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The Blacklight Hunter

Daniel stood there, staring in the direction Mercer walked. Daniel? That was his name? He shook his head and sighed. He still had so many questions, so many questions that needed answers. Who were his parents? Where did he come from? How old was he? Did he have siblings? These questions ran through his mind at a thousand miles per hour.

He then followed after Mercer, his brown shoes clacking on the empty dancefloor as the remaining people watched him leave, their gazes interrupted as he pushed through the door, a loud squeak filling their ears as the door swung open, before swinging shut wildly. He walked down the dimly lit corridor, and came to the entrance of the club.

Mercer was standing under the canvas shelter at the entrance of the club, his hands in his jean pockets. The men that Daniel confronted at the entrance were still lying there, splattered with red dust. Mercer noticed Daniel and turned to him. "Ready to go?" He asked, pointing to the right, into an alleyway. It was pouring of rain outside the shelter. Daniel should have brought a jacket, this rain would leave him weak.

Mercer didn't wait for an answer, he simply stepped out into the rain, the water splashing around his feet as he took each step towards the dark alleyway. Daniel braced himself and stepped out into the rain, shivering as the cold barrage hit his skin. It soaked through his clothing, aiding the cold in working its way to his very bones.

Mercer made it to the alleyway and waited for the newly Evolved. He knew what it was like, to have weakness to the water. He had overcome this weakness through gaining power, but Daniel had yet to gain power himself. What happened in the club was the base advantages, enhanced reflexes, enhanced senses, enhanced strength and speed, and an impossibly large store of stamina. These were the basics of Evolved. Every single Evolved had these. Daniel would have to start consuming biomass to differentiate himself from the rest of the Evolved, to gain powers of his own.

Daniel caught up to Mercer, shivering a little. Mercer grinned under his hood. The boy was extremely new to this, he didn't realise that if he wanted to, he could create warmer clothing with the biomass he absorbed from the two men he 'saved' Blake from. That would be a fun lesson. Daniel shook his head. "Hurry." He said simply. Daniel kept his emotions guarded very well. Just as well, when an Evolved's emotions fluctuate, they grow insane levels of power. Mercer was thankful for Daniel's self-control. This way, Mercer wouldn't have any more Heller situations to deal with. Well, other than if the actual Heller snaps again.

Mercer walked into the alleyway, his eyesight dimming a little before brightening up again. Another base ability of the Evolved. As advanced Infected, they could see in the dark naturally, see thermal signatures through walls, and see Infected signatures and sense Hives.

Mercer grinned as he thought about Hives. He'd have fun teaching Daniel about Hives, and maybe even teach him how to release pheromones to control Hunters and Goliaths. He turned into the next alleyway as Daniel followed. It was clear Daniel didn't know where he was going.

Daniel looked at Mercer's back, his eyes homing in on the design of the tribal dragons. Daniel decided to get the answers he looked for. He opened his mouth, but felt a lump catching in his throat. He couldn't find it in himself to ask about his past. Maybe a more indirect topic would help shed some light. "Mercer, after I disappeared, what happened to Winter?"

Daniel wanted to kick himself for that. That was a bit too blunt, but he needed to know. For some reason he felt something whenever he mentioned Winter. Like butterflies fluttering in his stomach.

Mercer grimaced a little bit, before looking behind him. "I can tell you, but you may not like the explanation." He replied. Mercer was brutal in his methods, yes. But he did so to protect the innocent, to protect humanity. Daniel may not be human, but he, like Mercer and Heller, experienced emotions. The truth of Winter was sad even for those who barely knew her.

Daniel nodded. "I need to know." He replied, his eyes narrowed slightly in determination. Mercer sighed, before nodding and beginning his explanation. "You and Winter, I said you were lovers, correct? Well that's true. You weren't just lovers, you were engaged. You had devoted yourselves to one another. It was like a fairy tale. You, a street orphan, marrying Winter, some untouchable princess, the gem of the Schnee company. At first, her old man did not approve, naturally."

Mercer looked down at the puddles, watching the raindrops impact with them. "He tried to break you and Winter up, multiple times. But you kept seeking ways to see each other. Even the classic 'climbing up to her balcony' act. About a year into your engagement, something happened to make her father concede to your engagement. Winter was beyond happy."

