Once out of the barrier they all found themselves back up on Mt. Ebott. Papyrus gasp in excitement seeing how wonderful it was on the surface. Most of all he likes seeing the sun rising. Asgore looked at Toriel then at Pearl saying "golly, I forgot how great it is to be on the surface once again." Pearl nods saying "I felt the same way when I came to Earth." Asgore nods as he turn to Alphys and Undyne to go down there to speak with the other humans to at least make peace. Toriel look down at Steven saying "it's really is a nice view from here." Steven nods saying "it's sure is." Toriel smiled saying "I know you probably excited to be back home with your family and friends." Steven nods saying "yeah, I'm sure they are all missing us." Toriel then went away from Steven to join Asgore, Alphys, and Undyne.

Steven turn to see that Sans was now talking to Pearl. Papyrus walk over to Steven asking "do you think my brother likes your friend, human?" Steven nods saying "I think so. I don't know if Pearl knows that or not. I think they would make good couples." Papyrus nods saying "I do agree with you there human, I'm just glad to see my brother had finally found someone that he's happy with." Steven smiled as they both waited for Pearl and Sans to join them. Pearl and Sans came over and Pearl took Steven's hand and turn to face the skeleton brothers. "It was nice meeting all of you. We should get heading back home." Sans nods saying "yup, we're just go ahead and build ourselves a new home. If ya wanna, you two can come by to visit us anytime you want." Pearl and Steven both nodded.

Pearl and Steven watch Papyrus running off dragging Sans behind him. Causing poor Sans to try not get sick by all the dragging. Pearl giggles before she and Steven went to find the Warp Pad. Once they found the Warp Pad, Pearl and Steven got on it and in a blue flash were gone.

For over a month the monsters were finally settling into their new homes. All the monsters (except Flowey of course) had all came up to the surface and were enjoying their time being with the humans. They all had live in their normal life as they did back in the Underground except this time they are working with the humans.

One day after a whole month, Pearl and Steven had return back to Mt. Ebott. This time they had Garnet and Amethyst with them. Steven was so excited to introduce all the monsters he and Pearl encounter to Garnet and Amethyst. Steven said as they made down the mountain and toward the town. "I know you guys are going to really like them. Trust me." Once they got to the town, Steven saw Asgore watering his flowers in front of his yellow and purple house. Steven ran up saying "hello, it's me Steven." Asgore look up to see Steven and Pearl but shock to see Garnet and Amethyst. "Oh hello again, are these two the other Crystal Gems?" Steven nods saying "yup, they are." Garnet gave a smile saying "hello you must be Asgore." Asgore nods saying "indeed I am."

Asgore then said, "things been going well between me and Toriel that we got back together again." Steven gasp saying "that is so great to hear." Asgore laughs saying "indeed also we have someone we want you to meet. Me and my wife took her in as our own." All four gems look at each other a bit confused. Asgore open the door and call out, "Tori, my dear. Bring our new child with you. We have company." Steven asked when Asgore came back, "wait, you adopted a child?" Asgore nods saying "a human child be exact." Steven was excited to meet this new child that Asgore and Toriel both adopted. Toriel came out with a surprised on her face. "Oh my" she exclaimed, "I'm so glad you've return. I see you brought two of your friends with you." Steven nods as he introduce Garnet and Amethyst to Toriel.

Steven happen to look behind Toriel to see an eight or nine year old girl has short brown hair wearing a blue T shirt with three pink stripes, blue shorts, and brown tennis shoes. Steven ask "is that the child you two adopted?" Toriel and Asgore both turn and nods. Toriel smiled seeing the child was too shy to come up to meet their new friends. Toriel said gently "come here my child, do not fear. They are mine and your father's friends." The child look at her mother a moment then slowly approach the gems. Steven was the first to speak, "hi I'm Steven Universe" he then told the other three gems names to the girl then he ask, "what is your name?" The girl look back at her mother who was couraging her to tell her name. The girl look at Steven and answer, "my name is Frisk." Garnet knelt down saying "that's a pretty name you have." Frisk giggled and hugged Garnet.

Pearl look at Asgore saying "I see that you are all now living happily together." Asgore nods saying "indeed we are. Thank you so much for giving us a better life. Without you we may be still trap in the Underground and never had adopted Frisk to our family." Just then a loud booming voice was heard and as they all turn around, Papyrus pick Steven up and twirl around with Steven up in the air in Papyrus' hands. Once Papyrus place Steven down he look at Garnet and Amethyst with curious. Steven explain to Papyrus that Garnet and Amethyst are his friends. Papyrus gasp and began to shake Garnet and Amethyst hands. Pearl look over to see Sans walking up to her. Pearl smiled saying "it's nice to meet you again, Sans." Sans nods saying "you too Pearl. It's been awhile since ya know step into the same shoe line." Pearl rolls her eyes saying "you still got it in you." Sans wink saying "you know me I am the master of puns."

Steven soon met everyone that he met in the Underground and introduce them all to Garnet and Amethyst. The monsters seems to enjoy the gems very well. Of course Mettaton had to put on a big show for the welcome back of Pearl and Steven and a big show for Garnet and Amethyst. Everyone seems to be living well and in peace. So every month Steven and the gems would go back to meet the monsters to see how things have been doing. One thing for sure that the monsters always made Pearl do her ballets when she, the gems, and Sans go to Grillby. Pearl began to get use to it though times she really don't want to but she knew she had no choice.

So it has been a long journey for Steven and Pearl throughout the Underground. Yet both bring a happy ending for all the monsters. This has certainly an experience for Pearl and Steven to never even forget.

The End.

Arthur Note: Finally had finish this story. Whew... this has been the most longest story I'd ever written. Literally! Anyways again thanks for all of your supports of favoring and following also reviewing to the story. Thanks ever so much. Anyways I just wanted to throw in Frisk at the end of the story. I mean it wouldn't be a story if Frisk wasn't in it. Just saying. Well I'd kinda been thinking about doing another crossover like this but with a Sofia the First one. I don't know yet. Right now I'm just happy of how this story turned out. Just the way I planned it to end. That's all so thank you for reading!