Newlywed Frustrations

Elizabeth knew that to feel nervous was foolish, for had she not lain with her husband on more than one occasion, four times in truth, prior to this night? Granted those amorous activities all happened in one night, her wedding night. The repeated supplication of her husband on her person was, indeed, a revelation to her chaste mind and body. She had never imagined that a man could perform more that once. By the third time Darcy had joined with her, her body had, indeed, reveled at this novel feeling of euphoria.

Elizabeth, even during their short engagement, had perceived that Fitzwilliam Darcy was a virile man. The flagrant way he looked at her, the lengthened contact of their skin in seemingly innocent exchanges, had enkindled in her a fire of anticipation. Such was their need to be together that they had resolutely wandered away from Jane and Mr. Bingley on most of their outings. Their long walks together had supplied them with ample opportunities to feed that fire, until both enflamed, they would have anticipated their wedding vows had not a call in the distance from Mr. Bingley awakened them from their state.

It was in that way that the new Mr. and Mrs. Darcy entered the carnal joys of wedlock. And if that first night was any indication of their nights to come, they both anticipated immense joy in their union. So it was with vast disappointment and embarrassment on Elizabeth's part, and immense frustration on Darcy's part, that on the very next afternoon of their wedding night Elizabeth's menses had arrived. On the evening of that same day, Elizabeth had walked silently into her husband's study, dreading the delivery of such news. Her thoughts ran to the varying possible reactions her husband might have to her disclosure. Surely, he would be understanding, but such timing! She blushed at what they could have been doing if such natural feminine events had not yet occurred.

As it were, Darcy took the news in stride, only for a fleeting second did his eyes betray any disappointment, but Elizabeth glimpsed in them the same longing she was certain must be displayed in her own eyes. Her flux customarily entailed only three days to cease, and this time was no different. But in her conscious state, Elizabeth let pass twice the aforementioned amount of time to be absolutely certain that her husband not witness any trace of her womanly visitor. Although no longer a maiden, Elizabeth's sensibilities were still in that regard. This, she also meant as a kindness to him and herself, but the effects of the extended wait was almost unbearable to the newly weds. Had Elizabeth know the thoughts that crossed her husband's mind, she would have been surprised to discover that he would have still come to her even at this time.

Thus, six days had passed before she whispered, somewhat shyly, to her husband that her body was ready to resume their conjugal activities. This glad news was delivered after supper as they were walking to the drawing room, and on hearing this much anticipated news, Darcy took hold of his wife's hand and before she could say anything else, quickly drew her towards the grand staircase and led her upstairs. Elizabeth flushed at this most outward display of excitement, but was most eager to continue where they left off after their wedding night.

Now, standing by the window she waited for her husband to join her. Elizabeth replayed her wedding night in her head, such excitement did she feel that her skin began to heat. When she touched the glass panes of the window, her fingers left such imprints as to thaw parts of the glass. She turned and watched the door, her anticipation was so great that she considered entering Darcy's chambers. At the moment a soft but purposeful knock sounded. In came the very man of her thoughts, much to Elizabeth's relief.

Fitzwilliam Darcy was a patient man, but the past six days had been pure torment for him. To have tasted the sweetest ambrosia, to have dined with the gods, and then to have been forced back to mortality on the very next day was too much for him. He had watched Elizabeth with constant hunger these past few days, he would have gone to her in spite of her flux, but he had not wanted to frighten his new wife with such ardor. That they could still have physical enjoyment even during her monthly visits probably never entered her mind.

During this six-day wait, Darcy had imagined numerous scenarios of intimacy with Elizabeth, on his bed, on her vanity table, on his desk, out of doors. It had reached the point were he could not stand straight. This was more unfortunate than his state before they were married, for at that time he only had his imagination of how their union might be. Now that he knew Elizabeth's sweet passion, her shy but urgent response to his touch, this knowledge drove Darcy to near madness.

Darcy entered his wife's chambers, took a lengthy look at her, then turned to close the door. He felt himself grow erect just by looking at her. He strode towards Elizabeth, his gaze holding hers, it was all he could do not to take her then and there against the window. Darcy tried very hard to remind himself that although she was no longer a virgin, her experience in this endeavor was limited to that one night of passion.

