All The Things She Said - t. A. T. u.

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"I know that one," Naria said with a frown. Hakuba just looked at her. "I know the man who murdered 99 people and then dying, and I know about the ones about Baskerville, the Sherlock Holmes book, and I know many, many other things too!"

Hakuba sat there, trying to decipher what Naria had been talking about—he wasn't all that good with baby babbles, but it seemed Shinichi was a natural at it. A few moments after deciphering part of what she said, he got the gist of it.

"How about the mermaid princess? The one who fell in love with a prince…" he decided against the ending in which the writers decided would be the best end for her, "and marry that prince and live as a human until the end?"

"It's all wrong!" Naria protested. "The mermaid didn't have a happy ending, she burst into bubbles… Like bubbly-bubbles," she said, demonstrating bubbles popping with her hands. A moment later, Hakuba sighed.

"And you can't sleep without a bedtime story…" he sighed. Naria just nodded at him. He sighed again. "How about we both go and watch the news? I bet Kaitou KID's all over it right now," he grumbled the last part, picking up the nearly two-year-old into his arms and carrying her to where the TV was.

When he turned it on, his eyes widened at the sight of massacre on the screen, immediately covering the innocent girl's eyes.

Tonight, at the Kaitou KID heist, there has been a report of a massacre due to a confirmed Omegan Madness, a symptom that only appears once in a blue moon. The last time it was recorded was a few years ago, at a bar, where an Omega woman went berserk due to her mate's injury.

No one knows what instigated the reaction this time, but let us all keep our eyes peeled for any Omegas who might have Omegan Madness.

On another note, it seemed that not only the International Detective, Kudou Shinichi, is an Omega, but it seems like the one who created this time's massacre is he himself! A witness is here to give you all a report, let's hear it, Ms. Kise.

"Thank you, sir. As he said, I am a witness on that boat myself. When my mate and I were looking at the beautiful displays, the lights turned off, and there KID was, in his hand the jewel from Croatia. We were all, of course, enthralled by his appearance. I myself am a KID fan…

"Back to the topic, there KID was, in his hand, the jewel, when we heard the most… sorrowful scream ever… It sounded as if there was a wounded beat on the deck. The police went over to check the sound, and when we did get there, Kudou-san's hands were all bloody, and in front of us—" she shivered, "—In front of us… was someone, dead, wounded quite gravely… It was a gory sight which might haunt us for our lives.

"I was terrified when he looked at us, a gathered crowd of guests who wanted to know what that scream was about, and then he just… he just started swinging his arms around as if they were weapons, and they did actually kill… I'm not going into details, but here's what I saw, in the video…"

A video of a sloppy, yet efficient mass murder ensued, and sure enough, the International Detective stood there—not just his hands, but his whole body—was covered in blood. He looked as if he'd gone through a bloodbath, which he might as well have. And the look in his eyes… it was terrifying.

It sent shivers down his back when those beautiful azure eyes found it's target, another random person in the crowd. He looked feral, his eyes glassy, and he was swaying a little bit. Then, suddenly someone shouted "Kaitou KID!" in awe.

And then, there he was, in his white suit glory. "Shinichi!" he said, stilling the Omega's crazed movements, which surprised even Hakuba. There was a distant, pained sound, hushed as if he was whispering, and it faintly sounded like 'Kai'.

He gripped the thief's arms, blood contrasting to the crisp white of KID's usual suit, and KID rested his hand onto the Omega's cheek, making Hakuba narrow his eyes at such familiarity. But he'd always suspected that Kaitou KID was Kuroba Kaito, so no surprises there.

And they just stood there, the camera too far to be catching any sounds other than the waves crashing around them—until he suddenly got to his knees, screaming. The camera was swaying by then, as if the holder was about to faint.

"That time, we all felt an overwhelming dose of an Alpha's calming signals," Ms. Kise explained later.

The last thing the English Detective could see was blood, on Kaito's chest—his own blood… and the magician himself falling sideways to the ground. Shinichi visibly swayed, and then tried to wake him up… to no avail.

An anguished cry followed, and then the video stopped.

"Holy…" Hakuba said in surprise and shock. 'Did Kaito just… die? Just like that…?' He couldn't believe that.

and now the International Detective is missing. The following explosion that occurred near the place the International Detective's blood trail leads to police suspecting that he might have either set up an explosion, or had had a bombing-suicide, but we still don't know until the investigation goes further. On to the next news, we have...

