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'Where the hell am I?'

I pondered mentally as I looked around me, only to be greeted by nothing but the darkness of the night.

The only source of light within the vicinity of my location is the blood red moon up in the sky; just as it was blocked by the dark, thick and murky clouds, and the burning wreckage of some kind behind me. Right in the middle of who-knows island surrounded by upturned vegetation and foliage caused by the wreckage.

Speaking of the wreckage in front of me, now that I've turned towards it, I find it shocking to be blurred out to hell. I mean, no matter how much I squint my enhanced eyes, nothing about the ship seems to make sense; well, the fact that it crashed is one from who-knows-what and the fact that the fire hasn't spread. Looking at the entire length of the ship, I find myself wondering what could have caused something this massive to crash land so violently; if the upturned land and massive scars in the land were to go by.

"Must be at least two hundred fifty to three hundred meters long…" I note loudly as I began walking, looking for an entrance on this ship.

As I walked, I turned my head to the right and eyed the blurred-out forest that's pretty much's just in every essence, black. Nothing, and I mean nothing, could be made out of it other than the shape of the trees and soft swooshing of the wind as it passed numerous branches and leaves.

Turning my head back to the ship, I find it weird that something this big crashing hasn't caused any uproar in this area which it should normally do since nothing can escape civilization's itchy and easily tempted ears and eyes.

With numerous parts of the ship thrown or tossed everywhere laying around, I had to snake my way around a few large pieces of half foot-thick sheets of metal stabbed in the ground. Moving at a comfortable walking pace – no need to rush things right now – I note that the burning wreckage is the only source of light from miles away of darkness after I got on top of an upturned boulder the ship must have hit when it crashed. The overview provided me with this information as I turned my head from left to right and back in hopes of finding any other source of light nearby my location.

And just as I was about to hop off, a sound of metal groaning and snapping caught my attention. Okay, it might have caught more than just my attention as I flinched in shock and by reflex immediately brought out my rounded kalasag, Adya,in defense to whatever made that sound. After realizing what I just did, I felt just a tad bit embarrassed on acting way too paranoid as I lowered the round shield that was about the size of Marvel's Captain America's shield.

Of course, my shield is better than that movie prop! Why you may ask? Well, for starters, unlike Steve Rogers shield in the movies and comics that can absorb and return kinetic forces it meets head-on, mine can stop most attacks it meets head-on dead on its track. As long as it is not Jason's Mapawi or Carter's Valuan. Those two, while Adya could take head-on, doesn't mean I can withstand the force behind those two; especially combined. That is just a plain death sentence. I mean, I took a hit from those two once and never even thought of taking another one ever again. But what really set this apart from its movie counterpart is that hit the shield hard enough and it'll over power your weapon and break it to pieces; except the ones I mentioned earlier.

I mean, how cool is that?!

Break your enemies' weapons just from them hitting your shield so hard that it rebounds the kinetic energy back to them at full force in a split second, over stressing their weapon/s' structural integrity. That's like blowing up a bomb so big under a ship that it breaks its keel, or just plain breaking someone's spine to pieces.

A-HEM! ! !

Anyway, back to the story. After lowering my shield from my minuscule heart-attack, I patted my chest to calm down my rapidly beating heart expecting my fingertips to brush on my clothes. Yet, instead of my naked fingertips registering fabric, what I felt was skin tight moisture-resistant gloves in my hand and vest in my chest that I failed to notice until now. Looking down, I found myself wearing the clothes I wore back when we went and rescued Emily and her gang back a week or so ago along with a tattered black cloak. I feel badass with the clothes and all but I still felt quite naked. Moving my right hand behind me, my arm moved in practiced motion and grasped a wooden handle of a sword made for one hand only. Pulling it out at a slow and comfortable pace, I came face to face once again with another piece of equipment; my Kris sword, Urduja. Its Damascus-patterned steel reflecting the burning yellow that is my eyes, along with the ash grey hair that has grown quite a lot, like an inch or two longer.

"So…" I started talking, to one in particular, "… a dream it is then. A prophetic one at that, too. Great. Just what I needed, right now…"

Holding Urduja firmly in my hand, I did some practiced spins before re-sheathing it. Now that I know where and what this place is, I moved forward, jumping down the boulder and landing softly on my knee as I held my shield close to my side with my right hand touching the ground gently to ease off the force. Standing back up, feeling complete, more so than I did in the Naval Base, I marched forward looking for clues to what this dream entails about.

"What do you want me to see…" I mumbled softly as I reached the rear end of the ship, the only place where an entrance awaits me.

Taking one last look behind me, I watched as with narrowed eyes as the blood moon came back from hiding. This time, its crimson glow looking more menacing than it did earlier, as if mocking me to fight back.

And with that, I turned my attention back on the entrance and finally entered the ship. My footsteps echo loudly on the ship's fallen hangar door, careful not to trip myself from the amount of crap littering the entire place. Or the stupid amount of metal, pipes and wires sticking about every turn of the step around me.

After entering the inside of the ship, the first thing I found was the familiar stench of death bombarding my senses at full force. Wrinkling my nose in minor annoyance, I noted that it was too dark to make out anything in here. And so, taking my sword out of its scabbard once again, I held it firmly once more as I ran my chakra in it, watching in satisfaction as it glowed like a blue-ish silver glowstick with a hum. Holding it in front of me, I ran some more chakra in it, making the it glows even brighter until I could finally see the interior enough.

'Everything's still blurred to fuck…' a twitching in my left eye making itself known as nothing could be made out but shapes and color only.

"Annoying." I muttered as I walked towards the only door inside the hangar.

Moving towards the other end of the hangar, the only place that isn't so blurred as fuck, something catches my attention at the corner of my eyes. I stopped as I turned my head slightly to the right before looking down. I note in mild interest at the fallen body spread eagle on the floor, lying on his own puddle of dried blood and whose eyes, blurred to hell along with his whole face, was wide open.

Yet, it was not the face that took my entire attention, but his hair; more importantly, its color. Something blonde, I can't quite figure it out from the blurriness of it, the darkness of the area and the dirt, grim, and blood covering it.

'Dirty.' I mentally noted, 'Natural or not, I know not of.'

Although, what I do know is this unnatural heart-wrenching pain I'm feeling inside my chest the longer I linger around this fallen warrior as if I know him. Yet, I couldn't ID him since everything I can use to know who he is, is blurred out to existence. So, with an act of good-faith for his soul, I kneel beside this dead man with my right hand stretched out in front of me and closed his eyes, chanting a small prayer for his soul's safe passage to the afterlife, whomever he may be.

"May your soul reach the afterlife safely, brother." I said to my fellow slain warrior.

I stand back up once again to my full height and continued my passage inside the ship, leaving the man in peace. As I opened the door, I was greeted by the sound of sparks caused by the damaged wirings, hiss from the broken pressure pipes and cackling of fire the further down I made my way. I note to myself, that after having forced myself to leave the fallen behind, that the hall I am currently walking through has quite the number of doors, yet all of which are either locked, scorched, or blocked by fallen adversaries in white armor and by debris.

Yet, even with all these presented to me, I pressed on just as a feeling of dread creep up to my person the closer I walk towards the only spot that I can make off, in front of me. It was a brutally scorched, ruined twisted metal of a hatch door to what I perceive would be the entrance to the Bridge of this ship. It had its locks blown off which made it swing open and close eerily, banging loudly as it did so from the breeze that suddenly flowed from the other side; the stench of death being all too familiar and all too present. Everywhere. Reaching the mangled-up door, I softly placed my hand on the hatch door just before it banged the metal frames once again.

Pushing it open, I entered.

The first thing I saw after entering was more bodies of those in white armor sprawled all around me on the upper deck and one particular body facing down in front of the stairs. Why that would be the most eye-catching of all, you may ask? Well, lets start with the fact that he, whoever he may be, had a Roman-styled flagpole with a black flag in it stabbed on his back.

"So…" I started as the insignia caught my attention, "You're the cause of creeping anxiousness I'm feeling."

The flagpole, as far as I can make off, has a Roman-styled Legionnaire flag with an arrow-cut pointing upwards at its end. It is colored a beautiful silky black with pure white trimmings on either side. In the middle, the logo reminded me of what seems to be the front view of a rifled barrel with six grooves in a hexagonal pattern within and interconnected by lines to a thin white circle on its outer layer. Inside the solid white riffling is a solid black circle with six thin point-less triangular rays pointing right down the middle of each groove from the second layer of the logo.

Other than that unique logo, the only thing I can make off from this flag that is not blurred out to recognition is at the bottom.


Taking my eyes off the flag, I turned it to the fallen man it had its pole stabbed through. But, looking at this one also brings immeasurable pain to my chest just like the first one. Yet, I found myself walking in automatic, passing the impaled fallen as I walked down the stairs where more bodies littered the lower levels of the ship's Bridge of some kind. As I walked with my body in automatic function now, I found myself looking at the working stations that are currently either on fire, ruined beyond recognition or under a pile of rubble.

Walking towards the end of the Bridge, where my body seems to be taking me as all of my will on my motor skills has all seemingly ceased – nothing new in these kinds of dreams – I found myself staring down on another fallen, sitting on the floor in his own puddle of blood. Yet, this one, out of all the ones that I've seen here, is alive; if barely. The barely audible sound of his wheezing in pain reached my ears as I watched him sit on the ground, head slumped forward as blood dripped on the floor with a loud plop.

As I stared at this dying man, I noticed that my emotions seem to be going haywire. As if someone stabbed me through the chest with their fist and gave my heart a slow and painful squeeze. And as I was just wondering about what I seem to be feeling, the man's eyes suddenly snapped at me causing me to take an involuntary step back in shock when our eyes met.

The reason for this is the intensity of those electric blue eyes – half dead – as it stared at me fiercely and defiantly. As if defying Death's embrace for a few more seconds through sheer will alone.

"Take {%$} … home…" he whispers, his voice; weak and tired, sent his simple message to me before life left his eyes and he fell on his left side with a thud.

Watching him exhale his last breath, my attention was caught once again by something at the corner of my eyes. Something blue, this time. Turning on the object behind the man who just passed away, I saw what was that caught my attention. As it seemed, the man was hiding an orb of some-sorts behind him, which was revealed after he passed. The orb was spherical in shape filled with clear liquid inside with a child, toddler maybe, inside with a breathing mask on. Although I couldn't see the child's face due to him/her curled up in a ball revealing only the left side of his face and mask, I immediately knew that the child was not staring at me, but behind me when his/her eyes – the only one I could see – suddenly snapped open.

With honed instincts, reflexes and practical skills trained for years, I immediately turned around with both Urduja and Adya at the ready. My sword gaining a hint of yellow as I ran my chakra within it. Yet, when I turned around to face whatever the child was looking at, I was met by the endless abyss that has started engulfing everything inside the Bridge until I could only see two feet in front of me. Swallowing a hard lump in my throat, I felt my eyes darting left and right as I looked for any signs of intruders, yet I found none.

That was until I felt my throat suddenly contract, as if someone's got their hands on me. The force it had was enough for me to drop my sword on my side, clanking loudly as it hit the metal floor, before it slowly lifted me off the ground. My struggle started to become erratic as I tried to get whatever got me by the throat off of me, but to no avail, I was not successful.

As I struggled to free myself, I once more felt my eyes widen when I slowly watched a sword – broadsword, to be exact – hums to existence as bright sinister red light bathed its unholy blade.

The last thing I saw before it was swung to me was a pair of steel-blue eyes glaring murderously at me with hate before everything went white.

Chapter 22: Definitely What It looks Like

December 24, 2020;
Time: 05:20:59hrs;
Atop the Highwind;
Waiting for the Sunrise;

It's weird.

To receive such a blessing and a curse at the same time. Especially from the God of Death himself, then again, that God is actually kind and caring and will help his priest or priestess in times of need; even if portrayed as one of the Dark Ones.

Sidapa, his name, the God of Death, has bestowed upon him the ability to see into the grim dark future of the 21st millennium. Of course, it had is fair share of drawbacks; even if it's just drawback after drawback after the other. But, for the most part, it has helped him see things he can and could not prevent from happening. A blessing and a curse, it is.

He has seen the death of his own father from it, the man who turned him into what he, Jason and Carter are today; or what Carter would have been today if he lived long enough. What he didn't see was that he would be the one to end him, and not on a pretty way. Truly, a blessing and a curse. Which? He has no answer to that yet at the current time line, maybe in the future he will know, but not today.

As he sat there, contemplating of what he feels about the vision he received and what he can make of it, Rafael placed his hands on the cold titanium-aluminide hull of the Highwind behind him and leaned back, staring at the dark horizon where the stars dotted its sky as the sun started to peak out. He exhaled, his breath coming out in a form of white gas as the cold December condensed his breath the moment it escaped his lips. Below him, or the airship actually, is the Naval Base he currently is residing in; along with his friends, his brothers and sisters-in-arms, and most importantly, his family.

He didn't know what he would do if anything were to happen to any of them, most likely something Jason and Mito would do, except not as nuclear as that idiot and that crazy woman of his.

"Heh." He grinned, "That idiot. What a pain in the ass. The both of them."

"Well, aren't you a sweetheart." A cheeky female voice said behind him.

Turning his head to look behind him, Rafael gave the speaker a smartass grin as he replied,
"Don't worry, you're also a pain in the ass."

"Hardy-har-har~!" Mikoto retorted with an eye-roll as she crossed her arms, "As if you're not one yourself."

Shrugging at her words, he replied, "I never said I wasn't."

"So, what's up?" Mikoto asked as she stood beside his sitting form.

"Thinking." Rafael replied as the sun finally peaked over the horizon.

"Thinking?" Mikoto snorted, "Be careful there bud, you might run your brains dry."

"Ha-ha~." Rafael sarcastically laughed as he gave her the finger, "Get bent, sadist."

"Only with Jason-sama~!" Mikoto laughed as she gave him the finger as well.

"Do give me the pleasure of reminding you just how far you are being left behind by your bestie and her cousin." Rafael quipped.

"Not that far, really." Mikoto huffed, "At least not farther than Kushi-chan."

"And how far has Kushina moved?" Rafael asked, already knowing the answer to that.

"I dunno! Maybe a kiss here and there?" Mikoto replied with a question herself, sounding a bit exasperated.

"You not wrong there, but I'm betting on that they've already reached at least second base by now. With how aggressive Kushina has been the last few months prior to Jason falling into comatose." Rafael said, enjoying Mikoto's frustration as she growled at him, "How are you gonna catch up by being the goody-two-shoes Uchida princess that you are forcing down everyone's throats?"

"Who said that I was a goody-two-shoes Uchida princess?!" Mikoto grinned ferally, her eyes morphing into a pair of crimson buzz-saws of death, "I am an Uchida! The blood of my ancestors runs thickly through my veins! Their power coursing through my eyes! And their fury fueling my ambitions! I will not be denied of my desires and my destiny. While I do not like speaking of faith and such, there is no denying that I and Jason-sama will one day exchange vows and be wed to each other. That much is certain."

"And what of your best friend and Mito? Will you let them get in your way or will you do something about them?" Rafael asked as the sun rose, the dark dawn fading away.

"Remove them? Are you asinine? Why would I do something so counterproductive to gain the upper hand?" Mikoto raised an eyebrow at the audacity of his question, "If anything, I want Jason-sama to add more women to his ever-growing harem. Just so I can flaunt the fact that no matter how many he marries or beds, I will always be the first wife and the head matriarch."

"Wow~." Rafael whistles at the boldness of her words, "Dem fighting words, girl."

"Anyway, let us change the subject. Shall we?" Mikoto suggested, leaving no room for disagreement in her tone.

"Sure…" Rafael shrugged once again as he yawned, "So, what ya doing up here? You can't just be checking on lil' ol' me, right?"

"It is good that other than rubbish that usually fills that head of yours, you can actually function as a decent human-being and know of your place." Mikoto answered.

"You didn't have to be such a bitch about it, you know." Rafael said with half-lidden eyes.

"I guess not. Anyhow, I'm merely gracing you with my presence to ease my boredom that has accumulated as of late." Mikoto responded like the aristocrat she is.

"Hai, ojou-sama. This mere peasant is honored by thy holy presence." Rafael replied sarcastically, rolling his eyes, "So, what do you want?"

"Tell me." She says simply, looking ahead the horizon with her arms crossed.

"Tell you what?" Rafael asked, yawning in his hand before rubbing them together, "Damn… it's really cold here."

"You saw something." Mikoto said, a knowing look in her eyes as she eyed him form the corner of her eyes, "You always do this when you had one of those freaky vision of yours. Going somewhere far away from everybody's eyes, as if it is your last day on Earth."

"If it was my last day, I'd spend it however I want." Rafael shot back, "Besides, I didn't know you kept close eyes on me. I feel like I should be worried about my safety, especially to people like you."

"While that's laughable and a half, 'tis not only I that has noticed this behavior of yours." Mikoto said with a grin, "Jason-sama, Mito-nee, Kushi-chan and Cid-ojii-san has also taken noticed of it long ago."

