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He screwed up. Like, literally screwed up.

Sighing, he leaned on the railings and watched as lights passed by his eyes. The city at night is very beautiful, and sure, he loved it. Especially on nights where he could just stay after working hours are done on his favorite restaurant's rooftop.

The cinnamon-mint scent calmed him somewhat. He didn't want to even glance at his phone, because that was what started it all.

Ran: Shinichiiii!

Shinichi: Ran? Is that really you? Mouri Ran, child of the Sleeping Kogoro?

Ran: Who else? It's your favorite childhood friend in Japan! And stop with that Sleeping Kogoro!

Shinichi: ...

Ran: Oh come on, don't be like that… Oh, your mother told me that you're in America. I thought you wanted to come back to Japan once your college studies are over…

Shinichi: I promised no such thing.

Ran: You might as well did.


Ran: Umm, so Shinichi… Are you busy this month?

Shinichi: Not really. Why?

Ran: Umm, so my graduation is up in a few weeks, the 14th of next month, actually, and… Well, I wanted to know if you'd want to come. We can go and hang out after, if you'd like…

Shinichi: Well, I don't exactly object, so… Why not?

Ran: Really?! Thanks! How about I pick you up in the airport.

Shinichi: No need. I can still speak Japanese fluently, you know.

Ran: Haha, right…

Shinichi: Plus, I'll be coming with a friend of mine.

Ran: I see. Take care!

"Silver Bullet," someone called, and he turned, closing his phone so the owner of the voice didn't read what Ran had texted him. It was no use either way, though, because once upon a time, the other's Alpha signals had made him submit, just because she was curious as of to whom he was texting.

He hated his dynamic because those signals just as easily made him submit, even though he'd been trained to keep up a poker face and mask his scent by the same woman who read all his texts.

"Vermouth," he acknowledged, a hand on his hips where a gun was concealed. The woman gave him a haughty smirk.

"Come with me," she said, gesturing him to follow, and he complied. "You do know that boss went to Japan, right?" she asked, putting on her lipstick. Silver Bullet narrowed his eyes, disliking the lavender scent with a hint of blood in it which wafted into his nose.

"Yeah. So?"

"He has a mission for you," she said, closing her compact disk and looking straight into his azure eyes, darkened background and the light hitting the irises made it even more pronounced, seeming as if they were glowing.

The cars outside whizzed past, going far past the speed limit. The police was chasing said car. Little children speculated on what was happening, saying 'Cool!' and 'Awesome!' without knowing the real danger of speeding. Vermouth calmly lit up her cigarette, not waiting for a nod or a 'yes' from him because she knew that he wouldn't disobey the boss' orders…

Or will he?

Omegas are unpredictable, after all.

"Shinichi!" Ran called, waving her hand with a toga in hand. "Ran," he said with a charming smile, making the girls around him swoon visibly. "Congratulations on graduating college."

Ran giggled. "I'm not nearly as good as you, Sherlock. I was still in high school—or was it middle school?—when I first heard of your name again. You made international news by solving that ten-years-long case easily!"

"Yeah, well. Let's not talk about that, shall we?" Or we might get into the illegal ways I used to get it solved. He sighed. 'If only the police would stop going too much into legal-illegal things, then cases like those surely would be far… easier to handle.'

"Ah, I know of this really good restaurant, if you want?"

Shinichi shook his head. "I already booked a place for us. Let's go."

There was silence. After a very long talk over dinner with Ran-mostly catching up in the years they didn't see each other—the silence came as if inevitable. Ran still had that smile on her glowing face.

"Shinichi," she said finally, breaking the ice.

"Hmm?" he asked, still basking in the quiet calm. Cinnamon scent wafted into his nose, and he loved it. It was one of those restaurants his dad's friends had, and the main ingredient for most of the menus are cinnamon.

"Have you found a mate yet?" she asked, making his eyes widen just a friction.

"Nah. Never thought about getting one myself," he said nonchalantly.

"But you're an Omega," she said, frowning.