He inhaled breath slowly. The next part was going to hurt. "That very same day, you and Winter took a walk by the lake. This was at the beginning of the second outbreak of Blacklight. The virus travelled, and took the form of tendrils. It found you and Winter, and grabbed you, pulling you into the woods and leaving Winter, alone." He continued. "Winter couldn't handle the loss. The Schnee heiress went off the rails. She gave up her share of the company and did things very…un-Winter-like. Drinking, anonymous sex, other things to try and take her mind off the loss. In the end, she only hated herself."

He looked at Daniel, who was trying to process these things. Daniel felt only sorrow. When he was done here, he'd need to find Winter, and make up for the two years he left her to suffer for. Mercer frowned under his hood. "After the beginning of her self-loathing, she joined the Atlas military. She was there for a year, albeit she still did the drinking and sex, it kept her mind off you for a while. Until you came back, a year into her career."

Daniel raised an eyebrow. He came back a year ago. "Yes, the Blacklight had possessed your body. It made you spread the virus. Winter gave up all the bad habits. Threw away the booze and broke off contact with the accumulative fuck buddies she ended up gathering over the years, and she toughened up. She became the cold bitch she is today. Why? To get you back. She pushed her sister and her duties to the side to track you down, and here we are. We found your body, abandoned by the Blacklight. We woke you up, and now you're going to help us and hopefully, go back to Winter."

Daniel looked down, before clenching his fist and holding his forehead as the images flashed into his mind. Memories. Memories of Winter.

{Four years ago}

Winter giggled as Daniel kissed her neck, pushing his head away playfully. "Daniel, that tickles!" She giggled out before pushing them over and rolling so she was on top. She leaned down and bit onto his earlobe lightly, with a strange, yet cute 'Nom' sound.

"Winter, did you just bite my ear?" Daniel chuckled, pushing her head back gently and causing her to pout. "Maybe." She replied, straddling him and rubbing her hands up and down his bare chest.

They were lying on Winter's bed, nude and drenched in sweat after hours upon hours of love making. The white silk sheets crumpled and scrunched at their rolling around and romping. He smiled a bit, his right hand snaking up her bare thigh gently, causing her to shiver a bit. If she wasn't incredibly sore she'd pounce on him. Daniel couldn't help but touch his lover's body. It was impulsive. Her skin was smooth, and her other assets filled out and developed. Her hair was silky smooth and fair, and somehow managed to remain untangled after their 'bonding time'.

Daniel's hands snaked up, gripping Winter's soft and elegant hands gently entwining their fingers, something she willingly obliged to. "I love you." Winter told him softly, sweetly, hearing her say it made Daniel's heart beat faster than ever before. "I love you too." He replied, before she leaned in towards him and he leaned up. And just as their lips were about to connect…


"Daniel? Daniel!" Mercer tried to bring the boy back to reality, snapping his fingers in the boy's face. Daniel jumped slightly and looked at Mercer. He wasn't going to lie, he was a little mad at Mercer for interrupting his flashback. But the anger quickly subsided as Daniel got in control again. "You were spaced out." Mercer told him, grinning a little bit. "Nice daydream?" He asked.

"Uh, yeah, I guess." Daniel replied, before starting to walk forwards. Mercer kept his shit-eating grin and shook his head. He could only imagine what was going on in the teen's mind.

Daniel thought of another question. "Mercer? How old am I? Where am I from?" He asked, his eyes flitting towards the veteran Evolved for answers. He needed as many answers as he could get before he met Winter, or anyone else involved in his past.

Mercer looked at him. "You're nineteen. You're from a settlement outside of Atlas' walls. It was raided by Grimm when you were little, and you ended up on the streets of Atlas. Winter can fill you in on the rest. Now come on, we've got a Hunter to find."

Daniel thought for a second. He was from a settlement outside Atlas? Who were his parents? He shook his head and sighed, watching Mercer overtake him.

Mercer sighed to himself as he watched Daniel's thoughtful expression, Mercer's explanation sowing seeds of wonder and speculation in the back of Daniel's mind. Mercer wondered if he did the right thing. Would Winter still love Daniel, knowing how he could potentially become more monstrous than the Grimm? Would Daniel still love Winter? Or had the Blacklight sucked out all forms of love from Daniel's mind? All Mercer knew was that time would tell, and he could only hope that his actions weren't going to be a mistake.

