Bleach unsealed


ok i'm making a new story but I need you.

I have a list of bleach characters and I need kids for them.

Plot; au. A world where every one can see hollows. Head captain shunsui. Has made a school where all the captains work.

or someone else you want to have a kid

characters you can't use

Ichigo and Orihime

Kenpachi and Unohana

Suì-Fēng and Yoruichi




Grimmjow and Nelliel






what they look like:

what they wear:

Mum and dad:

and anything else you think is a need to know

send me your characters by pm.

Name: Marcus
Age: 17

Power: Speed of Sound- a fullbring ability that covers his legs in dense Reshi, similar how chad clads his arms in armor. This power grants the user incredible speed and agility. The person must train their body and Stamina to maximize the form. However, overuse can caused the user to be exhausted as the form will dissipate. fights using a kick boxing like style
What they look like: light brown skin, muscular build, one red eye and one brown eye, white short sleeve shirt, dark blue pants, black school shoes.
what do they wear: white short sleeve shirt, Dark blue pants, black school shoes.
Mom and Dad: Chad and unknown mother.

Marcus- a 16 year muscular young man with gentle air about him. He is the son of Chad, a very powerful fullbringer. His mother passed away by the time of his birth. Luckily, he had friends to help him to life's struggles. On his 15th birthday, a hollow attack the school with him in it. Beaten and scared, as the hollow begins to attack, a tremendous burst of spiritual energy was released, his legs clad with jet black armor and he vanishes. Even though he nevered used it at all, he used an nature trick to act like an animal to attack, which worked as he killed the hollow quickly. He quickly passed out due to the awakening's aftereffects. After he woke up, chad told him that his mother was attacked when she was pregnant with marcus as the hollow reishi was absorbed. He decided to tell him about the hollow world and the soul society. Marcus asked him to help him master his powers, which chad agreed.

Name: Atsuko Gushiken
Age: 18

Power: A zanpakuto named Kagami no joō (Mirror Queen), which take the appearance of a regular katana with a grey grip. Once she activates her Shikai her zanpakuto grows to small round mirrors on its hilt. Release command Reflect their sins. Has not obtained a Bankai. She is very skilled with a sword. Her preferred way of using her zanpakuto is in Reverse Grip. One of her abilities is to gather light, from the sun or moon, to shoot a Reishi slash. Her zanpakuto's true ability is to mimic the zanpakuto's of others, right down to their abilities. The only difference is that her zanpakuto take a reverse color palette of the zanpakuto she's copying. She can only copy one Zanpakuto to at a time and can only last five minutes. She won't be able to copy again for a half an hour. She also has no skill in Kido.

Gender: Female

Appearance: She has the appearance of an young eighteen year old slender girl with a decent B-chest. Her eyes are hazel. She has long messy brown hair, that covers right eye. She wears black squared glasses. She wears a normal shinigami shihakusho, but when she's in the Living World she wears a tea shirt, blue jeans and a long black coat. Height 170.18 cm (5'7)
Parents: Sosuke Aizen and unknown mother

Backstory: She was consecutive for the soul purpose of one of Aizen's back-up plans. Her mother died giving birth to her and after noticing her spiritual energy was to weak, Aizen left her all alone, deeming her as a waste. Lucky for her she was raised by an old man, who found her. She spent most of her years being raise in the 78 district of the Rukongai. When the old man died of a Hollow attack she decided to become a shinigami.

Also these are a few things I thought up.

Likes: Sleeping, eating sweets.

Dislike: Tea and eating sea food. Especially people, who like monologuing.

Personality: She comes off as lazy, to most people, but I actuality she's a kind and caring person. She is also very blunt and quick to anger at times. She is straight.

Name: Roku Ichimaru
Age: 17

Power: A zanpakuto named Poizunshīkā (Poison Seeker) which takes the appearance of a wakizashi with a blue grip, that has a chain with a hook attached at the end. Release command Cause them pain. In Shikai it's blade become segmented it to five rows. Her zanpakuto can extend up to 6 km (3.728 miles). It main ability is to excretes poison gas that once inside her opponents it causes them great pain. Has not obtained a Bankai. Is a prodigy in Hoho (Flash Step).

