to die before I get to kill any vampires" he says.

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