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The Blood Moon Effect

By: MBAV fan66 and TiredOfBeingNice

Chapter 17: Peace Of Mind In The Moonlight

A Year Later...

After months of supervision from the Vampire Council, Ethan was finally cleared of his wrong doings and was deemed no longer potentially dangerous to the Council. His name was removed from their priority list of troubled vampires in the area, and he was free to do what he wanted without always having a constant eye on him at all times. With his parole time over with, Ethan and the others couldn't be anymore relieved.

Things had changed a bit since then. About two months after the meeting, Benny had decided that he was ready to become a full fledge vampire now after learning all the basics about being a vampire. So, he drank human blood for the first time from a blood bag Rory claimed he "borrowed" from the local hospital. While he mainly did it because he was sick and tired of being the only one who couldn't fly, he also wanted to complete the transition to full vamp because of Ethan too.

In fact, that was his driving reason behind his decision. He wanted to be with Ethan forever, but knew that being a fledgling only had a limited time on this Earth. It was only a matter of time before his grandma's blood substitute and critter blood wouldn't be enough to hold off the inevitable; the substitute was basically just an extension period of the original 38 days that a fledgling normally has left alive on this planet. Besides, he needed human blood to avoid death, and Benny joked about how he didn't really want to die at the moment. He'd preferred to live as an undead creature of the night rather than be six feet under and completely dead. So, he converted over completely to being a vampire.

He wanted to be with Ethan for as long as he could and knew that he couldn't do that as a mere fledgling for much longer. He couldn't bare the thought of what might happen to him after he was gone for good. And he definitely couldn't bare the thought of him possibly finding someone else new to love in the far off distant future, as well. That thought scared and infuriated him even more. So, he drank the blood willingly, to keep that possibility from ever happening. Ethan was his and his alone.

Currently, they were all gathered over at the Weir's place having a movie marathon night together as friends. Just chillin' and having a good time, as the town appeared quiet tonight with no supernatural activity rearing its ugly head. After the recent events of what happened last year, this was a much needed break and day off from fighting the forces of evil or solving some sort of supernatural mystery. Especially without the watchful eye of the Vampire Council somewhere nearby stalking them. The knowledge of knowing that someone's been watching your every move is kind a creepy and hard to forget that you're being watched from the shadows. Thank God that part of their lives was finally over with.

Things were peaceful now and everybody was happy and having a good time. There was junk food scattered across the coffee table in front of the couch. Even though everyone in the room no longer really needed to eat that sort of food anymore (or any kind of food, for that matter), it was still fun to binge-eat all the yummy treats while relaxing with friends and enjoying a good movie together.

"Ugh! I can't believe we're watching Dusk!" complained Rory with his arms crossed. "Tell me again, why we're not watching the best superhero versus superhero face off in centuries, Batman vs Superman?"

"Because that movie sucks too," Ethan scoffed, and Rory glared at him, mouth wide open, clearly offended. Benny giggled, giving Ethan a hi-five. Erica rolled her eyes at him from the couch.

"Becauuuse," replied Erica with heavy emphasis on the word, "my darling little Damon here still hasn't seen any of them yet. So, we're going to watch the entire Dusk series first before watching anything else." she finished, snuggling up next to Damon, who sat beside her. She hugged his arm lovingly with a smile. Damon also smiled back at her, as he kissed her on the forehead.

Rory made a gagging face at the two's affection towards one another. He was a bit bitter over the fact that Erica was dating him, but at the same time he was happy to see her happy, as well. So, he guessed he was alright with it. Besides, there's still plenty of other hot babes out there for him to love on, anyways!

"Couldn't you just have shown him on one of your dates and not when we're hanging out as buddies, Erica? I really don't want to have to sit here and suffer watching some dumb girl and her broody vampire lover's stupid drama again!" complained Rory with a scowl, but then jumped a little when he heard Erica hissing at him.

"How dare you insult the romantic relationship that is Rochelle and Jakeward!" hissed Erica angrily in defense with her fangs popped out. "But I guess if you really don't want to watch it then I can always just gouge your eyes out with a spoon, then! They should finish growing back by the time the third movie is over!" she threatened sinisterly with a grin.

Rory gulped as he hugged one of Mrs. Weir's chair pillows tightly to his chest in fear. Damon smiled a little at the two vampires.