Gender: Female

Appearance: She has the appearance of a slender seventeen year old girl, with wavy shoulder length grayish blond hair. She has a C-cup chest. She has her eyes closed most of the time, but when she opens them her left eye appears to be sky blue, while her right eye is red. She wears a shinigami shihakusho that she has slightly open to reveal her chest. She also wears a long grey scarf around her neck. When in the Living World she wears a long pink dress with a matching hat, while still wearing her scarf, but having it around her shoulders. Height 172.65 cm (5'7)

Parents: Gin and Rangiku

Backstory: She is the daughter of Gin Ichimaru and Rangiku Matsumoto. At a young age she had taken after her father, but had her mother fashion sense. When she got older she was considered s natural born prodigy at Flash Step. Even better then both of her parents. She decided to become a shinigami cause she taught it would be fun, killing hollows.

Likes: Her scarf, messing with anothers, favorite food curry, and taking care of her zanpakuto.

Dislikes: Any form of sweets, being ignored.

Personality: She comes off as a flurt to people she finds cute, but in actuality she is a sadist. Enjoying the pain she causes her opponents. She is also rarely seen angry, only when her scarf gets dirty. You can choose her sexual preference.

Name: Shima Hiraku
Age: 18

Power: A zanpakuto named Aiansutorōku (Iron Stroke) it takes the appearance of a regular katana with red grip and a x-shaped hilt. Release command Break. Once release his zanpakuto because a large Bisento, with a red pole and a oversized ring at the end. The main ability of his Shikai is actives, when he starts to spin his zanpakuto by the ring. This causes a similar effect to his father's Sakanade, but to a different extent as it messes with his opponent's five sense, causing them to go it a stroke like state, if they can't handle it's effects. But this ability only last for two minutes, any prolonged usage Shima will start to feel the effects as well. He is also able to use his a hollow mask which has a similar appearance to his mother's but he only has a line across his mask allowing him to see out of it and a hood that goes down to the back of his neck, with two tassels on it. The mask only last for three minutes. He has decent hand to hand combat, but other then that he is not that skilled in anything else.

Gender: Male.

Appearance: Shima looks almost identical to his father, but has black hair and usually ties it up in a ponytail. He also inherited his mother's turquoise eyes. His usual outfit consists of a male highschool students outfit. Height 174.38 (5'8)
Parents: Shinji and Lisa

Backstory: Most of his life he was raised by his mother, Lisa. As his father Shinji was usually busy with his captain duties. Strangely enough Lisa would read him erotic manga all the time. He had tooken up most of his mother's ways as he got older. He didn't care about becoming a shinigami, but thanks to the continued pestering of both his parents, he gave in. To his dismay.

Likes: His mother and her collection of erotic manga. Loves eating spicy foods.

Dislikes: Having to fight, his smile, being the butt of jokes, any kind of vegetables.

Personality: He has stern personality most of the time, but he has been known to be a perv from time to time. He is also know to be lazy. He is straight.

Name: Takeshi Abarai
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Parents: Rukia and Renji

Power: His zanpakuto named Aisuhihi (Ice Baboon) it takes the appearance of a regular katana. Release command Freeze to the core. His katana turns pure white, while also gaining three long tassels that constrict around his arm. The ability is to manipulate ice around the tip of his blade. From projectiles, defensive, and offensive purposes. He also as ability, but it is only used as a last resort as it uses all his reishi. It involves him stabbing him zanpakuto into the ground and freezes the area around him, anybody unlucky enough to be caught in this will be frozen solid. Has not obtained Bankai. He has some skill in Kido.

Appearance: A young muscular man with long black hair that reaches to his back and purple eyes. He also has a tattoo around his neck, that is similar to the ones his father has. The clothing he is always seen it consist of a modified shinigami shihakusho as it's sleeves reach down to his wrist and a white headband tied around his forehead. Height is 181 cm (5'11)

Backstory: As the son of both Rukia Kuchiki and Renji Abarai, he had a good life. He was trained both his parents from the moment he could hold a sword. He has also has gained his mother's way of drawing. Now that he is older he has always tried to live up to their expectations, even though in their eyes he has already done so. He trains himself to the bone and dreams of becoming a captain.