"Shinichi's…. dead...?!" Hakuba muttered.

"Mama?" Naria's voice reminded him of her presence on his lap, her eyes wide and teary. "Dead?"

It was with a startling clarity that he'd understood what Naria said, and also his mind whirring ideas, flashing worst-case scenarios and best-case scenarios, constantly putting pressure into his head until he couldn't think much anymore.

"He… he can't be dead… He's a strong man—a mother even!" Hakuba protested weakly to no one in particular. "No, no, no, I have to investigate…" Where did he go?

Akai got out of the abandoned building he used as his shooting point. His lips curled at the memory of that second bullet, which caught the magician in the chest. He had had a shot to immobilize the deranged-looking Omega, but the cry of anguish that followed wasn't worth his spot-on shot.

Even though so, it wasn't anything compared to the cry of despair that he could hear from where he was, despite the wind howling in his ear, when he saw the red start to stain the magician's white suit.

He knew right then and there that there was someone else in the building with him, and he had gone on to investigate it. It was another wanted criminal that mainly targeted Kaitou KID, he knew that much from his memorizing criminal's faces and locations and some crucial details about said criminals.

They had one hell of a fight afterwards with him ending up nearly killing the criminal, which was why he told Jodie, who was guarding the entrance with Agent Camel, to get the criminal to the hospital immediately.

When he got into the car to get away from the place, he noticed something amiss and quickly avoided the explosion that ensued... which caused him to arrive at the place where a saner-looking Shinichi was looking feral and bloody and wet-and he knew that he was looking for him because he thought that it was him whom had shot KID.

He ducked right then and there and continued to do so until there was no more sounds before checking his surroundings and escaping the place. He had a bad feeling about it, and he needed help if he were to proceed-his instincts told him so.

Shinichi woke up to the cold air hitting his face. Cracking an eye open, he evaluated his situation first before discreetly testing his limbs. His head hurt as if someone had hit him on the back of his head, and his whole body was tied up. He noticed that his clothes were wet and that he could distinctly feel a trickle of warmth flowing down the back of his head.

The sun was just peeking over the horizon, which explained why it was so breezy and cold. A shiver wracked through his entire body as he was unable to contain it due to his weakened state.

"Awake now, Silver Bullet?" a familiar voice said with a hint of maliciousness in her tone. Then, everything came rushing back to him, the hypnotism, the pain of losing his sanity, the pain of seeing blood, staining the crisp white suit of…

Of Kaito…

He wanted to retch, and cry, and scream at the memory. It was a direct hit into his chest! And by the looks of it, the bullet used was the one snipers used for optimal speed and power and distance coverage. He knew one person that could've done that; Akai Shuuichi.

The only one whom had given him looks of suspicion, the only one who could shoot with perfect accuracy in such a dim setting-or any setting at all, actually. Oh, he will pay for murdering his mate…

He didn't realize that he was growling maliciously until a high-heeled boot connected onto his cheek, making pain blossom at the injured cheekbone. "What's that growl for, Meitantei-kun?" Vermouth mocked, a dangerous grin splitting her face. She then pulled his head up by his hair until he looked up at her from his sitting position.

"Listen here, Silver Bullet-kun, I will assign you to a mission, only if you've been…. trained," she said evilly. Shinichi looked at her in a confused manner, his mind still too muddled up to make head or tail of what she truly meant. The female Alpha just chuckled at his look and released her grip on his hair, making him slump back to where he was before.

"Oh, I know of a special trainer that lives in America," she said thoughtfully. "Or maybe I should send you to the other one in UK?" She then grinned, "Either way, you won't be coming back here soon… besides, you wouldn't want to hurt your little daughter, now would you?"

Shinichi's eyes widened in shock. He couldn't believe that she was heartless enough for such an underhanded blackmail… and worse yet, he knew that she could and would do everything that she threatened to do-he'd seen her do that a lot before he was assigned to killing Kaito…

'Who is now dead because of my reputation and my actions…' he thought sorrowfully. His eyes noticeably dimmed and dulled as he thought of it. Of him. Of his unmoving body. Of his pooling blood. Of his once warm body slowly getting cold…

He didn't protest when Vermouth yanked him upright before she pushed him into a wooden cargo box, her evil smile present as she regarded the shivering, cold, bruised, and injured detective. And in her opinion, it was just about to get better…

The box was sealed and Shinichi was in darkness.