"That I am," he said with a smile.

"Th-then what about your heats?! Don't tell me you go prowling out at night to grab random Alphas off the street? That's dangerous!" she asked, whispering. Shinichi shrugged, looking away.

"I've got suppressants." And yes, I do go out prowling at night, although not for reasons you've speculated yourself, he added in his head. The gasp Ran let out made him arch his eyebrow.

"Don't you know that using suppressants aren't good for the body?!"

He shrugged. "I don't know. I've never had a heat before." It's too inconvenient when I have a mission… he added in his head. Ran narrowed her eyes in unveiled displeasure.

"Once you find your true mate, your heat will come with vengeance, you know. Suppressant-induced or no," she said matter-of-factly. "Medical school's taught me that suppressants should never be recommended. The side-effects are… unpleasant."

He knew by her tone that 'unpleasant' was an extreme understatement. But he couldn't care less. If he has a mission, a heat would just be in his way.

His eyes strayed from Ran's piercing, pointed eyes and was met with a weird doodle on the TV.

"Tomorrow will be KID's newest heist in The Gems Museum, as the Silver Star had just been shipped only recently, one week ago, when he'd sent the heist notice…"

"KID?" Shinichi asked, looking at Ran. She blinked and followed her childhood friend's gaze and smiled.

"Yeah. You know that international thief Kaitou KID? Seems like he's been in Japan for quite some time," she said with a fond undertone to her voice. Shinichi let out a hum of understanding, his eyes fixed to a picture of Kaitou KID.

A little bit pixelized, but he guessed that it's because it was taken from a phone.

"Boss wants you to go and help that incompetent Snake kill Kaitou KID. He's in Japan, seems like. Ah, and while you're at it, go and find Shiho, will you? That traitor's been going under the radar for quite some time too," Vermouth said coolly, watching as understanding filled those clear azure eyes she'd seen in his mother's eyes.

"Alright," he nodded quietly. The woman smiled, happy that her underling, godson, and trained pupil would say that with such honesty and naivety unparalleled to anyone his age. It made her regret training him with such methods, but it was necessary.

If she didn't do that, Silver Bullet might as well be dead by the time he reached 23.

"Shinichi!" Ran said, calling for his attention. He blinked at her and saw that they were already in front of Poirot, in front of the stairs leading up to her home. Shinichi smiled sheepishly. "Sorry, I was a bit distracted there…"

"Mou…" she huffed, hands on her hips and a pout gracing her features, before they were replaced with a sincere smile. The Beta kissed his cheek and said, "Good night… Careful on your way home, and thank you."

Shinichi nodded and watched as she ascended the stairs and closed the door, before going his way to his house.

The rooftop was cold and breezy. Below, it was loud, far too loud for his liking. He didn't see Snake anywhere from up there.

"No wonder he never succeeds… He doesn't even attend the heist," he mumbled to himself.

"WE SHALL CAPTURE YOU TONIGHT, KAITOU KID!" someone's voice boomed, and even though he knew that he was on the roof, the voice from three levels below sounded clear. He winced before shuddering. "Such a fiery policeman…" he commented.

A clack made him alert and he got up, a hand on his hips, close enough to pull out his gun if needed in a moment's notice. The first thing which reached him was a strong, intoxicating cinnamon scent, mixed with a mild minty smell, and his breath hitched when a blur of white landed gracefully on the rooftop, quietly and calmly, as if not minding his presence at all.

"Why, good evening," he said, voice smooth like velvet and he found himself fighting to regain his composure.

"Hello there, Mr. Thief," Shinichi replied lightly, trying to discern some sort of features on the thief's shadowed face.

"Are you with the police?" he asked, taking out the Silver Star, which glinted beautifully under the moonlight and examined it. "Or are you with Snake?"

Shinichi's eyes widened at the questions. Sure, he's in the Black Organization, but he was also a detective—an international one at that—so he could say the he's both. "What does that matter to you?" he asked with a confident undertone.

