A/N: This started out as a joke, so it starts a bit weird XD anyways, I hope you enjoy! :3

Once upon a time, unicorns existed. They were beautiful, and had long, silky hair. But the most magical part was, obviously, their horns. The horns held all kinds of magic, so they always glowed. All the animals loved these majestic creatures. However, jealousy grew between the unicorns and the dragons. While dragons did have vibrant, shiny scales, their large size and bad tempers scared others away.

The dragons were sick of the unicorns hogging all the spotlight. Dragons wanted a time to shine. So, they decided to show off in front of everyone. However, the unicorns didn't know this. They saw the coming of the dragons as a threat, so they attacked. A long battle raged on, and many innocent animals were killed. After a century, all sides were sick of it. But the pride of the unicorns, and the dragon's stubbornness, wouldn't allow it to end.

During this, a young feline had lost everyone she cared about. She wouldn't take anymore of it. Taking the magic from a fallen unicorn's head, she casted a spell. It sent both the dragons and the unicorns into a place that didn't exist in time or space. It was a void of pure nothingness.

They don't exist anymore. Nothing remains of them.

Aiden put the book back in the shelf. It was a dumb story; unicorns, really? What was Ivor reading? Though, he did feel sorry for the dragons. But he'd never tell anyone that. Sighing, he walked away.

"Hey!" Ivor shouted. "How'd you get in here?!" Oops. Aiden forgot that he had snuck in here. He ran away. "Get back here!" Ivor chased him, but not for long. Aiden shoved over a bookshelf, toppling it over. The other came to a halt, cursing. Aiden laughed, and made his escape.

He hadn't found what he was looking for. Whatever. Who needed a stupid book anyways? He could do without it. He continued to walk home, hands in his pockets.

After a while, he came across Jesse and his gang. He hated them. He decided to bother them, because they deserved it.

"Well well well, if it isn't the Order of the Losers," Aiden said, striding over. Jesse rolled his eyes.

"What do you want, Aiden?" he asked. Aiden had to think about that. He wanted a lot of things: a puppy, a book, and their heads on a stake. But which would be the proper answer?

"I want you dead," he said. He gave himself a mental pat on the back; that was a great response! It put the group a bit on edge, but other than that, it didn't do much. But hey, he got to them.

"Go away, Aiden," Olivia said. "We're kind of busy." This made Aiden angry. He growled a bit.

"Doing what?" he demanded. "Stealing treasure? Typical." Axel stepped forward, and cracked his knuckles.

"You want to fight?" Axel threatened. Jesse put his arm out to stop Axel from moving forward. Though he wouldn't admit it, Aiden was thankful. Axel was huge! And he was all alone.

"Listen, we don't need to bother with him. Let's just get out of here," Jesse said, walking away. His group followed behind, shooting glares at Aiden. He didn't care. One day, he'd be at the top, and they'd be nothing. That thought helped him get through the day.

After a long trek, he finally made it home. He opened the door.

"I'm home," he said to no one. It was kind of funny to him, so he did it every time. The empty house only had three rooms. The living room, a bathroom, and his own room. To others, it may have felt cramped. But not to him. There wasn't much in there, anyways. He would often stay at his friend's houses, though Gil's family was very... loud. He could see the family resemblance.

Walking over to his bookshelf, he stopped to look at a photo on the wall. His family.

He hated them, too. But at least they were successful. Unlike himself. After glaring at the photo, he resumed walking to the bookshelf. The empty space seemed to mock him. He needed to find that stupid book! Feeling upset, he stomped off to his bed. Who cares that it was still bright out? The day was over for him.