So, its been a while since I've actually wrote or read ANY fanfiction. More specifically, over a year. When I returned, I looked at my biggest story, 'The Blacklight Hunter', and cringed hard. I was a fairly weak writer then, none of my writing carried emotion, planning or any substance. So I took my largest work and made it into something new. A new and improved [Prototype] and RWBY crossover.

Well, I won't take up much more time. I'll just say, I'm glad to be back, and I hope you enjoy the first chapter of the new and improved 'The Blacklight Hunter'!

The Blacklight Hunter

The police sirens, the gunshots, the screams, the shouting, the low thrums that came from the dark, dingy nightclubs. These were the common sounds of the night within the slums of Vale. The not-so-pretty place, the area where Hunters and Huntresses ignore, unwilling to stain their hands with the filth of the slums, officially referred to as the Dark Sector. This was where all the scum and filth of society stayed, but also the less fortunate.

In a lone alleyway, lit only by a dim red light, slumped a figure of a young teenager. A lone, mysterious young boy. Did he have an identity? Not one that he could remember. He was breathing softly, his eyes closed, but with a strained look on his face.

In his mind, he was witnessing something. A dream? It felt too real for that. A memory? Possibly, but if he couldn't remember his own name, how could he remember this? He saw flashes of something. He was walking a lake, there was a young woman, white hair, blue eyes. She was smiling, giggling. The next part, they kissed, and the next, she was reaching out to him, crying and saying something.

His eyes opened slowly, a quiet, drawn out groan filling the alleyway. He was tired, no matter how much sleep he got, he was tired. And it didn't help that he was being tormented by this dream. What was wrong with him? He couldn't remember his name, he was getting glimpses of some mystery woman, and what was he to do?

He bent his right leg, placing the sole of a torn, oil and grime covered, and light brown boot on the ground. He hadn't ate for days, but didn't have the currency to gain sustenance. He felt weak, and he had no way to rectify this. He pushed himself up, his left foot slowly accompanying his right as he ground his back up the wall in a struggle for an upright stance.

He eventually got up, and gently pushed himself off the wall. He took one step after another, one step at a time, that's all he was willing, and could manage. Long strides were painful. His head throbbed, and his eyes were strained. Everything seemed farther than it actually was.

He heard a shriek of fear, and he saw ripples in the air. He looked in the direction the ripples came from. Should he walk in that direction? He stumbled in the direction of the ripples. He kicked over a stack of cardboard boxes and tripped up, falling over. He reached out and caught a blue pipe, the freezing feeling making his hand recoil.

He stood up as straight as he could go, before walking forwards again. He had managed to upgrade from a stumble to using his right foot to walk, and ended up limping with his left. He reached the general area of the source of the soundwaves, and with a deep breathe turned the corner.

A pair of men had a woman pinned the wall with a gun to her head. The woman had torn clothing, amber eyes and a pair of cat ears atop her head. They were grinning and feeling the places they shouldn't be. Right up until the woman saw the boy. "Please! Help me!" She screamed at him, the loud plea triggering something inside the boy.

The boy's brown strands of hair fell over his light blue eyes as the two men picked up on his presence. "Oh? What's this then? Some little kiddie wants a piece of the action?" One of the men grinned. He walked over to him slowly. "I'll tell you what son, you give me and my little pal over there some alone time with her, we may let you have her after we put a bullet in her. She may still be wa-ACK!" His sentence was almost done as he reached the boy, but it was never finished.

The boy's hand was around his throat, clenching the soft flesh with no mercy, slowly crushing his windpipe with a strength that shouldn't even be possible for a Hunter or Huntress, nevermind this broken and bloody teenager. The boy glared into the man's eyes, his once light blue eyes a dark crimson. "Shut the fuck up." The boy growled, before crushing the man's windpipe in one swift movement. But something happened that not even the boy expected.

Everyone watched the boy's victim slowly contort and twist and break apart. But it took a while to see WHAT was breaking him apart. Small, black tendrils came from the boy's back, ripping apart and twisting the man's corpse before devouring it. The man's partner and their victim watched in horror at the gruesome and monstrous sight.

But the boy, he was revitalised. He felt strength coming into his tired and broken body. He felt suddenly more aware of his situation, not even a single detail of the immediate area around him missing his senses. He could smell the perfume and sweat coming from the man and woman, he could see the eyeliner dripping from the woman's eyes in the dark, he could hear the short, ragged and terrified breaths of the man. Then, there was a blinding flash.