Chikage sat on the hospital bench, her fingers laced underneath her chin, her elbows on her knees. She worried her lips as she awaited news of the surgery, in which the doctors were trying their hardest to accomplish.

They were lucky that the bullet was slowed down by the jewel in the magician's breast pocket, which damaged the jewel in the process, before embedding itself into his rib. They were lucky. So, very, lucky.

It looked as if Kaito had died there, seeing his pale complexion and his chest almost unmoving.

Chikage was snapped out of her thoughts when the doctor in charge opened the OR door in his green standard outfit and turned to her.

"How is he?" she asked, standing up immediately.

"He'll heal," the doctor said, earning a sigh of relief from the worried mother. "The injury will probably scar, and it would be months until he's fully recovered, but he'll live."

"Thank you," she sighed with a relieved smile on her tired face.

"Now, Mrs. Kuroba, you look awfully tired. Go get some rest, will you? Your son's going to be just fine."

Chikage shook her head. "I need to see my son first, or else my maternal instincts would make it hard for me to go to sleep."

"Very well," the doctor conceded. "I'll place him in one of the ensuite rooms where visitors are allowed to stay if they so wish. Consider it as a favor getting repaid," he winked. Chikage only chuckled at that. She knew of Kaito's heist where he ended up saving a bunch of kidnapped children, and one of the children was the doctor's.

As she'd said she would, she stayed the night in Kaito's room, waking up every single hour at the sound of him twitching a little in his sleep. She didn't get much rest that night, but it was better than the past few nights she'd been worrying about her son in the OR and not getting any sleep at all.

The next morning, she was woken by the sound of the hospital door opening. By the scent of the new arrival, it was a Beta, and was harmless. "Kuroba-san?!" the newly-arrived Beta said in shock.

"Excuse me, but who might you be?" Chikage asked, getting out of her hiding spot, moving to stand between her son and the potentially dangerous although looking fairly harmless Beta.

"Mouri Ran, a doctor trainee and a friend of Kudou Shinichi's," she said, still in shock.

"You're a friend of his mate's?" she asked the younger girl, eyes narrowed in suspicion. Who knows? She might as well be some impostor.

"I was the one who helped him through his pregnancy, and I know for a fact that Kuroba Kaito is Kaitou KID," she huffed.

"You what?!"

Suddenly, there was a pained groan that came from Kaito's bed. "Mom, don't shout," he groaned, his eyes screwed shut. Both women let out a breath of relief. When kaito did open his eyes, he disregarded the two women completely, searching for something-or someone-before finally focusing back on them. "Where's Shinichi?" he asked, dread colouring his tone.

The two women looked at each other. Chikage shrugged helplessly, not knowing the answer to his question, making Ran sigh.

"I really don't want to tell you this, but he's missing," she said. "Has been missing since the cruise ship incident. Disappeared. Poof. No one knows where he went."

"He wasn't in the ship either, and you were out cold for almost eight hours," Chikage said seriously. "Had I not called Jii-san, you might not have survived due to bullet poisoning."

"Wait, so you mean… Shinichi's disappeared?" Kaito's eyes narrowed in barely suppressed anger. The guilty look Ran sported and Chikage's raised eyebrow was all the confirmation the Alpha magician needed to struggle to get out of the hospital bed.

"What do you think you're doing?!" Ran said, alarmed, as he tried to get some of the monitoring machinery off of him sluggishly. "You're not recovered enough to be moving!"

"The girl's right," the doctor said, opening the door which led to the room. "In your current state, you could probably only walk for only three steps before you collapse."

"But… my-"

"There is a time and place for everything, you don't need to worry. Besides, the police are hard at work on finding him. There are rumors that the FBI are gonna get involved so the chances of finding him will get higher."

"Exactly, and I heard the England Detective, Hakuba Saguru, is giving the investigation a hand or two," Ran said with a hopeful smile. "I'm sure they find him real quick… He was badly injured, after all…"

Somehow, Kaito wasn't reassured by that. needed to know that they haven't found him yet. He couldn't help the growl that slipped past his lips, and his Alpha was only calmed by the appearance of a sniffling Naria, who was carried to him by Aoko.

She, of course, didn't know his identity as Kaitou KID, but hearing that he was in the hospital and the fact that the police hadn't found Shinichi yet had her thinking that Naria might calm him, which she did, as she needed his comfort right now, but his righteous anger couldn't be pushed away completely.

They needed Shinichi and no one knew where he was.


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