Hearing that, Rafael finds the floor suddenly interesting. On the other hand, Mikoto sighed as she rubbed her flushed cheeks to keep them warm.

"So, you gonna tell me or would I have to get Cid-ojii-san to have to make you tell me?" Mikoto asked with a smirked as she watched in amusement when Rafael violently twitched at the memory of Cid's over-the-top ways.

"Fine…" Rafael immediately caved in, "But on one condition."

"Name thy price." Mikoto replied.

"Whatever I tell you here, make sure that it stays here." Rafael said, squinting when the rays of the sun hit him in the eye with its blinding brilliance.

"The reason for that?" Mikoto asked in skepticism.

"The dream I saw, it didn't make any sense. But at the same time, it did; tremendously. And somehow, I understood what it wanted to tell me, just barely." Rafael said, an aura of seriousness engulfing his being as his eyes flickered a burning yellow and back in a split second.

"Sounds serious." Mikoto commented, "But, sure. I'll do as you wish."

"Aye, it does." Rafael said before recounting what he saw in his dream, leaving no detail behind knowing Mikoto will just haunt him later if he did.

Half an hour later, after having told her everything he's seen, Rafael felt as if the heavy load on his shoulders has been lifted. Meanwhile, Mikoto had a look on her face as she let the information given to her sink in, trying to get everything in place.

"So, let me get this straight, you dreamt of going inside a ship crashed in an island, an airship not the ocean-one, crashed in the forest in the middle of nowhere, found numerous dead bodies with some of which felt really close to you and a flag of some sort. And then, the last guy alive in that ship, told you to get someone home, but the you couldn't hear the name of who you had to get back home." Mikoto said, summarizing what she got, "And after that, you saw a child inside a sphere that seems to be liquid in nature. And then, moments after laying eyes upon the child, the child's eyes snap open and looks behind you. And you being the dumbass you are, turned around with weapons drawn. But you saw nothing, until you were being choked to death and a sword bathed in red fire/light was swung at you at the same time. Did I get everything right?"

"Aye, spot on." Rafael said, pleased that he didn't have to repeat himself again.

"That's some dream." Mikoto commented, turning around to face Rafael just as he stood, "What are you gonna do about it?"

"Nothing." Rafael said, dusting his pants and doing some stretches, "At least, nothing right now since I barely got enough to work with. At most, I'll be putting it in the back burner for now."

"Are you sure about that?" Mikoto asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Yeah, I'm sure." Rafael said, before he looked at her straight in the eye, "I hope you can keep this between us."

Grinning at his words, Mikoto offered her hand, "Aw~! Put a little more trust on me, okay? I'll keep quiet about this, but what should I do if what you saw in your dream become a problem for us?"

"Then, is the only time you can break our deal. I don't want to keep everyone in the dark, but I don't also want to break everyone's Christmas spirit." Rafael said, turning away as he looked down the airship, seeing a few shipgirls out and about playing in the snow, "Let them be free on any problems for now. Should anything come up, I'll handle it."

"Do remember that we always got your back, okay?" Mikoto said, turning around to leave, "We're your family, we don't want you to be doom and gloom all the time."

"Thanks for your concern, but as Sidapa's chosen, I must do my own fair share of responsibilities." Rafael said, "Just like Jason has with Amaya, being her chosen and all."

"I hope you know what you're doing…" Mikoto said as she walked away, "… Horsemen."

"I hope I do as well." Rafael said softly, feeling the wind passed him, his uniform barely keeping him from shivering, "It's really, really cold here."

With nothing else to do on top of the Highwind, Rafael also made his way down. As he traversed the way down the Highwind, he spared his watch a look, seeing that it's already quarter to seven meaning he has enough time to replace his spare bionic arm with his other bionic arm that got wrecked bad in his fight against the Titan of the Depths. Reaching down the end of the ladder, Rafael enters the Bridge and makes his way down the 2nd level of the Bridge where Griffin and Chaffin's stations could be found.

"Chaff, where's Griff?" Rafael asked as he stared at Griffin's empty gaming/working station that's usually housed their resident-cancer.

"At the Armory, Raf. Probably jacking off to his guns and 3D printer like the perv he is when it comes with his guns." Chaffin said in-between bites of his vanilla frosted strawberry cheesecake, pointing at the door Rafael just came from with his fork, "Want some?"

"Nah, thanks for the offer though." Rafael replied back with an easy-going grin as he left.

"More for me, I guess." Chaffin said with a shrug as he went back to watching his show in his station.

"Oh, before I forgot," Rafael said, just as he opened the hatch door, "-where's Cid?"

"With his wife." Chaffin said, not taking his eyes off his show, "He said he'll be in town with Shera and that he won't be back until the day after tomorrow. That and to tell you and Capt. not to bother him."

To which the radio-operator shuddered at the thought of what the old freaky couple would be up to.

"As if I'd disturb his wrinkly old ass." Rafael shuddered as well at the unnecessary thoughts that invaded his mind, "I think I need a mind bleach…"

"So do I." Chaffin said before taking massive bites off his cake.

"See ya, Chaff."

"You too, Raf."

Closing the hatch door behind him with a soft clang, Rafael made way towards the Armory where most of the ship's small arms and other gear, to make sure that the enemy is double and triple dead, is stored.

With a knock on the hatch door to announce his presence from the other side, Rafael opened the hatch door with a twist of the handle and entered, "Griff, you here?"

"I'm here, man." Griffin said as he got off the PC and the modified 3D printer to greet Rafael, "Wassup?"

"I'm good." Rafael grinned as he shook hands with the man that's almost as large as Jason, not as strong or scary though.

"So, what can I do for you today?" Griffin said as he sat on the side of his workshop table, where numerous tools and equipment for gun smithing and maintenance lay, with his arms crossed.

"Got anything new for me, Griff?" Rafael asked as he unholstered his Desert Eagle, spun it around so he's holding it by the barrel before handing it to Griffin who took it.

Taking the wheeled chair from his PC, Griffin sat on it and turned to Rafael with the DeEagle on his hands and the PC on his back.

"So, what do you want for me to do to it?" Griffin asked, "I mean, I can do a lot of things to it, but I don't think you'll want it to look finicky and complex for use."

"Reduced recoil, more firepower and more durability." Rafael counted off.

"You do know your hand cannon has more stopping power than Capt.'s 1911s without the Bolter-modifications, right?" Griffin asked him as he unloaded the gun and pulled back the slide to eject the chambered round out.

"I know, but Jay doesn't use both Mustang and Sally against soft fleshy people that much anyway so he barely uses conventional ammo. I want more bang and more pen, especially with a gun with that size of ammunition at my disposal." Rafael said, arms crossed as he eyed the glowing green rounds from the magazine of his gun.

"Well, I guess I can do those upgrades you want." Griffin said, rubbing his chin as he turned the gun around in order to inspect what he needs to do, "I think a titanium frame for lightweight and durability with stainless steel barrel, receiver, and trigger for added strength and anti-corrosive properties since we're stationed next to the sea. I'll also spray anti corrosive primer and paint on it when I'm done and make the sights better for easier target acquisition. Would you want a threaded barrel for suppressor attachment?"

"No need." Rafael shook his head, "I want it to look the same, apart from the modifications you mentioned."

"OK. How about the grips? You want me to change them?" Griffin asked.

"Nah, let that one stay as it is."

"If you say so." Griffin said as he took a notepad and wrote all the things, he needs to work on the hand cannon.

"Oh, before you leave, I want you to see something I've been working on." Griffin said with a grin as he laid the gun and notepad next to his PC.

"Sure." Rafael replied as he watched Griffin go to the other corner of the room and pick up a metallic weapon suitcase a meter long and about a foot wide, "What you got there?"

"Oh boy. Something both you and the Capt. will personally love." Griffin said as he walked back carrying it in his arms and laid it on top of the workshop, "More on the latter, I feel."

"Really now?" Rafael grinned in amusement.

"Who knows? But what I do know is it's a beauty, this one is; without a doubt." Griffin said as he unlocked the locks with a click and opened the suitcase.

What greeted him made him whistle in shock and awe, "Well hot damn, that's a beauty alright."

The weapon, was in a form of a sword but was also not in a form of a sword. It's complicated like that, don't ask. It was about 80 to 90 cm in length and was both gold and blue in color. Starting from the pommel, it sported a solid steel skull pommel with red leather strips wrapped around the handle for increased grip and comfortability. The handguard was connected, more like a part of the guard of the sword, was a thick metal that is bent perpendicular to the guard and parallel to the hilt with four studded spikes for added brute force damage in case of melee. If it wasn't melee enough before, it is now. Meanwhile, the guard was connected to the blade, well a massive casing with what seemed to be a power pack colored in steel grey, polished to perfection. Beyond it, was a flat metal carapace with golden eagle wings at the flat tip, spread back with only the forward section open. As for the blade? Well, it's pretty much just a bunch of serrated chainsaw teeth, sharpened to the molecular level, that seems more suited to cutting and sawing people up than it is for trees.

"I know right? I call it the Chainsword." Griffin said ever so proudly of his work as they both basked in its greatness.

"The Emperor protects, brother." Rafael said as he ran his fingers on the carapace.

"But a loaded bolter never hurts either." Griffin replied in return, "So… what do you think?"

"If you introduced this to us when we were a few years younger, we would have made this our stapled melee weapon and be hated by both the UN and the CHR even more than we are now." Rafael chuckled with a dark look in his eyes.

"Well? Wanna give it a go?" Griffin asked as he watched Rafael expectantly.

"Sure. Uh, how do you start this thing?" Rafael asked as he turned the sword around his hands.

"Twist the pommel ninety degrees clockwise and give it a good pull, about a meter or so. Once you do that, hold on to it tightly since it will have a forceful downward pull." Griffin explained as he watched Rafael twist the pommel clockwise, "And don't worry about putting the pommel back in place, I designed it to return automatically once pulled."

"Ok. Any other thing I should know as well before I power this anti-heretic masterpiece?" Rafael asked, holding the skull pommel patiently.

"Yeah. Underneath the leather strips are four electronic pressure pads. What these do is, the harder you hold the sword, the more you rev the motor up." Griffin said, pointing his finger to the length of the hilt, "I actually wanted to do a brake-lever kind of method but decided against it since the sword already has a solid guard and that adding it would make it look funky. Also, before I forget, there's a switch on top of the guard that you can access with your thumb. Pull it down and the blades moves down, like what it is set at the moment, and up vice versa."

"Anything else?" Rafael asked as he felt the switch with his thumb.

"Nothing, other than me wanting to see your reaction to it." Griffin said with a grin.

"Well then, let's see what if this bad boy can match up the hype that it gave me." Rafael grinned with glee as he pulled the pommel with a solid swing of his arm.

Not a second later, the miniaturized motor of the Chainsword suddenly came to life with an angry buzz as the teeth spun around. Giving the hilt a squeeze, a smile couldn't leave Rafael's face as the motor revved and the teeth spun faster and angrier. And of course, he did watch out for the downward pull that Griffin was talking about. And to tell you the truth, it wasn't that bad as he had thought. Just like the weight which is just right for ripping and tearing enemies up to gory chunks. If anything, it more or less weighted about twice the weight of an AR15.

By the Emperor, does this thing wants him to rip and tear shit up just for shits and giggle.

"Not bad." Rafael commented as he revved the Chainsword with a squeeze, "So, how do you turn this off?"

"Loosen your grip to just about holding it and the motor will die on its own. Set it to about ten seconds timer of being held loosely before the motor auto-shuts down." Griffin said.

Doing as he was told, Rafael watched as the motor did die on its own and the teeth slowed to a stop. Handing it back to Griffin, who was giving him an expectant grin, he said, "Not bad, not bad at all. Would love to have one of those in the future. A vastly improved one. No offense man, but that one did feel like a prototype to me."

"That's because it is." Griffin chuckled good-naturedly, "It's actually my test-bed. A Mk. I of sorts. So, what did you think?"

"Well, it's great on almost every aspect, but the way you need to turn it off kills it to me. In the battlefield, no one's going to have the time to keep pulling that pommel every time. So, from what I felt, maybe changing how to turn it off will make it a lot better, like a button of sorts, rather than just slacking the grip used." Rafael said, patting the reinforced flat of the sword.

"Noted. And yeah, I also thought like that as you held the sword." Griffin said as he closed the suit case.

"Yep. And that reminded me, what inspired you to create the Chainsword?" Rafael asked.

"It was actually when I saw Capt. eviscerate someone in half with a chainsaw. At first, I thought of the Doom Slayer, but then I thought that a chainsaw was too heavy and cumbersome to be welded as a melee weapon." Griffin said, "As for miniaturizing it, I asked Ms. Mito if she has anyone that can help me with this pet project of mine a few months back."

"Nice. And for the power supply?" Rafael asked, "Something like this would require quite a power pack to power it through, I feel."

"And that you are right." Griffin replied with a knowing grin, "Actually, this Chainsword is also a test-bed for one of Ms. Mito's company projects. It is powered by a plasma battery pack, which they theorize should last much longer than the best batteries around and also supply enough power to actually outperform Euro 6 and JA1 fuel by a significant margin. I wouldn't want to bore you with the schematics but that is really the gist of it."

"So, pretty much what powers the Highwind's main and auxiliary engines and generators, but smaller. I understand it now." Rafael deduced.

"Awesome." Griffin grinned.

"Well, thanks for the awesome reveal, man." Rafael grinned, "Let me know when you're done with my hand-cannon, alright?"

"Sure thing, bro." Griffin grinned as they shook hands, "I'll make your hand-cannon make Capt.'s M1911s look like a pea-shooter."

"You better." Rafael laughed alongside Griffin as he left the Armory.

Exiting the Armory as he closed the door behind him with a soft click, Rafael, once again, made his way towards Akashi's factory where his original bionic arm resides at the moment. Opening the door of the Hanger, Rafael walked out of the Highwind with steady stomping of his boots on the metallic floor where they would usually store vehicles, like a tank. Or two.

Reaching outside, he was greeted with fresh cold sea breeze that blew past him from the right and resumed his walk once again. As he walked, he saw many of the shipgirls heading towards the cafeteria which was the other way around from where he was going. Some waved at him and greeted him a 'Good Morning', prompting him to wave back and smile while others (the more matured ones) nodded at him, which he returned.

Looking at the numerous shipgirls that he was walking past by, Rafael could clearly see that they are all excited by today's events that should start by later afternoon. Even without needing to ask what they feel; he could already see the excitement and joy they are all radiating everywhere. It made him smile, their sweet genuine and infectious smiles infecting him as he made his way. That's why he made sure to make Mikoto keep what he told her to herself at the moment, or until when the festivities finish; that means after a day or two after the New Year's Day.

Reaching Akashi's factory, Rafael chose to enter from the door on is left rather than the large main door which was presumably still locked and a massive waste of time to open. Arriving at the door, he gave it two solid knocks and heard a muffled voice inside.

"Coming!" he heard Yuubari call out from the other side just as she opened the door for him, "Oh, Rafael-san! It's you. Are you here to pick up your bionic arm?"

Greeting her with an easy-going smile, he nodded, "Yep."

"Well, don't just stand there. C`mon on in." Yuubari said as she stepped behind the door to let Rafael in, "I'll show you the way."

"Thanks." Rafael nodded to her as he entered the factory, the first thing he hears are the thud of heavy metal, hammering of the hammer to metal and the sound a welding tool makes when it welds things together, "Busy day?"

"You bet." Yuubari nodded as she guided him through the numerous clatters of tools and materials laying around, "Actually, Teitoku arrived here before us and did the majority of our job so we kinda finished early. Right now, he's with Akashi fixing his damaged SUV, well, I'm helping as well since it's the least we could do after he helped us do our job easier."

"Really now? Well that was kind of him." Rafael muttered, looking around at the amount of supplies and armaments that seems to have doubled in just a few days after the Shipgirls liberated Sarushima Island from the Abyssals, finally kicking the Abyssals to open territory for once in almost more than half a year since the war against them started. And also a few days after Jason ordered all shipgirls to take the day off starting from the 14th of December up to the 3rd of January next year. That is, if all things go according to plan, but knowing Jason, he'd just drop an island on anyone that wants to shit on that plan of his.

Take it from him, he knows.


Reaching to where his bionic arm, repaired and hopefully fully fixed of the minor bugs it had, he came upon the side of Jason and Akashi in work clothes, welding what seems to be an inch-thick combination of composite armor and steel plating on the Conquest. Along with its busted-up engine hanging by the chains on the front.

"Hey, Raf. Wassup." Jason said, not bothering to look at him as he finished welding the piece of modern armor top of the front left wheel.

"Fine, how 'bout you?" Rafael said as Jason laid the tool and turned around to shake his hand.

"Been busy working here since zero-four-hundred hours in the morning." Jason said, "Helped these two finishes up their quotas for the month and had them help me with the Conquest. We've been welding the new armor I ordered a few days ago from Mito after it arrived yesterday night. What'dya think?"