He was seeing something, something slightly blurred. He saw the woman on the street corner, selling herself to try and make a living. "Look at that Will!" He said, grinning. "Best pair of tits I've seen in the Dark Sector. And she's askin' for it!" He looked at his partner.

"Yeah Aedan. I'm sure no one will miss this skank." His partner, Will said. Then the boy's vision flashed to his current situation. Did he? Did he just take that man's memories? How? Regardless, he needed to help that woman.

He started to take powerful strides towards the man named 'Will'. "S-stay back!" Will yelped in fear, unloading the rounds of his handgun into the boy. The boy took a few steps back, staggered by the pistol's stopping power. Then the boy looked up at the man, his irises glowing crimson before he lunged before Will could reload. He grabbed the man by the shirt and lifted him up, his back grinding against the wall, clattering to the ground before he threw Will to the floor. He then pounced on Will, punching his torso, his fists piercing large holes in his flesh as the man screamed in agony.

The tendrils devoured the man known as 'Will'. He stumbled back against the wall, holding his head as his vision flashed white. He saw the situation from Will's point of view. The partner, 'Aedan', grabbed the woman from behind and dragged her into the alleyway as she kicked and screamed against his hand.

Will put the pistol against the woman's head. "Quiet! We're gonna have so much fun, it'll blow yer mind." He grinned, cackling at his terrible attempt at humour as Aedan ripped at the woman's clothes. He then heard the sound of shoes trampling gravel and concrete as he turned, seeing some kid leaning against the wall.

The boy's vision returned, to see himself in the alleyway again. He looked over, seeing the woman. He walked over slowly to her as she slid down the wall. "Please…don't. I have a daughter, she needs me!" The woman sobbed, begging for her life, not knowing the boy's intentions. The boy kneeled, offering a hand. "Then come on, we need to get you home." He replied, causing the woman's eyes to widen and turn to him slowly, the sobbing stopped. "Y-You're serious? Not going to kill me or have your way?" She asked incredulously.

"Yes, I'm serious. Why?" He asked, raising an eyebrow, his irises returned to their light blue, meeting her amber ones. The woman found them somewhat fascinating. "It's just…no one here helps others out of the goodness of their heart. The Dark Sector has always been like that…" She sighed, her eyes lowering to the floor.

"I gathered as much." He replied. He had quickly surfed through Will and Aedan's memories, and soon became acquainted with the Dark Sector. He was curious about his ability to absorb the memories of others, and found himself impressed with how quickly he processed the information of these memories. Their memories and knowledge became HIS memories and knowledge.

He sighed and stood up. "Come on, we need to get you home." He told her. The woman nodded shakily, before standing up nervously started to walk home. The boy was a pace behind, no more, no less. That way he could react if need be.

The woman turned her head, deciding to make small talk. "So what's your name?" She asked, raising an eyebrow.

"I don't remember." He replied, his eyes settling on her, taking note of how she had her arms wrapped around herself. Consoling herself? Protecting herself? Simply displaying discomfort? He tried to analyse her while they talked.

"Uh…where do you come from?" She asked, scrambling not to create an awkward atmosphere.

"I don't remember." He repeated, his analysation done.

"You're not very good at conversation, are you?" She replied, giggling shakily, despite the scare, that giggle seemed…fake. As she stopped outside an apartment building that was barely holding together.

"No, unfortunately. This the place?" The boy asked the woman, his eyes homing in on her amber ones.

"Yeah…this is the place." She replied as the loud telling boom of thunder filled their ears. The boy nodded as the rain started crashing down on their heads. For some reason, he felt his strength slowly fade from him the longer he stood out in the rain.

He turned and took a step forward, before the woman caught his wrist. "Wait!" She cried, causing him to turn to her and raise an eyebrow. "Yes?" He asked her, curious about what she may need. "Do you…do you want to stay the night? I don't want to be alone…" She told him, her hair plastering to her forehead from the rain. There was a feline scent, like a cat coming in from the rain.

He thought for a second. He was getting weaker with each second standing in the rain. He sighed before nodding. She smiled a bit before leading him inside. They passed an elderly woman who was mopping the floor. "Elizabeth, what did I tell you about bringing your clients here?!" The old woman shrieked. "He's not a client Mrs Murphy!" The woman, now identified as Elizabeth, said sweetly before leading the boy into a nearby elevator.

