Kenny's the main character 'cause he's my fave, okay? Okay.

At King's Cross Station, Eric Cartman snickered at the harried people that passed by his small group, only laughing harder after mocking their accents. "Hey, hey guys! Listen to this one!"

Kyle Broflovski turned his head toward the other eleven-year-old. "We don't have time for your stupid imitations, Cartman! The train's gonna leave in fifteen minutes, and we still have no idea where the fuck platform 9 and 3/4 is!"

"Obviously, we've been following you around the entire time. Everybody knows, Kyle, that Jews have no idea where they're going half the time!"

"Don't belittle my people, fatass!"

"Dude, he just pulled that out of his ass to try and get a rise out of you," his friend, Stan Marsh, muttered as he pinched the bridge of his nose, knowing Kyle would ignore him in favor of entering a shouting match with the bane of his existence.

The fourth member of their group, Kenny McCormick, sighed and looked around, searching for someone who might be able to make them a little less lost. After all, they'd found that they couldn't just walk up to any person they came across and ask about the eleven o'clock train that lead to a magic school.

They'd ended up being avoided for the past half hour.

A large group passed by, mostly redheads, stopping between platforms 9 and 10. A crowd of people blocked his view of the group for a few moments so that he only just barely caught sight of the last person slipping into the barrier between the two platforms.

"You guys, you guys! Over there!" He pointed before grabbing his trolley and pushing it toward the barrier.

"Kenny, what're you doi-?" Kyle watched his friend fall through the barrier. "Oh." He followed as quickly as he could, Stan and Cartman close behind.

They only had a moment to marvel at the sight of the train before realizing that they had to push through the crowd of tearful families and board the train within three minutes.

"Sorry, we need to get through!"

"Excuse me!"

"'Ey! You fuckin' pussies need to get outta my way!"


And with lots of disgruntled murmurs from the crowd behind them and their accumulated luck, the four managed to not miss their newest opportunity for mischief.

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