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Naruto's eyes snapped open when he heard Tsunami scream. Leaping out of the bed, he quickly put on his clothes and dashed down the stairs in time to see Inari charge at two thugs who were holding his mother captive. He charged at the group and pulled Inari away just as the thugs slashed at him with their swords. The blonde grimaced as the blades cut through his clothes, shredding the top part.

The first thug smiled and said, "Lookie here, Waraji, we got a cute girl here! Wanna have some fun with her?"

The second thug, identified as Waraji, responded, "Sure, Zori, but let's get our work done first!" Both mercenaries swung their weapons at Naruto once again, but they were blocked by two kunai. Pulling back, they decided to make a running attack to add extra power to their strikes. Before the swords made contact, though, Naruto threw two shuriken.

Deflecting them, Zori and Waraji smirked. The latter asked, "That meant to do something, sweetheart?"

The Alice smiled back, to their surprise. He answered, "Yes, but that's not important right now. What's important is that you're about to be knocked out." Before they could ask what he meant, Tsunami sneaked up behind them, and with all her strength, swung a frying pan and whacked the back of their heads. The mercenaries slumped to the ground, unconscious.

Inari, sniffling, said, "I'm sorry about what I said. I really am!"

Sighing softly, Naruto patted the boy's head gently and replied, "It's okay. I know you are. It was really brave of you to charge these two dummies." He turned to Tsunami and had her help him tie up the two men, after taking their weapons.

The blonde looked at his clothes and sighed. Ripping off the torn portions, he was left in just his shinobi pants. He looked over at the mother and son and said, "It's alright. I'm a boy." He left, heading for the bridge to meet with the other Konoha shinobi.

Tsunami and Inari watched as the blonde left. Inari said, "I know what Dad meant now." Before his mother could react, he yelled, "I'm going to get everyone in the town to fight back!"

As he ran off, Tsunami watched with a nostalgic look on her face. "Kaiza, Inari is so much like you…"

Kushina grunted as Zabuza kicked her back. Aki and Kakashi fought off the water clones, struggling to defeat all ten. Haku had the rest of the genin save Sakura inside his ice dome, attempting to pick them all off one by one. Inside the dome, Sasuke had his newly awakened Sharingan, Sai had his drawings take on a defensive formation, Nagi and Michiko were back-to-back, Taro had a kunai in each hand to block the senbon, and Menma and Natsumi were using the Kyuubi's power.

Suddenly, a blur shot onto the bridge. As everyone, even Haku and those in the dome, turned to see if it was a threat, the dust disappeared to show it was Roukai. The World Devil bubbled and said, "Large group approaching… led by short man… in business suit… with ugly glasses… cane and… stupid mustache… man said he was… never going to pay… would have group kill… all and collect... bounties…"

Zabuza twitched and said, "Looks like our fight is over, Konoha shinobi. Where's the blonde brat?"

Naruto reached the bridge, and hearing the question, said, "I'm here. Gato-baka's goons were in the town, so I took care of them." Seeing Roukai, he asked, "Roukai, what's your report?" He heard what the group received and then growled. Dismissing the octopus-like summon, he hissed, "He has no shame."

Suddenly, there was a tapping sound from the other side of the bridge. The mist cleared to reveal a man fitting Roukai's description standing in front of a group of bandits. Gato snarked, "Looks like the Demon of the Mist is more like the Baby of the Mist. You can't even take down two bitches and one man! Good thing I never planned to pay you. Rogue shinobi like you are too expensive to afford."

Suddenly, an arrow landed between Gato's feet. Looking back, everyone saw a group of villagers, led by Inari. He yelled, "We won't let you control us anymore, Gato!" The rest of the villagers roared, demanding that Gato leave

Snarling, the crime lord yelled, "Listen up everyone!" The bandits snapped to attention. "Kill all the men! The women and girls, however, keep them. We can always use new entertainment." The men grinned lecherously.

Hearing this, Naruto snapped. He bit his thumb and flashed through hand signs. He slammed his hand on the ground and yelled, "Summoning Jutsu!" A cloud of smoke appeared, and as it faded away, everyone gulped in trepidation.

Standing there was a being that could be only described as a demon. It was tall and had pitch black body that looked a bit like it was wearing a butler's uniform. Two spikes jutted out form each elbow, and led to forearms and hands that were a bit larger than an average man's. Its bone white head was large and triangular, and three masks were attached to it. Despite the eyes being the only features on the mask, it was clear that they were of a father, mother, and child.

Gato gulped and yelled, "Whoever kills that blonde brat and the monster gets double pay!" The bandits, courage restored, charged. The creature merely raised its hand. A beam of energy fired out from one of its finger, obliterating at least ten of the bandits. Zabuza, whose facial bandages were removed, and the three jonin shook their heads and joined the battle, sending the small army into a panic. It got worse when Sai, Taro, Menma, Natsumi, and Naruto joined the massacre. Haku, Nagi, and Michiko provided support, taking down bandits that got past the group to attack Tazuna. Sasuke gritted his teeth at the sight, cursing his numb limbs. Sakura could only stare in horror.