"Easy there, babe." soothed Damon calmly. "He's not worth it. He's dumb and doesn't know what in the hell he's talking about half of the time, either." he assured comfortingly to her, as he held her back a bit from attacking the blonde dork sitting in the armchair.

Erica eased up a bit after that and looked up at him and smiled. "I'm sure they're not that bad and that I'll absolutely love them, just as I love you, beautiful." smiled Damon lovingly, leaning in to place a kiss on Erica's lips.

"Hey! I'll have you know that I am very smart when it counts!" huffed Rory offensively at the two. Just then Mrs. Weir walked in with some of her famous homemade cookies piled high onto a plate. Rory's expression quickly changed from hurt and offended to excited and joyous, as his eyes lit up at the sight of the yummy home baked goods. "Ooh! Mrs. Weir's homemade cookies!" exclaimed the vampire gleefully, as he reached over to grab one and stuffed it in his mouth.

Both Damon and Erica sat there with disgusted looks on their faces, as they cringed at seeing Rory's terrible table manners as he reached for another and another, cramming his mouth full.

"You're right, hun. Rory is so not worth dirtying up a perfectly good and clean spoon over. Although...after seeing him eat though...now I think I'm the one who needs their eyes gouged out, after seeing that." said Erica in disgust, scooting ever more closer into her boyfriend's arms.

"Wha-ft?" asked Rory cluelessly at the two, as cookie crumbs came flying out of his mouth.

Sarah, who was sitting next to Erica on the other side, could do nothing more but to simply shake her head disappointingly at the Vampire Ninja in the room. "Alright, you two! That's enough picking on Rory for one day." she playfully scolded with a small smile at the end.

She then noticed something off about their surroundings. Something was missing...or rather...someone.

"Hey! Where did Ethan and Benny go? They were just here a few minutes ago?" wondered Sarah curiously, as she looked from side to side.

"Ah, yes! I believe they went out for some fresh air for a bit. Something about...'not wanting to have to sit through another one of Erica's boring Dusk marathons, again'...I think?" answered Mrs. Weir, sounding a bit puzzled at the end at trying to remember exactly what her grandson had told her before they had left to go on their little stroll together.

"Uh! How dare they! After everything I—" gasped Erica dramatically, but was then cut off by a slight nudge in her side from Sarah. Rolling her eyes, Erica knew exactly what Sarah had meant by the small nudge. "Ok! Ok! Everything we did for them! The least they could do is watch all three Dusk movies with us!" she corrected, still sounding slightly offended by Ethan and Benny's absence from movie night. "If anything, they could've just sat there and kissed each others faces off during the whole movie if they really didn't want to watch it that badly!" she added nonchalantly in a suggestive manner.

"Ew! No way, Erica! It's bad enough I have to sit here and watch you and Damon swapping spit on the couch all the time! I don't want to have to witness it coming from my two bestest bros, too! That's just too much!" cringed Rory at the thought of having to bare witness so much lip smacking and making out taking place in the room.

"I'm with Rory on this one. One couple making out all the time during the movie is enough for me." quipped Sarah agreeing with him, slightly repulsed feeling by all of the displays of affectionate love making that would have been going on while she's busy trying to focus on the movie. If she wanted to see lovesick couples sucking each others faces off during a movie then she would've just went to the local movie theatre, instead.

Erica stuck her tounge out at her playfully. "You're no fun." she pouted innocently at her, like a little spoiled kid.

Sarah just rolled her eyes and shook her head at her silently, as she reached over for the remote to unpause the movie and maybe grab her a cookie or two for herself.

Mrs. Weir smiled fondly at the vamps, happy to see everyone so calm and relaxed. To think that only last year the mood in the room was completely different than it is now. Back then there was nothing but fear and worry. And now...now there's nothing but calmness and happiness in her little living room.

"Well in any case, I'm sure they'll be back within the hour or so, I imagine. Until then, I'll be right in the kitchen if you should need anything." stated Evelyn sweetly, as she turned and went into the kitchen.

"OK, Benny's grandma! Oh! And thanks for the cookies, too!" shouted Rory to her, after she had disappeared into the kitchen.

Ethan and Benny were enjoying their alone time together, as they walked hand in hand down the street together.

"You know, Erica's gonna kill us for missing out on another one of her Dusk marathons again, right?" mused Ethan in an obvious manner.

Benny just shrugged. "Eh. I'll manage somehow." he stated nonchalantly. "I guess it's a good thing we're both vampires then, huh?" joked Benny with a chuckle.

