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Chapter 1: The Beginning of the End.

Mission: "Territorial Patrol"

June 27 2020

Time: 16:57:41

Pain. Pain was the only thing that was running rampant within his mind. His body, his heart and his mind all screams pain.

A simple patrol mission on the north-west of the country, turned into a one-sided slug-fest. A battle which claimed the lives of almost all of the crew on board against creatures that one would only find in fantasy based books.

Some of this creatures looked like killer whales with jagged teeth and cannons in their mouths while a few of them were girls with weird appendages and horns. They moved too fast and were too small for their Mk. 75 Oto Melara 76 Compact Cannon. Their human size didn't make any of this any easier either. Because this meant that they have a smaller target than usual. Even the major upgrades the ship was given a few years back couldn't even give them any advantages. How he wished that he could have done something more that would have improve their survival.

With the pain soon numbing his body and the cold ocean water freezing his ass, as if he was a dead fish inside a freezer, he felt the urge to move his bloody (literary) arms and swim back to the surface with what little strength he has after the ship blew his ass into the air and down in the water painfully.

His torn and ripped digital water camouflage uniform, which has seen better days, could barely keep themselves on his well-trained body with him missing a black combat boots. His black shoulder length semi spiky hair softly dances through the water's cool embrace. His face, while rugged and angular was filled with sooth and wounds that continuously bleeds even underwater, the sting keeping him awake and alive. His body, which is the true definition of a warrior, bleeds from the battle that they went through earlier. And finally, his narrow eyes, while might look like it's on the verge of closing for eternity has not yet lost their fire. His passion which burns like the brightest of stars, continues to fight off death.

So paddling his arms and ignoring the searing pain that his body is trying to drill in his head, he was finally able to reach the surface and gulped as much smoke-filled air into his lungs as he can while he held onto a floating piece of junk metal that once belong to his ship to keep afloat and survey his surroundings.

Fire. All he could see was fire and burning pieces of the limited ships his country possessed with a lot of dead sailors floating around, which is now slowly groaning as it sunk under the sea flooding from the damages it took in after the magazine exploded.

"Ugh… fuckin' bastards will pay for this!" Our protagonist painfully swore as he desperately looked around for any familiar and hopefully alive faces within his area of sight.

Turning his head to the other direction, he was shocked to see his buddy and partner in crime, lying face first on what appeared to be a hatch door. Swimming to his friend's current location with the help of his current condition, he was able to reach him in time before his legs finally became numb and his arms soon to follow.

Now that he has cut the distance between them, he could finally make out the injuries that his bud has taken into from the shit they just went through.

From what he could see, it seems to him that his jackass of a friend suffered from a head injury that could have sliced half his head if the deep cut in his temple and eyebrow is to go by. He also seems to have smacked his head on something hard, preferably a wall or door, because his left cheek bone was purple. Maybe he also suffered some internal bleeding, if the blood in his mouth is to go by. Maybe a broken ribs and mushed organs too.

But there was one injury that literary took the air out of his lungs. His best friend/brother was missing his entire left arm and was bleeding profoundly.

With his basic first aid kicking in, he quickly tore a piece off his ruined clothes and bandaged the bleeding stump at the best of his abilities.

After finishing that, he checked his friend's pulse and found it but it was weakened due to blood loss.

Looking back, he couldn't help but remember how this massive shit storm happened in the first place.


Mission: "Territorial Patrol"

June 27 2020

Time: 09:37:01

Boring. It was the first thing that came into his mind as he watched some birds fly high in the sky at the starboard side of the ship while leaning on the window in front of the pilothouse. With the gentle sway of the ship as it moved through calm waters and the perfect weather combined, it would have been great if it wasn't just so BORING.

Who knew being assigned to take command of a warship could be so boring without anything to shoot at.

He was shaken out of his mooning when he suddenly felt an arm wrap around his shoulders and a body to lean on his side and suddenly use him as a wall. Looking at the offending limb, he slowly turned his attention to its owner, with a deadpan look, who is giving him a stupid grin that caused a twitch on his left eyebrow.

