Night time…

Harry was in his bat form as he landed on a random tree and looked down, seeing Ron, Seamus, and Dean… following a trail of spiders into the forest.

'I thought Ron hated spiders. Why is he following them?' Harry thought with confusion

as he watched Ron enter the forest before thinking of something 'What if… he is looking for something?'

Harry waited a few minutes, making sure that the coast was clear before landing on the ground and turning into his human form. He began to walk into the forest, following the obvious footstep trial that the three idiots left perfectly clear.

Unknown to Harry, right above him in the trees, there was a pair of ruby red eyes following him. Harry had a feeling of being watched and looked up, but the pair of ruby red eyes disappeared and Harry saw nothing… so far. Harry shook his head and began to follow the trail again, completely unaware the silhouette from above looked back down to him before following Harry in the trees, hiding in the leaves to hide their appearance to make sure not to be spotted by Harry's night vision.

Harry kept following the trail until he began to hear a motor and looks ahead, seeing a blue car heading right for them. And following the car was a legion of spiders. Harry gulped, knowing he couldn't deal with them. However, before he could act, he felt something wrapped around his leg and pull him into the trees.

Harry groaned and blink his eyes until he sees that he was in a bed. He began to get up but felt a semi-headache. He began to lean up and that is when he sees he was in a treehouse for some reason.

"I see you are awake." A female hiss said from the doorway. Harry looked before gasping in surprise.

At the door, he sees a beautiful young woman. She had long straight red dyed hair that reached to her back. She had tanned skin that looked very soft from the look of it, like it was sacred. She had red lips and her eyes were beautiful ruby red. She had a grass-like clothes, leaves were covering her breasts and the sides of her stomach and had leaves that had sleeves on her arms, yet not connected to no shirt. Her lower half of her body was that of a snake, she had scarlet red color scales that were glittering from the light in the room. The girl was smiling. Harry could tell that she was a lamia, and a beautiful one at that.

"How was your sleep?" The lamia woman asked.

"Were… you the one who grabbed me by the leg and pulled me into the trees?" Harry asked.

The woman nodded and smiled "You look very handsome to have such a wonderful boy like yourself being attacked by those nasty spiders of Aragog's."

Harry nodded and thanked for the compliment "So, who are you?"

"My name is Nysiax, young one." The lamia woman said with a smile and went over to Harry to check on him.

"My name is Harry Dracula." Harry told Nysiax as he saw her examine him "Can I call you Nyx for short?"

Nyx giggled before replying "Sure, as long as I get to call you Harry."

Harry nodded "Am I good?"

Nyx examined a bit more before nodding "Well, you are good. But do you have to go now?"

Harry smiled and shook his head "No, since it is the weekend but there will be suspicion if I do not return soon so I have time to talk."

Nyx smiled before Harry got up and went to a window and looked out. He could get a clear view of Hogwarts "This is a nice view here." Harry complimented to Nyx "You look out here every day?"

Nyx slithered over to Harry and was right next to him "I love the view." She looked at him and smiled playfully "And I like you."

Harry grinned "Really now? And why is that?"

"Well…" Nyx said before blushing in embarrassment and looked away "You just look so… handsome. I always thought vampires gave us monsters a bad name."

Harry frowned "Well, that is said for most vampires outside Transylvania but I'm not most vampires."

Nyx giggled "I can see that." She began to feel Harry's muscles with her hands "So strong…"

Harry grinned at her "Are you already falling for me?"

Nyx looked away and blushed in embarrassment "S-sorry, I couldn't help myself. I have never seen a 12 year old so strong and powerful, even for a vampire."

"Well, I train myself both physically, mentally, and magically to my limits and hope to surpass my limits." Harry replied to Nyx. He looked at her "Well, I need to get going soon. But perhaps I can take you to my home."

Nyx looked down "Hogwarts won't accept a race like me."

"Perhaps." Harry said before looking at Gryffindor Tower "But who said that I was going to take to offer you refuge at Hogwarts?"

Nyx looked at Harry with confusion "What?"

Harry grinned "I have a portal at Gryffindor Tower that will teleport me to Hotel Transylvania. No one knows about it besides me and Winnie." He looked at Nyx "I can offer you refuge at the hotel."

Nyx began to think about it before nodding "Will they accept me?"

Harry smiled "Of course. Monsters go to this hotel so you will be welcomed."

Nyx nodded "Fine, I will go."

Harry used his vampiric powers to shrink Nyx to the size of an rat. Harry put her into his hands and transformed into his bat form and began to fly to the Gryffindor Tower.

Harry arrived and see everyone asleep, everyone but him. He landed on the floor and turned into his human form and walked over to his mirror.

"Activate." Harry said in Parselmouth and the mirror shimmered a bit. Harry walked towards the mirror and went through it. Moments later, they were in his room. Mavis came into the room moments later and sees Harry put Nyx down and resized her back to normal. She had a long tail, that was for certain.

"Harry; who is she?" Mavis asked.

"Her name is Nysiax, mom." Harry said with a smile "I wish for her to stay here since she has nowhere else to go."

Mavis nods "Alright honey."

Harry looks at Nyx "See you after the school year, Nyx."

Nyx smiled "You too, Harry."

Harry turned, went through the mirror, and deactivated it with parselmouth and to bed.

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