NEW STORY! I'm going to work on both, but this was originally my first story. I found it while I was looking for my draft of Chapter 3 for When He's Gone. I don't know if it'll be a one-shot or not, but I'm leaning more towards not. Enjoy!

Chapter One

Annabeth POV

I woke up to the sound of the fire alarm. Now, you'd think that I would be scared but honestly, Percy can't cook. Sally is amazing, and Percy can barely make toast. I got up out of bed, walking slowly and taking my time to get to the kitchen. Just as I suspected, there he is shaking a towel by the stove muttering words I'm suspecting aren't very polite. Also, to my surprise, Jason and Piper are sitting at the table with Frank and Hazel sitting on the couch. They were all laughing until I walked in. I hate all eyes on me, so I turned to Percy and asked him what he was doing.

"Seaweed Brain, what exactly are you attempting to do?"

"I was trying to make all of us breakfast, but this stupid stove keeps yelling at me," he replied angrily while throwing the towel on the counter. The alarm finally turned off. I laughed. Stoves don't talk, let alone yell Percy… I mentally commented.

Turning to the rest of our friends, I noted, "Not that I mind you guys being here, but, why are you here?"

"Percy invited us for breakfast, and then we invited Frank and Hazel. Leo didn't answer his phone, and Thalia said she'd be over later. So, here we are!" Piper answered. I seriously hoped she had already drank a cup of coffee, she was way too awake and bright for this early in the morning. I mean, it may be 9:00, but this was Saturday, I was allowed to sleep in okay?

Percy handed me my favorite coffee cup, a black cup with a blue trident and an owl, with the early-morning bean juice already inside and made how I liked it. I quickly kissed him on the lips and headed for the kitchen table. Sitting down next to Piper, I noticed her smile. Even though it's been around 8 years of me and Percy being officially together, Piper still gets a look worthy of Aphrodite when she's around me and him. We got together when we were 16, and we are 24 now. I think her mother's rubbing off on her. I gave her a questioning look, and soon we were making faces back and forth, having a silent conversation.

What's that smile for?

You guys are so cute!

Piper, seriously, stop.

Nope, never gonna happen.

You want to make a bet? I glanced at Jason. She seemed to get the hint.

I'm not the only one with a secret. You wouldn't tell him anyways.

Try me. Just as I was about to tell Piper's secret, Hazel and Frank joined us. Percy walks over and sits too.

"You guys need to seriously stop doing that whole 'best-friend-facial-communication' thing. It's confusing, and then you never tell us what you're saying," Jason spoke defeatedly. Ever since Piper helped me get Percy back, we became really close friends. Eventually we developed a way of speaking to each other with our faces. The guys always have no clue what's going on, whereas Hazel and Thalia understand some of it.

"It was nothing. Piper here just needs to learn her boundaries." I replied with a side-glance at Piper. She clearly wasn't paying attention, so I spoke a little louder. "Right Pipes?"

"What? No. I just, ugh. I mean, I was just thinking. Anyway, if Percy burnt everything and clearly can't cook,-"


"-then what are we going to eat?" Piper finished.

Just then, there was a rapid knocking on our door, followed by Thalia bursting in with Leo close behind. Thalia's hair was up at many different angles, some slightly charred, and I could almost see the adrenaline pumping in her veins. Leo didn't look much better, but he ran through the living room, closing all of the curtains he could. So much for our Saturday breakfast with friends.

Alarmed at the sudden burst into my home, I spoke first. "What's wrong?"

Leo and Thalia just looked at each other, nodded, and then Thalia explained. "We were on our way here together, we ran into each other at Starbucks, and all was fine until we ran into our old friend Mr. Chimera." she breathed out. Then Leo spoke up. "I swear, we all left Camp Half Blood and Camp Jupiter like 5 years ago, why can't these things let go of a grudge?" Leo expressed, throwing his hands up. Percy looked down at the ground and raised his hand. We all laughed, knowing that basically EVERY. SINGLE. MONSTER. wants Percy dead when they resurface from Tartarus. I walked over and gave him a hug, turning around after and letting my back rest against his chest. He snaked his arms around my midsection and let them rest there.

"So what are we gonna do? Did you guys get rid of it?" Piper asked. She looked between Leo and Thalia, who turned away before giving a response.

"It's gone but it's friends aren't." Leo mumbled.

"Oh greaaaatt," Percy said sarcastically, "I'm guessing that they're all somewhere outside of my apartment, either waiting to come in, or on their way up, am I right?" Percy shook his head when he didn't get an answer. "What kind of friends, and how many?" Percy deadpanned.

"Well there's two Laestrygonians, a few telekhines, and like, three empousai.. Including Miss Kelli.." Thalia explained.

I was not too happy hearing that Kelli was back. I swear she has some everlasting crush on Percy. He seemed to think the same thing, because he commented on how it wouldn't be a parade to kill him without her. "Well let's go!" Jason finally said.

"Agreed," Frank stood up with Hazel. I looked at Piper, she wasn't seriously thinking about fighting was she? Something could go wrong.

I don't know how to say 'no'. She face-communticated with me.

You have to tell him!

No! Not now, are you serious?

Kinda yeah.. I said with a shrug of my shoulders.

"Okay seriously, WHAT ARE YOU TWO DOING?" Jason half-shouted, clearly annoyed with our BFF conversations.


"Doesn't feel good and should probably sit this fight out so she doesn't puke everywhere." she finished my sentence, but not what I was going to say. She started out her sentence winging it, but obviously got an idea along the way.

"But you look fine." Jason looked at Piper in the eyes.

"I'm not fine" Oooh, she used charmspeak. Good thing no one noticed besides me though.

"Piper, you can use my bed until you feel better, or we come back. I'll make some soup when we get back too." I said winking.

"I'm don't want Piper's sicky germs in my bed!" Percy whined. I lifted my elbow back a little into his gut, signaling for him to shut up.

"It's my bed too, and I say she can rest in it. Anything else to say?" I state, challenging him to say any more.

"No. I hope you feel better." He said defeatedly looking at Piper. She nodded, and we headed downstairs.

One look outside the lobby, and we knew we were probably going to need alot more ambrosia and nectar than we have upstairs. Not that I'm jinxing anyone, but Thalia left out a lot of friends in her explanation.

"Oh my gods." We all said in unison.

Chapter one is done. There will most likely be a chapter two, as well as my half-finished chapter 4 for When He's Gone. Be sure to check it out if you haven't already! See you guys later :P