"Yeah, but even vampires aren't really all that immortal. Remember?" chuckled Ethan, agreeing somewhat with Benny, as he pretended to be staking himself with an invisible wooden stake making Benny laugh.

Laughter soon died down, as Benny let out a content sigh as he enjoyed the evening weather with his boyfriend. Now he wasn't gonna lie, but after the events of what happened last year with Ethan, it did take some time before he and Ethan were able to reach this point in their relationship together. After their little talk in the park, he still loved Ethan and was happy to be with him. Even if it meant becoming a vampire, but...it was Ethan who was the one who had his doubts about everything.

He loved Benny back, don't get him wrong! But it was just all the guilt from the events leading up to Benny's turning that was bothering him so deeply. For the first few months Ethan had fallen into a bit of bad depression over it. Refusing to be alone at night in case the strange effects ever returned again. Granted Benny's grandma had already reassured him that it won't and that he was now cured of it, but still. There was even a few incidents where he'd have panic attacks from having random flashbacks about what he's done, as the memories of it continued to haunt him. He even had gotten into the bad habit of cutting himself, saying that 'it was a form of punishment for what he's done to all those people who he killed'. He knew he'd only heal from the cut almost immediately as it was made, no matter how deep he cut, because of his vampire healing.

It was a rough time for Ethan, but luckily he had Benny there to help him through it all. To be there whenever he didn't want to be alone at night because of the fear of him acting all evil and rogue like that, again. To comfort him after one of his horrifying flashbacks and to calm him down after the panic attack that usually followed afterwards. To reassure him that everything was going to be ok and that it what he saw wasn't real and was just a bad memory replaying itself back to him in such vivid detail, now. To stop him whenever he felt the urge to cut himself. Having Benny near just made things...better for the young vampire.

In time, he slowly began to heal from his dark depression like state and began to start feeling more like his usual geeky self again. Now, Ethan no longer suffers from the aftermath of what he's done mentally or physically. All thanks to his wonderful boyfriend, Benny. Who stuck by him no matter what, like the wonderful best friend and boyfriend that he is.

Ethan was grateful for it and grateful for him never giving up on him, either. Even when he did almost killed him when he was...'sick' (let's say) a year ago, back then. Although, however much more better Ethan felt now, those dark feelings and thoughts still remained slightly. Not the dark destructive ones that lead him to go on a killing spree, but the sad and guilty ones, instead.

Ethan glanced downward as they walked, thinking about that day he almost killed Benny. Benny noticed this and frowned in concern.

"E, babe. What's the matter?" he asked.

Ethan soon stopped walking, but still refused to look at him. Benny stood there in confusion as to why Ethan wouldn't look at him and had this...gloomy expression on his face as if something was wrong.

Ethan shook his head before finally speaking. "It's...nothing, B. I'm just being my usual dark and gloomy self, is all." he shrugged, giving a small smile as he finally looked up at his boyfriend.

"No. It is something, E." stated Benny in a sympathetic and serious like tone, coming up to him and placing a hand on both of Ethan's shoulders. "Or else you wouldn't be all mopey about it. So, tell me." pushed Benny gently, trying to get him to open up to him.

Ethan broke free from his grasp and turned around with his back facing Benny and then took off towards the sky after glancing back at him. Getting the message, Benny did the same and flew after him, following closely behind.

The two had flew to the tallest building in Whitechapel, which was City Hall. There they rested upon the bell tower part of the building, sitting on it's ledge and over looking the peaceful looking town below. The lights off in the distance all sparkled like the stars in the sky did, making the town look even more beautiful than it did during the day.

Ethan sat there still not saying a word. Ethan's silence was really starting to get to Benny now. He placed a hand over where Ethan's rested on the edge and looked at him with honest green eyes that conveyed the message 'you can tell me anything, Ethan, because I love you.'

Ethan looked down at the sincere gesture and then up at Benny, getting the message. He smiled at him before looking back out at the town before them.

"Tell me, Benny. Is it...so wrong that I still feel so guilty about what I've done last year? All the pain and suffering that I caused. All the death and chaos I put this town through when I was...'sick'. Not to mention all the emotional crap that I put you and everyone else through. Do I really deserve to be happy at all?" stated Ethan sullenly with a sad and forlorning expression.