"What do you want?" He asked in his native tongue with a bored and lifeless voice as his friend kept on smiling idiotically.

"Nothing. Nothing at all. So… How does commanding a ship feel, skipper?" He jokingly asked as his grin kept getting bigger knowing that he is slowly pissing his friend off.

"Oh… Dandy if I might say so myself. WHAT DO YOU THINK, JACKASS?!" our protagonist bellowed as he shoved his friend to the side who just laughed and enjoyed his misery.

"Well good. B'cuz that's what you and I'll be getting for the next forty-three days before we make port." His friend said as he recounted that they had already spent two days in the water.

Groaning to himself, our protagonist felt as his soul just left his body and went to hell. Oh wait, this is hell. Never mind.

"Rafael, my brother from the 'nother mother and father. I love you like a brother but sometimes, your ideas and you in specific is just. FULL. OF. UNSHITTED. SHIT!" He bellowed to his friend/brother, who just up and laughed at him ignoring his semi-tsundere friend/brother-in-everything-but-blood.

Name: 1st Lieutenant Rafael Cortez,

Age: 20 years old,

Height: 5'11ft,

Relationship status: Bloody Single.

"AND NOT ONLY THAT, HOW IN OUR GOD'S ALMIGHTY ASS, IS THIS SUPPOSSE TO BE A MOTHER FUCKING VACATION, YOU DIPSHIT?!" He continued, with his head turning a new shade of red as his anger vented itself out of him in a form of steam that was coming out of his head.

Rafael just laughed his ass off towards his friend before his face met the wall from a punch to the jaw courtesy of his royally pissed friend's outstretched left arm while a tic mark appeared on his head.

"Nyaow- crack- ow, now… No need to get your panties in a bunch, Jason." Rafael said as he set his jaw back in place, while scolding his best friend, for his short fuse.

Name: Capt. Jason Ramirez,

Age: 21 years old,

Height: 6ft,

Relationship status: It's Complicated.

"Besides, think of this as paid vacation. I mean, you should enjoy the bright sunny day, cool ocean breeze and commanding a Filipino navy warship. No matter how crappy and old the ship is."

The ship, BRP Gregorio del Pilar, lead ship of her class, which was given to the Philippines by the Americans in 2011 was a Hamilton-class cutter and by that time, was already a forty-four-year-old ship. It was also stripped most of its weapons except the Mk. 75 Oto Melara 76 Compact Cannon. Because of this, the Philippines was forced to look for countries that could supply them with the most modern and cost-efficient hardware that they could install in this ship and her sister, BRP Ramon Alcaraz, which arrived a year later after her arrival.

After four painstaking years did the modernization of both ships commenced in mid-2016 to 2018. Now sporting Harpoon Missiles, Ballistic Missiles, Hellstorm Missiles, a fully armed ASW helicopter and better fire control and radar systems, both ship and their sister that arrived on mid-2016 and the arrival of the two SSV or Strategic Sealift Vessels of the BRP Tarlac-class.

With five ships ready for action and with two of them taking the title of the Philippine's largest warships, the new elected president sent the ships, with rotating schedule, to the WPS or West Philippine Sea, to deter the illegal Chinese fishing vessels and Coast Guard that has been harassing Filipino fishing vessels with water cannons for three years since 2013.

With the deployment of this ships and the USN missile destroyers and JMSDF destroyer/helicopter carrier and destroyers in late-2018, the tension rose and the Chinese government finally snapped and ordered all Chinese coast guard ships to open fire at any non-Chinese ship in the disputed-waters. This resulted with a heavily damaged CCG or Chinese coast guard vessels which was towed and dragged back to the Philippines with all its crew held in prison that was created within the American bases, moderately damaged bordering heavily damaged ships from the American, Japanese and Filipino side.

