Bleach Unsealed

Chapter 4

Densetsu clan

Lightus: Hi all.

With the Captains

"So who is this Light then?" Mayuri asks.

Shunsui looks up. "I believe that he is part of one of the oldest noble clans."

"And that clan is?" Gin asks.

"The Densetsu clan." Shunsui says.

"The Densetsu clan?" Mayuri asks. "But that's just a myth!"

"No it isn't." Shunsui says. " I knew Light's mother so did Ukitake, her name was Athena."

"So where is she?" Gin asks.

"She was the captain of the legendry squad 14, but she is gone now." Shunsui says.

"So this Light is a member of this Densetsu clan then?" Sui-Feng asks.

"He is. He has the symbol round his neck." Byakuya says.

Light vs X

Regashī and Bōkyaku clash. "You can't win Light!" X yells.

Light jumps back with cuts all over him. "I can and will!"

"Lets take it to the next level then Light!" X Laughs.

"No." Light says.

"I will then! Bankai!" X yells as Bōkyaku becomes a a pure black monk staff. "KontonBōkyaku!"

Dan and Koga vs Sam

"Go Dracoeon!" Dan yells as Dracoeon shots fire at Sam who blocks with water and knocks Koga back.

"Is this all you got?" Sam asks sounding bored. "I might as well end this." He says as his sword disappears and he glows a blue.

"Dan he is going Hollow!" Koga yells.

Sakura vs Rose

"Rainbow garden, that's your zanpakuto's name?" Sakura asks.

"Yes and your is HanaShojo, Flower Maiden." Rose says. "Two flower zanpakuto's how nice." She says as NijiTeien becomes a rainbow sunflower sword.

"Bloom, HanaShojo!" Sakura says as the pollen balls appear again.

"Pollen?" Rose asks then laughs.

Mars vs Duke

Mars black the hammer with the sealed KodaiSenshi and kicks duke away.

"How are you so powerful!" A bleeding Duke yells.

"I'm Mars Zaraki!" Mars yells cutting Duke in half.

Shade, Atsuko and Tsukiko vs Dawn

Dawn laughs as she moves out the way of Shade, Atsuko and Tsukiko's attacks. "You're all weak!"

"I am not weak!" Atsuko yells.

"You remind me of someone, but who?" Dawn says.

Shade tries to cut Dawn but kicks her in to Tsukiko sending them in to a wall.

"She is too powerful." Atsuko says.

"Cut the shadows, KageAsashin!" Shade says as her sword becomes two small black blades. "You two go get help!" She tells Atsuko and Tsukiko.

"We can't do that Shade!" Tsukiko yells.

"You can and will!" Shade yells.

"Tsukiko we need help. Let's go." Atsuko says dragging Tsukiko away.

"I'll beat you." Shade says.

Light vs X

"Bankai! Light yells as Regashī becomes an energy sword with a white handle and a gold energy blade (Look up the gundam epyon from gundam wing for what it is based on.) "RoiyaruRegashī!" Light yells.

"Let us dance the dance of death Light!" X says running at Light.

"You're insane!" Light yells.

"So are you!" X laughs.

Shade vs Dawn

Shade now cut and bleeding alot was able to land a hit on Dawn left cheek. "You ninja bitch!" Dawn yells as she goes to attack but a hand grabs her sword.

"Now Dawn didn't X tell you not to kill unless he said so?" The man behind Dawn asks.

"Shut up." Dawn says.

"Did he not?" The man asks again.

"Yes Aizen master X said not to kill unless I was told to." Dawn says.

"Right where did the other two go?" Aozen asks.

"I don't know." Dawn says.

"I'm still here." Shade says as Aizen pulls out his zanpakuto as Shade closes her eyes.

"Put that away now." Dawn says. "Master X said not to use your Shikai or Bankai."

"I wasn't going to." Aizen says as Shade opens her eyes and sees Aizen get hit in the head. "Do you mind?"

"Leave my baby girl alone!" Sui-Feng yells at Aizen as she runs to Shade. "Shade are you insane you're bleeding so much!"

Atsuko and Tsukiko appears with Gin, Roku and Yoruichi, but Atsuko freezes seeing Aizen.

Mars vs Duke

The two parts of Duke start to talk. "You think you have beaten me?" He says as he comes back together and becomes a giant glom like hollow.

"Oh SHIT!" Mars yells as he looks at the hollow Duke. "SHIT, SHIT and SHIT!" Mars yells as Duke punches him in to a wall.

Dan and Koga vs Sam

Sam has become a shark like snake hollow. "This is the form that will kill you!" Sam says as he attack Dalk and Dracoeon.

"Dan we need to fight that thing!" Koga yells as Dalk turn in to a axe and Koga grabs it.

"Right! Dracoeon!" Dan yells.

"Right Dan!" Dracoeon says as he becomes a boring looking red long sword.

Sakura vs Rose

Sakura is holding her bleeding right arm that looks broken. "I can't win." Sakura says.

"That's right." Rose says before she is cut in the back by something pink.

"Leave my draughter alone." Byakuya says as he uses his shikai to push Rose back.

Light vs X

Light is laying on the floor with his blood all around him. "I can't beat him!" Light says closing his eyes.

Light's inner world

Light opens his eyes and looks around seeing a temple before him and turns round to find a humanoid white dragon. "Regashī." Light says.

"Light what is it you need?" Regashī asks.

"I need your true power!" Light yells.

"No!" Regashī says.

"Please!" Light says.

"You lose it and need to train again for it!" Regashī yells.

"I need it to drive back X please! I'll train for it after this!" Light says.

"If you make it Light. You could die if you do this wrong but fine you can use it." Regashī says.

"Thank you Regashī." Light says.

"Use it well Light. Use it now!" Regashī says.

Back to the fight

Light opens his eyes and sees Regashī holding him up. "Regashī."

"Light say it with me!" Regashī says.

"Say what!" X yells.

"ZAN..." Light yells.

"...KAI!" Regashī finishes.

"No." X says. "You lost that!"


"This power what is that!" Mars says as he gets up and looks at Duke.

"I don't know." Duke says.


"Dad what is that power?" Sakura asks.

"I have no clue." Byakuya says.

"Master X!" Rose yells.

Shade, Atsuko and Tsukiko

"What is this?" Shade asks.

"I don't know." Atsuko says.

"Master X will beat Light even if Light has more power!" Dawn yells.

Dan and Koga

"Light is using it!" Dan says.

"Using what!" Sam yells.

"Yes Dan what?" Koga asks.

"Something he lost." Dan says.


"RegashīKamiRyuOmo!" Light yells as he hold a giant buster sword that can be seen from all over Soul Society.


"Head captain what is that!" Mayuri asks.

"I don't know but I know this power." Shunsui says.

"What?" Mayuri asks.

"It's the power of the noble Densetsu clan." Shunsui says.

Lightus: That's all! now the Japanese

Shade: KageAsashin means Shadow Assassin in Japanese

X: Konton means chaos in Japanese making KontonBōkyaku mean Chaos Oblivion

OC, Light: Roiyaru means royal in Japanese making RoiyaruRegashī mean Royal Legacy and finally RegashīKamiRyuOmo mean Legacy god dragon lord in Japanese

Lightus: Read and Review.