The cage shrieked shut, the noise amplified within the boy's ears by his superior senses. He groaned a little bit, but said nothing in protest as the elevator struggled up the shaft. Elizabeth led him to a dirty white door and fumbled with the keys. She then opened it and led him inside, closing the door behind her.

{Eight Hours Later}

The boy groaned awake, his body instinctively trying to roll before registering a light weight on his chest. He looked down at whatever was laying on his chest, to find Elizabeth's head of black hair. Her cat ears seemed to twitch cutely at his tired groan. She seemed to be relaxed. He was reluctant to lay there but realised after the trauma of last night, she needed to feel a moment of safety.

He continued to file through Aedan and Will's memories, picking up some details on the Dark Sector. He also picked up some shooting techniques, it seems that Will had been in the military, but was dishonourably discharged. He also learned something called 'parkour' off of Aedan, who appeared to just be a low-class thief. But just as he picked up some useful skills and details, he picked up some memories he didn't want to see.

Eventually, the raven-haired woman on his chest woke up, moaning tiredly as she lifted her head. She looked over at him and smiled happily. "Good morning." She smiled a bit. He nodded in reply, swinging his legs over the couch. He raised an eyebrow, realising he was only in boxer shorts.

He walked through to the bathroom, looking in the mirror. He saw that he was a young man. Maybe somewhere within the late teens. He had medium length brown hair at the top of his head that was swept back, with a line shaved in immediately beside it. The back and sides of his hair were extremely short. He had light blue eyes, a sharp jawline and a straight, small nose. He had a light beard, that hadn't been shaven for a week or two. He had a small wolf fang hanging around his neck on a piece of black string. He had a lean body, with well-defined abs. He had pale skin, as if he hadn't seen the sun for years.

He was tall, around five foot eleven inches. He had a brown leather watch around his right wrist. He walked back through, raising an eyebrow at Elizabeth. "You said you had a daughter, but I don't hear anyone else in the apartment." He commented as he put on a pair of black ripped skinny jeans.

She raised an eyebrow, as if just realising this as she put her bra on. "OH! She's at that damn nightclub again!" She yelled in realisation as she put on her lower half of the underwear.

It was his turn to raise an eyebrow as he fumbled with a grey and white long-sleeved t-shirt. "Nightclub? How old is she?" He asked, turning to Elizabeth. Elizabeth shuffled her feet in embarrassment and replied. "Seventeen…I was fifteen when I had her…" Elizabeth mumbled. Elizabeth was thirty-two? This was news to the boy.

He pulled the t-shirt over his head and fixed it, before rolling up the sleeves. "I should go get her." He said, putting on a pair of brown formal shoes and sighing a bit. "And once she's back, keep her away from clubs. Plenty of predators stalk those areas." Clubs had been Aedan and Will's 'hunting grounds', and through their memories he knew the identities of many more of these men and women.

He walked to the door as Elizabeth put on her jeans and her t-shirt. For a woman that's been through a lot, she still managed to have a stunning smile, even to the boy. When he saw her smile, something triggered in his mind.

White hair…blue eyes…lake…who?

He held his forehead in pain, and Elizabeth frowned in worry. "Something wrong?" She asked. "No, not at all." He replied, before leaving the apartment. He stepped out of the apartment and closed the door behind him. He turned away from the door, the ground creaking under his footsteps. He walked down the hallway towards the stairwell, only to bump into someone. He couldn't see their features, because of a hood. "Sorry pal." The hooded figure said, before walking forwards and around the corner.

He raised an eyebrow, before turning and walking down the stairs, his footsteps getting quieter and quieter as he stepped down them.

Around the corner, the hooded man unfolded a strange device and spoke into it. "Ozpin, this is Mercer. I've found the target. It's him."


The boy strode out into the street and looked around. The street was riddled with puddles, some large, some small. The pavement had gone from the dry dark grey to the light coating of wet black. He decided to file through Aedan and Will's memories, before finding a location. He was hoping that Elizabeth's daughter was there.

He strode down the pavement. From what Aedan's memories told him, the club was open twenty-four seven. This meant that if the daughter did wind up anywhere, he'd have to move fast. Why? Because the bartender shifts would be changing over, and if the bartender changed, he'd lose his potential lead.

He sighed as he turned the corner to find a long line of men and women, all desperate for some form of release and escape from the unending troubles of the Dark Sector. He shook his head and stepped up to the back of the line and waited his turn.

He followed the slow trickle of party-goers as they dripped into the club. As he waited, two women were speaking in front of him. "So, did you hear about the monsters being spotted around here?" One of the women asked.

