Hey, true alpha god here with my first ever fanfiction it's a bloodborne and Harry potter crossover hope you enjoy it.


A figure can be seen standing in a field of flowers panting and covered in blood standing over the corpse of a horrific creature that was once known as the moon presence a being from a race of powerful monsters one of many that inhabit yharnham and other …places. The figure wore chard and worn robes, gloves, leggings, and a fedora with the collar of the robes reaching just below his eyes. His eyes the one thing that everyone identified him with since he had never spoken a word to anyone they called him the emerald eyed god of hunters for his ability to hunt anything and find anyone. For once a monster saw them there was no escape no refuge and no mercy. But to himself, he was known as Hadrian James potter the boy-who-lived. As the hunter stood there the world around him started to fade and he hears a malicious voice chuckling "well done little hunter you have killed the last of my rivals now it is time for your reward"chuckle"now it is your time to DIE!" suddenly a giant claw appears aiming to impale him. All harry does is hold up a finger in the way of the claw as soon as it touched his finger it stops dead a shockwave attesting to how much strength was behind it. He then grips the claw with one hand and with the hand other he grasps the hilt of his blade with one hand and pulls the claw towards him dragging the last great one in existence from the shadows and impaled it through its heart with in its moments it ask him "how are you this strong?" he chuckled and said "how? That is simple unlike other hunters I absorb the monsters I defeat and their strength that includes the great ones I have already defeated" the last great ones eyes widen as it looks down to see that it was starting to disappear "nooooooooooo if I am going you are to" using the last of its strength it opens a black hole in order to destroy him only to see that harry was unaffected by it. Harry raises his sword and brings it down on its head severing it from the body and absorbing its power. Harry sighs as the world around him returns he looks around and thinks "finally its over I have enough power to return home" he walks to his chest and stores everything he has there. After he is finished he leaves the house and creates a wormhole he sighs "looks like this is it" and walks through and disappears. At the same time in the burrow harry potter awoke his eyes glowing with power. A shock wave emanates from the burrow and all the animals in proximity running or flying away from the burrow.