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The Blood Moon Effect

By: MBAV fan66 and TiredOfBeingNice

Chapter 1: Night Of The Blood Moon

It was a beautiful sunny afternoon at Whitechapel High. It wasn't too hot or too cold out, either; the temperature was just right outside, which made the day even better. If you were to ask any student, they'd say that the day was the perfect day to be outside in.

But the day's weather wasn't the only thing that was perfect. Nope! For one lucky student, it was the perfect day to ask the girl of his dreams out on a date. That's right! Ethan Morgan had finally gotten up the courage to ask out the only girl he's been pining for, ever since accidently bumping into her and spilling his lunch tray all over her shirt...Sarah Fox.

In a way, Ethan's been dreaming about this day for a really long time now, but has just never gotten up the courage to actually try and ask her out, before. Until now, that is. Of course, he was still a pile of jittery nerves like usual when around her, but he held strong, regardless. Smiling that shy and awkward smile of his, as she approached him at his locker.

"Hey, Ethan!" she greeted, cheerfully to him.

"O-oh! Hey, Sarah!" he greeted back, mentally kicking himself for stuttering like such a buffoon again in front of her.

Sarah giggled at his awkwardness. She kind a found it sort a cute. "Anyways," she started, getting straight to the point for her arrival. "Your parents do know that I can't babysit for them tonight, right?" she asked, wanting to make sure.

"Y-yeah! They know. I told them that you couldn't due to you having a very important family dinner that you absolutely had to attend to. So, they understand." he answered back happily with a smile.

"Good!" sighed Sarah in relief, thankful that Ethan's parents had bought the lie.

Ethan looked at her with a raised brow. "Tell me again, the real reason why you aren't coming over tonight?" he asked curiously.

Sarah just shook her head at the dork. "Because of the Blood Moon that'll be appearing in the sky tonight, is why!" she answered, as if it was obvious.

"O-h! That's right! Because it has some...strange effect on vampires. Am I right?" he said in realization, drawing out the 'oh' part.

Sarah nodded. "Yeah! A Blood Moon only happens once every thousand years. And apparently, it does this weird thing to vampires that basically reverts us back to our more primial instinct as blood suckers. Causing us to have this uncontrollable lust for blood." she explained simply. "Hence, another reason why I hate being what I am." she added annoyedly with an eye roll. "So, apparently because of that and to keep our existence a secret, the Vampire Council orders all vampires to be locked away back at the Council building for just that night for our own safety, as well as for our food source, too." explained Sarah, grimacing at the end when referring to humans being their 'food source'.

"Didn't you also say that your eyes turn a blood red color, instead of your usual vampire yellow?" wondered Ethan. Sarah nodded. "I did! But it only lasts just for that night. Then they'll go back to their regular vampire color." she answered casually, with a shrug.

Ethan gave a nod. "That's cool." he replied back impressingly. He then began to grow nervous again, at what he was about to ask her next. "Hey, Sarah?" he said, sounding a bit hesitant.

She looked over at him, smiling. "Yeah? What is it, Ethan?"

"I-I was just w-wondering...w-w-would you like to g-go out with me, on a date tomorrow night?" stuttered Ethan nervously, while blushing lightly.

Sarah's smile fell to a scowl at his question. "Ethan..." she replied sympathetically. "I'm sorry, but I just can't. You're a really sweet guy and all, but I'm afraid that I don't really feel the same way you do about me. You're more like a little brother to me, really. And I don't want to ruin our friendship if things begin to go south in the relationship, if we started dating. Plus, after what happened with Jesse at the dance that night, I'm just not ready to date anyone, yet. Sorry." she told him apologetically, while turning him down politely the best she could, not wanting to hurt his feelings. She looked at him sullenly.

Ethan's hopefulness soon deflated after her rejecting his offer for a date. "Oh...Well, ok then. I mean...if that's how you really feel and all, then it's cool I guess." he said defeatedly, looking down sadly.

Sarah placed a comforting hand on his shoulder and gave him a small smile of encouragement. "Hey! Just because I turned you down doesn't mean that the right person isn't still out there somewhere. I'm sure you'll meet that person really soon and hit it off, making you two inseparable. You'll see, Ethan." she said sincerely, trying to cheer him up some.

Ethan just shrugged and looked back up at her, flashing a small smile of his own. "Yeah. I suppose you're right." he agreed glumly, trying not so sound so down about it though. "Who knows? Maybe they might be right around the corner, waiting for me?" he added, joking a bit.

Sarah smiled happily at him and gave him a small kiss on the cheek, before saying bye. Ethan blushed slightly at the small kiss and smiled fondly from it, but it then went back to being a frown knowing that it was only a pity kiss, really. He let out a sad sigh, as he closed his locker door.

Just then Benny came around the corner and went up to Ethan. "Hey, dude! I saw you talking with Sarah, earlier. So, how it'd go? Did you ask her?" he questioned, eagerly.

Ethan gave a sad nod. "And how did it go? Did she say yes?" asked Benny, wanting to know. Ethan looked away, and shook his head 'no', making the spell master frown. "Oh, man! I'm so sorry, E." apologized Benny sympathetically.