As a result, the tension became so thick that it's more visible than the apocalyptic level of pollution in Beijing with China demanding the release of all the crew of the towed ships and ships returned to them immediately. Such demand fell on deaf ears and caused China to send more ships to patrol in the area with orders to "Stand by". Acting quickly, the three allied nations and neighboring countries met in secrecy and discussed possible ways to deal with rising tension against one of the world's biggest and most populated country.

After that, the President received a proposition letter that could help increase the Philippine's naval and aerial defense if war was to happen. It stated that the ruined Fort Drum or otherwise known as the Concrete Battleship that sits just at the Bay of Manila, be refurbished and brought back to life with today's most modern equipment to help repel and prevent any invading forces to set foot on land.

Upon seeing this, the president thought through and through with the pros and cons of this letter and felt that the pros far outweigh the cons. With the cons being: high expenses, time (which they have little of), manpower to build and operate. The pros were that the fort has a greater defensive and offensive capabilities than any ship that his navy have if given a modernization of its own, and less casualties than sending old warships that could become sitting ducks in modern naval engagements.

He immediately called in his newly assigned Defense Secretary and informed him of the proposition letter that he received via email, from an anonymous sender, ordered the reawakening of the sleeping warrior and to find the best crew that could man this fort and reclaim its forgotten title as the impenetrable battleship.

The order was quickly taken into action with the Philippines working with the American for the weapons and firing system and the Japanese military for communication and radar systems to quickly refurbished said fort.

It took approximately five months to finish the whole ordealrenovation. Now, the fort boasts the most advanced radar, firing and weapon systems that could only be found in newer destroyers. The fort now sports refurbished two dual barreled Mk.7 16"/50 guns which had more firepower than its old, rusted and destroyed main 14" guns, four Mk. 75 Oto Melara 76 Compact Cannon, two on each sides, also replacing the unusable cannons on its sides, four Phalanx CIWS turrets, with two placed on the back of the first cannon and another two more behind these second one, and at the back of the fort sits the missile pods of the fort.

The missiles used were Filipino made and was inspired from the missile fired from the first movie of the Iron Man franchise and the late Bongbong cluster-missile project that was developed and later scrapped by succeeding government after the revolution. Of course, the core difference with the one in the movie and the actual was that after the numerous mini warheads has been ejected, the main body will still fly and redirect itself towards the largest vessel it has locked onto. They called it the Hellstorm missile because of its ability to shower its target with hell.

Back to the present, Jason sighed as his doofus of a friend laughed and playfully slapped him in the back.

"You need to relax more, Jay." Rafael said as he placed his hands on his hips and took a deep breath before exhaling loudly while turning to the port side of the ship to look over the horizon with his partner.

But he received no response. Looking back at his friend, he said Jason eyes narrowed towards the ocean. He was about to ask what was up until Jason's eyes went wide and he quickly reached for his radio which startled Rafael.

"SOUND THE ALARM! TORPEDO AT THREE O' CLOCK! HARD TO PORT! I REPEAT, HARD TO PO-" but before Jason could finish his command, something jumped out of the water and the first thing that ran through their minds was "What in hell?!"



"Argh!" Jason and Rafael cried out as they held onto anything they can get their hands on as the ship violently shook.

The left side of the ship's superstructure which was facing the unknown variable exploded which rocked the ship and left a large gaping and smoking hole at its wake.

"Man your stations! I repeat, man your stations! This is not a drill; we are under attack. Main gun, turn to port and fire at will! Helmsman, full speed. Hard to port. We'll circle this fucker! And will someone contact HQ and call for immediate air support, reinforcements! Anything, I don't care. Give them our coordinates and tell them to send back up pronto!" Jason bellowed on the poor radio.

After that, the alarms came into life as the ship's 76mm Compact Cannon immediately turned to the port side and fired several shots. Both young adults saw the weird creature stick its head out and what they saw shock and surprised them for a brief moment.

The enemy or whatever it was looked like a small killer whale with what looked like jaggered teeth, blue glowing eyes emitting wifts of blue smoke and a cannon sticking out its mouth. But before the creature could fire, one of the Mk. 75 Oto Melara 76 Compact Cannon shells nailed it in the face sending it back down at the ocean floor and the torpedo narrowly missing them by an inch.