Likes: Both his parents, Drawing, rabbits, training, enjoys drinking any kind of juice.
Dislikes: Being shown up, being annoyed, and especially being looked down upon by others.
Personality: He is a very serious person all the time, but has a rare moments of goofiness. He also has poor social skills. His sexual preference is women.

Name: Hideyo Urahara
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Parents: Kisuke Urahara and a woman named Ayame.

Power: Her main form of combat is Kido, only when the situation calls for it she uses her zanpakuto named Ketsueki kī (Blood Key), which is usually sealed in the shape of a green umbrella. Release command Unlock. Once release her zanpakuto takes the appearance of a rapier, with a red guard and cloth that covers most of the black grip. The main ability of this zanpakuto is to lock and unlock things. By piercing a limb of an opponent with the tip of her blade, she can activate the ability called Rokku (Lock). Which will render the part useless, until she use Anrokku (Unlock). Her Bankai is named Ketsueki Kī No Akuma (Devil of Blood Key), but for unknown reasons she refuses to use it.

Appearance: She has the appearance of a slender attractive young woman, with long red hair that she keeps tied together in a single pig tail. She has pale skin and grey eyes. Her usual outfit consists of black sandals, long red pants and a dark blue shirt, which she wears a green coat over it. She also wears a her father's bucket hat.

Backstory: She was born from the union of Urahara and a human named Ayame. She was raised by her father, Tessai, Jinta and Ururu most of her life, due to her mother always being on business trips. She learned how to use her shinigami from her father and Kido from Tessai. As she got older she dreams of making her family shop more well-known and better. She has no care for becoming a shinigami. Just on a way to make her dream come true.

Likes: Working at her father's shop, loves apples, people, who by more then ten items.
Dislikes: Prolonged fights, people who ask to many questions, repeating herself, and anything sour.

Personality: She has her father's laid back personality, but unlike her father she is casually rude to people. She is quite intelligent, some say she may be smarter then her father. She also known to be greedy and also has her father's perverted nature, but doesn't rarely show it. Her sexual preference is men.

Name: Umiko Ishida
Age: 17
Parents: Uryu and a half-Quincy Kaya

Power: Since Umiko was born a Quincy, she was raised to be one by her both her parents. She has two Quincy crosses that let her summon two long bows made out of reishi, but she can combine them together to make a large great bow in the shape of a cross. She can manifest a shield on her bow for defense. She is also equipped with five Seele Shcneider, that she keeps for emergencies. She was not taught how to use a Vollstandig.

Appearance: Umiko is a young slender teenage girl with shoulder length black hair and green eyes. She has a A-cup chest. She is usually in her school uniform, but she does have a Quincy uniform, which is a white military outfit, and cape with light blue lining. Height is 171.67 cm (5'7)

Backstory: When she was young she wanted to be trained to be a Quincy like her father and mother. Even though they were against it at first, they reluctantly trained her. Now that she is older, she could careless about being one, as she wants to live a normal life. She has yet to finish her Quincy training because of this.

Likes: Knitting, Dogs, and cleaning.
Dislikes: Anything dirty, heights, people, who are full of themselves, and rice

Personality: Umiko is a very serious person. Usually not dealing with people that like to joke around or not getting jokes herself. But she isn't mean to others as she will help anybody in trouble. She is also a clean freak. Her sexual preference is men.

Name: Sachihiro Muguruma
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Parents: Kensei and Mashiro

Powers: He mainly fights using hand to hand as he is a master in Hakudo. He is well skilled in Flash Step. He rarely uses his zanpakuto Kazeryu (Wind Dragon) which takes the appearance of a plain kitana with a blue grip. Release command Create a deadly hurricane. One release the zanpakuto shrinks to a small trench knife with an orange hilt and a curve blade. It has a similar ability of creating air slashes like his father's Tachikaze, but it a secondary ability were is gathers air over time. Once his blade glows orange it releases a massive air slash.
Has not obtained Bankai. He is a Vizord so he is able to use a hollow mask, which has the appearance of a round hockey mask, with a v-shaped hole and two small holes on the lower half. He can also use a Cero, which he charges at the tips of his foot. He can only use the mask for four minutes.

