Warning: Pain (I guess?) Also, I'm updating the description of the story. It strayed from my original idea XD

"We should go somewhere where your practicing won't catch much attention," Gil said, looking at his map. Aiden tried to look over Gil's shoulder at the map, but he was shorter than his friend. Rather than simply stand to the side or ask, he tried carefully to fly a bit. Wings fluttering, he lifted a little. He wouldn't back down! But of course he fell down. Gil noticed and laughed. Maya rolled her eyes, but she, too, was smiling.

"Also a place where we won't start a forest fire," Maya added. She snatched the map from Gil and pointed. "Here," she said. "This place was once a forest, but all that's left are some stumps. You can train there!" They made their way down the path. It was covered in dirt; it seemed no one had used it in a long time.

By the time they reached the site the sun had risen more. It was a clearcut forest, and as promised, had lots of stumps. The grass was able to grow taller here, but it still didn't reach very high. Aiden opened up his wings and stretched. Gil set down the backpack, and Maya looked for a suitable target. She eventually spotted a tree that was only half way cut. "Here!" she called. Aiden went over, and Gil followed.

Alright. I can teach you now. But before I do... The Ender Dragon quietly trailed off. Aiden blinked in confusion.

"Tell me what, Dad?" he asked. He blushed after he realized what he had just called the Ender Dragon. Maya and Gil exchanged a glance.

This will hurt you. At least, at first. But due to your transformation, you can breathe fire without permanent damage. Aiden felt nervous. All of a sudden, breathing fire didn't sound nearly as appealing as it had before. Don't be afraid. Like I said, it only hurts at first.

"So... what do I do?" Aiden looked at himself, then the tree.

Inside of you is a fire pouch. It's an organ. Can you feel that rumbling blaze within you? Aiden focused. A warmth inside of him became more noticeable. It was near his stomach, and it felt... strange.

First, your throat has to be exposed to the burning liquid. Think of it as throwing up. But try to expel the fire from within your fire pouch, rather than the food from your stomach. So, Aiden gave it a shot. He tried to force something out, but all that came out was a strange translucent orange liquid. As the Ender Dragon had warned, it burned his throat and tongue. Aiden gasped, taking sharp breaths in an attempt to cool down his throat. Maya and Gil quickly rushed over to his side.

"Are you okay?!" Gil asked. Aiden nodded and waited for the pain to subside. Maya had brought over some water and handed it to Aiden. He tried to thank her, but nothing came out.

"What... is that?" Gil asked, leaning down to watch the liquid drip to the ground. It instantly scorched the areas it hit. He stood up and back away.

The water cooled down his throat and he felt significantly better. Taking another breath, he shakily stood up. He stared down at the scorched ground, and a strange feeling hit him. It made him feel so empty. He had expected to feel powerful or proud, at least. Not... scared. Numb. He had done this. And not with flint and steel, either. No, with his own power. It felt so... wrong. The Ender Dragon's voice hummed in the back of his head.

It's ok to be scared, son, he tried. But this burning is natural. You are a force. No need to be scared, now. Aiden looked up to the sky, as if the voice in his head was floating above him. After regaining his composure, he stood up straighter, and decided to try again.

Now that you've adjusted to the heat of the fire, this next part should be much less painful. Aiden nodded, ready to do whatever he was told. It's like blowing out a candle, but this time, you're lighting it, with the fire within.

Taking a deep breath, he focused on the fire pouch again. Then, he breathed out. A jet of flames exploded from his mouth, with only a few droplets of the scalding liquid. Maya and Gil, a bit unprepared, jumped back. As they did, the tree caught fire, cracking and blazing. Aiden, out of breath, closed his mouth as the flames died down. He coughed, and wet ashes came out. My burned flesh, he thought. The Enderdragon confirmed this. Oh well, Aiden thought to himself. It was... completely natural. Yes, that's what it was.

Maya looked from the burning tree to Aiden. Gil, on the other hand, was still gawking at the tree. He closed his mouth and turned to Aiden.

"Dude! That... was... awesome!" Gil said, his eyes gleaming. Aiden blinked and blushed.

"For real," Maya agreed, nodding. Aiden shrugged.

"Ehh, it wasn't-" Aiden cut himself off and put a hand to his throat. His voice now sounded more strained and gravelly. Gil paused for a moment, then ran to get Aiden some water.

Despite the heat of the fire, Aiden felt cold. This change... was this permanent?

The Ender Dragon answered, unfortunately. But, remember; change happens. You'll be ok. I see your thoughts. I see what you fear. You fear that you're becoming a monster, someone new. But, Aiden... as long as you stay true to yourself, are you really a stranger to them?

Those words of comfort helped Aiden. He truly did appreciate the advice, even though he still felt terrified.

He was so wrapped up in that mental conversation that he didn't realize Gil was talking to him.

"...hey, are you ok?" Gil asked, holding out a water bottle to his friend. Aiden snatched it and drank. Once he had finished the bottle completely, he handed it back to Gil.

"Never better," Aiden said, flashing a toothy grin. Maya and Gil both laughed, easing the tension. Aiden knew that this would take some getting used to, but it didn't seem so bad now.

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