Daniel surfed through his memories with Winter, trying to get an idea of his past as he and Mercer walked. He found one, one of particular interest.

{Five years ago}

Winter smiled a little bit at Daniel. She never knew Daniel to be so nervous. Well, right before their relationship got slightly more…steamy. But Daniel was clearly not comfortable, as was the eleven year old girl hiding shyly behind Winter's long legs.

"Weiss…it's okay, he's not going to hurt you." Winter cooed to the little girl, putting a hand behind her head and gently pushing the little Weiss out in the open. "He's my boyfriend." Winter told Weiss.

Daniel decided to speak up. He kneeled in front of Weiss and gave a gentle smile. He seemed confident to the onlookers, i.e. the guards, but Winter knew that smile. It was his nervous smile. Winter stepped back, leaving Daniel to sink or swim.

"Um…hey…you're Weiss right? Winter talks about you a lot." Daniel said, internally facepalming at his bad conversation starter. Weiss seemed to brighten up a little bit. "Really? Winter talks about me?"

Daniel nodded, chuckling nervously. "Yeah, she speaks really positively about you. She also talks about how pretty you are, making all the boys fall for you. I can see why." He replied awkwardly. 'You idiot! You're gonna get killed!' He mentally scolded himself.

Weiss' face brightened a little bit more. "Really?! She said that?!" She asked excitedly, clearly eager to hear about her sister's praise of her. Daniel could tell that she looked up to her sister, he'd never seen someone so eager to gain approval from their sibling. "Yeah, she did. She also said she'd hurt the boys if they tried anything. Personally, I think it's that ponytail you've got going. It adds a flair of…individuality." He told her.

Weiss blushed at that, slightly embarrassed by what he said. "Oh…um…I didn't mean to do it. I was in a rush and I couldn't get the ponytail at the centre…" She murmured in embarrassment. Daniel chuckled a little bit. "Keep it that way. It suits you." He replied.

Weiss blushed a little bit, before the twelve year old hugged him tightly. "Thanks mister…" She said. Daniel's eyes widened in surprise, before hugging her back gently.

Winter watched them, a small smile on her face. She was glad they got along, and hoped that Daniel's charm worked well on the other Schnees. After all, she did intend on staying with Daniel. At least for as long as he wanted her.

"You can just call me Daniel, miss." Daniel replied, rubbing her back gently.

"Then you can call me Weiss, Daniel." Weiss replied happily.


"Why can't I go back to my past? When things were happier…simpler." He thought aloud in a low murmur, before looking down at his hand as tendrils snaked around it. It was clear that there was a large supply of biomass nearby.

Mercer looked down at his hand too, pretending not to hear Daniel's aloud thoughts. A tendril was sneaking around his arms too, but unlike Daniel, he was further Evolved. He could smell the source of Biomass. The Hunter was here, in waiting, and would consume them if they weren't careful.

Daniel moved his eyes from left to right, snaking them back and forth in search of movement in the dark. Without either Evolved noticing the Hunter's exact location, a pair of glowing orange eyes emerged from the shadows. A large claw sneaked out the dark, snaking towards Daniel's back.

Daniel, by chance turned around. He then spotted the claw and shouted in surprise, falling backwards. Mercer turned quickly, and the Hunter leaped into action. It pounced towards Daniel, its maw wide open and heading for Daniel's throat.

Mercer leaped into action. He formed his arms into Hammerfists and swung his right arm, the bulky appendage hitting the side of the Hunter's head like a freight train.

The Hunter was launched into one of the surrounding brick walls, sending dust everywhere, accompanied by the crumbling of bricks. Mercer quickly changed his arms to the Claws, and got ready for the Hunter's next charge.

Daniel pulled himself forward, reaching the opposite wall from the Hunter and propping himself against the wall, watching Mercer. He had fell the wrong way, and his right arm was hanging limply at his side, the back of his hand freezing against the wet concrete.

The Hunter charged at Mercer, intent on destroying whatever got in the way of its sustenance. It swung a claw towards Mercer, which he dodged effortlessly. Mercer twisted his arm, causing one of his claws to create a small cut in the Hunter's arm. He was dragging this out, it seems.

The Hunter screeched at Mercer, its eyes narrowed before it charged yet again at the Evolved. "Tsk…" Mercer sounded quietly before stepping to the side and slashing its arm. The sound of tearing flesh was heard as the claws tore through its skin, ripping it open.

