Robin should've been back hours ago and Batman was slowly becoming more worried. He did have a tendency to stay at Mount Justice without telling him, but he had promised he would be back before dinner. That had been an hour ago and now Bruce was positive something had happened, Dick wouldn't miss Alfred's baked dinner if the world was about to end, especially if the world was about to end. He quickly called the team.

"Yes?" Artemis asked in an annoyed tone until she realized who it was and blinked in surprise "Uh... Batman. Um hi. What-what are you uh, calling for?"

"Is Robin there?"

"Uh, no he left a couple hours ago, to meet you. You're telling me he's not there!?"

Batman took note of how worried she was, though she tried to hide it "Would I be asking for him if he wasn't?"

"Uh, I guess not"

"Hey babe, who are you taking to?" Wally called out before running over "Oh. Batman, what's going on?"

Batman did a quick observation of the two. 'Guess Dick was right' Bruce thought. Dick had been insisting that the two liked each other, but it was obvious they didn't know it. Bruce fought the urge to smile and answered Wally's question.

"Robin didn't come home"

Wally didn't seem to register the words at first and just stared into space, trying to wrap his head around that sentence. When his mind finally interpreted the words, he started to type furiously until a blinking light flashed up on a map.

'The tracker of the R-cycle' Bruce realized.

"We're coming with you" Wally declared, with a tone that said "You don't have a choice in. I can run faster than you can comprehend so your opinion doesn't matter"

"Fine, but just you two"

They nodded their heads in compliance and Batman severed the connection as the two turned to leave. He leapt into the batmobile and started toward the signal.

"Where are you two going?" Connor asked curiously.

"Nowhere" "Out" Wally and Artemis answered at the same time.

A small smile tugged at Connor's mouth. He had learnt about their crush a long time ago, even if they still didn't know it themselves.

"Try not to kill each other"

The two looked at him weirdly before walking into the zeta tube and disappearing. Connor let the smile break through.