The seer just shrugged it off. "It's cool, really." he stated blandly, as if it wasn't a big deal when in truth his heart was shattered to pieces.

"Well, what did she say, exactly?" asked Benny, curiously. Deep down he felt really sorry for his friend and a bit peeved at Sarah for making Ethan feel this way.

"She said that she see's me as more of a little brother, really. And how she didn't want our friendship falling apart if things didn't work out between us and how she wasn't really quite ready to date anybody, due to what happened at the Fly Me To The Moon dance." he answered back, sullenly with a shrug as they walked down the hall together.

Benny painfully fake winced towards his best friend after he told him that. "Oooh! Ouch, dude! That must really suck?" apologized Benny sympathetically, giving him a pat on the back. Ethan just shrugged sullenly again, as he continued to hang his head low.

Benny's frown turned into a small smile. "But hey! That just means the right girl is still out there, waiting for you to discover them and to give them your heart! Am I right, bud?" he stated brightly with a big smile, trying to cheer his best friend up.

"That's what Sarah said." sighed out Ethan, depressingly.

Benny's smile faded for a moment, but soon returned just not as big. "Well, you can't let her rejection get you down forever, E! So, cheer up! Things will get better! You'll see! Trust me on this! I'm like the...rejection master, when it comes to girls turning you down for a date!" he reassured amsuingly, before the bell rang and Ethan walked away, sulking still after mumbling a 'yeah, I guess so' to him.

Benny stood there staring worringly, as he watched his best friend walk away looking so down and depressed looking. He hated seeing him like this and hoped that he'll be able to bounce back from his rejection from Sarah, soon.

Letting out a sigh of his own, Benny turned and headed off to class himself.

Of course, with Ethan getting over his turn down for a date from Sarah later on that day wasn't the case, as he was still moping about it even long after school was over, as he sat up in his room after dinner feeling depressed over it. He couldn't wrap his mind around why she didn't want to date him. Was he not dating material? Was he too much of a geek for her to ever have romantic feelings for? Or was it because of the obvious reason with her being a vampire and him being a human?

He sighed heavily, at not knowing the answer and may not ever knowing it, either. The whole thing just sucked in his opinion! He felt so heartbroken and worthless, thinking that all he'll ever be to her is nothing more than just a "little brother" in her eyes. So, he was basically "friend zoned" by her.

With another huff, he flopped down backwards on his bed. He looked over towards his window and saw the bright red moon in view. He knew that Sarah and the others were probably already at the Vampire Council by now, preparing for the lockdown for the Blood Moon, which will soon be nearing it's peak in the sky for the night.

He laid there looking at it for few seconds before feeling his own eyelids begin to grow heavy with sleep. He yawned tiredly and rolled over on his side, facing away from the window. The whole Sarah rejecting his going out on a date proposal and him feeling so down in the dumps and depressed about it, had really taken it out of him today. Especially, the small bit of secretive crying he did in the boys bathroom at school, eariler. It all had left him feeling so drained of energy, so he decided to just go to bed early tonight, at just 9:30.

Soon the seer's eyes were completely closed and subtle bits of snoring could be heard escaping his lips.

A couple of hours later, on the streets of Whitechapel, in a parking lot somewhere, a woman was busy walking to her car while trying to find her keys in her purse. Unfortunately, this was a losing battle with all the junk she kept in it.

"Come on! Where are they?!" said the lady growing more irritated by the second, as she rummaged around in her purse for her car keys as she approached her car. "Stupid keys! Ugh!" she sighed out frustratingly.

As she was getting closer to her car, she suddenly paused feeling a strange wave of foreboding come over her suddenly, as if someone was following her. She stopped and turned around, taking a good look at her surroundings. But there was nothing there, but silence and darkness.

Shrugging and thinking she was just being paranoid the lady went back to rummaging around in her purse for her car keys as she reached her vehicle.

What she didn't know was that her strange bit of paranoia was right. There was something following her, as a shadowy figure quickly swept across the small bit of light that shone down upon the parking lot and into the shadows.

Feeling a sudden cold chill run through her, the lady stopped again and swiftly turned around in slight fear. Once again, she saw nothing and began to get scared. She immediately started going through her purse again and this time she found what she was looking for. Her car keys.

"Aha! Found you finally! Yes!" praised the woman in glee, as she turned around to face her car with keys in hand.

As she was about to unlock her car door, she thought she had seen something being reflected back in the window right behind her, but it wasn't very solid looking like her reflection or everything else around her that was in view of the window. It had looked to be a person. She spun around on her heels to face whatever was behind her, but yet again...nothing.

The lady was now officially freaked out and began to panic a bit, as he turned back around and hurriedly tried to unlock her car door. But the shadowy figure then came up right behind her. It was too dark to make out any facial features. All that you could see was a pair of glowing red eyes staring hungrily at the woman.

As soon as she managed to get the door unlocked, she smiled happily in relief. But her small bit of relief was soon dashed as she was harshly grabbed from behind and was abruptly spun back around as she then very quickly felt something sharp go into her neck.

An ear splitting scream of fear could be heard throughout the empty parking lot with no one around to help the poor woman in trouble, as a full moon glowed up above ominously in the pitch black sky in a blood red color

The blood red moon was the last thing she ever saw.

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