Veins fell from the open cuts, and blood poured out of the Hunter in bucket loads. Its arm only remained on by a string. The arm swung around wildly as the Hunter moved, roaring as it turned to Mercer yet again.

Daniel watched in awe. He was genuinely surprised something so powerful looking could be decimated so easily. Mercer didn't even look to be giving any effort.

Mercer kicked his feet on the ground lazily as he looked over at the Hunter. "Ya done?" He asked nonchalantly, like he was speaking to an inconsequential, petulant child. He folded his arms as they changed from claws to something else. It was like the claws, but only had three fingers, all pushed together.

The Hunter charged again, and Mercer didn't bother dodging. He grabbed the Hunter's arm with his non-transformed hand. He then drove the newly transformed hand into the Hunter's chest. The Hunter roared in pain, but was cut off as Mercer's untransformed fist collided with its stomach, sending it flying up diagonally. Mercer's transformed arm stretched with it, before he pulled the Hunter back down. The Hunter flew into the ground, sending up dust and rubble.

The Whipfist recoiled back into a normal arm, before it morphed into a long, silver and curved Blade. Mercer stepped towards the Hunter, before driving his Blade into the Hunter's shoulder, before dragging it along the ground, the sound of flesh tearing and crushing as the Hunter was dragged along gravel made Daniel feel a little bit sick.

There was a large tearing sound, accompanied with a roar. Mercer had twisted his Blade and ripped it along the Hunter's arm, splitting it in two. The remains of the arm hung loosely all over the pavement, blood mixing with the puddle water.

"Consume it." Mercer told Daniel, Mercer's arm turning normal again. He stood back, folding his now-normal arms and walking backwards a bit, leaning against the wall.

Daniel felt a little sick at the sight, but did what he needed to do. His eyes turned red, before he drove a fist into the Hunter's back. Tendrils burst out of Daniel's back, ripping and tearing apart the Hunter. Daniel grunted a bit as his arm cracked back into place automatically. He felt something changed too, once the tendrils had receded after consuming every little drop of the Hunter.

The tendrils snaked down his arm, before forming into crimson claws that had silver blades at the tips of the fingers. The tendrils were curled around his arms, making them bulky and large. The blades had jagged undersides, and were made of some dirty silver-coloured substance.

Daniel looked at his new claws, his eyes wide as he turned his hands, examining his new claws. "Congratulations, you just received your first genetic code." Mercer said, chuckling a little.

Once Daniel was out of his stupor, he turned to Mercer. "Genetic code?" He asked, raising an eyebrow as his arms turned back to normal.

Mercer nodded. "Yes, as Evolved, we have the ability to control our own cells. But we also have the ability to absorb the cells and mass of others. Do you know what a nucleus is?" Mercer asked, causing Daniel to shake his head.

"A nucleus is in most, if not all cells. It stores the genetic information for each organism. This Hunter's nucleus contained the genetic code for those Claws you just developed. Find a few more people with the genetic code for Claws, and you may be able to give them a significant boost." Mercer explained. "All you've got to do to bring the Claws back is shift your biomass. Now we should probably get back to the others. We'll call Winter when we get back to Beacon."


Blake sighed as he looked at Yang's shit eating grin. "What Yang?" She asked. She knew she'd regret asking. They were currently sitting in a Valean military dropship, waiting to take them back to Beacon when Mercer and Daniel got back.

"So…thirty-two year old hooker?" Yang grinned. She wouldn't let Blake hear the end of this for a LONG time. A Yang Xiao Lὀng time. Yang leaned forward, poking Blake repeatedly. "How much do you charge?" She asked jokingly, barely able to contain her giggling.

"I'm not a hooker Yang." Blake sighed, rubbing the bridge of her nose. Oh how she wished she had a book with her, that way she could ignore Yang.

Yang was barely able to contain laughter. "So what did you even do?" She asked, her tone filled with mirth. Blake tensed at this, not really comfortable conveying what happened. "You fucked, didn't you?" Yang asked. She didn't need an answer, Blake's face lit up like a Christmas tree.

Yang giggled a bit, before poking her teasingly again. "So how was it?" She asked, deciding to get some gossip. That and she was a little proud of Blake for banging, even Yang had to admit this one, a fairly attractive guy. "It was...alright." Blake responded, not really wanting to divulge.