KID turned towards him fully with a smile. "Only police and criminals wield guns," he stated. "And criminals who're out for my head are the people with Snake and Merlot."

"Hmm," Shinichi replied, fingers curling on the gun handle. "Well, you can say that I'm… both," even though I don't want to be put in the same boat as Snake, he added in his head. KID chuckled, sending pleasant shivers down his spine.

There was a voice in the back of his mind, but he couldn't exactly hear what it was saying. As the thief walked closer, the cinnamon-and-mint scent made his knees feel somewhat weak, and his breath hitched and his heart beat faster and faster…

And faster, until he knew that it could—and it would—jump out of his chest. Right in front of him, KID kneeled and took one of the detective's hands and kissed it, making his heart flutter like never before.

'What's happening to me…? No, you're distracting thoughts! Shoo, shoo!' he frowned, getting more and more of his annoying internal, mental banter. One gloved hand brushed one of his scent glands on his wrist and he fought even harder to keep upright.

The magician took notice of this reaction, and finally, azure eyes met indigo ones, and Shinichi was drawn to the dilated pupils, radiating want and need, and he drowned in it.

Ran's words came true. The suppressants were very ineffective when facing true mates, and he'd received the blunt force of going into a few years' worth of heat. He couldn't help but want, want, want. With KID's member lodged deep inside him, waiting for the knot to subside, he could finally feel the toll of heat and, with half-lidded eyes, his fingers interlaced with KID's, sending a satisfied feeling in his heart.

"Hey, KID," he said, voice hoarse from the extensive period of time where he'd been moaning and screaming and… well, making sounds. The man whose chest warmed his back only hummed, and he could feel the vibrations on his spine.

"Could you please take these blindfolds off?" he asked.

"Can't risk letting you know my identity before you even made your suspicions, now can I? Meitantei-kun," he said, his endearment was whispered into his ears. Soft, silky, and dark, as if promising more in his tone than anything else.

Shinichi felt a twang of sadness, a voice in his head protesting.

'He doesn't trust me…?'

'You idiot, of course he doesn't trust you! We only met, like, a few days more than one week before! We even spent my heat in a freaking hotel!'

'But it's sad… To be unable to know your mate's identity… What if something happened?'

'Doesn't matter. We'll need to kill him, according to—'

'I don't want to kill him.'


'But Vermouth's… no, boss' orders…?'

'We can disobey them, now can we?'

'We'll die.'

'Most certainly.'

Reaching a mutual agreement with his internal self and accepting the possibility of death, he smiled. He felt fingers carding through his hair and purred, a breath on his head making him relax. He could feel KID's knot getting smaller and smaller, and finally, he was able to pull out.

"That was the longest heat I'd ever known," the thief said breathily.

"I know," he said, snuggling into KID's body. "My friend warned me… about taking suppressants," he said, feeling the need to tell the Alpha everything. But he didn't do that. He knew enough to keep his tongue on a leash… to a certain extent, that is.

He felt a finger circling the nub of his nipple, making him shudder, but he was too tired for another round, so they didn't have it. KID only replied with a hum.

He turned his head, knowing that he was now facing the magician, and felt his lips brush against the other man's ever so slightly, and he jerked away in embarrassment. But KID wasn't having any of that. He pressed his lips on the detective's gently, tenderly, fully aware of how bruised and abused said lips were from his attacks.

A purr of contentment escaped the detective and KID felt this huge satisfaction in his heart blossom, and he then kissed the scent gland on his neck, inhaling deeply the sweet scent which the detective emitted. "Can I," Shinichi said, exhaling as KID lapped on the bruise on his neck which he made a few hours ago, "at the very least know your name?"

KID considered this for a moment, weighing the pros and cons before saying, "Kaito."

"Kaito…" Shinichi said with a certain content feeling. Just as he was drifting in and out of consciousness, he finally realized that he hadn't told him his name yet. "I'm Shinichi."

A chuckle made him relax further, and he rested his head in the crook of the thief's neck, inhaling deeply the cinnamon-mint scent. "Shinichi… International Detective, Kudou Shinichi," he said as unconsciousness grabbed him.