"Of course, he'd still be feeling guilty about that. That's Ethan for ya. The one with a big heart and an even bigger guilty conscience when he knows he's screwed up royally. But you know what? That's one of the many flaws that I love about him. The willingness to always make things right again. Even at the expense of his own heart and life." smiled Benny fondly at him, as he stared at Ethan with a loving look.

He then lifted up Ethan's hand and placed a small, but tender kiss on it, as he held it gently in his own that now rested upon his lap. This had gained Ethan's attention, as he looked back over with a somewhat lost and confused expression on his face mixed with a bit of sadness hiding behind those brown orbs of his.

"Of course, not." replied Benny in a gentle and soft tone, shaking his head. "Feeling guilty about what you did is what makes us human, Ethan." he added, instantly regretting his poor choice of words considering that they aren't human, anymore. Ethan couldn't help but to giggle at Benny's little screw up of words and the expression he had on his face as he tried to think of a better comeback. "Uh...I mean, uh..." stammered Benny, hopelessly. "That we're still human morally, that is." he clarified, after coming up with a more better way to put it.

"But the point still remains. Feeling things like guilt, sorrow, and regret is all things that help us become an even better person in life. We learn from these emotions and they teach us that we actually do care and where to go from here. We just can't let them dictate us in the end in a negative away, is all, Ethan. They teach us that even as vampires we aren't as heartless and cold-blooded as everyone may believe. That there are a few of us out there with good hearts and intentions in this world, just like when we were human. In fact, feeling such emotions along with love, happiness, and joy is what makes us still feel human to this very day. At least...that's how I feel about it, that is." explained Benny whole heartedly, blushing lightly at the end.

"But..all those innocent people who lost their lives because of me. How do I ever atone for their deaths, Benny? How?!" asked Ethan desparately, sounding so hurt and confused, as he tried not to get so choked up on the matter. He looked down at his two hands, shaking slightly, as he could still imgaine seeing the blood that once stained his hands of all his victims last year.

"By being you, Ethan." replied Benny earnestly, earning a perplexed look from his boyfriend, coming out of the semi like trance he was in while staring at his hands. Benny chuckled at his expression and how adorable he looked whenever he was confused over something. "The Ethan who killed all those people, wasn't you. Can't you see that?" stated Benny as if it was obvious. "That was just some...dark part of you that's been buried and locked away deep inside of you for God knows how long. Everyone has a dark side to them. Even me. It's just part of who we are. There's not a single person in this world who is all good and pure of heart, Ethan. There will always be that tiny bit of darkness inside of us all. Doing battle with that portion of good that lies inside, fighting for control. You just gotta...figure out which side that you're on, is all. The good or the bad." he advised truthfully, trying to find the right words to put it.

This brought a smile to Ethan's face. "Well, I definitely want to be on the good side. That's for sure!" quipped Ethan amusingly to his boyfriend.

Benny smiled happy to see him so optimistic and joking right now. "Me, too!" he added, agreeing with him.

But soon the cheery demeanor in the air faded away back into the gloomy silence again, as Ethan looked down sadly.

"All of what you just said maybe true and all, Benny. But...it still doesn't change the fact of what I did to you in the end. Because of me you're a vampire, now and forever. Just like me." said Ethan, trying to hold back the tears that wanted to come spilling from his eyes. "I've ruined your chance at a normal and happy life, Benny! I-I...I almost killed you!" he cried. "I'll always reget almost doing that to you! In fact...it's probably one of my biggest ones, yet. I can never forgive myself for that, either. At least...not yet, anyways." sniffled Ethan so heartbroken and torn.

Feeling sympathy and nothing but love for the vampire sitting next him, Benny cupped Ethan's wet cheek into his hand and gently turned Ethan's head towards him so that he may look the adorable vampire in the eyes, never once losing the adoring smile that he wore on his face for him.

"Ethan. It's because of you that I'm able to be here today with you. And my happy life is being here, with you. Or wherever else you might be." stated Benny lovingly, as he stroked Ethan's cheek with his thumb. "Besides...living a normal life is soo over rated, anyways. Not to mention, also very boring, as well." he joked, flashing a genuine smile his way. "Like I told you then, I will always be thankful for it, too. You mean, the world to me Ethan. You know that, right?"

Ethan nodded happily flashing an endearing smile at him.