The woman that initially spoke had blonde, curly hair. She had pale skin and rosy cheeks, and had stunning lilac eyes. She wore a tan leather jacket and a yellow crop top, as well as some leather skirt at her legs and black shorts.

The woman she was speaking to had fiery red hair and green eyes. She had olive-coloured skin and a busty figure, like her friend. Both the women were stunning, and all the men passing by and in the line seemed to ogle them.

"No I haven't, why?" The other woman replied, putting her hands in her purse to see if her ID hadn't been swiped on the way here.

"Everyone thought some Grimm had found their way through the wall at first…but these things are different. They dive out of nowhere and move really fast, and they don't have masks or aura." Replied her partner in a worried tone.

"No masks or aura? But if it didn't have an aura, it would have a mask because it would be Grimm." Replied the purse-carrier, looking up from the purse with an ID card in hand.

"That's what makes it so scary…I wish we weren't forced to stay in the Dark Sector…I bet if this happened anywhere else in Vale the Hunters would be on it immediately." The first woman said, before going through the door, and the purse carrier followed.

The boy was about to follow before a large hand blocked his path. "Gimme yer ID." A large man in a slate-coloured suit told him, leaving no room for manners. The man was bald, but had a very long beard, and was riddled with tattoos.

"I don't have an ID. But I need to get in there. I'm looking for a girl." The boy replied quietly. He looked up at the man, making solid eye contact to convey that he wasn't messing around.

"Yeah? You and half the fuckin' Dark Sector are lookin' for their hole. I'll tell you what, sharpen up that ugly mug o' yours and I'll maybe let you in." The bouncer replied. The boy shook his head, his eyes narrowed. "No time for this." The boy said simply.

The boy then grabbed the man's beard and pulled him down, delivering a sharp headbutt that burst the man's nose open, causing blood to drip and mix with his beard, creating a dark crimson bunch of facial hair.

The boy then, with unnatural strength, flipped the man onto the ground as the bouncer's buddy drew a small handgun. The bouncer fired and the boy ducked, before spinning around and taking the bouncer's legs out from underneath him.

The gun clattered to the floor as the bouncer crawled for it. He felt something stamp on his hand hard, accompanied by the crack of broken bones. "I'm looking for a girl." The boy said simply, picking up the handgun and checking the clip. "And I won't let you get in my way." He finished, before putting a bullet in his victim's head, causing blood to spatter everywhere.

The boy then turned and put a bullet in the bearded bouncer's head, before turning and walking through the doorway. He was met by the sight of two bouncers who immediately ran towards him, handguns raised. "Stay where you are!" One of them yelled, closing in on the boy. The boy gripped the man's shoulder quickly and unleashed four rounds into his chest, then he grabbed the pistol before it hit the ground and stored it in the back of his jeans.

He hadn't forgotten the other bouncer, had run to the other side of the room and unlocked a cabinet. The bouncer grabbed something in the cabinet and spun around. He was holding a submachinegun. The bouncer let out two bursts of fire, and the boy ducked them. He gripped the bouncer's right leg between his own two legs and gripped the gun with his right hand.

The boy then lifted himself up and threw his weight to the side, dragging the bouncer with him to the floor. The boy got up quickly and gripped the bodyguard's face before slamming it into the floor.

The boy heard a set of footsteps come clattering down the corridor. The boy raised the handgun and put two rounds down the corridor, only lowering the gun when he heard a yell of pain and a quiet thud.

The bouncer below him then got a bearing of his surrounding and reached up to grab the boy. The boy out his right knee to the floor and spun on it, swinging his left leg and knocking the arm back down before he held the pistol to the bouncer's forehead and fired, blood and grey matter spattering onto the carpet.

The boy stood up and ducked quickly to grab the machinegun. He then put the handgun in the back of his jeans and checked the clip for the submachine gun. He then shoved the clip back in and pulled the slide before taking off down the hallway. Just before he reached the doorway he switched the firing mode to single shot to conserve ammunition.

Then he burst through the doorway and checked his corners. One bouncer to his right, two to his left and three straight ahead. The bouncer on the right made the first move, and the boy pushed him back with his left hand, before using his right to unleash two rounds into his chest and throat.

The bouncer fell to the ground, gurgling in his own blood. He then turned left and fired a round into the first bouncer's stomach, the force of the bullet causing him to stagger back into his companion. He then switched the firing mode to automatic and let rip on the two, blood spattering everywhere from the hail of gunfire.