"Wouldn't that stress the engine too much?" Rafael said, gesturing at the engine block with his thumb as he crossed his arms.

"Well, I plan to upgrade that engine as well to Euro 7 standards and ump the horsepower up to 400hp-450hp. Because why not?" Jason chuckled to himself as he shrugged at the end of his statement about making the engine as powerful as a WW2 tank engine.

"What's your estimated weight on it when you're done?" Rafael asked, taking a look at the masterfully crafted and welded composite plates at the doors and the body itself.

"About 5500kg after all the things I plan to install in it is done. I also plan to strengthen the suspensions and calibrate the brakes for better handling and accommodation of the upgrades." Jason said, patting the driver's door as Rafael looked around, "I plan on giving the suspensions at least 500kg of allowance so it should be able to take on a full 6 tons of weight, just in case I want to add some more stuff."

"You really like to make things overkill." Rafael shook his head as he finished his inspections.

"Hey, it's better to be prepared, man. Besides, this thing got taken out by a stupid shrapnel in the first place. So might as well make it shrapnel and small arms proof." Jason said.

"Yeah, yeah, whatever. So, where's my bionic arm?" Rafael asked, "I heard you helped these two with their works so they can finish early. So, it's safe to bet that you also helped them with working on my bionic arm; knowing how you like to thinker with whatever you get your hands on."

"You bet your ass I did thinker with it for a bit." Jason grinned as Akashi finished her part, "Akashi, show him the bionic arm."

"Hai, Teitoku." Akashi nodded as she lifted her welding mask and walked towards a table with a wooden crate on top of it.

Upon reaching it, Akashi took off the welding mask off her head and placed it on the table while she took the wooden crate with her as she returned. Stopping just in front of him, Akashi presented the box to him.

"Here's your bionic arm, War Commander." Akashi said with a proud grin, "Tell us what you think of it, okay?"

"Thanks to all of you." Rafael grinned gratefully as he took the box from her, "Oi, Jason."

"What?" Jason asked with a curious look.

"Hold this for me, will you?" Rafael said, giving Jason no time to say any reply as he handed him the box, forcing him to hold it as Rafael opened the box, revealing his original bionic arm that seemed slightly beefier than it was before making it finally match the size of his fleshy limb and more so than the one he currently has which ghastly looks like a malnourished arm. Fortunately, it was hidden by his uniform.

"Uh, you're welcome?" Jason asked with a twitch of his eyebrow and an annoyed look on his face as he held the box.

"Yeah, love you to, man." Rafael said without a care making the two girls with them giggle in amusement while he took off his coat to get better access.

Using his fleshy arm, Rafael held his spare bionic arm by the biceps and triceps and gave it an anti-clockwise twist unlocking its lock that holds the bionic arm and also the neural link that is on the shoulder piece the bionic arm was attached to. He then laid the spare on top of the Conquest and took hold of his original bionic arm that is more used for battle than the spare was. Without any bionic arm attached to his left side, Rafael could clearly feel the feeling of emptiness creeping from his left. Yet, he squashed those feelings when those pair of angry electric blue eyes that was glaring at him to death flashed before his eyes, fueling him with determination as he inserted the socket of the bionic arm to the piece of metal tube sticking out of his shoulder piece and reconnected his original bionic arm to where it finally belongs.

Meanwhile, Jason watched as the myriads of emotions passed through Rafael's eyes before he inserted the bionic arm back to its rightful place. Filing this for later time, he asked, "So, what does it feel? Anything different?"

"Yeah, it's a bit heavier but not much to impede of movement. So, what did you guys add on it?" Rafael asked as he open and closed his hand while looking at it around and at different angels for any difference, "Seems to be all internal modifications to me."

"Yeah!" Akashi cheered, "I actually added a rocket fist ability on it. So, you can punch your enemies from a distance away. Heck yeah! Aren't I awesome?"

"So, how do you activate it?" Rafael asked as he looked at his arm in excitement of the new ability, "And you're awesome."

"To activate the Rocket-Fist, all you had to do is hold up your hand in a stance, any stance will do, and say 'Rocket'. What this will do is activate the voice activate key of the arm, and to launch it, you just say either of the following: 'Launch/Fist/Fire'. It will send the fist rocketing towards your intended target but it's a pretty straight shot so it's better that whomever you want to punt from a distance be standing still so you don't miss. As for the return, that's on Yuubari's part." Akashi said with a proud grin.

"So, Rafael-san, to make it return to you, all you had to do is unclench your bionic fist's fingers and it will reverse the thrusters and force it to fly back to you. Do be careful though, it has quite the recoil when it comes back. And, as for how the unclenching part works, we've added a micro transponder in your bionic arm that connects the two pieces together via VHF signals." Yuubari said as she pointed at the elbow joints, "This is where the rocket fist actually launches from."

Turning to Jason, whom has placed the wooden crate on top of the Conquest as well, he asked, "What about you? What did you do?"

"Well, as for what I did, it was pretty simple really. I merely added extra chakra-conducting metal from the leftovers we have in the Highwind and used it to replace some of the broken parts from within and to strengthen its overall durability. No offense to Mito and her subordinates, but making this thing from purely titanium wasn't the best idea they had ever conceived yet. It made your bionic arm too brittle to powerful consecutive blows and stress. And, as an added benefit, I've added a grappling hook right on top of the rocket fist's thruster so that you can grab onto ledges and reel yourself up or grab an enemy from afar and reel them in to you for an up-close and personal action." Jason said, tapping the upper part of Rafael's arm, "To activate it, I've worked up a program where you can use three options: Mental, Verbal or Physical.

To activate by Mental, all you have to do is think about it and the code shall translate it as 'Activate Grappling Hook' and to launch, you simply think of either 'Shoot' or 'Launch'.

To activate by Verbal, all you have to say is 'Hook, Activate.' To launch, just say/scream either 'Fire' or 'Launch'. Pretty straight forward, you can't make mistake it for anything else.

As for activation by Physical, it actually requires you to straighten your arm in front of you and to clench your fist with your thumb sticking out. To launch, you merely need to bend or fold your thumb in like your pressing a cylinder detonator and it will fire the hook away."

Taking all of those in mind, Rafael gave his new and greatly updated bionic arm a flex as he felt it adjust and calibrate itself just like it did the first time, he got it.

"So, what's the magic words?" Jason asked teasingly, making Akashi and Yuubari giggle in amusement as Rafael looked at him.

"Go fuck yourself, that's what." Rafael said in the straightest face he can ever manage as both Akashi and Yuubari looked at him bug-eyed in shock at such blatant cussing he just did.

"Go fuck me yourself, you coward." Jason said, getting the attention of the two girls who stared at him just as shock as they did to Rafael.

"Ew, no." Rafael scrunched his face in disgust.

"I'm just kidding." Rafael laughed as he clapped hands and did some fancy generic bro-handshake with Jason who laughed as well, "Thanks for the upgrades, you guys. Now, I feel confident I can kick that rust bucket's ass better."

"You're welcome!" Yuubari replied with a grin.

"It was fun working on your bionic arm, War Commander-san." Akashi gave him a massive grin as she laid her hands on her hips as she stood next to Jason.

"Just don't overdo yourself, man." Jason said, "Remember, we're here too. If you need back-up, just give us a holler and we'll all Zerg-rush the ever living chiznits outta those fools that dares try to mess with our family."

"Yeah, yeah." Rafael waved him off with a grin on his face just as his watch beeped on him, "Well, looks like it's time for breakfast. You guys coming or what?"

"We've had early breakfast, but thanks for the offer, Rafael-san." Yuubari declined along with Akashi.

"Yeah, we ate as early as we can so we can finish up a lot today. Since, you know, there will be a party later tonight and all that." Akashi said with an easy-going grin.

"I'm good." Jason said, winking at him as he conveyed a hidden message to him.

Nodding his head, Rafael thanked them once again and left the factory along with his spare bionic arm which he has placed inside the box. After walking around for a bit, he felt the sudden need to test out his new toy.

And what better way to test it out other than to go Spiderman his way back to his room?

Without thinking twice, Rafael straightened out his bionic arm in front of him and aimed at the highest point in the Naval Base's building and clenched his fist with his thumb sticking out. The moment his fist shut tight, two armored plates on the top of his arm opened up with a soft click and a 6"x1" black tube with a folded hook (its blades folded to allow more space) rose from it like the cannons in Battery Chamberlin. Doing as he was told before, he made sure to press his thumb down like he was pressing an imaginary button and watched as the hook was fired away at incredible speeds and force.

Tugging on the wire experimentally to make sure that whatever the hook latched on would not let him fall, Rafael gave it a solid tug which immediately pulled him towards the hook, propelling his body at great speeds. As he flew in the air towards the building's roof, he whipped it up, dislodging the hook from the ledge it has hooked on before the grappling launcher automatically reeled the wire back, snapping the hook close once again as he landed on his feet, skidding on the ground, the grappling launcher deactivating the moment he brought his arm back to his side.

"Show off!" he heard Jason yell out to him from the factory.

"Man, I'm good." Rafael laughed to himself, ignoring Jason as he made his way towards his room to store the spare back.

Walking through the empty corridor, Rafael whistled a tune to himself until he reached his room, where he merely just dumped his spare on top of his bed and went straight towards the cafeteria.

Arriving at the cafeteria doors, he was suddenly bombarded of the memory of Hiei's miraculously delicious and safe curry a few days ago that wowed the entire base since it was actually safe for consumption for once. Then again, with Jason helping her, it was not much of a miracle other than him being able to have her listen to him on what to do.

He then remembered the time when he asked Jason to teach him how to cook back when they were 17 years old, where the ass looked at him, and sized him up; almost killing him with the suspense before he actually agreed. What came next was a series of cusses that would have made Gordon Ramsay blush so hard from embarrassment. Of course, that resulted in him learning a lot under his tutelage that he was able to actually cook food for once in his life to ensure his own survival.

Ha! Suck on that, Daisuke!

Entering the cafeteria, he was met with the sight of all the shipgirls the Naval Base houses, barring Akashi and Yuubari, eating and generally having a good time with each other as the spirit of Christmas buzzed around. That and the sight of Houshou, Mamiya and Irako hard at work in the kitchen with Gordon Ramsay 2.0. himself making miracles happen at the eyes of the young and easily impressionable minds of the Destroyers and Coastal Defense Ships that has just recently joined the ranks.

Except he isn't blond, nor does he have blue eyes. It's actually the other way around.

Although he knows someone who's blond, has blue eyes, and swears up a storm. But he's four years long dead so he doesn't count, even if he wants to count him as well.

"You just gonna stand there and eyeball me the entire day or are you going to actually eat?" Jason smirked at him as he wiped his hands on the frilly pink apron he wore before putting a plate filled with a cup of rice, a sunny side-up egg and a half foot long sausage with bacon wrapped around it fried to perfection, another serving of a cup of rice on a small plate and cup of black coffee, "Eat up."

"Thanks." Rafael said as he picked up his food, "So, how's the preparations going? I don't think I've heard from you any success of keeping your grandmother away from your son."

Grimacing at his total loss, Jason sighed as untied the apron and took it off and hanged it on the wall hanger, "I completely forgot all about it and just recently remembered it last night, just as I was able to sleep. I thought, 'Fuck it, might as well go with the flow.' And just went balls deep, as I am doing right now. Houshou. Mamiya. Irako. Please have your breakfast, I think we've all cooked enough for everyone to have second servings."

"Hai, Teitoku." Mamiya and Irako smiled at him as they washed their hands and took off their aprons to get something to eat themselves.

"Thank you for your massive help today, Teitoku." Houshou smiled at Jason like an affectionate wife to her husband just as she went and did the same like the two before her.

"You sure you didn't go balls deep on Mito, again?" Rafael joked after the three women left earshot making Jason look at him with an annoyed look, "What? It's not like it's not true, though."

"Yeah, whatever. And to answer your crude question, you pervert, no. I didn't go balls deep on Mito, and even if I did, I wouldn't tell you that." Jason snapped quietly at him when they walked past the Akatsuki-class with Fletcher with them before casually flicking him the bird.

"So, what time are we expecting her to arrive here?" Rafael asked as he waited for Jason to get enough food from the buffet like-setting they had set up earlier in the morning.

Of course, they made sure that the food will accommodate everyone so while the three took care of the Japanese sides of things, Jason took care of the American and German dishes that he knows; basics ones at the moment to enable him to make as much as possible.

"At most, 1600 hours later this afternoon. Knowing that old hag, she'd make sure to be bringing a few guards with her along with her personal guard." Jason replied, having taken enough food for himself; enough to feed at least two Battleships in a row.

"That doesn't give us a lot of time to prepare, you know." Rafael retorted as they walked towards the table occupied by Saber, Emily, Mito, Kushina, Mikoto, Yato, Griffin and Chaffin. Cid, as stated earlier, was with his wife in town; getting their freak on.

"It certainly doesn't but we have enough people to make up for the time lost. And since we've already started decorating the base a few ago, it's just a matter of time before we finish up the rest." Jason said as they both reached the table and sat down, him taking his sit between Kushina and Mito, the latter with their son on her right.

"Morning, Perv." Kushina greeted with a smirk Rafael whom sat between Griffin and Chaffin, "Slept well?"

"Morning to you too, Habanero." Rafael replied, making sure his comfortable on his sit, "Pass me the ketchup, will ya?"

"Here." Kushina said as she handed him the bottle, "So, what's the plan with Shizuka-oba?"

"Delay her as much as possible from meeting Yato." Mito said without missing a beat as she smiled affectionately at her son's adorable messy face.

Feeling his mother's eyes on him, Yato turned to his mom with a large smile on his face, eyes squinting, and said, "I love you, mama!"

"I love you too, my adorable munchkin." Mito said with all the love that she has for her son as she gave him a kiss on his forehead, "Always remember that, okay? Mama and papa love you very, very, very much."

"Ok!" Yato nodded before he went back to eating.

"Isn't that a given though?" Mikoto butted in, after swallowing the mash potato she just ate, "I think, my dear Kushina, was asking was what are we going to do in order to accomplish such a task?"

"If I may, what's the big deal with Teitoku's grandmother meeting her great-grandson?" Saber asked.

"Yeah, like, what's the big problem? Wouldn't you normally want her to see him instead?" Emily asked/added.

"Normally we would, but, unlike normal grandmothers or great-grandmothers, this one is quite a lot worse for his upbringing." Jason sighed as he ate.

"In other words, she spoils Yato too much that Boss and Boss-lady here is afraid that it might affect Yato's upbringing negatively in the future." Chaffin translated as he ate more of his cheesecake, he really like Jason's baking skills.

"And she hasn't even ran out of steam from my little siblings back when they were still so young…" Jason moaned in sorrow, "Then, when Yato was born, she went 2nd gear on us and immediately turned her attention on Yato going full throttle full-on grandma on him!"

"Ahh…" the two, Saber and Emily, voiced their realization with the only way they know.

"That's why as much as possible, I'd want to delay the inevitable as much as possible." Jason said, already finished with half of his food.

Meanwhile, as the rest of them talked about how they would delay Jason's grandmother from meeting and assuredly spoiling Yato rotten once again, Rafael was stuck on his own world as he replayed the last moments of his vision to get a better understanding of what, or who, they are standing against within the future. This, of course, did not go unnoticed by Jason due to the reason that usually, Rafael would be the first one to suggest some of the craziest and absurd ideas that they would actually end up doing; albeit with a few medications to fit the realms of reality. But, as a good friend, seeing that Rafael had something he's thinking deep into, Jason left him alone to his own devices.

'What could have that vision been telling me that I seem to have missed?' Rafael thought to himself as he went on automatic and ate his food in silence.

From what he has gathered, they (or just him) are bound to face an opponent powerful enough that it got the drop on him even when he was full on alert mode. Another was this person seems to hate him for some reason, yet he knows not as of the moment why. Don't get him wrong, he has a lot of enemies that would rejoice at the news of his head separating itself from his shoulders, but then again, most of them are already dead so that leaves a few at hand. Next was the way the mysterious person's powers worked. Telekinesis, since he was able to hold him up in the air in an invisible choke hold. Another was an energy conducting sword that acts similar to Jason, except for the color; with Jason being blue and that person being red. Lastly, that person wasn't alone, nor was he someone he could face alone as well. And from all the dead bodies that he saw, even if they were blurred to death, suggest that this person is somewhere on the upper echelon of whatever faction he belongs to.

With just these factors, he finds the enemy to be of interest since not a lot of people pose this much threat against him on a one-on-one fight, especially someone that powerful yet unheard off. While this do ring some alarms, he knows that there is still time for him to improve his strengths and eliminate as much of the weakness his body possesses at the moment. Now, if he can only figure out how to do that, he'd be gol-

"Raf." Jason's voice suddenly calling him too him out of his stupor.

"What?" Rafael replied not a second too late.

"Do me a favor, bro. Can you go to my office and get something for me there?" Jason asked, giving him a look that challenged any his reasoning to decline his humble request.