"What you did back then wasn't your fault. If anything it should be Jesse for biting you that night at the dance, just to make Sarah convert over fully to being a vampire. He used you, E. And if it wasn't for him then your blood would never of been tainted with that small bit of vampire vemon in your system, thus causing it to become active due to the strong effects that the blood moon has on vampires. So, you see...it was Jesse who's at fault, here. For ever setting such a terrible chain of events in effect on you that so drastically changed your fate and our lives forever." explained Benny reassuringly. His tone and expression then became somewhat more darker and spiteful though whenever he talked about what Jesse had did. He would never forgive that evil bastard for what he did.

He then let out a small sigh to calm himself of his hatred for the evil vampire and smiled once again. "I think out of all of the people on my list of major dickheads in the world, Jesse is number one on that list. Wiiith Damon coming a possible close second, that is." joked Benny, stretching out the word 'with' in a skeptical kind a tone.

This was enough to make Ethan chuckle a bit. "But Benny, he's your friend." stated Ethan, stretching the word out mockingly.

Benny just rolled his eyes. "Barely!" he commented in an unamused like manner, but couldn't help the small tug on his lips that was a smile from showing itself upon his features. Ethan then lightly nudged him in the side playfully.

"Don't tell me you're still sore about Damon wanting to turn me into the Vampire Council right away after you guys found that I was the killer, are you?" asked Ethan teasingly.

"Well, of course I am!" defended Benny, waving his hands around all dramatically like to make a point. He then gruffly crossed them and turned his ahead away from his boyfriend like a pouty child would. "Among...other things, too." he huffed stubbornly. "Like his personality! It really sucks and it could really use some major adjustments, too." he added a bit defensively.

He then let out a small sigh as he dropped his defensive posture and faced Ethan again. "But...in the end I guess he did come through for us and managed to convince Anastasia and her crony of vampire elder peeps to let you off the hook and declare you not guilty by reasons of 'temporary insanity', though." he declared reluctantly, but more thankful than resentful. "And as much I'd hate to admit it. I guess...I sort a owe him one for saving your life." confessed Benny begrudgingly with attitude laced within his voice at the idea of owing his nemesis a favor.

"I guess there's just some people in this world that you'll never get along with too well, huh?" quipped Ethan, shaking his head.

The two laughed together, as Ethan leaned over to rest his head on Benny's shoulder, as they stared out into the horizon together, both with warm smiles on their faces as they stared at the city lights.

"It sure is a peaceful night out tonight, huh, B?" pointed out Ethan fondly, enjoying the moment of being here alone with Benny.

It felt almost like a little date together, if it wasn't for the fact they were currently suppose to be with their friends watching movies together, right now. But it was still nice to have these little alone times together with his boyfriend. A year or two ago, he would of never imagined being in love with his best friend and getting the chance to date and be with him like this. But here he was...sitting on top of City Hall's bell tower with his best friend and boyfriend watching the glistening lights of Whitechapel flickering in the distance, as a few people below them walked by totally unaware of their presence up above them.

After everything they've been through that led up to this very moment...they deserved it. To have a night of pure bliss and harmony all to themselves. A moment to bask in what is now a whole new chapter in their lives. In more ways than one. To marvel in what it means to be truly happy and in love with the person you least expected, but at the same time is also very much a cliche. Falling in love with your best friend.

Although the guilt may never leave Ethan after what he did a year ago, completely. Ethan knew that he would be just fine as long as he had Benny their by his side to comfort him and help guide him throught it, which gave Ethan something to look forward to for the rest of his immortal life.

As for Benny, he was happy to finally get the answer that he's been waiting for, for so long back then. Even if it did take him almost dying at the hands of his love interest fangs for it to happen. He was still thankful nonetheless because as crazy as the whole situation was, it somehow manage to bring him and Ethan more closer together in their relationship, both as lovers and as friends. Their bond was now and forever will be unbroken from that point on. Always and forever, which now held a whole new meaning for them seeing as they're both vampires.

"You know something...I'm kind a glad that you turned me into a vampire that day." said Benny thoughtlessly in an endearing way.

"You are?" replied Ethan incredulously, lifting his head off from Benny's shoulder to look over at him with a raised curious brow.

Benny nodded, but still didn't turn to face him. "I am!" he simply answered back with a smile. "Because then I would've had to grow up and become all old and wrinkly like Grandma is, and then someday die while you'll always remain looking like you are now. A teenage boy." he explained honestly.

His gaze then dirfted downward slightly into a more sullen one. "Then we wouldn't be able to be together anymore at some point in life because of the major age differences in our looks. Even though technically we'd both be about the same age, but just not in looks." he admitted sullenly. "I'm not sure I'd be able to live with myself not being able to be with you anymore when the time did come when we would have to call it quits on our relationship together due to our physical appearances. It'd just break my heart."