"Nice to meet you, Shinichi," he said and that was the last thing Shinichi heard before he fell into a deep slumber.

Waking up in the afternoon, he couldn't find Kaito. The only thing that was left which had indicated the thief's previous presence was a note, saying;

Good morning, Meitantei-kun. I've paid for all of the hotel expenses and I've ordered food to be brought to the room. I'm sorry but I needed to go before you woke up. When you know of my identity for sure, contact me.

You're with the police, so you're sure to know how to get my contacts.

(KID doodle)

A pang of disappointment hit him, hard, but he pushed those feelings away. If he wanted his true mate to come and get him, then so be it. Deducing who the magician's civilian identity should be… fairly easy, had he known better.

He cursed. Kaito was such a mainstream name, and there should be hundreds, if not thousands in Japan alone. Plus, there was news, from a few… no, far years before that Kaitou KID was first seen in France… or something.

There's no guarantee that the thief's files, complete with birth certificates and such, to be in only Japan.

Plus, there's no guarantee that it was his real name, now, is there?

Ran's first sort-of-client was Shinichi, who'd had some problems with his stomach.

One morning, Ran dropped by, a sudden visit to deliver some breakfast to Shinichi, saying that she knew how he was when he was home alone; unable to cook for himself and refusing sleep in favor of books and cases and taking it upon herself to take good care of him.

Shinichi only drank warm milk and some bread, coated in honey and sugar. When before, coffee usually made his mornings, now the sight of them made his stomach twist, forcing him to the bathroom.

"Are you having a stomach flu?" Ran asked after a few days of the same reaction to coffee and tea. Shinichi shrugged.

"I don't know…"

Ran's eyes narrowed. "Have you found your true mate yet?" she asked nonchalantly. Shinichi went rigid. "I…" he started, but then, he ran to the bathroom again.

And so, Ran dragged him to the hospital and asked for a doctor to check on him.

"Please wait a while," the receptionist said, a business smile stretched charmingly on her face, handing them a piece of paper with a name and number on it.

"This guy," Ran whispered to him excitedly, "is the one I'm helping with, so I recommend you to go to him."

"Huh…" he said skeptically. Ran huffed before asking again, "So, have you found a mate yet?"

"Well, what do you think?" he said warily.

"I think you have… Judging by that love bite," she said with a teasing smile. Shinichi's hand instantly went up to cover the said love bite before he frowned at the giggling Ran. Shinichi's face felt hot, but he didn't mind.

Because a few moments later, his name was called, and they went to the doctor's office.

"Kudou Shinichi. What's the problem?"

Ran's boss—or senior. He didn't know—was a wizened man, with grey hair streaking his brown, short hair. His eyes had crinkles which was formed by the amount of times he'd smiled. Which was a lot, judging by the depths of them. His eyes were grey-green and his skin quite tan for a doctor.

Shinichi told him his predicament and the doctor hummed, deep in thought. His eyes then landed on Ran. With a testing smile, he asked, "What do you think, Ran-kun?"

"Well, I thought it was a stomach flu, but then it went on for many days, so maybe… morning sickness?" she tried.

"Your explanation base?"

"Love bite," she said curtly. The man nodded and said, "True. He's been suffering morning sickness."

Shinichi who'd never learned much about things like morning sickness, only looked at them, trying to comprehend his situation. Both doctor's eyes landed on him, and he felt tiny under their gazes.

"Which means, Shinichi," Ran started with a glowing smile.

"It looks like you're pregnant," they both said happily, as if it were good news. But his stomach dropped.

The child of the thief he was supposed to kill, who hasn't been killed yet. The child of the detective-criminal, whom if he disobeyed the orders to kill… or take too long in killing the thief, could end up dead. And his death meant the death of his unborn.

His Omega instincts kicked in; he does not approve of murdering his own children and the father of his said children. And to do that, it seems, that he has to find said father. And fast.


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