It's not that he is afraid of Jason to do things for him now and then but the moment Jason looks at you with pure authority, even a god will be forced to bend a knee at a whim. He can't say it, but there's something in his eyes (eye) that can easily assert his own dominance to others with a mere glance. Actually, now that he thought about it, he's actually asked Jason with how he does it, assert dominance with a mere look. The answer he got was, if anything, lackluster and disappointed him but gave him an insight as to just how even the simplest of things he does can affect those around him in extremely extraordinary ways.

That's why he calls this look of Jason,

The God-Eye.

"How would I know what I will be looking for?" Rafael asked as he finished his medium breakfast.

"You'll know what it is when you get there." Jason said, a knowing look on his face as he hid his smile behind his hands as he performed the Gendo pose, "You better hurry, time's ticking."

Rolling his eyes at his friend's cheesy one-liners, he absentmindedly nodded at him as he stood up from his chair and went to dispose of his used eating utensils in the sink.

"Yeah, yeah. Don't get your panties in a twist." Rafael said as he left them to their planning.

Just before he could go any further though, he felt a tug on his uniform which made him look down and lo and behold, was Yato looking at him with his vibrant electric blue eyes.

"Hey, mini-man. What's up?" Rafael greeted the young fellow as he turned to him and squatted so that they are at least eye-to-eye level of each other.

"Raf-raf, can you give these to the pretty ladies?" Yato said as he held two bracelets made of tiny seashells in front of him with two large beads that has the Yamamoto and Uzuki clan crests carved on it.

"Sure, lil' bud." Rafael grinned in amusement as he took the bracelets from Yato's outstretched hand, "So, who's the lucky ladies that these bracelets will be handed to?"

"Hime and her friend." Yato relied which caused Rafael's eyes to fractionally.

"H-Hime? Which Hime, mini-man?" Rafael asked uncertainly, wishing that it was not who he thinks it was, "Cuz, you know, there's a lot of pretty girls here in the Base, after all."

"The one in the hospital." Yato replied with a genuine kiddy smile that just beamed of childish innocence that just plucked Rafael's heartstrings extra hard, and also confirmed his fears, "I met them when mama brought me with her there a few days back. They were nice to me so I made these bracelets with mama's help."

"'Zat so?" Rafael visibly deflated in relief at Yato's explanations, "Why didn't you say so in the first place? But, sure thing, kiddo. I'll get these to them as soon as I can after I do what your daddy asked me to do first."

"Thanks, Raf-raf!" Yato cried to him happily as he gave Rafael a quick hug before going back to his mother while waving at him.

Lowering his hand after he waved at Yato, Rafael turned his eyes on the bracelets he now holds and pocketed them, with full intent of fulfilling a child's innocent and easy request.

After disposing of the dishes and eating utensils, Rafael silently made his way towards Jason's office to get whatever he wanted him to get and be on his way to do Yato's request. All in proper succeeding successions.

Reaching Jason's holding cell, he is not even going to sugarcoat it, Rafael ignored any mannerism that was screaming at him as he barged in through the door.

"So, what's the shit you want me to get, Jason?" Rafael asked as he laid his eyes on Jason whom was just about to leave the office after finishing his paperwork.

"Ah, Rafael. The person I needed right now." Jason smiled as he leaned back on his table.

"But not the one you deserve." Rafael shot back with a witty grin.

"Maybe, maybe not." Jason laughed.

"So, what is it that I need to get here anyway?" Rafael asked the second time as he looked around the office, looking for anything seemingly out of place, "Also, why don't you ask Mikoto to decorate your office like the one she did back in the home country? This place looks like it still the same shit everywhere."

"After new year, maybe. Anyway, what you're looking for lays on the chair." Jason said as he pointed at the sofa that was at his right.

Looking at his left, he came into view of a pair of gifts in the shape of a cube, wrapped in generic Christmas green and red wrapping paper the size of a singular watch-box, "Let me guess, Hime?"

"Aye." Jason nodded, "As a token of kindness from humanity, of sorts."

Walking towards the presents, Rafael grabbed one and shook it gently. Unfortunately, he heard no sound, "Secure packaging."

"Well, they are quite fragile, after all." Jason commented a bit embarrassed.

"Then, I'm guessing that the reason I am here is to escort you there." Rafael said, as he laid the present back to its place.


With a sigh and shake of his head, Rafael fixed Jason a flat stare as the latter laughed embarrassedly.

Releasing another sigh, he picked up the two presents and tossed them both to Jason who caught them with relative ease. He'd be disappointed massively at him if he tried to emulate those dumb and pretty much useless anime harem-kings, that are just there for the fan-service, that can't catch a simple box without panicking.

"Let's just get this over with." Rafael said, "I've got half the mind to summon Adya and smack your poofy ass with it."

Laughing nervously at his joke, Jason said, "Let's not, okay? I still got things to do that I was assigned to finish today. At least let me execute my purpose before you poof me away."

"Yeah, let's not." Rafael said as he went and opened the door, "Let's go, sunshine. Time's ticking."

"Roger, roger." Jason chuckled as he walked out of his office.

"Shereikan?" the voices of Kagerou and Kuroshio calling Jason nearly gave the two heart-attack from the sudden attack as the duo flinched hard.

"Y-yeah? Kuroshio, Kagerou and… Shiranui? What can I do for you girls?" Jason asked as he tried to calm down his rapidly beating heart, 'Shit! I almost died from that!'

"Weren't you still eating at the cafeteria?" Kagerou asked in confusion.

"Yeah, we just saw ya still feedin' ya son when we lef' the caf'teria a few minutes ago." Kuroshio said in her Kansai-ben dialect that both Jason and Rafael needed to double process since they were still calming their hearts, "How'd ya beat us 'er so quickly? Didja use one of yer' special abilities, again?"

Seeing their opening presented to them by Kuroshio, Rafael went into a frontal attack, "Yeah. He forgot these presents here so he zoomed back as quickly as he can to get them. Just so happens, I ran into him and we talked for a bit inside the office."

"If that did happen, then we would have heard a sonic boom; just like when you crossed nine kilometers of open waters in a few seconds just to rescue the Americans approximately two weeks ago, give or take more or less." Shiranui said, her eyes narrowing as she stared directly at Jason's eye that stared back at her unblinking, "Tell me, Shereikan, did Shiranui make a mistake?"

Watching the pink-haired girl narrow her eyes even further at him, trying to squeeze him with mental pressuring, Jason felt himself smile at her.

"If I moved any faster than the speed of sound, I would have destroyed half the base just to get these two boxes, my dear Shiranui." Jason said, gesturing at the boxes and the building as he spoke, "That's why, in order to keep everything intact, I made sure to move just below the speed of sound and used alternate routes in order to get here."

Looking for any lies in his words, to which she found none, Shiranui dropped it as her gaze softened yet did not lose its narrowness, "I see. Please forgive Shiranui for making such a careless mistake."

"All is forgiven, young one." Jason smiled as he nodded at her, thankful that he still has it in him to lie in front of a lie-detector.

"So, who's the presents for, Shereikan?" Kagerou asked as she turned her eyes on it, along with the attention of everyone else present.

"Secret~." Jason grinned at her as he winked at her, to further point out its secrecy.

"What's in it?" Kuroshio asked with a curious gaze.

"Classified." Rafael finished.

"Aw~!" Kuroshio moaned in disappointment for being shut down.

"Anyway, don't you girls have any places to be?" Jason asked, in order to speed things up.

"Huh? Oh… oh yeah! Right, we were going to do some practice in shoot-and-scoot tactics, just now." Kagerou said as she and her sisters remembered what they were supposed to be doing right now, "Sorry for the interruption, Shereikan."

"No problem." Jason said as they bid their farewell to him and left, "Let's go."

The walk towards the hospital didn't take long, but it sure was a cold one though; with it being December and all. You know, snow and Seabreeze and all that jazz. Both was mitigated though by their purposely built uniforms that was meant to take the cold and sea breeze head on.

As they walked, Jason turned his head to the right and looked above Rafael towards the Highwind, as the repairs was finally finished and she was once again ready to go to action. The thought of her going to action also brought out the question of her being exposed to the public even more than she already has as of now. I mean, her built-in passive stealth capabilities are good and all, but he knows that one of these days, she'll be forced right into the light. Out of the fire, and straight into the frying pan as they say. He just hopes that when she does take spot light on, nobody would demand shit from him because he knows it'd be very messy if that ever happens.

Meanwhile, Rafael was just minding his business as he walked next to Jason whom he was currently escorting towards the hospital. It's not every day that he does these kinds of request, but every now and then, he'd be asked by some people to help them out a bit; both due to his high ranking in the hierarchy and being Jason's friend, which did a bang-up job of instilling the fear of god on anyone. It also made picking up girls much harder because the moment he utters Jason's name, all the attention that he has worked hard on maintaining on his person suddenly shifts to him.

It sucks balls a lot so please don't remind him of his success with the female populations. Or, lack of, to say.

"You know, I know I said that it was 'classified' when those Destroyer kiddies asked what was in the box, but I am quite interested in knowing what really is inside those boxes myself." Rafael said, not bothering to look at Jason when he said so, "Care to fill me in, perhaps?"

"It's nothing grandiose, just something that will surely make lasting impressions on those two." Jason said as they entered the hospital, where the cold December chilly winds died down to a comfortable cool of the hospital's interior, "Something that will remind them that while we are enemies, either by choice or chance, it doesn't mean it has to be that way for the rest of our lives. We humans live a fickle and extremely quick lifespans compared to other beings living here on earth or the cosmos. So, I decided why not give them something that will remind them of humanities' kindness, that's why I got them a pair of watches. Since Time, while may symbolize anything and everything that will meet its own end – taken from your own words – shows that humanity has shown from time to time that while we can be the worst of monsters, we can also be quite the opposite."

"You say fickle and extremely quick lifespans, don't tell me you forgot just what kind of humans we are, of if we can still be categorized as humans at all." Rafael said as they turned the corner leading towards the room of the Hime and Ta-chan (as Jason and the others liked to teasingly put it).

"You're not wrong about that…" Jason agreed silently to himself as they neared the door of room No. 404, "To be human, means to have the ability to feel fear. Yet, we ourselves don't have much to fear, not even against gods and goddesses out there in this world. After we made a few of them our bitch, anyway."

"That's right." Rafael said as they stopped just in front of the door, "After you, milady."

"Ha. Funny." Jason rolled his eyes as he gave the door a soft knock, "Hime? Ta-chan? Are you two awake? We'd like to enter if it's alright with you two."

"Why are you knocking?" Rafael asked with a confused stare as Jason gave him an exasperated look, "Hey! Don't give me that look. I resent that!"

"This is why no girl wants to date you, in case you didn't know." Jason sighed just before they heard a voice from the inside.

"W-w-wait! Please don't enter yet! We're changing!" Hime's voice rang from the inside followed by rapid footsteps as the two hurriedly wore clothes, "Ta-chan! Quick, put something on yourself, you slob!"

"Cho-Chotto matte, Hime! W-where did I put it?! It was just here a few moments ago!" Ta-class Battleship cried from the inside.

"What are you looking for?!" Hime asked.

"My top! Aha! Found it!" Ta-class said triumphantly.

"See?" Jason pointed with an 'I-don't-you-so' look.

"I heard." Rafael rolled his eyes for that.

Putting his hand on the doorknob, Jason gave it a gentle twist as he opened it, the two female occupants' state of dress on a more stable of situations for a conversation to take place. Upon entering the room, Jason and Rafael was greeted by Hime and Ta-class standing next to each other, in front of their bed which they share, respectively.

Hime was now wearing a much more comfortable set of clothes consisting of an oversized t-shirt a size or two too big for her and a pair of short shorts that revealed her legs to the world and a pair of white socks to keep them from getting cold from the temperatures. Of course, it was given to her by the human staffs of the base, to which Jason nor Rafael couldn't really be bothered about. Also, to top it all off, her long luscious alabaster white hair was done in its usual ponytail but with a twist of being held by a pair of black chopsticks that made her look quite exotic in the eyes of the two.

They really got no say in said matter nor would they even want to have a say in it, other than making it safe for all ages to see.

On the other hand, Ta-class Battleship whom in some ways share some of Hime's traits other than their pale skin tone, almost similarly designed top and prior lack of clothing from below the belt, now sported a tight fitting belt-less Demin short shorts that hugged her body perfectly that makes her extremely easy and pleasant in the eyes to look at. But, unlike Hime who changed her top to a comfortable piece of oversize shirt, Ta-class went for a top that matched her prior one; which was not that hard to find or make since Japan seems to have an abundance of those in various designs, color and patterns.

Both girls stared at Jason for a few seconds, giving him a look that spelled unease but unlike before where it was hostile and of fear, they now have a bit of trust in those eyes of theirs. To Hime's glowing reds and to Ta-class' glowing yellows. Then, their eyes landed on Rafael; sizing up his form that reeks of uninterest to them as he crossed his arms over his chest and looked back with bored half-open eyes. He can tell from just the way that they look at him that they don't trust him and that their guards are up on him.

He can agree with that, since this is pretty much the first time, they have all met face-to-face, after having observed them from behind a monitor all this time.

Raising his right hand up to his face, he noted their slight flinch as their guards further soared sky high, and gave the both of them a mock-salute, "Yo~."

"W-what?" the two female Abyssals blinked owlishly in confusion as the tense atmosphere died down.

"Mornin', you two." Jason greeted the two as Rafael closed the door behind him with a click, "How are you doing?"

"F-fine…?" Ta-class asked/answered in reply.

"We're doing good, if that's what you're asking." Hime said.

"Great. That's good to hear." Jason said as he set up the table in front of their bed as the two Abyssals sat down on their bed while the two men got on a pair of chairs for themselves, "You two look good in those clothes, by the way."

"I-i-i-it's n-not like I wore this for y-you or a-anything! Don't get any weird ideas, got that?!" Ta-class exploded with a start as her face flushed red all of a sudden as she crossed her arms and turned cheek at him, "B-Baka!"

Both guys turned to each other and raised an eyebrow as their thoughts aligned, 'Was that a 'Maybe'? A 'Cow'? or 'Idiot'?'

"Thanks. Mito-chan and Doctor Kushina… said that they look good on me… and they are pretty comfortable too." Hime told him with a grin.

Rafael watched as Jason smiled and interacted with the two with the Ta-class Battleship going full-on tsundere on him while Hime remained calm and collected as she answered Jason without overreacting like her friend next to her. Maybe she's still salty about Jason's 'mate' joke on her that he pulled a few days ago. Leaning back on the chair as the three conversed with each other, Rafael's eyes started to roam around the room, picking up details on the current lifestyle on the two Abyssals.

From his right, he could see a growing stack of Mangas and Light Novels neatly stacked at the corner of the room with varying genres with majority being a bunch of RomCom, some Horror, Action, Mystery and Isekai. Maybe Jason can make a shelf for that to keep it organized. Then, by the foot of the bed was the two female's cabinet that was starting to fill up with clothes Mito, Kushina and Mikoto would think that would suit the two. And that was pretty much it, since the only thing in his left would be the bathroom that was installed when the girls moved in into this room.

"Anyway… who's that guy?" the words of Ta-class bringing him out of his own world as he spared her a glance.


"I can introduce myself, Jay." Rafael said as he turned his eyes on them, "I am Rafael Cortez. A close friend of this bloke next to me and a long-time ally in the majority of his conquests and battles. I hail from the north of the Motherland, yet I was never in one place in any given time upon growing up so do excuse me if I act a little too different from him from time to time."

"What he said." Jason grinned with his eye closed, "While many has come and gone, he is actually one of those that stuck with me through thick and thin. I also owe this guy a lot for having kept up with me all this time so he's not just a close friend as he says he is to me, but more like a blood-brother of sorts."

"Then… you must also be all sorts… of… powerful like him, huh?" Ta-class asked Rafael with an analytical gaze of hers as she tried to get a read of him through Rafael's semi-casual form at the moment.

"Maybe to you, I might be." Rafael replied as he crossed his right leg over his left in order to rest his elbow upon it for him to rest his cheek on, "But, comparing me to this guy is out of the question."

"Out of the question? …What do you mean?" Hime asked with a tilt of her head.

"Simple, really." Rafael said, as he took a long whiff of air and exhaled slowly, "Unlike Jason whom has the ability, skills and raw power to overpower armies sent to him head on, I on the other hand, can only do a 1/10000th of that degree, maybe even lower if Jason is to take his enemies as seriously as he once did a few years back."

"How serious… is he right now… compared to back… then?" Ta-class asked, doubting his words, yet, she knew even if she doubted it, she has already seen a mere fraction of what the monster in front of them was more than capable of dishing out.

"Does that face strike any resemblance of seriousness to you?" Rafael asked incredulously as he pointed at Jason whom laughed, quite embarrassed at being the center of attention, "Compared to back then, he is a lot more lenient and carefree now. Don't get us wrong, it's not like we've lost our edge or anything, but it's hard to get much of a power rise from him these days since a lot of beings in our lands tasted his wrath first hand. I mean, while great power tends to attract those that wishes to conquer, command or obtain it; I think no one wants to be hunted down till the ends of this Earth by an overpowered and oversized ball of blue flames that has a habit of not leaving behind anything, even ash."

