It was dark in the fox's apartment.

Nick sat staring at the unappetizing carrot cupcake. He checked his watch: 8 o'clock.

Of course she hadn't taken him seriously... of course not.

The fox leaned over and was about to blow the candle out when the door opened and Judy came in a sparkling, purple dress. He leaned his head out and gave a sardonic little "huh." She lowered her ears back, unhappy, and then pawed over to him slowly.

"I told you I had to have a birthday chat with my-,"

"SURPRISE!" All the lights went on and Judy clasped her cheeks.

"Surprise, Carrots." Nick chuckled and went over to touch her shoulder.

"W-what's all this...?" She said, pushing up on her face and making her face chubby.

All of the Force and Judy's parents were there. Even Finnick and Nick's mother.

"Ooohhh, it's just something they put together."

"But I thought it was just the two of us!"

"Heh-heh. Well, I had to run for a few last minute errands and-,"

He saw the banner. It read: Happy 33rd Birthday Nick.

The fox shook his head slowly and looked down at her.

"I know." She smiled impishly. "I know you worked every day of your life since you were 12." Nick gaped. "365 days a year. Even on holidays... even on your birthday," Judy walked over and touched Mama Wilde's arm. "And you sent this special lady fox almost all of it."

Nick's eyes shined in their green irises.

"You never told me," she shrugged a little and walked over to him, her own iris-colored eyes sheepish now. "But..." The bunny reached out and took his paw. "I figured we could celebrate my party next month."

"Judy..." He was quiet. "Do you know what this means?"

She nodded with a real smile now. "I think I do."

"It means... I get to KEEP this real padded Egyptian silk robe I got you!" He put on "his" puffy, velvet present and spun around. "Orange looks better on me anyways."

Judy blinked at his matter-of-fact statement.

"Oh yeah," Nick stopped, picked her up and shoved her into the robe with him. "LET'S DANCE!"

Everyone whooped and went nuts to Gazelle's latest song.

Well, almost everyone.

Nick encircled his arms around his Carrots and Judy wrapped herself around his warm, red body as they slow-danced, his purple nose nuzzling the top of her peppery head as they both smiled happily.

The End.

A Birthday Gift for my fox friend Raul! Hope this brightens your mood and Happy Birthday! :)