Appearance: Sachihiro is a thin young man with short light grey wavy hair and brown hair. He usually wears a a shinigami shihakasho with long sleeves, but once he starts to enjoy a fight he removes it, to reveal a orange bodysuit with, white boots, gloves, and small cape. He also has a popped collar and a large 69 symbol on the left side of his suit. Height is 165.5 (5'5).

Backstory: When he was young he was trained by his father and spoiled by his mother. To Kensei's surprise Sachihiro was quite talented in the art of hand to hand fighting. Over time Sachihiro was able to give his father a tough fight, but always lost. Now Sachihiro intends to defeat his father someday.

Likes: Fighting, manga, Insects, favorite food meat.
Dislike: Lossing and studying

Personality: Sachihiro is a very cheerful and energetic person. He is also easily excited, especially when being when fighting someone new. He is known to be real cocky and overconfident. He also tends to underestimates his opponents. He also tends to name his attacks after insects. His sexual preference is unknown.

Name: Tsukiko Kyōraku
Age: 19

Power: She wields a Zanpakutō called Seinaru Shi (Sacred Death), which first appears as a simple katana with a black hilt. When she is unarmed, she uses her skills in hapkido, muay thai and karate. She has not been able to utilize her Bankai yet, but her father has said this; "If she becomes able to use that technique to it's fullest, she could become an unstoppable machine of destruction.", as he has seen it once before.

Shikai: Release command, "Let us reap." Seinaru Shi will take the form of a large scythe. The blade looks to be made of black steel. The hilt of the weapon is also black, but striped with crimson. His ability, Unmei no Kusari (Chains of Doom), releases several shadowy black chains from the bottom of the hilt. They can be used to strike or wrap around opponents, so Tsukiko can attack with the blade.

Appearance: She wears the usual Soul Reaper uniform. She has tossed the white hakama-himo, replacing it with a smaller, dark red one. Her shitagi has also been dyed black. She has long black hair, which is draped gently over her back. She has emerald green eyes and usually wears a serious expression on her face, when she is around most people. She is a very beautiful girl with a large chest and hips. Her body is also slim and finely toned. She is 170 cm/5'7" and weighs in at about 60 kg/132 lbs.

Parents Shunsui Kyōraku and an unknown female soul reaper.

Backstory: Her mother's identity is currently unknown to her, so as far as she knows, she has been raised by her father her entire life. Her training was handled by the captain of the 11th division, Kenpachi Zaraki. Shunsui of course disapproved of this, but he also felt the need to allow her to make her own choices.

Likes: Fighting, sake and raw chili peppers.
Dislikes: Her father (for the most part), weaklings and big bugs.

Personality: Her father's personality and way of life has not rubbed off. She is a rebel, usually doing things her own way, and thinks of her father as a "lazy bum" However, she will follow orders from those that she respects, such as her master, Kenpachi Zaraki. She does want to know who her mother is, but Shunsui refuses to tell, subsequently mouthing off about something irrelevant. This earns him a yell or two.

Name: Rin Hisagi
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Parents: Shuhei and a shinigami named Izumi

Appearance: Rin has a youthful look, shoulder length spiky black hair and dark blue eyes. She usually wears a shihakasho similar to Shuhei's, but usually wears a necklace. When in the Living World, Rin wears black shorts and a blue shirt with no sleeves, while also still wearing her necklace. Height is 167.75 cm (5'5).

Likes: Her zanpakuto, killing hollows, cats and favorite food lemons.
Dislikes: Training, chicken, and being alone dark places.

Personality: Rin has a kind tomboy, immature and upbeat personality. She also tends to forgets certain individuals' names so she gives them nicknames. She known to be airhead and has a sick sense of humor. Her sexual preference is both men and women.

Powers: She use a zanpakuto named Seimei no Kirā (Killer of Life) that takes the appearance of a kodachi with a black grip and a triangle guard. Release command End. Her zanpakuto transforms to a long black staff with no blade. But during battle the staff can produce a curved blade at its end, making it a scythe, but it can also produced a second blade on the othe side of her staff. She is well skilled in Flash Step and Kido, but has no hand to hand experience.