The boy then moved forward, and the centre guard made his play. He grabbed the boy's gun in a rather desperate way. The boy responded by driving an elbow into the man's chest, causing his grip to weaken. Then the boy fired a burst into the man's head.

On the last round, the click signified that the magazine was empty. The boy had nothing to reload with, so he dropped the submachine gun and drew one of the pistols. He move forward a little bit more as the next thug came along. The bouncer grabbed the boy's wrist tightly, but the boy showed no exterior reaction. He simply twisted the bouncer's arm back before jabbing the barrel of the pistol into the man's chest. He then put a bullet in the man's head, spraying blood and grey matter on the wall. He then turned into cover, putting his back against one of the columns that dusted the room. He peaked around it to see a foot sticking out, and took action. He pointed the pistol at the foot and fired, causing the last bouncer to stagger out of cover, holding his foot. The boy then shot the bouncer in the chest and kicked him through the next door.

The boy ran forwards, only to come across an empty dancefloor. He raised an eyebrow, lowering the pistol in confusion before a silver blade announced its presence. Right by his throat. "That's enough." A voice said. The boy raised his hands in defeat, still gripping the handgun tightly. "The pistol, throw it." The voice stated simply. The boy complied, throwing the pistol across the room. The pistol clattered onto the dancefloor, lost in the darkness. "And the other one." His captor told the boy.

The boy braced himself quickly before slowly reaching around for the second pistol. He took a quick, yet deep breath before moving as fast as he could. He pushed the blade over his head and ducked under it for good measure and fired a bullet at the attacker's head. The attacker dodged and stepped back, and the boy got a good look at him. It was the man from before, the one that bumped into him on the stairs.

The man wore a black leather jacket that had two tribal dragons designed on the back. He wore a light grey hoodie and a white button-up shirt and light blue worn out jeans. He had a pair of black, worn out formal shoes on his feet. Overall, this man had a peculiar sense of fashion.

The man sighed and shook his head. "I was hoping you'd come without a fight, looks like I've got a few bruises to explain to Ozpin." He said, before leaping forward with inhuman strength and speed. He brought his fist down towards the boy. The boy made a risky move. He stepped forward towards the fist and ducked it, before gripping the man's wrist and throwing him towards the bar. The man's momentum coupled with the boy's strength sent him crashing into the bar, the sound of crumbling rubble and breaking glass accompanying him.

The boy raised the pistol and fired off a shot, only for a loud 'pang' sound to be heard as the man quickly raised the silver blade that was his arm. The boy stared in shock, only just noticing the man's blade arm. The man charged forward and raised his blade arm. The boy then ducked it and fired a round into the man's gut, causing him to cough a little. He then moved behind the man and kicked him away.

The man coughed and chuckled, his blade arm dematerialising in a wave of tendrils. "Heh, looks like I underestimated you. Your evolution seems to have progressed a bit. Good." He grinned under his hood. He had told Ozpin the boy would not likely be powerful enough to hold his own yet. Well, he wasn't powerful, but he seemed to have developed the hyper-intelligence that came with Evolved.

Then there was a loud series of clicks behind him, and he turned his head slightly to see a horde of riflemen standing, their rifles trained on the boy. "That's quite enough Mercer. Your point has been made." A voice called. The voice was then accompanied by a series of deliberately loud footsteps. Then the sight of an old man, accompanied by a few others appeared at the doorway.

The boy took notice to something. All these men that had rifles pointed at him were the exact same men that stood in front of them in the line. The boy tried to comprehend what was going on, but quite easily failed.

"We need him alive and conscious, and to understand our predicament. I know you wish for results, but this won't get them in this situation." The old man said. The old man had tousled grey hair, with eyes that were covered by gold-rimmed spectacles that had pitch black lens. He wore an open suit, which had the colour scheme of black and green. He wore a green scarf around his neck, which had a purple emblem shaded on it.

"Heh, sorry Oz. Got caught in the moment." The man known as Mercer grinned, before sitting on one of the non-destroyed stools. "Anyway, yeah, this is the kid. He's definitely got the reflexes and the talent, but he's got a lot of evolving to do if he's gonna help us fight." He told the older man.

A few people who weren't average soldiers came through the door behind Ozpin. The first one was, to the boy's surprise, the woman he knew as Elizabeth. "Elizabeth?" He questioned. He was surprised, but it wasn't conveyed well. He had no facial expression, other than when he forced one. He lowered the pistol, wondering what was going on.