Ethan smiled loving at Benny's words. He saw a few tears forming in those lovely green emeralds of his, as he tried desperately in trying to hold them back. Ethan could tell that it was a very touching subject for him. So, he turned Benny's head towards him with his hand and kissed him passionately on his lips, keeping the hand there.

"This might sound a bit selfish, but...I'm glad that I turned you, too." confessed Ethan lovingly to him. "I've already said this, but you were too busy passed out bleeding to your death to even remember me saying it, but...I'd hate to know of a life without you in it, either, Benny. I would be lost without you. Heck! I'd probably even wind up becoming more like Damon and the rest of the Council! Or even worse, Jesse! Someone who is cold and heartless most of the time from the lost of losing their one true love in this world."

Benny smiled hearing this and decided to add in his own two cents. "Or even more worse than that! You could start acting like those vampires from those horrible Dusk movies! All dark and broody all the time with their doom and gloom attitude towards everything." he joked, making a fake serious face and lowering his voice in a deeper tone near the end, as he said it. "Ugh! I have no idea what all those fangirls see in all that malarkey mumbo, jumbo bull crap, anyways?!" cringed Benny in discontent of the famous movie series, while shaking his head.

"Yeah! That would be terrible, then!" Laughed Ethan. "Thank god, that it all worked out in the end though, huh?"

"Yeah!" Agreed Benny, trying to contain his small bit of laughter, as well. "Face it, E! You're stuck with me! Now and most definitely forever! Now that I'm a vampire, too." mocked Benny playfully with a wink, giving Ethan a light and friendly nudge to the side with his elbow.

Ethan giggled and then gave him a dreamy look. "That's fine with me. Better it to be forever than never again." he said smoothly with a somewhat smug smile on his face, as he moved ever so closer to Benny's face.

They then kissed again, but more longer this time. Once the kiss was over, Ethan stood up and stretched with his hands held high above his head.

"We better be getting back now, B. Before Erica comes hunting for our heads for missing the latest Dusk marathon." stated Ethan suggestively.

"Ugh! Don't remind me." groaned Benny with an eye roll. He then stood up and stretched as well, enjoying the feeling of his bones and muscles limbering up from the stretch. "You know something? I'm not sure who to feel more sorry for in that relationship. Erica or Damon?" pondered Benny thoughtfully, tilting his head up slightly with a hand on his chin.

"Oh? How so?" pressed Ethan amusingly, but also a bit confused by what he means.

Benny just shrugged nonchalantly. "Well, Damon because his girlfriend is a major Dusker fan who'll probably never shut up about it to him and will most likely try to force the fandom onto him, whether he likes it or not." he replied simply enough. "Not to mention, I can only imgaine what Erica would do to him if he actually did hated that crappy excuse of a vampire romance drama movie." he couldn't help the tiny smirk that appeared just then at the thought of Erica causing him such physical (and hopefully emotional) pain for not liking it.

"And Erica?" pressed Ethan intriguingly, snapping him out of his imagination.

"For having to date such a major douchebag of guy, like Damon." answered Benny simply, shaking his head. "I still don't know what she see's in the guy."

"You have to admit, though. They do make a pretty good couple." implied Ethan casually.

"Yeah! If you mean by a 'pretty good couple' as in being all 'scary and threatening all the time just to get what you want with a side of being an ass thrown in', then yeah! They were totally meant for each other, then." scoffed Benny sarcastically, with a sly smirk at the end.

Ethan chuckled, but knew that no matter how much Benny may dislike the dark and obnoxiously rude vampire sometimes, Benny still considered him very much a friend. The same with Damon and his attitude towards Benny. There was just no denying it.

Ethan held out his hand expectantly for Benny to take. "Shall we?"

Benny smiled lovingly at Ethan, as he placed his hand in Ethan's and gave him a slight nod. "One of the many perks of being a vampire. Being able to freakin' fly! Yeah, baby!" cheered Benny loudly, briefly removing his hand from Ethan's to fist pump the air ecstatically.

Ethan chuckled again, as they reconnected their hands together again. Benny gave Ethan a small kiss on his as they looked at each other lovingly one last time before taking off into the night as the moon shone brightly above them illuminating their way back to the Weir's place, where all their friends were waiting.

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