There was once a women long ago. She was not the greatest beauty, nor the smartest brain, but she was kind and believed in what she did. However no man really liked her. She was now an adult, she had been for a while now, past the normal age for marriage of her time. She was too willed and adventurous for a normal man to pin down. She did not mind however, no matter how often her father and mother would pester her, no matter the odd stares she got from the villagers. She fought on in her own way, and helped her family to the best of her ability. But then it happened, from the woods near the village. She looked up as she was picking something up from the fields and saw it.

Right there beyond the thick brush and green leaves stood a man. Tall and elegant as if he were nothing more than a figment of her imagination. He stared at her from afar, behind a tree, his green eyes piercing right through her very core. "Who was this man?" She thought to herself. He was unlike any other she had seen before. She could tell, even from this great distance that he was different, he seemed as if he had seen so many things and been through so much given his young appearance. She walked slowly closer, the dirt shifting under her worn shoes as she continued forth, never breaking eye contact. She made it to the wagon used to hold crops, a few paces from the brush before she stopped once more. The man had lowered his eyes, and with a heavy sigh he turned around in a spin so graceful it was as if he was a dancer. He then walked off, his figure becoming darkening and diminishing as he faded into the dense forest. She would have followed, oh how her soul had all but screamed for her to follow him, but she did not such thing. She knew the dangers that lie within those woods. Tales of monstrous beasts and bandits were all too real, after all, she has seen others venture forth, never to be seen again. So she stayed by the wagon, watching the spot in which the man once stood. Her only hope now was on know more about this very mysterious and beautiful man.

Later that night after she had ate her supper and laid down in her simple stray bed, laden with a single pillow and blanket, she stared up at her ceiling, watching the flickering on it from the candle beside her bed. She wondered once more whom that strange man was, where he had come from, and why he was there. Quickly shaking her head she closed her eyes and took a deep breath, holding it in and exhaling that soon turned into a yawn halfway through. She rolled over in her bed, straws mixing in with her long locks as she now looked at the candle itself. Not like it matters. Soon she would be wed. Her father had taken the liberty to arrange a marriage for her, as she herself had yet to find a man on her own. Apparently it was a noblemen of low rank, but still it guaranteed her with a comfortable life away from her family's farm. She had begged him not to make these plans, but it was now out of her hands, and tomorrow she will meet her new fiancé. The man she saw in the shadowy woods will forever be a mystery to her.