Elizabeth was dressed rather differently. She had a pair of white shorts on, accompanied by a white top that exposed her stomach. She wore a black waistcoat that was buttoned up. She wore black and purple stocking and black boots, and had a bow on top of her head.

"Yeah, now would be a good time to tell you. Her name isn't Elizabeth, its Blake; Blake Belladonna. As you probably guessed by now, she's not a thirty-two year old prostitute trying to make a living to support her teenage daughter. She's a huntress-in-training at Beacon Academy. She was drafted for an assignment and given training in espionage just recently. Why? To retrieve you." Mercer told him from the bar, fumbling for a glass and drink that wasn't smashed.

"Yes…I'm sorry for tricking you, but we had to be sure it was really you, and the only way to do that was to get you into situations to see if you'd react in ways resembling your past self." Blake explained, looking down a little bit. She didn't feel comfortable lying to someone who had leapt at a chance to 'save her life'. But it was for the greater good. Besides, she'd have plenty of time to make up for it.

"My past self?" He asked, raising an eyebrow. Mercer grinned a little bit. "Tell us, do you remember a young woman? White hair? Light blue eyes? You used to walk by the lake and be all romantic and fluffy?" He asked. The boy grunted a bit, holding his head as the handgun clattered to the floor.

Mercer stood up, forgetting about the drink as he walked towards him, walking in circles around him once he was there. "Her name was Winter Schnee. You two were lovers, and after the two of you were separated, she joined the Atlesian military and became the cold-hearted bitch she is today. That was two years ago." He told the boy.

The boy's eyes widened as the images flashed, but they were accompanied by voices and more detail. A warm embrace, a soft and sweet kiss, tendrils, drowning, pulling, ripping, alleyway. He looked up at Mercer. "What happened next? To Winter?" He asked.

Mercer chuckled a little bit. "Like I said, she joined Atlas' military force and became a high-ranking officer. She helped us search for you, gave us details and stories that may trigger your memories." He replied. "We worked damn hard to find you, but we had to be sure you were you, and that the Blacklight virus did not control your mind. So we used darling Blake over there to lure you out, obviously with highly-trained workers watching over her. We had Winter tell us the good qualities about you. She said you would leap into danger to protect an innocent." He continued.

"And obviously, that quality remained. You leapt to help 'Elizabeth'. Good save by the way." He explained. Ozpin picked up. "We didn't go to all this trouble for nothing. The very thing that consumed you and changed you, the Blacklight virus, is rising in Vale. It is evolving two times as fast as it should, which means someone is tampering with it. We need Professor Mercer on-site at Beacon, so you are our next best option." Ozpin explained.

"Why me?" The boy asked, his eyes looking over from Mercer to Ozpin. Only for them to be turned back to Mercer as he spoke. "Because you're already tainted by the virus." Mercer explained. "It's already transformed you, turned you into something that defies nature. As a result. You are not at danger to hunt the thing down." He finished.

"The first case of said Blacklight infection is here in the Dark Zone, as I'm sure you've heard from two very convenient party-goers." Ozpin stated, signalling behind him to show the blonde and red head from before. The blonde winked and waved, and the red head smiled and waved awkwardly. "Their names are Yang Xiao Lὀng and Pyrrha Nikos. Both huntresses in training. They were planted in the line ahead of you to ease you into the information and details revolving Blacklight." He explained.

The boy was confused for a moment. All this planning just to catch him? Why not just approach him. There was also one other matter… "What about the club bouncers?" He asked, raising an eyebrow at the group. "They were planted there to test your reaction to potential conflict. They weren't using actual guns, they were using depleted red dust. Hence the clumps of red from the headshots, or 'brain', and the 'blood'. Obviously, the dust was depleted, otherwise that would have been harmful." He explained.

The boy looked at them. "All this trouble to get me? Why?" He asked, not sure how to take this information. "Well like I said, you're the only known person other than me to be immune to the virus." Mercer replied. The boy looked at Mercer, his stare almost piercing the hood. "What's so bad about this virus that only a few people can go near it?" The boy asked the senior Evolved.

"I could tell you, but you should see for yourself. We're going after the case in the Dark Zone, give us an idea of what the virus has evolved into." Mercer replied, before walking to the door, all eyes on him. "Also, how does it feel to wake up for the first time in two years?" He asked, stopping at the door and turning to the boy.

"Bet it feels good, eh? Daniel."

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