But before they could even sigh in relief or celebrate, two more of the creature surfaced and fired at the same time.

"BANG!... BOOM!" this time, the free-board exploded and he could hear his subordinates screaming at the radio trying to get the fire out.

"BANG!... BOOM!" the second one smashed into the waterline near the front of the ship causing them to take in water.

Moving quickly into their positions inside the pilothouse, two more hostile have finally shown up, Rafael ran to station and typed the needed codes before the radar and a missile cross-hair appeared on the screen.


"Put the satellite feed on thermal imaging. We need to find these bastards' locations." Jason ordered as the normal satellite imaging turned dark blue and bright red. What they saw in the image made everyone inside the pilothouse blood run cold. It is because of almost everything with 225° of their position was colored bright red.

"Diyos miyos…" the helmsman murmured in fear and hopelessness.

Jason gritted his teeth in anger as his ship was surrounded by countless unknown hostiles.

"Are the Chinese finally making their move, Capt.?" Rafael asked as cold sweat ran down the side of his face.

"No… If it was them, the Americans and the Japanese would have already informed us. Thi-this is something else that we're facing." Jason answered slowly trying to figure out what exactly they're facing.

Looking out of the window, he saw that the sun has changed its position and is already above them. Already three hours has passed and yet, it only felt like a few minutes ago when they were first shot at.

Seeing the two bastards that scored a hit on them move on their left with their backs gliding on top of the water only being his indication of their movement, he saw another two appear and move at the different direction.

'Smart… By moving at both our sides, they limit the amount of casualties that they'll get from this but on the other hand, they maximize the enemy casualties and their success. But… This tactic would have worked a decade back against our ship and not at all against our stronger allies with the modern weaponry that we all now carry.' Jason observed as he deducted his next move not noticing the smirk slowly forming in his mouth.

"Aim four port side torpedoes at Bearing: Three-Four-Seven! Now, aim four starboard side torpedoes at Bearing: One-Nine-Five!"

"Sir, yes sir!" A soldier yelled.

With the commands now given, all eight torpedo launchers turned to their designated coordinates.

"On my command, launch all torpedoes and hope for something to go BOOM." He said.



"Hold… Almost there…"

"NOW! All torpedoes, launch!"


All torpedoes launched at the same time and everyone held their breath as they watch the torpedoes move.

Each one of the unsuspecting hostiles received two explosive gifts from them which launched them into the sky in a combination of oil-like bloody chunks and bits and pieces of metal with fiery explosion.

Jason could swear that he heard a melodious yet taunting and malicious laugh of a woman through the loud cheer of his crew.

Narrowing his eyes, he walked to the helm and took control of the ship from there. Turning the wheel to starboard, the ship groaned and tilted as he commanded the helmsman to put it on maximum power.

Using a pair of binoculars, he peered right in front of them expecting just another wave of those whale-like creatures to show up, he was disappointed and intrigued as another enemy resurfaced.

The new enemy was not one of those whale-like creature, but instead it was a pale girl. Standing with a weird headgear that resembled a crab with huge ass teeth in the front and tentacles under it instead of pincers, she wielded an obsidian cane and wore a black cape, white skintight top body suit and equally skintight black pants that did no justice on hiding the girl's plentiful assets.

'How many anime have I watched into figuring out where this is going…' he lewdly thought at the wrong time and wrong place showing his laid-back demure.

His eyes then narrowed as another four of those whale-like creatures resurfaced six kilometers away and fired shots one at a time. Turning the wheel rapidly to the different direction, he narrowly dodges the incoming salvos.

Turning to his friend, he said, "Rafael, target all that hostiles within the vicinity."

Bringing the radio to his mouth he ordered all personnel to be armed as he zigzag through incoming projectile. While they would miss, some would land hits that are superficial but occasionally shake the entire ship.