"Ok, I think that's enough praises from you, Raf." Jason said, his face red in embarrassment as he forcefully covered Rafael's mouth with his hand, the latter giving him a half-amused and half-annoyed stare, "Don't give me that look, you know you deserve it." To which the latter merely rolled his eyes.

Meanwhile, while this was going on, the two spawns of the Abyss could only look at Jason with wide and undoubtedly surprised eyes. One of the reasons for this was the fact that Rafael pretty much told them that they don't pose much of a threat to Jason. Two, that he was most likely playing with them to amuse himself. And three, that they had bit more than they could chew this time around. Or they just got a really bad draw in the wheels of fate.

"E-enough about me, yeah." Jason said as he let go of Rafael's mouth, "I brought you two these."

Handling them both their presents, in order to quickly get rid of the attention he seems to have garnered, Jason watched them as they looked at it in confusion before shaking it next to their ear for anything suspicious.

'Why does everybody shake the damn box!?' Jason asked to himself mentally as he felt his eyebrow twitch for some reason.

"It's better for you two to open in, than shake it. Don't you think?" Jason told them which got their attention, "I promise, it's nothing dangerous."

"Coming from some like you… that's hard to believe." Ta-class snorted in amusement as she watched Jason's eyebrow twitch again, 'Hehe… hit a nerve, have I?'

'I want to bend her over something and wipe that smirk off her face for some reason, I wonder why…' Jason thought to himself as he replied to her jab with a smile instead. Best not let these thoughts be words, they're dangerous and not meant for mortal ears after all.

"Ta-chan! …At least be grateful!" Hime cried out to her friend as Jason's simple smile sent a shiver and chill down her spine and it was not the pretty ones, "Uh… T-thank you… for these kind gifts…"

"No problem." Jason smiled gently at her, having saw her reaction just moments earlier, 'She must still be traumatized from what I did to her. Such carelessness has finally turned around and bit me right in the ass.'

Opening their gifts, not before Hime forced Ta-chan to say 'Thank you' to Jason which the former reluctantly did so, the two women of the Abyss came upon an uncolored thin metal box that had Jason and Mito's family crests forged right next to each other. This made the two turn to Jason in confusion.

"This is actually a brand my 4th sibling, the eldest of the three sisters that I have, came up with. It's a collaboration between her and Mito to make one, if not, the most accurate watch while incorporating other functions such as compass, date and time, time-zone management, and etc." Jason said, a proud look on his face as he talked about the accomplishment of others he is close with, "Not only that, but I was told that it can automatically change its time depending on where you are on the planet and that you can set your current location as 'Home' and will always be reminded to you by the compass wherever you are in the planet."

"A watch?" Ta-chan mussed, "Can't say I haven't seen one… since… they litter the ocean bed. Amongst other things…"

"Yeah… usually it's junk or corroded ships… or other things… that makes it down to the deep bottom." Hime said nostalgically, "A watch usually, cracked… most of the time… due to pressure, makes it down… the bottom. One way… or the… other."

Hearing these words of the two, Jason and Rafael exchanged looks at the corner of their eyes at such discovery.

"Well, open the box and tell me what you think." Jason said to them as he gently urged them with a smile, "This is actually their Mk. IX as you can see engraved on the box. It hasn't been released yet on public for the next year or so, so these two are kinda special."

Doing as he told them, the two opened the box and were greeted by a pair of simplistic, yet innovative designs meant for women. Both watches sported the good ol' analog clock along with the digital ones at the top part of the watch along with the day of the day at the bottom left corner. At the bottom right was a small pressure gauge which was at zero right now. Of course, both watches differed in color to easily distinguish each other from one another. Hime received an ivory colored watch while Ta-chan received an ebony one, along with the same manual that is written in several languages which explains why it was so thick.

Taking it out of the box, Jason offered Hime to help her put it on which the latter happily obliged while Ta-chan carefully watched in the sidelines. After having helped her, Jason then offered to Ta-chan but she was already done by the time he did, which meant there was no need of him of doing so.

Looking at the two whom are in complete awe as they marveled their new watches, Rafael suddenly remembered the trinkets Yato has asked of him to hand to them which suddenly made itself known in his pocket. Pulling it out, he then gently placed it on top of the table, right down the middle which caught the eyes of everybody.

"Yato, this guy's kid, made these for you too." Rafael said, gaining a soft but extreme proud and pleased smile from Jason and a look of remembrance on the two as they remembered the cute and bubbly kid Mito once brought her along with Kushina before.

"Ohh… these are quite pretty…" Hime murmured as she softly grabbed one of the bracelets, afraid as if she might accidentally break it, to look at it closer.

"And quite adorable as well…" Ta-chan added, her stone-hard and cold heart melting for the kid's gesture, just a tiny bit though, "He certainly took after his mother… that's for sure…"

"Are you trying to pick a fight with me?" Jason asked with a dark look on his face as he smiled at Ta-chan, "Mate?"

"You're not denying it, though…" Ta-chan shot back as she butted heads with him as the two glared at each other, "C`mon! whatcha' gonna do? …Sit on me?"

"I'll do more than just sit on you, you little shit!" Jason gritted his teeth as they butted heads together.

"I'd like to see you try!" Ta-chan growled as she gave her all to push back as well.

"Can you two stop acting like little children, for god sakes?!" Rafael barked at the two as he smacked them at the back of their heads, Jason having the misfortune of receiving it from his bionic arm.

"Aray!/Itai!" the two meowled as they gripped their heads from pain.

"Why me…?" Jason groaned out as he rubbed his head to sooth the pain.

"Fuck you…" Ta-chan growled in pain as a comical lump popped out of her head as she rubbed the tears out of her eyes, "Bastard…"

"Serves you two right." Rafael said to them as he casually gave them the finger and stuck out his tongue.

"Look whose acting like a kid…" Ta-chan muttered as Hime giggled at him to which he gave her a mock salute with an amused grin.

"You said something?" Rafael asked as his eyes turned creepily at her slowly, darkened by the shadows that has fallen upon it which immediately shut Ta-chan up.

"Eeeek!" Ta-chan squeaked as she shook her head left and right quickly.

"Thought so." Rafael nodded proudly to himself.

"Anyway, getting back to track, we wanted to bring you two these gifts as we prepare for an event later." Jason said as he closed the opened boxes and placed them neatly together in the table, "Me, or someone else will come back later to bring some food from the event."

"Thank you… for the presents…" Hime said bashfully as she held the watch wrapped around her arm tenderly.

Behind her, Ta-chan leaned back on the bed with her right hand as she inspected the watch above her with her other hand raised, "Yeah, thanks for these. They're not bad."

"Awesome." Jason grinned at a job well done and in satisfaction as the two seemed to like their new accessories, "We'll be seeing you two later then. Bye for now."

And with that, the two men got up and left with Rafael, once again, giving the two Abyssals a two-finger mock salute as they closed the door behind them where the seals automatically locked the door once more.
"Well that was fun." Rafael muttered as they walked through the hallway.

"That actually hurt, you ass." Jason complained as he rubbed his head some more to levitate some of the throbbing pain from where Rafael has whacked him in the head.

"If I didn't do it, you two would never be done in your games." Rafael grinned in satisfaction, "So, instead of moaning and bitching to me about the pain, you could thank me instead for getting it done."

"Fuck off." Jason groaned which only made Rafael laugh out as they exited the hospital.

December 24, 2020;
Time: 14:35:21hrs;
Yamamoto-clan Main House;
Preparation for departure;

"Has everything been packed, already?" Daisuke asked.

"Hai, Daisuke-dono." A maid with long black hair in a ponytail wearing a black kimono with white accents replied respectfully with her head bowed down in front of him and her hands clasped in front of her.

"Good." Daisuke nodded in satisfaction which didn't make itself known in his face, "You're dismissed."

"By your command." The maid bowed once again before excusing herself as she left Daisuke to his own devices in front of the main doors of the household where five black sedans could be seen parked.

"You really should lighten up a bit more, Daisuke-kun~." A female voice, loud and full of mischief, spoke behind Daisuke with a giggle.

"I would normally be relaxed, but since it's Jason-sama and Mito-sama we're talking about, I cannot leave any room for mistakes." Daisuke replied curtly, "Yukiko-sama."

"Aw~ There you go again with the '-sama'-thing again." Yukiko pouted at Daisuke who only gave her a look that was a little exasperated, "What did I told you to call me again?!"

"As you wish, Yukiko-chan." Daisuke rolled his eyes which made Yukiko beam at him brightly, 'Too bright.'

Name: Yamamoto Yukiko,
Age: 20 years old,
Height: 5'4ft,
Relationship status: It's complicated

"Yosh! I'm all fired up!" Yukiko fist-pumped as fire burned in her eyes as she jumped around Daisuke in her blue and red yukata; colors of which Jason massively approve off.

For many outside the Yamamoto clan, Yukiko could be summed up in one phrase: a goddess made human. For them in the Yamamoto clan and those she's close with, a lovable idiot that just makes the world a whole lot brighter, now, if only her taste in men could also do the same; everything would be dandy.

With beauty matching that of Mito, Kushina and Mikoto; Yukiko has indeed captured the hearts of many men, and some women, alike. Yet, none has made any move on her due to their fear of Jason getting on their case. I mean, if Jason is already protective of those, he holds dear to him, what more of his family?

The reason she's enraptured so many hearts is because of her natural beauty, athletic figures and lovable personality. Standing at the height of 5 feet 5 inches, a rather tall height for women in Japan, Yukiko boast a very womanly figure that many are left jealous for her rather careless behavior when it came to food; so much like Jason is. She sports long silky raven hair that can reach up to the top of her rear if it wasn't tied in a bun similar to a certain DesDev6-chan. Her skin, as fair and glowing as the summer sky which greatly enhanced her beauty; although Jason once found her skin tone quite pale but we do not speak of such heresy here. Her eyes were the shape of almonds and were emerald in color with dimples in the sides which is a sign of a person who smiles a lot. Her cheeks were rosy like a freshly picked apples, added more to her already feminine look. Her button nose, which Jason and Rafael once joked that it reminded them of a bunny, were small and tout. Her lips were of just the right amount of plump that it is easily able to capture the eyes of thousands of bachelors out there in the world, all dreaming of one day kissing those red kissable lips of hers. And last but never the least, she also sported a bosom easily in leagues of that of Mito's which can freeze up many men in their tracks if it weren't always hidden under carefully sown clothes by the Yamamoto tailors, much to her and her cousin's relief.

"Tiring…" Daisuke muttered under his breath ever so lightly.

Yet, it was for naught because Yukiko still managed to catch it, "What was that?"

"Nothing. I said you are too beautiful for this Earth." Daisuke easily lied under his breath as he opened the door to the limousine in the escorted by four sedans, two in the front and vice versa, "After you, milady."

"Ara~ara. How gentlemanly of you." Yukiko smiled gracefully at him as she entered the car, "Also, thanks for the compliment."

"It is my utmost pleasure." Daisuke smiled at her as he closed the door for a while as he waited for the main guest of the house.

Bringing his arm up to his face, he looked at the watch in his wrist and noted that if they are to leave in a few minutes, they might either make it in time or earlier, depending on the traffic.

"Daisuke-kun, is everything in order?" a regal voice of a woman whom has aged well into her years spoke firmly at him making him look up to her.

"Hai, Shizuka-obaa-sama." Daisuke gently smiled at the old woman whom many would mistake to be in her early 40s when in actuality she's already way past that.

"Very good." She said in approval as she walked down the steps of the main doors in her royal blue yukata made for cold weather with fur collar and white accents and the Yamamoto insignia in her lapels. Her traditional slippers clicking and clacking as she walked on the cobbled stone stairs.

Name: Yamamoto Shizuka
Age: 65 years old
Height: 5'2ft
Relationship status: Widower, Jason's grandfather's niece

"What of Jason-sama's siblings?" Daisuke asked as he opened the door.

"They said that they are on their way, that's why I didn't find the need to tell anyone." Shizuka said with a motherly smile.

"By your command, Shizuka-obaa-sama." Daisuke replied with a smile as he went in himself as per protocol.

Shizuka, in the eyes of many, is the exact same copy of Yukiko in everything, but older; of course, except for her height since Yukiko is taller and younger. But that didn't mean that Shizuka doesn't have her own fair share of admirers, although they are quite near her age as well in that regards. And while she is quite old, her body has never lost their edge and can still give anyone a run for their money; including her granddaughters. And even if she's grown a bit old, her face still holds its beauty, with only a little addition of some wrinkles here and there but make up and foundation can easily make them disappear since her skin has still kept its firmness.

"Let's go." Daisuke said as in the radio transponder in his throat to which the driver and their following escorts gave a soft "Hai" in reply before driving off.

"I can't wait to see little Yato-chan again!" Yukiko said ever so giddily.

"You always say that whenever we go meet the young ones." Shizuka smiled at her granddaughter.

"You say that Obaa-sama but you're also very excited to see the little rascal yourself." Yukiko shot back, "Right, Daisuke-kun?"

"I will neither agree nor disagree to your statement, Yukiko-sa – chan." Daisuke said, barely catching himself there.

"You're no fun! Pooh!" Yukiko huffed as she crossed her arms, "But at least you make a comfy pillow. Tee~hee~"

The reason for Yukiko's statement is because inside the limousine, Shizuka sat right in the middle in the back while Daisuke and Yukiko sat at her either sides, or did, until Yukiko changed sits and sat next to Daisuke to babble on him some more to kill time.

"I'm glad I could serve you well." Daisuke said, his tone going mono as Yukiko deafly gigged to herself as she squeezed the living shit out of his arm which she currently has in her custody.

"So, how is Jason-chan's new job, Daisuke-kun?" Shizuka asked.

"It is going greatly, ma`am. Jason-sama is doing great and I have received reports that he has already pushed the Abyssals back out in open waters of Japan." Daisuke replied professionally.

"That's good to hear." Shizuka smiled at the great news.

"Well, what more did you guys expect from Jason-nii? The guy's a literal one-man army and one punch man with how deadly and strong he is." Yukiko said, stating firm facts as she moved her face to look at Shizuka in the face without getting off Daisuke's arm.

"He did just get out of coma, Yukiko-chan." Daisuke said.

"As if a mere coma would stop him." Snorted Yukiko, "Even death couldn't keep him down long enough before he roared back to life to kick ass and take names."

"He certainly inherited his father's determination." Shizuka smiled fondly at the late Ramirez patriarch who fought for her niece's hand tooth and nail and came out victorious.

"And his mother's temper, if what I'm told is true." Daisuke shuddered, which was also reciprocated by Yukiko after she remembered the last time Jason got really angry at someone.

"Jasmine's ex still hasn't gotten out of the hospital after he tried to force himself on her, didn't he?" Yukiko asked with a shudder.

"Nope." Daisuke replied, popping the P satisfyingly with a smile, "The fool hasn't gotten out after he tried to force himself on Jasmine-sama. The seal Mito-san has given her really did work greatly since it alerted not only Jason-sama, but all four brothers at the same time. Even young Jericho-sama joined the fray."

"He received adequate punishment from their hands so I didn't find the need to dispose of the trash." Shizuka said with a dark smile, "The pain inflicted upon him that has lasted for a year and a half up to the present day is enough punishment for him to endure for eternity."

"Maybe I shouldn't have let Narberal become your personal maid, Shizuka-obaa-sama…" Daisuke said a little worriedly at the usually kind, firm and gently Yamamoto matriarch.

Chuckling at Daisuke's worry, Shizuka replied, "Nonsense, Daisuke-kun! Gamma Narberal-chan is a fine servant, an even better servant of the Yamamoto clan. I do feel that she would be a great model to the next generation of the servants of the Yamamoto clan."

"If you say so, milady." Daisuke said, slowly putting down any resistance.

"Oh, are you guys talking about Narberal-chan?" Yukiko asked giddily like a child hearing her friend's name.

"If you weren't so distracted with burying your face on Daisuke-kun's arm, you would have heard us." Shizuka grinned in amusement as she watched her granddaughter's face lit up a nice healthy shade of red.

"W-w-w-w-what are y-y-you s-saying, Baachan!?" Yukiko cried out in embarrassment before further hiding her face in Daisuke's arms once again, "B-B-Baka!"

Stifling a soft chuckle at her reaction, one Daisuke reciprocated even when his arm was slowly numbing, Shizuka spoke, "Calm down, Yukiko. I was just merely teasing you, is all. You shouldn't act so flustered, or it'd be too obvious."

"S-s-shut up! ! !"

Chuckling some more, Shizuka finally answered her question, "Fufufu~ But to answer your question, my dear, yes. We were just talking about Narberal, and since I know you'll be asking where she is, she's in the front of the car with Sebas."

And as if on cue, the tinted glass that separated the driver to the passengers slowly rolled down to reveal the stone faced Narberal in all her glory, along with their driver, Sebas.