"Just alright? Performance didn't live up to the looks, huh?" Yang grinned, albeit she looked a little disappointed. Blake, for some reason, felt the need to defend Daniel. "No, last night was amazing to be honest. I'm just a little...sore." Blake admitted. Albeit to protect Daniel from some harsh words from Yang. Daniel wasn't her first, but definitely her best so far.

Yang couldn't help but laugh. "Damn, he's a big one?" She replied, albeit she seemed vaguely interested in Daniel herself. It wasn't love, love wasn't Yang's thing, but she couldn't deny, she got a little...heated, thinking about Daniel in THAT way. Blake nodded. "Too almost didn't fit. Should probably top doing squats..."

Their conversation was interrupted by a cough, which caused them both to jump and turn. They turned to see Daniel staring at them, his face the perfect manifestation of 'The fuck?'. Mercer was behind him, but his face was a 'Really?' face. Daniel simply said nothing and sat beside Blake. His face straight ahead. Blake turned and looked out the window, smiling to herself as she remembered the previous night.

{Previous Night}

Blake closed the door of her 'apartment' once Daniel walked in. She honestly didn't know what to think of Daniel. He leapt to help her without a second thought, but he had done so in a truly horrific and brutal way. She watched Daniel look around the dark apartment, curiosity marred onto his features. "Pretty empty place." He commented.

"Yeah, my daughter and I only use it to sleep really." Blake replied. She felt bad for lying to such a good person, but she needed to stick to cover, for his benefit if nothing else.

"Oh...I see. Where is your daughter, Elizabeth?" Daniel asked, turning to her slightly and narrowing his eyes a little bit in suspicion. Blake played it off, that espionage training really helped. "She's probably out." She replied, before walking into the kitchen, putting the kettle on. "Do you want tea?" She asked, raising an eyebrow.

Daniel shrugged. "Sure." He replied. He looked around. There was no couch, only a double bed. Strange for a living room, but as she said, she only used it for sleep. Blake came through with steaming hot cups of tea, handing one over to Daniel, who accepted it calmly, despite his senses screaming at him to drop the cup.

Blake sat next to him on the bed, crossing her legs and taking a sip of tea. " don't really remember anything?" She asked, feeling a little sorry for Daniel while trying to make conversation. "No, I can't." He replied, turning to her and taking a sip of tea, almost wincing in pain as the scalding liquid touched his tounge.

Blake, for whatever reason, felt extremely drawn towards Daniel, a sense of butterflies fluttering around inside her filled her body every time he glanced at her with his charming, gorgeous blue eyes, and before she could get back in control, her lips were mashed against his.

The cups clattered to the floor, spilling hot tea everywhere, staining the beige carpet.

She swung her leg over his waist and pushed him down, her lips opening and closing against his in a rhythm he soon followed. She didn't know what came over her, but she enjoyed it, I was very...animalistic. She straddled him, ripping open her shirt, the sound of the fabric tearing filling the room. Her bra was visible, a purple number with black lace on it. "I came prepared." She purred seductively.


She still didn't know what came over her. All she knew was that she didn't regret a damn thing about it, and it seemed that Daniel didn't either. She secretly hoped it would happen again in the future. It was strange. When she was with Adam, she didn't care for sex, mainly because he never saw to her needs, just focused on his own pleasure. Daniel however, Daniel was VERY attentive to detail. She found herself purring quietly thinking about it. Was it love? Probably not, Was it lust? Most definitely.

Then she saw it out the window. The shining light at the top of Beacon. Beacon had became her home over the past couple of months, and she loved it there. It was a chance to start over, and her team and friends accepted her Faunus heritage. Even Weiss. Although she took some convincining.

Mercer grinned a little bit as he too looked out the window. Mercer poked Daniel, who turned to him in reply. "Look out the window." Mercer said, pointing to the window. Mercer himself, felt a connection to the boy. He felt something connecting them, something more than just the virus. He saw himself in the boy. Kind, caring, brutal, efficient, and a conduit of raw power. But his connection to Daniel felt more...fatherly, and he couldn't explain why.

Daniel obliged, before standing up and stepping over to the window, his feet clanking on the sheet metal floor. He leaned down to look out the small, circular window. "What is that place?" He asked. "Your new home." Mercer responded.

"Welcome to Beacon, kid."

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