The girl continued to stare at the ship. After sometime of doing nothing and seeing that the ship still holds strong, the mouth on her headgear opened and out came were numerous monster-like objects that had sharp tips and teeth underneath with what seems to be small machine guns and small bombs attaches to them.

The girl held up her right arm and pointed it towards the ship that was struggling but holding strong against wave per wave of the freakish creatures. And with a wave of her hand, they all flew and went straight for the BRP Gregorio del Pilar with the intent to kill and destroy.

Rafael seeing the things the girl summoned on her head gear, quickly targeted almost all of the what seem to be fighters, torpedo planes and dive bombers. The ones controlling the ship's Mk.38s also sees them and aims for the closest ones and fires.

Four missile hatches suddenly opened behind the superstructure of the ship and out came four Hellstorm missiles that flew at breakneck speed towards the enemy aircrafts and the girl.

The girl watched in fascination as what seems to be four flying torpedoes flew towards her planes and her in specific. A small and almost unnoticeable grin forms as she assumed that they sent too little against her, but that quickly turned into shock when all four of the flying torpedoes suddenly turned into forty smaller ones that destroyed three quarters of her squadrons.


The explosion sent water and smoke into the air blocking her view which caused her to use her arms to raise her arms up to shield her face from the shrapnels that was once her entire squadrons.

Lowering her arms, her eyes went wide as four more of those torpedoes shoot through the smoke and fire which were now going towards her. Willing her planes to protect her, she was able to down three of them with another big explosion and at the cost of her three last fighter planes which now only nine planes are left of her entire arsenal.

The last missile somehow evades all of the planes that were trying to shoot it down and headed straight to the girl whose eyes widen as it makes contact with her and smashed into her chest just before she could block with her cane or let out a scream as the explosion engulfed her.


Rafael's smirked victoriously as the last missile, that he had personally controlled, reach the main target successfully. He then used the satellite imaging and was dumbfounded when the girl's heat signature was still there. Pushing a button on his headset, he commanded that one of the Mk.38s zoom into his target. Upon zooming, the operator and Rafael feels their blood run cold as the smoke cleared and revealed the girl with only small degree burns in her right breast and face, but what paralyzed them on their spot was the small cracks in the girl's body where the missile made solid contact.

'Wh-what is this? Was she wearing armor that could absorb High Explosive and Armor Piercing warhead's splash damage?' And to make it worse, the slight upturn on the corner of the girl's mouth seemed as if she was taunting them.

Meanwhile, the remaining Mk.38 auto-cannons has successfully shot all of the enemy aircraft except for a lone torpedo bomber that has flown too low for any of the secondary guns to detect. Releasing of its payload, the plane was finally detected and shot down but the deed has been done and was already too late.

The torpedo alarm of the ship rang as the torpedo made its way towards the ship. Jason did his best to turn the ship to port to successfully avoid the incoming torpedo.


'Biiiiip… … Biiiiip… … Biiiiip… …'

3 kilometers…

'Biiip… Biiip… Biiip… Biiip…'

2 kilometers…

'Biip… Biip… Biip…'

1 kilometer…

'Bip… Bip… Bip…'

500 mete-

'Bip. Bip. Bip.'


It pretty much didn't go according to plan. Well why you may ask? The answer to that is that a group of the whale-like bastards got the drop on them after they shot the hole in the waterline which pierced the magazine and everything went from shit to ultra shit in just a matter of seconds. And then everything went white as the explosion ripped the ship apart.

Flashback ends:

Sighing to himself, he tried to make himself as comfortable as possible while hanging on the metal door.

'Ugh… If my body didn't hurt so much, I would be joking about how the two of us resemble that scene in Titanic where Jack 'n Rose do their dramatic goodbyes. Hue hue hue…' Jason thought with a pained chuckle.

As if sensing his friend's train of thought, Rafael steered yet he still didn't wake up but not before giving him a piece of his unconscious mind.

"Fuck you too, Asshole."

Jason smiled before falling unconscious. The last thing he remembered before he lost it was the steady beating of an American Seahawk with its bright search light pointed at them before everything went dark.