Name: Narberal Gamma
Age: 18 years old
Height: 5'4ft
Relationship Status: Shizuka's personal maid

"Yukiko-ojou-sama." Narberal greeted with her usual monotone look and tone, "Good afternoon."

"G-good afternoon t-to you too, Narberal-chan." Yukiko greeted back as she got herself together once more.

Unlike any other maids in the world and anywhere else, the maids in the Yamamoto clan can be categorized as world class; not only in their manners, behaviors but also in their looks. And just like any other maids in the Yamamoto clan, Narberal Gamma also possess all these. Having come to the Gamma clan that has long since served as the Yamamoto clan's servants for centuries past, Narberal too shall serve as her ancestors before her dutifully.

Wearing a French maid uniform, which gave her both elegant and noble look as a maid, Narberal carried herself with dignity and firmness that has left many of awe of her. Starting from the top, she wore the typical white cloth headwear that came with the uniform with her silky hair done in a ponytail that reached the middle of her back with evenly cut bangs and long side bangs to finish the style. She had steel colored eyes that is more expressive than her entire being which usually held disgust to anyone outside the Yamamoto clan; even Rafael isn't usually spared from these. Sometimes. She had small button-like nose and tiny lips and a healthy fair skin is usually hidden under her clothes. As for footwear, she wore a pair of combat boots since her job description doesn't really just encompass just being a maid, but also Shizuka's personal guards.

Speaking of personal guards, Narberal belongs to a specialized unit created and trained by Jason in almost every aspect of conflict, both in offensive and defensive roles. He calls them the Battle-maids, or Pleiades. Their roles usually are to protect Shizuka, or anyone from the Yamamoto clan, from any form of danger. Of course, as Jason has trained them, this meant that they are not someone that is to be messed with. They are fully and easily capable of disposing threats like the Yakuza, normal thugs, armed terrorists, expertly trained soldiers and everyone beneath both Daisuke's and Rafael's skill and power level. If it went to a bit higher level, the Pleiades can regroup and take down any foes stronger than them individually or at least buy enough time for anyone stronger to respond to the threat.

And with that said, the escorts Shizuka has around her right now is pretty much the strongest unit in all of Japan right now with almost every Pleiades occupying each vehicle with carefully handpicked Butlers acting as drivers.

"Good afternoon to you as well, Sebas." Yukiko greeted the white haired and bearded man who was driving the vehicle.

"Good afternoon, milady." Sebas replied back with a curt nod as he kept his eyes in the driveway.

Name: Sebas Tian – the Head Butler
Age: 55 years old
Height: 5'10ft
Relationship Status: Shizuka's Butler

"It is good to see that you are doing great, Sebas." Shizuka greeted warmly.

"My utmost gratitude to your warm welcome, Shizuka-sama." Sebas said, as he looked at Shizuka from the center mirror, bowing his head before going back to driving, "I thank you profusely for having granted me time with my wife."

"Of course." Shizuka smiled graciously, "After all, she was greatly enamored with you before you two married, no matter the age difference, that I couldn't phantom not sparing you time to enjoy your honeymoon."

"I thank you from the bottom of my heart once more, Shizuka-sama." Sebas replied with a small and quick bow.

Unlike the other butlers that are currently serving the Yamamoto clan, Sebas could be said to be one of a kind. From being the most loyal to fault of all that he almost killed his own wife in order to show his loyalty to the Yamamoto clan before they were married to having served them for a long time with dignity. None can question his loyalty, not even Jason. And unlike any one from the Yamamoto clan and their servants that either uses reiatsu or chi, Sebas is adapt to the use of Hamon, or The Ripple, where through self-controlled respiration, he can use it to strengthen body, enhance his already titanic strength or increase his already lighting fast strikes.

And just like the Pleiades that Narberal belongs to, Sebas also belongs to a specialized unit Jason has put together in order to nullify any way for way invaders, attackers or spies from ever entering nor penetrating the household. Jason calls them the Guardians. With each Guardian and their group responsible of safeguarding each levels Jason has assigned upon the household, depending on its importance. All of which are guarded by the Guardians with utmost determination. Sebas, as assigned and personally handpicked by Jason, is responsible of the 9th level, aka: The Inner house. This is where Shizuka and the rest of the Yamamoto family resides, which means that this is the most important place. An attack to the Inner house is considered to be the greatest fear and insult to the Guardians, and any Guardian who fails to protect their designated areas, would commit seppuku – voluntarily – in order to restore their dignity and honor.

Back to the story. Sebas is a peculiar one for he did not come from a Japanese descent as many of the servants in the Yamamoto clan does, but from a European one. Which of those big wigs? No one dares to ask nor wants to know, yeah, it's rude but you know – fuck off. It is most easily discernable just from his name and looks alone that he is not a descent of the Japanese nor does he have any blood relating to them. Standing at the height of 5 feet and 10 inches, Sebas easily towers anyone from the Yamamoto clan, all except for Jason and Daisuke whom are arguably taller and stronger than him. He is always seen with a cleanly cut hair with four strands of bangs framing the left side of his face just above his eyes and two more on the left vice versa. His grooming, to which Jason sometimes envies because of him getting forced to shave it, is clean and with no piece of hair on his beard nor mustache out of place. This goes especially well with his chiseled European shaped face and body structure that even at his age, many women are still enamored with his looks alone. Of course, it is not yet done for what is a butler if he isn't wearing a suit made to fit, not only their body, but also their line of work. With black suit made to fit black dress shirt, white neck tie and gloves and polished black shoes, Sebas is the epitome of Butlery.

As for how he became the butler of the Yamamoto clan, that is to be told in another time and in another story all together. For now, it's Christmas and nobody wants a depressing story in Christmas, especially those that went through horrible times.

"How long before we are to arrive in the Naval Base?" Shizuka inquired to which was answered by Daisuke.

"In about 20 more minutes, Shizuka-obaa-sama." Daisuke replied as he glances at his watch on his left, his right completely numbed but at least is comfortably so.

"I see."

For the next twenty minutes, silence was observed within the limo if Yukiko's occasional chatter and disturbance to Daisuke was to be ignored. And with tinted windows blocking much of the light, Yukiko became more chattier as she tried to discern where they were since she's not been there before after the Base's handing over back to the Japanese for their own use after the start of the War against the Abyss.

"We're here." Daisuke said with a smile as he nudged Yukiko in the forehead with his index finger, "Wake up, sleepy-head."

Yukiko, whom was just about to fall asleep, was jolted back to reality at the thought of getting to glomp Yato-tan once again; just need to hide from Jason-nii or else he'll just shout at her for being too much. That killjoy!

Pushing a button to lower the windows, Yukiko watched in slowly building up excitement as they passed the stone brick walls, the Main Building coming into view with the shipgirls all standing in wait for them in front of the main entrance. And there he was! Yato-tan in his full adorable glory, cuddled and held by his tiger-mom whom was standing next to Jason-nii – he doesn't look like he wants any of them here, asshole! – with Kushi-chan and Miko-chan next to him on his left and two unfamiliar girls next to Mito with them. Even the entire crew of the Highwind is there with them – ooh this is about to get good~.

Daisuke on the other hand, patiently waited for the car to stop as he regarded the younger Yamamoto whom he knows was just about to bolt out of the limo the moment it stops. But he won't let her, since that would make her look bad, and in turn, make him look bad in Jason-sama's eyes as well. He can't really have that since he comes here every now and then and Yukiko putting them in less than satisfactory impressions would do them no good.

And so, just as the limousine came to a gentle halt, Daisuke immediately, but gently, seized Yukiko's hand – one Shizuka clearly saw which made a certain gleam light her eyes – and stopped her from moving as well as shocking her to the tenth degree.

"D-D-D-Dai-Daisuke-kun?!" Yukiko stammered horribly as her face burned the same shade of red of the Uzuki clan's hair, "W-w-w-wha?!"

"Oh this? Think nothing of it." Daisuke grinned as he winked at her, making her face burn even more, "Now come, let us present ourselves to the audience, shall we?"

"I… I… I… my heart is not ready…" Yukiko murmured softly to herself, "A-At least let me prepare..."

"Hm? What was that?" Daisuke said after he barely heard her mumble to herself, "Could you repeat that? I didn't quite catch it."

"N-nothing!" Yukiko immediately huffed as Sebas opened the door with a bow, "L-let's go!"

"Fufu~ You two seems to be having fun." Shizuka commented as she got out with Sebas' assistance whom offered her his hand to take as she stepped out of the limo, "Try not to overdo it, ok? That goes as well for you, Daisuke-kun. While I like grandchildren, too many is too much in too little time."

"I don't have the faintest of clue of what you are saying, Shizuka-obaa-sama." Daisuke said as he ignored that last one.

Meanwhile, Yukiko's face merely burned some more as they got out of the limo to meet the big happy family of weirdos. Wait, that guy's her cousin; so, does that make her a weirdo as well?

"Shizuka-obaa-sama, it has been a while." Jason greeted his Aunt with a smile as he took her hand and softly brought it to his forehead, an act of respect to the elder done so many times in their household whenever they meet.

"It has, my child. I'm happy that even though you lost your first encounter half a year past, you haven't lost any of your mother and father's teachings." Shizuka replied after having brought down her back to her side.

"Okaa-sama's teachings has engraved itself quite deep into my being." Jason chuckled at the memory of his lioness of a mother as he tapped his head, "There is just no way I would forget those that easily. After she's beaten it into my head, literary."

"That's good. I hope you uphold those teachings to heart well, my dear boy." Shizuka smiled before turning to Mito and their son, "Hello Mito-chan, Yato-chan. It has been a while."

"That it has, Shizuka-sama." Mito bowed with a smile while Yato merely waved his hands at her.

"Konichiwa, Obaa-chan!" Yato waved happily as he did what his father just did when Shizuka's hand closed in to him.

"My, you've grown quite well, my dear Yato." Shizuka laughed softly as she took her grandchild from Mito to hug him herself, "Obaa-chan brought lots of gifts for you~!"

"Really?! Arigatou!" Yato squealed as he hugged Shizuka deeply in pure happiness.

"You can open them later, ok, Yato?" Jason said to his son as Mito once again took Yato back from Shizuka who for a second hesitated.

"Hai, papa!" Yato chirped as he gave him a salute which made everyone close by them giggle.

"It is good to see you, Shizuka-sama." Kushina greeted the woman who turned to her.

"To you as well, Kushina-chan." Shizuka greeted with a smile, "And how could I also forget about you, Mikoto-chan? It's great to see you all."

"Of course, it's great to see me after all. Ohohoho~!" Mikoto laughed like an aristocrat she is with her hand in front of her, "But joking aside, it is good to see you today as well, Shizuka-Obaa-sama."

"It's good you've toned down your haughtiness, Miko-chan." Yukiko said with a smirked as she and Daisuke came into the scene, "Heya Kushi-chan! Mito-onee-chan! Yato-tan!"

"Well, well, well. If it ain't the little mouse herself." Mikoto grinned, crossing her arms in front of her, just as she noticed Yukiko's hand, "Oh? What's this? How scandalous~."

"Wha?!" Yukiko took a step back as she rounded upon their still holding hands that she almost forgot was still in the first place, "It's not what it looks like, I swear!"

"Uh huh." Kushina grinned as she poked fun at her friend, "We, like, totally, believe you, Yuki-chan."

"Oh my~." Mito added fuel to the fire, "How bold."

"Nooo!" Yukiko cried out as everyone went to poke fun at her.

Knowing her final hope for salvation, she rounded upon Jason who merely raised an eyebrow at her.

"What?" Jason asked, "I don't want any part in that."

"Even you?! What happened to your overbearing, bordering sis-con, protectiveness?!" Yukiko roared at Jason who merely stuck his pinky in his ear to clean it from her scream.

"First of all, it's not overbearing nor is it bordering sis-con, your dumbass. Second, I trust Daisuke's decisions; except for his cooking." Jason said as Daisuke shrugged from the unintended jab at him.

"Can't have them all, right?" Daisuke asked with a grin, "Like how you can't draw for shit, Nebula-sama."

"What can I say? Make me draw maps, and everything else, sure. But I will never be able to draw people or objects in perspective." Jason said in all honesty.

"If you two are done dick swing at each other, why don't you start introducing them (shipgirls) to them?" Rafael interjected before pointing at Saber and Emily as well, "Especially these two."

"Ah, right. Shizuka-obaa-sama, these are the shipgirls that I've been currently working as of late." Jason begun as he started introducing the shipgirls to Shizuka one by one, class by class and category by category.

Meanwhile, while Jason was introducing the girls to Shizuka, the maids and butlers they came with has already begun unloading the things they have brought with them and are currently in the process of bringing them in to the specified place Daisuke has told them all to bring it earlier.

Narberal, for all intent and purposes, has opted to stay behind Yukiko and Daisuke in case they may need something; as per protocol in the Yamamoto household. And just like old times sake when she was just starting, when she was assigned to be Yukiko's personal maid.

"Well then, shall we all go inside?" Jason asks his guests, looking forward to starting the event.

He was answered by a chorus of "Hai!" from his shipgirls while his extended family gave him a smile, a nod, or a soft agreement before they all followed him inside the Main Building in order to start the main event. The maids and butlers, on the other hand, followed suit with the present Shizuka has prepared for Yato and Daisuke's small errand Jason has asked him a week ago to procure for the shipgirls which can explain the numerous amounts of gifts each maid and butler were holding.

December 24, 2020;
Time: 20:19:14hrs;
Under the full moon;

There are times, when being alone is the best remedy to one's problems.

Times when things gets too much for one to handle alone…

Times when one hurts too much…

Times when we have nothing else to do, but be alone…

Times like now.

He knew this, he knew it all too well.

Since the moment he took the mantle from that broken old bones of the last successor, his life has never been the same. No more rainbows and sun shines. No more fun and games. No more care for life of others. And most importantly, no more love to give or take. He knew those days were all over, the moment he laid his hands on the altar of Sidapa.

Oh, how he loathes his Patron God sometimes. For giving him this confusing enchantment; even to this day he still doesn't know if it's a blessing or a curse.

He envies Jason sometimes, having such a benevolent Goddess for a Patron. A beautiful and loving one too, to boot. The hells with that guy's luck with women anyway?! It absolutely baffles him! First, he was a dickhead, now he's Mr. Right for every last woman walking on this fucking Earth?! Who the fudging hell decides on that shit? Tell him who so he can have a nice chat with him for giving that idiot all the luck on the opposite sex, or does he just suck out all the luck around other guys around him? Maybe he does, that explain why he hasn't gotten any yet.

Anyway, back to the story…

Sometimes, he just wishes that he didn't take the power, seduced by the thought of unimaginable strengths and influences that it might give him. Of course, Sidapa said that mortals do tend to get a little too drunk with the thought of too much power sometimes. Guess he got drunk with it as well. Sucks that he didn't think for a long-term investment when he took the responsibility and took over just as the bony and shriveled up predecessor of his fell apart in bony and dusty heaps of ash. That was most disgusting, really. He still doesn't know if he got any of those in his nose to this day.

But, behind all this negativity, he learned to slowly get his humanity back together once more. Especially after Carter sacrificed himself in order to get a nuke off the country. That brought him back to himself, well, sort off. More of it breaking him emotionally, actually. He slowly learned how to be positive, even now he's still learning. He learned how to have fun and games once more; especially now that Yato's here to help him do just that. He also started caring for life once more, making sure that all those that deserve to live gets their chance and those that don't meets their ends. At all costs. And lastly, he's learning how to love; may it be the land he was born on, the people he cares deeply with his entire being or that concept many has talked about. He still hadn't found her so that's on the back burner for now.

And to tell you that he is getting back to being what he once was long ago, he did enjoy the party inside, just that he's more of an indoor person. It's still going hard in there, of course, booze is extremely limited to older shipgirls and guests of the naval base. It's just that he needed time for himself to sort his head out, get some fresh air.

And that's what he is currently doing, getting some fresh air as he stood all alone here in the pier, alone with the full moon above him. That and to sort through his mind about all those things he saw in this dream. Usually he could make shit out of it and even explain it in detail but this one is quite peculiar. One, he doesn't get much about it and two, everything is blurred out. Nothing absolutely makes sense and nothing really does to him, but his dreams does. Now, it doesn't.

It's crazy, right!?

With hands on his pockets, Rafael took a deep breath as a cool salty breeze passed him coming from the sea, staring at the evening horizon, "So, what brings you here, Jason?"

Stopping on his tracks, Jason blinked before he smiled, "Aw~. It seems that I have been found, already."

"No, duh. I've been with you for a long time that I know when to spot your presence. Even when you mask yourself." Rafael replied back, not really in the mood to look at him, "One does get a little spooked when it gets too quiet, after all."

"Hn. You're learning." Jason chuckled softly as he walked to his left side, "I thought my footsteps were heard."

"You? Heard? What heresy are you speaking?" Rafael joked, "I couldn't hear a thing."

"Hm. Most peculiar." Jason hummed, "So, why are you here?"