Elizabeth felt the heat rise up her body, starting from her toes ascending to her face. Darcy's gaze was almost unbearable, she could hardly breathe from the intensity of it. They stood facing each other, he in his breeches and shirt, she in her wrapper, a breath apart, but not touching. She noticed the bulge forming in the front of his breeches, her eyes widened. Darcy traced her neck with his finger, his hand opened to encompass the smooth skin there. He cupped her cheek, and Elizabeth turned to kiss his palm.

Darcy bent down to answer the call of Elizabeth's lips, he kissed her with unbounded passion, showing her that the evening would begin in such a way. His tongue delved deep in her mouth, savoring her taste. Elizabeth's hands clung to his arms, she was intoxicated by his scent and ardor. Breaths mingling, they kissed as hungrily as dry soil devours the rain.

Darcy trailed his mouth along Elizabeth's jaw, then her neck. He lapped her skin, bit the tiny pulse that beat with excitement, earning a gasp from his wife. He felt himself harden even more at her reaction. He untied the ribbon that held her wrapper in place, then he opened the garment. Raw hunger shot through Darcy when he saw that Elizabeth wore nothing underneath, the wrapper fell unheeded to the floor. Her body was a dream realized for him, he wanted nothing more than to lick her from head to toe, her generous breasts called to him like water to a man dying of thirst. He ran his hands down her arms, then to her back. He pressed her to him, flattening her breasts against his chest. Darcy straighten then carried her to the waiting bed. He sat at the edge and positioned Elizabeth to straddle him. His wife flattened her hands on Darcy's chest, then slipped them under his shirt. She felt the pounding of his heart. Discarding his shirt, Elizabeth's hands explored his broad chest, loving the texture of the curling hair that disappeared down into his breeches. She dropped a kiss on each nipple, Darcy sucked in a breath. His wife's fingers continued their descent to his flat stomach, stopping only when she reached the flap of his breeches. At this, Darcy smiled a challenging smile, Elizabeth with a red face unbuttoned the flap but she could not find the courage yet to continue. With a moan she buried her face in her husband's neck, Darcy laughed and reached down to continued his wife's work, shifting his weight until he was able to divest all of the barriers that remained between them.

Elizabeth felt her husband manhood press against her inner thigh, she looked down and once again was taken by surprise at its length and girth. Her husband when dressed, was a very impressive man, but her husband when undressed was even more so. She reached down tentatively and held him in her hands, Darcy sucked in a breath as Elizabeth closed her hands around him, as he had taught her on their wedding night. She moved her hands and Darcy all but wanted to buck against her fingers. A bead of liquid formed on the head of his shaft, Elizabeth stared at it, amazed. Curious, she touched the wetness tentatively with a finger, when no protest came from her husband, she ran her thumb across his head, spreading his pre-emmission. Darcy groaned and pulled her hands away from his manhood. He reached behind her to wrap Elizabeth's tresses around his hand and gently pulled her head back. He licked her from the hollow of her neck to the tip of her chin, up and down he went until Elizabeth's gasps of delight caused her chest to rise prominently up. Darcy let go of her hair and slid one hand down her back, the other cupped one full breast. Leaning her back, he suckled her. Elizabeth's head fell back, a cry of pleasure escaped her mouth. Darcy swirled his tongue around her swollen nipple, his teeth nipping her. Elizabeth felt heat spread from her breast down to her center, her excitement building with every touch of Darcy's hand and trick of his mouth. He transferred his attentions to her other breast, and the torture started over again.

"Fitzwilliam, you undo me my love." Elizabeth said.

"I cannot get enough of you, wife." her husband murmured in between her breasts. She straightened and brought his mouth to hers, desperate for his kiss. Elizabeth buried her hands in his hair, her fingers massaging Darcy's scalp. "I love you." she said, her words mingling with his kisses. Darcy's heart pounded in his chest, his manhood straining towards Elizabeth, his love for her manifesting itself in his body's reaction to her words.

"You are mine, my wife, my love." He said. "I want to possess your whole being, I want you to know nothing but my love for you, for that is all I know. I have been your captive since I beheld your eyes. My heart, my body, my soul is yours."