'Took your damn time, man...'

Opening his eyes, he was greeted by a familiar sight. In front of him lies a dense jungle close to a waterfall, filled with all types of birds chirping and singing a beautiful melody. In the middle of the body of water, a figure sat on a lone rock. A very feminine figure he has come to acknowledge years ago.

Her clothes consisted of silky red turban with gold edges wrapped around her head like an Indian. The same silky red short sleeved shirt that ended just under her breast with golden chest piece. And lastly, she wore a silky red piece of cloth wrapped around her waist like a towel which reach just an inch or two below her knees. All in all, he was pretty much standing in front of a warrior princess.

Her face was flawless beyond measure with her tan skin, her warm yet somehow mischievous almond shaped brown eyes that seemed to glow, unblemished skin, small nose, kissable full lips, and the earrings she wore. I mean, with the girl this beautiful who needs make-up, yeah?

Her hair which reach unto her back was a flawless jet-black with the strands in the side of her face tied in a tribal cord that seems to enhance her beauty by a thousand times.

At her hips lies a sword without a sheath which was held by a red scarf-like cloth that was wrapped in her hips. A sword that is considered a giant among all of the Filipino weaponry. The Kampilan, a sword said to be on par if not deadlier by a margin against the Japanese katana. A sword that is a quarter of an inch, which widens the farther it gets from the hilt. A dual tip which was built to avoid it getting stuck after stabbing your opponent. The hilt was a beautiful piece of carved wood with a triangle in the middle. The shaft was magnificently crafted with from the Philippine iron-wood tree that was extremely expensive to this day. And finally, the butt of the sword that shaped like the mouth of a crocodile to scare away evil spirits and secure victory with its horsehair tassel to complete the look.

He saw the woman's ear twitch as he finally made his presence known.

"It has been long, isn't hasn't it, Nebula?" the woman stated as Jason sat Indian-style on the edge of the small river.

"Indeed it has, Goddess. Although I never imagined to meet you on this place ever again." Jason said with a straight face.

The woman merely smiled and reminisced the first time she came to his mindscape.

"You're right. Back then, this place was a barren wasteland. The very land was filled with scars and the rivers flowed with fresh blood." She said with a sad smile on her face. "Now, look at this place…" she continued as she stood up and gestured all around her, "It has recovered. And so has you." She finished.

Turning to him, she defied the very laws of physics as she stepped on the water and started walking on it as if it was solid land. Reaching Jason, she extended her right arm and offered it at him to take. Doing as she wished, she easily pulled him to his feet showing their difference in height. With the height of 5'6, he was forced to look down on her, smiling as he too reminisced at the years where they both stood at the same height.

"You have grown taller, Nebula." She commented as she let go of his hand.

Jason smiled again and said teasingly, "And you have grown shorter, My Goddess."

This earned him a playful punch on the chest arm as the woman crossed her arms under her bust, giving him a playful smirk.

"You have me to thank for that, remember?" she said as she poked him in the nose with her left hand.

Wrinkling his nose in annoyance, he said, "I guess so, but that doesn't change the fact that I'm taller than you now, Goddess."

The woman slowly lost her smile as she felt that he was bottling up his emotions.

"Nebula, how many times do I have to tell you to stop calling me by that and rather by my given name?" she playfully whined trying to lighten his mood.

Frowning at the sudden question, he turned away from her and watched the birds go by their daily lives.

"You know the reason for that. The day that you made me a Guardian, was the day that I swore that I would make sure that you stay happy until my time in this earth is finished."

"But how is this trying to make me happy?! The last time we talked, you had to stop a meteorite from destroying your country! And then after that, we haven't talked for a long time since then. It's been so long, Nebula…" she cried out to him as she threw herself on him wrapping him on a one-sided hug.

Jason balled his fist until they turned white because it hurt him see his Goddess like this.