Soon, Gato was the only person left. As the group stormed up to him, he fell to the ground in fear and tried to crawl away. He stammered, "W-wait! Please l-le-let me g-go! I'll gi-give you a-anything! Money, women, power, anything you want!"

Naruto said, "I want all your money and the deeds to everything you own."

Gato pulled out several papers and shoved them at the blonde. He cried, "Here! These are the deeds to everything I have and the location to my mansion, and the money is in the vault hidden behind the cupboard in my study!"

Naruto took the papers and gave them to Tazuna. He said, "They're yours now. Use it to help Wave." Turning to the others, he said, "We're letting you go now." He nodded to Kushina, who grabbed the crime lord by his collar. She pulled out a kunai and raised it.

Gato paled. He said, "The deal wat that you would let me live!"

Naruto bluntly said, "No, the deal was that we would let you go. That's what we're doing. We're letting you go to the afterlife." The kunai in Kushina's hand descended as the villagers cheered.

Zabuza turned to the creature Naruto summoned. It turned to face him, and to everyone's surprise, dissolved into trump card symbols before they cleared to reveal a young woman with white hair wearing traveler's clothing. She asked, "Is there anything you need?"

Zabuza shook his head and said, "Not really. I'm just interested in you."

The woman blushed and said, "My name is Giger. And to be honest, you interest me as well." As everyone started to clean up the mess and help the village recover, Zabuza and Giger sneaked away to get to know each other more.

A few days later, it was time for the shinobi to return to Konoha. Naruto turned to Zabuza and Haku. He said, "You guys can come with us. I can get you accepted into the Konoha forces."

Before anyone could react, Kushina screamed, "Naruto! What are you doing?!"

The blonde replied, "You still owe me for eleven birthdays. Accept this and it's down to nine."

The woman did a one-eighty and screamed, "Zabuza! You and your apprentice will be coming with us whether you like it or not!" The aforementioned duo sweatdropped at her behavior.

As the group left, the villagers of Wave watched their backs. Inari asked, "What should we mane the bridge?"

Tazuna shouted, "How about the Super Duper Most Awesomest Tazuna Bridge?" He was promptly smacked on the top of his head by Tsunami.

Inari asked, "How about the Great Naruto Bridge? Named after Naruto, who is the reason I realized we have to fight back?" Everyone agreed, seeing no issue.

When the group returned to Konoha, Kotestu and Izumo, the gate guards, stared at Zabuza in shock. They barely registered Kushina saying, "Teams Seven, Eleven, and Twelve returning from a successful mission."

Minato and Sarutobi twitched in annoyance, knowing they would be having headaches later. Naruto and Kushina smiled innocently, while everyone else was suddenly interested in the walls, their fingernails, and just about anything else that wasn't in the direction of the two Kages.

Minato stiffly said, "What makes you think I'll just accept them?"

Naruto replied, "You still owe me eleven years' worth of birthdays." Minato's face went blank. "And jiji," he continued, "I'll tell the female ANBU about your Icha Icha stash." Both of the men sighed, before they tossed two headbands to Zabuza and Haku. The two blinked, but accepted the headbands after telling their ranks.

As they left, Haku asked, "How did you get Hokage-sama and Hokage-sama to accept?"

Naruto replied, "The Yondaime is my father, and the Sandaime and I are close. His grandson is one of my friends." Haku and Zabuza hummed in understanding, while Giger smiled. Naruto saw a restaurant and said, "Excuse me. I'm going to go eat lunch. Zabuza-chan, Giger-chan, you two have my support!" He ran off, laughing at the blushing duo.

Haku looked at them both, before smiling and adding, "Zabuza-sama, Giger-san, you have my support as well." He quickly followed after the blonde, as he was hungry too. The two adults screamed in frustration and embarrassment, before realizing that they were acting in sync. Several yards away, Kushina and Aki giggled at the duo, planning to use it as blackmail in the future.

Haku and Naruto sat down at a table, where Teams Eight and Ten were eating. Naruto said, "Hey guys. This is Haku. He just joined us today." The ice user bowed his head slightly and smiled. They greeted him kindly, though Shikamaru gave him a slightly suspicious look.

"So, Haku-san," asked Ino, "where are you from?" As she was the gossip queen of the younger generation, she wanted to have as much information as possible on new people, which was why most of the genin avoided answering anything personal.

Haku answered, "I'm Zabuza-sama's apprentice. We both just joined Konoha." Everyone gasped, shocked at his answer. Then again, they trusted the Hokages' decision. Little did they know, they were blackmailed into doing so. Then again, the two men would never mention it, and would deny with all their hearts that they were forced to accept them into the village. It didn't help that even if they said no, Kushina would have beat them until they gave in.

The next day, a message was passed out that Zabuza, Haku, and Giger joined the shinobi forces. Zabuza and, surprisingly, Giger were jonin, while Haku was a chunin. Giger was a surprise because she was technically a summon, but chose to change her anchor to be Konoha from the summoning realm for the World Devils and Alices in order to serve the village.

Team Twelve met in their usual training ground, only to see Aki, Zabuza, and Giger standing there. Aki said, "Listen up. I've decided to enlist you three in the chunin exams, which will be held in Konoha. So, all three of us will be training you until they're here, which is in a week. Get ready, kids. It's going to be a tough week."

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