Elizabeth's own heart swelled at this, she kissed him harder, her hands wrapped fiercely around his neck. "I am yours for all eternity, my husband, only you command me, my whole being."

Darcy's hunger was building posthaste, he wanted Elizabeth panting with need. He turned her around, her back to him. This earned from his wife a slightly confused look. He parted her legs and let them fall on the outer side of his. The position left her open and, he slid his hand between her legs. Elizabeth moaned, her head falling back against Darcy's shoulder, her arms reached behind to grasp at his hair. His tongue traced the crevices of her ear, Elizabeth was on the brink of euphoria. He was hard beyond belief, he knew he did not have long before he lost control. Darcy plunged his finger into her warmth, and Elizabeth's moans turned to screams of pleasure. Her wetness seeped to his hand, this was Darcy's undoing. He could smell her arousal, this was his ambrosia. He plunged into her then, joining her from behind. Elizabeth screamed, her hand fisting in his hair, her mouth open, eyes closed, feeling every sensation that Darcy's body was feeding into hers.

Darcy moved, he surged upward, each spike rendering Elizabeth breathless. He cupped one breast and squeezed a nipple. Elizabeth sobbed with delight. With his free hand he stimulated her nub, earning yet another low moan from his wife. Wet, slicking sounds of joining filled the room, their lovemaking was melting away any cold left. So vigorous was it, that Darcy's manhood, slipped out of Elizabeth's folds, feeling bereft for even this very short loss, Elizabeth took him in her hand and guided him back inside her. Darcy almost spilled his seed then, he gathered all his control and gritted his teeth, he would prolong this sweetest torture for as long as he could. Darcy turned Elizabeth's head and bit her nape, teeth scraping the sensitive skin, tongue trailing sensual kisses.

"I cannot bear it, William, it is too much!" she sobbed. "Take it, Elizabeth," he murmured hotly in her ear, "Take it all, can not you see that I will give it all to you?" he said. Elizabeth found his mouth with hers, sharing wet, urgent kisses. The carnal sounds of flesh slapping against flesh filled the room. Elizabeth's climax tore into her, she bore down wildly unto Darcy's manhood, taking his repeated impalings as kindling to her wild fire. A lighting of tremendous pleasure spread over her body, Darcy felt her snug walls pulling tightly at him, beckoning him to follow into this turbulent jump of completion. Darcy grasped Elizabeth's hips and with one last powerful thrust he joined her in a release so unbridled it sent man and wife to new billowing heights, his exultant shout mixed with her screams of fulfillment.

Elizabeth, in her years of existence never thought she would experience such powerful physical feelings until Darcy introduced her to the world of marital bliss. She sagged against her husband not being able to lift a single limb. Darcy barely had enough strength to move, still joined together, he wrapped his arm around Elizabeth's waist and pulled them both atop the bed. He turned and settled them on their sides, spooning his wife, he reached for the bedclothes and covered them both. Darcy wrapped his arms around Elizabeth, his hand finding and resting on one supple breast, his face buried in her hair.

Elizabeth, barely awake, felt her husband's presence still inside her. Thinking that he might be uncomfortable, she began to shift to allow him to pull out of her. It was much to her surprise when Darcy pulled her back against him.

"William, are you not uncomfortable? Do you not wish to be... unsheathed?" she asked innocently.

"No, I wish to stay inside you. Would that I be inside you this way all the time, Lizzy." He pulled Elizabeth even closer, her buttocks pressing against his balls. "I want your quim to be so familiar with my cock that when I am not inside you, you weep for me to enter you again."

This image was so vivid that Elizabeth felt herself becoming aroused again, her inner walls still slick from Darcy's comings getting even more soaked. Her breasts tingled, her breathing became shallow. Darcy himself was surprised at the speed of his recovery. Mere minutes had passed since he experienced a most dramatic climax, yet here he was again, still buried hilt deep in Elizabeth, feeling his manhood becoming enflamed, reaching out again to dance the carnal dance with his wife.

Elizabeth felt Darcy ready inside her, she moved forward drawing him out a little, then moved back against him, burying him again in her wetness.

"Wife, you will be the death of me!" Darcy whispered fiercely, he grasped Elizabeth by the hips and plunged so powerfully into her that his wife saw stars.