"I don't want to lose you again, alright!. The last time something like this happened, I thought that I lost you forever. I can't bear to lose you again. For all of the ones that I chose to be a Guardian, you were the only one who chose to befriend me. You've been the only friend that I had since... forever... I just can't imagine a world without you." She cried as big-fat tears fell from her eyes.

Feeling his resistance melt away, he slowly turned around and finally returned the hug. "I'm sorry, Amaya. I know that this is hard for you, but the event that happened to me not too long ago is still affecting me. Maybe in the future, I would be able to come in terms with it but, I just can't right now." He said as he lifted her head so that he could look at her face-to-face.

"I know, but please, don't' you ever, ever, let this be a hindrance to you. I beg you, don't pursue the path of the avenger. Many has walked this path and none has returned with anything they wanted." She pleaded.

Jason smiled as a lone tear fell from his left eye and said, "Anything you say, Amaya. Besides, you know me, I always try to look for the good in everybody. Also, thank you for considering me a friend. That means a lot for me." Before kissing her on the forehead.

Amaya smiled as she cherished the feeling of his lips on her forehead while hugging him closer to her body, connecting every kinks and curves of their bodies together. Releasing her from his hold, he smiled at her as he held her soft hands with his rough and calloused ones.

Remembering what she came her for, she tried to remember the place they use to go within his mindscape whenever she has something to say to him. Remembering the place where she'll tell him what she wants to say, she gently but firmly pulled him towards the edge of the dense forest and arrived at a large Nara tree in the middle of a clearing.

Looking around, Jason smiled as he saw that everything was still the same within this particular place inside his mind, except the dark stormy clouds in the horizon which somehow worries him. Turning to the tree, he saw birds of all feathers flying without a care and singing their melodic song.

Turning back to Amaya, he saw her looking at him with uneasy eyes causing him to get worried. Nudging her at her sides, he gestured for her to sit with him on their usual spot on the giant roots at the base of the tree. Smiling at him in silent agreement, they walked there and sat down when they reached the roots.

Sitting on two different but close roots, Jason gestured for Amaya to start. Taking a deep breath, she spoke, "I guess, I couldn't hide anything from you, can I?"

Jason smirked at her and nodded.

"Alright. Now you better listen up, for what I'm about to say to you has a connection on what attacked your ship earlier." She said causing Jason to suddenly go from calm to deathly serious as his eyes narrowed down.

"I see. Please continue, Amaya." He said as he felt the emotional pain of losing all those men in a blink of an eye.

Nodding, she continued, "Of course. Anyway, the High Council has deemed it necessary to inform all surviving Guardians to stand ready at all given moments. These creatures of the Abyss, The Abyssals, are like of no other. They exist for the soul purpose of the expulsion and annihilation of mankind from the face of the earth. We and the other Parthenon have been watching this dark entity for eons. That is why I had given you the task a few years ago to go around the motherland to build up defenses."

Jason nodded as he felt it starting to connect all these years.

"Anyhow, the reason I'm telling you these, is because if we don't act now, we will be hard pressed later to make the right decisions. Besides, right now, we have the home advantages. We cannot let any of this chances go." She declared as she stood up and turned towards the stormy clouds on the horizon.

"I want you to rest, Nebula, I really do. But the moment you wake up after our talk, life as you know it would never be the same… not that it was in the first place, anyway. You will need to make decisions that would clash with our principles. You will need to break the very walls and barriers that you built to suppress your full power. Remember, your power is not just for destruction alone. Your power is much, much more than what you know now. You just need to have the will to find it." Amaya said as her body started glowing with a bright backglow.

Listening intently to her words, Jason hung his head and whispered, "When that times come…" he then lifted his head showing his eyes now burning with power and rage, "Then they better be prepared."

Turning back to him as her body started to dematerialize, she said, "Don't try to stop the storm."

"I am the storm!" Jason declared with a smirk which Amaya returned with the same intensity before she pointed her right arm at him.

"Rise, Nebula, and fulfil your task!" she declared as a magic circle appeared on her hand before everything went white causing Jason to tense his body at the last minute.


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