"I could ask you the same thing, numbskull." Rafael ignored his question as he fired it back, "Shouldn't you be inside there enjoying the party with your son and the others?"

Chuckling at his attempt to stir away from his question, Jason bit, "I can't let my friend sulk all by himself. Or else he'd get sad and gloomy, again. Besides, they wouldn't come looking for me, since I never left the party."

Giving him a mocking/sarcastic laugh, Rafael replied, "Very funny, asshole."

"I try."

"I know you had another one of those visions of yours." Jason said after some time as he too, stared at the horizon.

"What makes you say that?" Rafael asked.

"Your behavior today heavily hinted of it." Jason replied smoothly, admitting he's kept a close eye on his friend.

Chuckling at his own carelessness, he mentally admitted that he's been too transparent today with his actions when he should have had taken better precautions. But he's never gonna confess that to the idiot next to him, not even if he was to die now.

"You sure are perspective, for a man with a single eye." Rafael admitted nothing to him, nor did he deny anything.

"Is it one of those visions of yours that you cannot tell me about?" Jason asked.

Instead of answering him verbally, Rafael merely nodded his head and spoke nothing else, letting his action tell Jason the weight of it.

"I see." Jason nodded to himself, "I know even I wouldn't be able to pry any answers to you without getting physical. But when you're ready to share it with me, you know where to find me."

"Thank you." Rafael muttered, burying his hands on his pockets.

"That makes me wanna ask, why have you changed for the party in our unit's formal wear?" Jason asked as he gave Rafael a once over, "You're even wearing your new rank and all."

What Jason meant of formal wear that Rafael was wearing was a piece of black Pershing cap with yellow line and their unit's special logo of a three-star-and-a-sun motif and golden laurels in the visor. Black military styled jacket with golden shoulder boards with the letter's 'WC' stamped in it with five golden bars beneath it. Said jacket, created and designed by Hugo Boss (heck yeah!), was a long sleeved, gold accented one. It is also decorated with all the medals and awards Rafael receive over the years of his service, which is a lot but not too much. Of course, underneath the jacket, he wore a red dress shirt with a black-tie complement. And for lower, he wore a matching pair of black pants and combat boots, because why not.

"We need at least one representative of our unit, you know." Rafael grinned as he dusted off an imaginary dirt away, "I must say, I do look rather fine, don't you agree?"

"Can't lie you don't, after all, I designed that shit even if I couldn't draw for shit." Jason smugly said as he crossed his arms, "With a little help from Mikoto, of course."

"Only a little?"

"Ok, she drew me the whole thing while I blabbered what I wanted it to look. Happy?" Jason questioned with a frown.


The two shared a laugh at how nostalgic this friendly banter feels like, feeling like it has been forever since they've done something like this that actually felt natural.

It would have had lasted longer if it weren't for their instincts telling them to go overdrive.


"Adya! Urduja!"

Within moments of the words living his mouth, Jason's sword, Mapawi, burst from his room and flew at breakneck speed towards him where he caught and unsheathed the sword an inch off its scabbard, where blue flames burst out, and pulled all out in one fluid motion before cutting a small dagger the size of his forearm in half.

On the other hand, having shouted two names, Rafael was suddenly engulfed with white odorless smoke as he summoned his weapons from his pocket dimensions where he usually put stuff, one that he had asked Kushina to teach him to make on his own. With his kalasag appearing on his left hand, Rafael whipped it in front of him and let all four knives hit him in the shield and shatter upon nanoseconds after the force was rebounded back to it by his shield, his Kris held behind him in an icepick manner.

"Likod-sa-likod!" Jason commanded as the two moved with each other's back facing together.

"Well, well, well. Aren't you hard to kill?" a female voice rang out from every direction, staying a little over a second on one spot, Jason noted.

"That wouldn't make it so interesting if I was, you know." Jason smirked as he strapped the sheath on his back.

"No, it wouldn't." the woman said before laughing.

"How many?" Jason whispered back to Rafael in their Native tongue.

"Two, most likely." Rafael replied after having received an attack from the opposite direction of Jason's assailant.

Before they could further assess their situation, their ears twitched as they heard the air whistle once more as their assailants attacked once more. But, before the daggers could reach Jason so he could bat them away like child's play, the daggers sent to him were suddenly sliced cleanly into a few pieces which destroyed their speed and momentum. For the knives thrown at Rafael, they were suddenly blasted away by an unforeseen wave of energy-based attack.

With a pair of soft thuds, two figures, familiar figures, suddenly dropped in front of the two, creating no dust nor cracks in the pavement which Jason and Rafael are usually guilty off.

"Took you long enough," Jason said to the figure dressed in chrome colored armor with an HFS katana in hand, "Jack."

"Hey, Ryu." Rafael said to the one dressed in black skin tights and a mask, "How's it hanging?"

Standing, both figures, now named Jack and Ryu, never looked away from where the attacks came, staying vigilant for more to come.

"It's not easy to sneak past Mito's traps and sensors, Big brother." Jack said, voice raspy and aggressive as Jason always remembered.

"You could have just walked in the front gates, you know." Jason said, half lidden eyes.

"That would be most boring, Nii-sama." Ryu said, "At least let us have our moment here."

"Sure, go ahead." Jason said as he slackened his battle stance and sheathed his sword back, "It's pretty much overkill if Rafael and I played along with you."

"You're free to play around with them." Rafael said as he dismissed his weapons in a puff of smoke, resealing them once again, "I wanna get some more drinks inside, anyway."

"Who said you're going anywhere!?" the woman cried out in indignation after being ignored for the past minute or so.

"For an assassin, you're really bad at this." Jason said before he and Rafael disappeared in a swirl of wind and leaves, leaving the two assailants in the hands of his brothers, "Don't kill them, but you may maim them. Librarian, let's bounce."

"Toodles~!" Rafael waved directly at the two assailants shocking them as he disappeared as well.

"Ryu…" Jack started, snickering before it turned into a dark laugh.

"Hai, nii-san?"

"Let's DANCE!"

December 26, 2020;
Time: 09:16:20hrs;
Jason's cell – office;
Bonus side story;

"So, what is this I'm looking at?" Jason asked as he stared at a futuristic Ray Gun that reminded him of the one in COD.

"An Alternate-changing Ray-gun, Teitoku!" Akashi cried out giddily as she bounced up and down, her tassel like hair bouncing as well.

"Ok, never mind that question. What does it do?" Jason asked as he and Yato, whom is with him, looked at it.

"It can change someone's personality for an unknown amount of duration of time." Akashi said proudly.

"And you made it why?" Jason inquired, looking at the proud pinkette.

"Because I got nothing better to do and because I can." Akashi said proudly, not noticing the face Jason made when she said that so casually.

"Why the unknown?"

"The specimens I used hasn't really given me any constant duration with the longest lasting for almost an entire day while the shortest an hour." Akashi explained.

"Do you know why?" Jason asked as he let Yato play with it. Not a good idea but what can he do?

"No clue."

"Ok, speaking of these specimens, are they any of the staff or shipgirls?" Jason asked.

"No, nothing of that sorts. Thanks, from the phones you've bought for all of us here in the Naval Base, I was able to procure and used lab rats I ordered from Amazon." Akashi said proudly as she showed her pink smartphone with a little cute laminated anime-fied and chibi-fied version of her chained to it.

"I see. That's good." Jason said as he eyed Yato whom was playing with the Ray-gun like a toy gun, "Now, is it safe?"

"It's perfectly safe since I created it to sport the same safety your guns have, Teitoku." Akashi said.

"That's not good." Jason wanted to face palm.

"Eh? Why?"

"Because Yato knows how to handle guns, especially mine." Jason said just as Yato turned the safeties off and playfully aimed at the two.

Not wanting to know what his alternate self is, Jason immediately dove for Akashi and tackled her out of the way just as Yato pulled the trigger, sending a red ray of light which sent the kid on his back from the unforeseeable recoil. Said red beam bounced off the window behind him and off the ceiling and towards the doors.

"Hey, Tei-to-ku!" Kongou suddenly barged in through the doors with a kilowatt smile, "Gah!?"

"Kongou! Look out!" Jason said, moments before Kongou was blasted off her feet by the red beam, "Diyos mios!"

Getting back up to his feet quickly, leaving a beet red Akashi on the floor, Jason took the gun from his son, who readily handed it to him looking all guilty, and moved over to Kongou whom has lost conscious.

"Papa… I'm sorry…" Yato said as he teared up.

Turning to his son, Jason smiled as he kneeled and patted him in the head, "It's ok, Yato. We'll get Kongou-nee-chan back to her feet in no time, flat. Akashi, get up! We got a patient to take care."

"Hai!" Akashi barked as she immediately got up to her feet, face flushed after being suddenly pushed to the ground by Jason.

Picking up the unconscious Battleship up his arms, Jason made way towards the Hospital with Akashi and Yato behind him, the latter holding the former's hands as they went.

A few hours later:

After the news of Akashi's new toy having knocked a Battleship off her feet, the Naval Base was in a buzz. Most face-palming at the news while others wanting to see what has happened to poor Kongou who got smacked dead center by the red beam.

Yato got scolded by his mother whom was close to frothing in her mouth, and blamed the majority of it to Jason for letting his son hold a potentially dangerous weapon. Said man tried to protest that it wasn't entirely his fault while also trying to save his son from the scolding, but it only got worse as Mito gunned him down even harder and rapid-fired him to death. This made any other arguments further invalid, especially when Kushina and Mikoto ganged up on him with Saber and Emily giving him looks of massive disappointment while consoling Yato who was about to cry. The only logical thing he could think to do was slump in his knees even further as Mito rained terror upon him and wait it out until it finishes, if it ever.

Akashi, on the other hand, received a scolding of a lifetime from Kongou's youngest sister, Kirishima, whom was the most level headed of all; although she absolutely freaked the living chiznits out of Akashi when she took off her glasses. Haruna was out, since she was too much of an angel – bless her heart! – to berate the pinkette and Hiei was also out since she was most likely to be the most violent of all of them since she's Kongou's little pet of sorts; with how much she tries to glue herself to her Onee-sama.

Right now, we find our culprits and suspects-until-proven-innocent waiting in a hospital room they had moved Kongou after she los conscious and was currently watching her vital signs and waiting for her awakening.

"How's Kongou, Akashi?" Jason asked as he stood next to Kongou on her left, looking down on her in concern with his arms together behind his back.

Looking at her clipboard where she's complied all that she has done to check the bubbly Fast Battleship's vital signs, she says, "I've checked everything that I can check on her for any seen or unseen abnormalities, but so far, I've detected none on or within her being."

"Have you run a CT scan on her?" Jason asked as he kneeled close to Kongou and gently moved a stray hair out of her face.

Seeing how much concerned Jason is of Kongou's current situation and how caring he is, Akashi couldn't help but smile, "Yes, I have run CT scans and found no abnormalities in her brain activities."

"That's good." Jason muttered as he signed.

Seconds later, the door was opened with a soft click as Hiei and the rest of the Kongou-class BBs came inside with Mito, Kushina Mikoto, Saber, Emily and Yato in tow.

"How's Onee-sama doing?" Hiei asked, having cooled down somewhat tremendously, unlike earlier where she was seething mad and was ready to rip and tear.

"She's doing fine. Right now, we're just waiting for any changes and her awakening." Akashi said, having understood Hiei's anger earlier.

"That's calming to hear." Haruna said as she and her sisters moved closer to Kongou and held her hands while Jason moved at the back of the room with the rest of the human staff of the base.

"When do you predict she'll come to?" Kirishima asked turned to Akashi.

"She should wake up anytime soon." Akashi said, "But, I fear that they Ray-gun might have done some changes to her, somehow."

"No kidding." Kushina said as she walked to Akashi and took the clipboard for her to look, "If what you created is a real Alternate-Personality Ray-Gun as you say it was, there's a good chance that whatever is done to her would not show physically, but mentally. This CT scan results says that she's completely normal, but that could just be because her mental state has just calmed down after being turned a complete 180 degrees of wherever. Right now, the only thing we can do is be vigilant to whatever personality that toy of yours brought forth and deal with it one step at a time."

"She's right." Mito joined in as she peaked at the clipboard for a bit, "At the time of her awakening, any sudden movement might spur a reaction of her that we may not expect. So, as a piece of advice, try not to be too reactive; no matter how much you want to."

"Speaking from experience, Mito-nee?" Mikoto smirked as she crossed her arms and looked at Kongou's calm sleeping face, "Poor girl. I wonder if she'll be anything like Jason when he was young… or Mi-chan, when she tried to hunt Jason. Or Maybe, like Kushi-chan, when she went full Tsundere on us all. Ufufufu~."

"Or maybe like you, you overgrown sadist." Mito casually shot back.

"Hm? Did you say something, Mito-nee?" Mikoto smiled ever so sweetly to Mito.

Said woman smiled just as sweet at her as she turned her attention to her, "Aw~. Was I not loud enough? Do you want me to say it louder that it'll vibrate inside that thick skull of yours, darling?"

You could see sparks flying off the two sweetly smiling ladies as they went forehead to forehead with each other.

"Ok, break it up you two." Jason said with a sigh as he held both women by the face and forcefully ripped them away from each other.

"Itai! Jason! That hurts, you jerk!" Mito forced out as Jason held them in the face with a vice grip to which she was trying to get away from.

"Yeah! Jason-sama, if you wanted to be rough with me, at least save it for the wedding night!" Mikoto cried out with a blush in her cheeks to which Jason subconsciously hardened his hold, "Itai!"

"Oh? I'm sorry, but when did punishment ever became something not to get hurt on?" Jason asked the two.

"Right now." Mikoto huffed and puffed softly which made Jason look at her with a monotone look of disappointment.

"Ew, no." Jason said as he let go both of them.

"Finally," Mito said in relief, "I thought my face was gonna cave in there for a second.


Only for that to end quickly when Jason immediately followed it up with a flick on their foreheads which sent their heads back, hard.

THONK! ! !

"Itai!" the two cried out in genuine pain as they held their heads from where Jason has flicked them.

"That should keep you two in line for a while." Jason said, fully knowing that it will just get worse if he tries to fully suppress them.

"What happened to your 'Be kind to Women' thing?!" Mito cried out as she rubbed her sore forehead.

"I'm more of a gender-equality kind of person, see?" Jason told them all as he did gave her a thumbs-up and a monotone expression.

"That's scary…" Both Emily and Saber gulped at the implications of that statement.

"It should be." Jason grinned at them, making a cold chill run down the spine of the two.


The sound of Kongou finally starting to wake up suddenly caught the attention of everyone in the room as their heads immediately snapped at her direction. Slowly, but surely, Kongou came back to the world of the living as she slowly rose up to a sitting position from the bed, rubbing the crusts out of her eyes; blinking as she laid eyes on all of them, her face devoid of any emotions on them.

"Onee-sama!" Hiei, who was overjoyed to see her big sister rise up, jumped to her with open arms to welcome her back.

'Hiei?! What the hell!?' was on the mind of everyone as she completely forgot what Mito has just said earlier about doing any sudden reactions.

Only to be met by said sister's back hand as it sent her spiraling down the floor hard where her face kissed it like it meant it. Shocked and beyond awe of this reaction from her, they almost missed what she said.

"Annoying." Kongou said coldly as she brought her hand back down, her face betraying no emotion.

"O-onee-sama…?" Hiei asked as she held the spot where Kongou has hit her, shock written all over her face.

Wasting no time, Haruna and Kirishima immediately went into Hiei's aid as they helped her up. Meanwhile, Jason frowned at Kongou's action; as it hit too close to home with him.

Knowing that this could escalate into something bad, as they all know it would, Jason took a step forward making Kongou turn her head at him; her eyes narrowing as it turned into an analyzing glare.

"Teitoku." She said, her voice cold and calculating; polar opposite of the Bubbly Kongou he was used to.

"Kongou." Jason said as he walked towards her, back to his position earlier.

Taking a chair and putting it close to the bed, Jason motioned for the three that he's got this. Nodding at him, Kirishima and Haruna walked the shell-shocked Hiei to where the others were standing.

Taking a seat, Jason turned his full attention to Kongou, whom has been doing that to him the entire time.

"How do you feel?" he asked.

"I feel normal." Kongou said promptly, her voice betraying nothing.

Looking her straight in the eyes, Kongou stared back unblinking; both unwilling to give the other any ground for dominance.

"Are you sure?" Jason asked once more, trying to probe some more.

"I have already given you my answer, Teitoku, I will not be repeating myself." Kongou said, her voice getting colder than Antarctica every second, "If you're simpleton mind cannot comprehend that, then I worry for the future ahead of us under your command."

"Whoa, low blow…" Kushina whistled lowly under her breath with a small smirk.

Meanwhile, every last Japanese shipgirl inside the room gasped in shock at the blatant show of disrespect coming from Kongou as she just dissed Jason right in front of his face. Mito and Mikoto on the other hand, snorted in amusement as Kongou has just called Jason stupid for just repeating his question.