Backstory: When Rin was young she was the complete opposite of her father in every way. One day Rin followed her father on one of his missions and that is where she encountered her first hollow. Her dad was able to come to her rescue, but hollow would catch Shuhei off guard, injuring him and knocking Kazeshini out of his hand. To Shuhei's surprise Rin had used his zanpakuto to kill the hollow. Unknowingly to her dad when she killed the hollow Rin liked it, a lot. So now she has become a shimigami just to do what see loves.

Name: Mitsue Hitsugaya
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Parents: Karin and Toshiro

Appearance: Mitsue is a young boy with a spiky white hair and brown eyes. He usually seen wearing a black male middle schooler outfit. When he goes out for combat he dawns a shinigami shihakasho that has two red straps across his torso forming an x. These straps hold on to his zanpakuto, which he has strapped to his back. His most noticeable feature is a scar across his nose. Height is 164 cm (5'4).

Personality: Mitsue has a hotheaded and prideful personality. Thinking he is above everyone else. He is also known to be bossy, as he tends to order his cousin, Kogi around. But Mitsue does have good traits as he will help people in need and ask for no reward. Also if he loses at something he will except defeat, and won't hold any grudges. He looks up to his uncle Ichigo

Likes: His family, Kogi, Ichigo, helping out at the the Kurosaki Clinic. Favorite food rice.
Dislikes: riding in cars, living under his father's shadow, and fighting for no cause. Least favorite food ramen.

Backstory: After some time into her late teenage years Karin, learned how to fully awaken her shinigami powers, through the help of her brother and father. She would take up the role of shinigami for Karakura Town. After three years she had gotten into a relationship with Toshiro Hitsugaya and soon got married to him. Some time afterwords she had given birth to their son, Mitsue. Karin and Toshiro decided to raise Matsue in the Living World, until he got older. He currently goes to middle school. Through his whole life Mitsue has felt like he lived under his father's shadow and intends to one day surpass Toshiro. Mitsue usually trains with his cousin Kogi since they were young. One day during one of their training sections they accidentally injured each other and Mitsue gained the scar across his nose.

Power: Mitsue is a skill swordsman for his age. His Zanpakuto takes the appearance of a katana with a white grip and a five pointed star-shaped guard. He has yet to learn his zanpakuto's name. In battle he strategizes, in order to take down opponents. He is strongest when teaming up with Kogi

Name: Kogi Hanakari
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Parents: Yuzu and Jinta

Appearance: Kogi has the appearance of a young meek boy, with short light red hair and brown eyes. He usually wears a black male middle school outfit. He changes the outfit to a Quincy one with a small cape, when he goes out for combat. He also carries two large kanabo on his back. His most notable feature is a large scar over his right eye. Height is 162.09 cm (5'3).

Personality: Kogi is a really gentle and meek person. He is known to be bossed around by people, an example being his cousin, Mitsue. He has a tendency to get scared when things get rough, but he will step up when someone he cares about are in danger. He looks up to Hideyo as a big sister. He secretly has a small crush on Umiko.

Likes: His parents, Mitsue, Hideyo, Umiko, helping out at the Kurosaki Clinic. Favorite food crab.
Dislikes: Seeing people in trouble, fighting, and birds. Least favorite food strawberries.

Backstory: When Yuzu was still in highschool, Isshin saw he had great potential in becoming a Quincy. Through wanting to help her love ones Yuzu decided to do just that and she was trained by Uryu. Years after highschool she was studying to become a doctor, around that time she had married Jinta. A year after that she had their son, Kogi. Kogi has a good life with his family. Kogi currently goes to middle school. During a training section with his father, he showed had the potential to be come a Quincy like his mother. He was then trained by his mother, Uryu, and Uryu's daughter Umiko at some point. He usually trains with his cousin, Mitsue. One day when the two were training they accidentally injured each other ang Kogi gained a scar across his right eye.

Power: Kogi is a marksman when it comes to a bow, since he was trained to be a Quincy, but he is barely able to manipulate reishi, so it takes him awhile to create his own bow. To most people's surprise he is surprisingly strong, being able to carry heavy objects for his size. He also uses his two large kanabo for close combat. He is at his strongest when tag teaming with Mitsue