"O-O-Onee-sama…" Hiei couldn't believe her ears, no more than her eyes as she tried to fight the tears threatening to fall from them.

Haruna and Kirishima, for their part, looked horrified and put-off respectively, from how their sister has just said.

While all this was happening, Jason merely raised an eyebrow at what just passed his ears and couldn't help but snort out a small laugh which seem to just irritate the new Kongou even more.

"Oh, I'm sorry, but was there anything funny on what I said?" Kongou asked as her eyes went back to glaring at him.

"Not really, but how you're acting kinda reminded me of me when I was young." Jason said as he calmed down somewhat, "Man, this is so nostalgic…"

"Excuse me?" Kongou narrowed her eyes even further.

"You're excused." Jason said, trolling her a bit with his sass that he lets out every now and then.

"You're a real jester, aren't you?" Kongou stated more than asked as she finally figured out Jason's little game.

"Aw~. What gave me away?" Jason asked with a grin as he rested his face on his right hand as he rested his right elbow on his knee.

"You're vacuous face, of course." Kongou replied as she smiled, playing along his game, for now.

"My, my~. Such sophisticated words, Ojou-sama." Jason said, taking the insult in strides.

"Mama, what's that word mean?" Yato asked in the sidelines.

"That nice lady just called daddy a dummy-face, Yato." Mito giggled as she tried to explain it to her son.

"B-but… papa says I looked just like him. Does that mean I'm a dummy-face too?" Yato asked with a small pout.

"No~. You're too cute to be a dummy-face like your dad, dear." Mito cracked up softly as she nuzzled her face to her son's.

Yato, for all his childish innocence, merely giggled as he snuggled back.

Meanwhile, Jason gave Mito a 'Really?' look before going back to Kongou whom was smiling at him quite arrogantly.

"Where were we?" Jason asked.

"I don't know." Kongou replied back, turning her entire body to him as she moved to the edge of the bed, "Why don't you tell me where we are, you dull-witted man."

Grinning at her endearingly, having found this new Kongou extremely adorable and a bit hotter than the old one, Jason said, "Aw~. Aren't you just adorable? Makes me want to eat you all up~."

"Why don't you eat me all up, then?" Kongou said all of a sudden, getting quite a colorful reaction from everyone other than Jason, as she leaned close to his face; their nose almost touching at how close they are.

"Ara-ara~." Mikoto muttered with a small blush on her face which she hid with a hand, "How bold."

"Dang…" Kushina was shook.

"Ehehe~." Mito grinned as everything went all according to Keikaku.

"O-onee-sama!" Kirishima gasped the loudest of the sisters as she and Haruna's face burned like cherry at such bold words and its implications.

"That's bold." Emily commented, a small blush on her face, as she grinned a bit.

"S-scandalous!" Saber huffed and puffed with a massive blush on her face.

"You gotta mind the time and place, Kongou." Jason teased back, not moving away an inch.

"What would you do if I told you I don't care about either?" Kongou pressed some more as she went nose to nose with Jason, "Would you ravage me like an animal that you are? Or will you back out like a milksop?"

"I'll take the third choice." Jason said with winning smirk.

"What third choice?" Kongou blinked as she moved away, pondering what he just meant with that.

"Neither." Jason answered, "If I were to take you now, you'd just be like your old self, but a Yandere version. While hot, not my cup of tea. And if I were to take the second choice, I'd be betraying myself. We don't do that here. Therefore, by taking neither, I can keep teasing and cock-blocking you until you and everyone else go crazy."

"Wow." Was enough to describe everyone's reaction right now.

"Anyway," Jason coughed to his hand, feeling a little embarrassed with that kind of reaction he just received, "Why did you hit Hiei? Normally, you'd have tolerated this kind of action from her and even welcome it. Why the change of heart?"

"While the old Kongou might normally tolerate it, I, the pride of the Imperial Japanese Navy, will not!" Kongou declared as she stood up, looking down on Jason with a glare, "I will not tolerate any unneeded and excessive behavior that will embarrass me and the name of the Emperor. If I have to, I will tighten the leash and discipline them myself. I will not be denied of the respect that I deserve, nor let anyone disgrace the name of the Kongou-class Battleships!"

Sighing at her words, he really can't fault them since he was like that too a long ago, Jason rested his back on the back-rest of the chair and ran a hand on his long hair that he still forgot to either cut or tie up.

"Well, isn't this a predicament." Jason muttered.

"And you, halfling! Even if you call yourself my superior, I will not have you act so informally with I." Kongou said to Jason who couldn't help but roll his eye unconsciously.

"Yeah, yeah, whatever. Also, you're a halfling yourself, you know." Jason said as Kongou's behavior really reminded him of himself and it now dawns to him just how annoying he was when he was young as this woman in front of him was slowly burning through his patience.

Standing up, Jason narrowed his eye as well as he stared down on the smaller woman whom was forced to crane her head up just to keep eye-contact with him.

"Can you leave us for a moment?" Jason asked everyone, his tone of voice telling them that he will not accept a No from any of them, "Except you Akashi, you stay."


With no one arguing with him on that, the rest of the occupants left the room except for Akashi who looked a little concerned as to why she was being left behind like this.

"Hey, you (Kisama). You're too tall, I can't look down on you if you're too tall like this." Kongou complained with a frown as she crossed her arms in front of her, "Get lower, immediately."

"Be quiet, I'm in charge now." Jason said to her firmly as the door closed with a click.

"I wasn't asking!" Kongou cried out as she suddenly punched Jason right in the stomach as hard as she can, putting all her shipgirl strength in it, expecting him to underestimate her and fold over her punch.

Except, this is Jason we're talking about and he does not bend over for anyone; not even Mito.

"Are you done?" Jason asked, raising an eyebrow that is currently twitching bad. Bad.

"Wha-what? H-how?!" Kongou asked, wide-eyed, as she took an involuntary step back, "That punch would have killed a normal human being in matter of seconds!"

"Yeah, about that." Jason grinned and boy did it make Kongou feel small as Jason's only visible eye turned blood red after he blinked, "Normal and I, don't belong in the same sentence. Together."

Faster than she could blink, Jason seized her by the front her top and brought her right into his face, grinning and glaring as he spoke, "Now, listen here Bongo. Around these parts of town and Naval Base, I'm the head honcho, or the boss if you will. What I say, when I say, and how I say; is the law. Disobey any of that and it gets messy, got that? So, be a good little pretty face and do as I say and there'll be no problem between us or with anyone, ok?"

With that done, Jason let go of Kongou's dress and she fell straight to her knees, face hidden as her hair casted a shadow on them along with Jason's body that blocked any light.

"Get up." Jason commanded.

Meanwhile, Akashi watched closely as she made notes of what's happening.

Doing as she was told, Kongou shakily got up, almost falling back down but caught herself.

"Look at me." Jason said, raising an eyebrow at her, wondering if he was too hard on her.

But all words fell to deaf ears as Kongou didn't respond from his command.

"I said, LOOK AT ME!" Jason barked which got a flinch from both Akashi and Kongou, both of who immediately looked at him, 'What the!?'

The reason for that was upon looking at him, Kongou's extremely flushed face greeted him, her eyes clouded with desires and her lips slightly ajar. Further inspecting her facial expression, Jason immediately motioned for Akashi to come to him.

"What's the matter, Teitoku – eh!?" Akashi yelped but caught herself as she came to view Kongou's cloudy expression, "What happened?!"

"Beats me." Jason shrugged, raising a hand and snapped his fingers twice, "Nothing."

Knowing this look, one he's saw many times on Mito's face when she went fuckity-fuck-fuck with him, he knew only one way to get a reaction from her. Getting his face close while knowing this is a really, really bad idea, Jason spoke softly, to make sure that she's still responsive.

"Kongou." He said softly, only to find her arms suddenly wrapped around his neck, 'Knew it…'

"I knew you're the only one for me…" Kongou said softly, taking labored breaths as Jason was forced to put an arm on her waist lest they fall down the bed.

"Kongou, whatever you're thinking right now, know that you will fully regret following through this." Jason said as he motioned for Akashi to step back a bit in case it gets rowdy, "I highly advice you to cease and desist and to think this thoroughly."

"What are you talking about, Teitoku?" Kongou asked, her pupils metaphorically slowly turning to hearts as she slowly pulled Jason's face closer and closer to her, "Since the first time we met, I already knew it. The moment you went and carelessly fought with us which costed you your eye, I already knew it. That time you taught us with love and care so that we will be able to better act accordingly in-battle and on the outside world, I already knew it. And now that you've shown just how much you care for me; I already knew it. You are the one and only for me, and my sisters. And I, as their eldest sister, will make sure of that and secure it for the future."

Now that he was forehead to forehead with her, Jason wasn't able to say anything as she confessed to him her feelings; even with clouded judgement. The smell of Kongou's shampoo and bodily scent assaulting his senses, her pheromones further blasting his control. And with one last pull, Jason and Kongou's lips met in a scene of aggressive spit-exchange as Kongou pulled Jason as close as she can while trying to suck and fight his tongue out. But, Jason, whom has wrapped his arms around her waist, did not let himself be out done and used all his years of experience and expertise in order to decimate Kongou's struggle which left her putty in his arms as he took the offensive. As she played with his hair, Jason, whom was dominating this almost one-sided struggle, had his left rubbing her back and his right slowly coming down her sides, making sure not to touch her rear out of respect and pulled her left leg up to his waist to which she instinctively wrapped around him followed up by breaking for just a second to get air and wrapped the other leg with a small jump and went back to devouring each other's mouths with renewed vigor.

Meanwhile, Akashi, who was seeing all this happening right in front of her, not five feet away, was close to dying right there and there from the amount of embarrassment she was feeling. But she couldn't do anything but watch as she was left frozen on the spot with all her strength leaving her all of the sudden. Feeling her knees weakening, Akashi fell to her rump and watched as Jason also fell back on the chair he was just sitting on as Kongou, while a real beginner, took the reign which Jason let her have.

'What have I done?!'

Taking lead, Kongou assaulted Jason's mouth with vigor as she plunged her tongue inside his mouth like a writhing sea-creature having found its prey, it all but overpowered what little senses she had as she sought some unreachable territory near Jason's uvula; wiggling and pulsating as she marked Jason's mouth with enthusiasm. With clouded mind on cloud nine, she broke off for just a moment in order to gaze upon at Jason's messy uniform, hair and boyish smirk where her and his saliva remained connected to their lips. Without further ado, she held her clothes and tried to rip it open if not for Jason's hands grasping hers and shaking his head as he brought her lips back to his and continued their tongue dominance. So, if Jason was not going to have her remove her clothes as this burning sensation in her chest that drove her crazy, she grabbed hold of his hands instead and placed them under her skirt and into her panty-clad ass; forcing him to massage them as she kissed him harder.

Jason for his part, complied since she gave him her consent. So, grabbing that bubbly butt with fervor, Jason massaged them the best he could, rubbing them and lightly pinching them as he devoured her mouth which seems to drive her nuts. Of course, it wouldn't be complete if he didn't accidentally slip his fingers inside her panties which drove her overboard as she moaned in his mouth. And once again, he made sure not to touch the forbidden flowers as he did so, just keeping himself within the area of her rump and softly gliding his fingers under her thighs and close – but not too close – to said nether lips of hers which made her shiver under his touch and back again, but a bit rougher this time. This made Kongou's already cloudy mind even cloudier as she begun grinding her crotch to his awakened junior which was doing its absolute best to break through his pants.

"Take me!" Kongou said huskily as she broke off, metaphoric hearts in her eyes as she panted as if she's run around the world with no stop.

"With pleasure." Jason smirked as electricity sparked off his eye before he took her lips briefly and trailed upward into her ears and bit, hard.

'Lightning Release: Pleasure points!'

With instantaneous results, Jason struck all of the known documented pleasure points of women on Kongou, especially her lower back, and watched as Kongou silently screamed in ecstasy as Jason overloaded her erogenous zones with a small bit of chakra, forcing her to arc her back and push her chest to him and hands grip whatever they were holding really tight as she reached climax.

Twitching as her climax came to a slow halt after a full minute, Kongou lost all strength in her body as she slowly slumped back to Jason. Her face extremely flushed and her body tired as Jason made her experience her first climax without having gone any further than he needed to. Her arms fell to her side, no strength left in them while she listened to his heartbeat that steadily beat within his chest.

"Teitoku…" Kongou mewled, all the pent-up arousal she had accumulated for a long time gone which left her quite empty and tiered, but extremely satisfied.

"I told you you'd regret it." Jason said softly at her.

"Mou…" Kongou pouted, "Baka."

Chuckling at her reaction, tired as she is, Jason took off his hands under her skirt which was still grabbing her bubbly butt.

"Why'd you take them off?" Kongou complained as she forced herself to raise her body to him as she wrapped her arms around his neck.

"Because I wouldn't be able to do this." Jason said as he softly pulled her close to him and kissed her softly.

This time, instead of the heated passionate kissing earlier, this one was much calmer and much more emotional as Kongou, tired as she already is, returned fully.

Separating once more, Kongou gave Jason the infamous bedroom eyes which Jason merely grinned as his messy hair framed his face making him look rugged and feral as his crimson eye glowed softly.

"I'm not done yet, you know." Kongou grinned with said grin was replaced by a massive yawn as her eyes begun to droop, "No… not done… yet."

"You are, now." Jason grinned as he put Kongou on a bridal carry and carried her to the bed where he tucked her in, "Sleep for now. I'll see you tomorrow. Good night."

"Good night, Teitoku." Kongou smiled like her old self before she pouted, "Hey…"


"Where's my good night kiss?" Kongou pouted which made Jason smile at her innocent request which wasn't really innocent minutes earlier.

"Hai, hai." Jason said as he bent down to her and gave her one last French kiss before re-tucking her in since she tried to pull him in once again, "Sleep tight."

"Night, night. This is the best gift, ever." Kongou said as she fell asleep within minutes, the effects of the Ray-Gun having drained itself was she spent herself.

Upon hearing her soft snores, Jason turned his eye towards the buggy eyed Akashi who was staring at him with wide, shocked eyes. Feeling a bit mischievous, Jason squatted down in front of her with his arms resting on his thighs and looked her straight in the eyes.

"Enjoyed the show?" Jason asked with a playful smirk.

Unconscious or not, she knows neither, but Akashi nodded her head, much to Jason's befuddlement.


Was all he could say as all mischief left him.

Offering her a hand, to which she took albeit not before flushing some more, Jason pulled her to an embrace as he switched to a kneeling position to better balance himself. Embracing her tightly, Jason tried to convey his appreciation of all the work and help she's given him since coming to this base.

Separating once more, Jason smiled at her and then moved in and kissed her in the forehead, "Thank you, for everything."

"W-what…?" was all Akashi could say.

"Maybe next time, yeah?" Jason said as he chuckled softly so he doesn't wake Kongou up, "My lips are a bit swollen after Kongou chewed on them. And I don't think you'd want to indirectly kiss Kongou as well."


Not waiting for any of her response, Jason scooped Akashi up his arms and carried her towards the door.

"Wa-wait, I… I can walk!" she tried to protest.

"Sure." Jason said as he let her on her feet, only for her to fall back to her rump, "Thought so."

Akashi, whom was too embarrassed to speak, let herself be carried off the room, instead chose to bury her face in to his chest to hide from the view of everyone outside.

"What happened in there?" Saber asked as they all walked towards the two, "And what happened to her?"

"It's a long story, I'll tell you when you're older." Jason laughed as he walked away with all of them in tow.

"What do you mean when I'm older?! I'm eighteen years old already!" Saber retorted.

"Trust me, it's for the best." Jason winked at her which stopped any more resistance from her.

Walking beside him, Mito sported a smirk that even Jason can be made wary of, "You look like you enjoyed yourself in there."

"Of course, I did." Jason replied, "When have I never?"

Giggling perversely as she held her son, she nudged him on the side, "When do I get to play with her?"

"She's still new to this, let her experiment with it herself for now." Jason said to her.

"Hey! How's Onee-sama?!" Hiei cried out as she caught up to Jason.

"Well, right now, she's asleep. But don't barge in like last time, she might still be affected so let her rest for now." Jason said to Hiei, making her sigh in relief, the memory of her elder sister back handing her gone to her mind.

"That's great."

H-hai!" Haruna chirped at the good news, "H-Haruna is alright."

"Sure, you are." Kirishima teased her sister, but was equally relieved as the rest, "You were on the verge of crying yourself earlier."

"Ki-Kirishima-nee-sama?!" Haruna squeaked in embarrassment and looked at Jason who merely winked at her with a grin, "Eeeeek!"

"Hey, Capt." Emily called to him next to Kirishima.

"Hm?" Jason turned to her as they continued walking.

"Why do you smell musky?" Emily asked which made everyone but Mito, stop.

"Fuck." Jason said under his breath which Akashi fully heard and giggled softly.

Turning around as Mito tried to keep herself from laughing out loud, he turned to Emily and said,

"It was a hard-fought battle and we'll leave it at that. For now."

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