Notes: Gender swapped Harry, no Tara, set after all Harry Potter books and pre-season 1 of Sons of Anarchy.


Tig's stated in an episode he has only ever loved one woman, who tragically died in a car crash, while pregnant. Neither she nore the baby survived. But what if they had pulled through, after all, it's harder to kill a wizard or a witch than it is to kill a muggle... and Harry Potter has proven time and time again, death doesn't come easy for her...

"Hermione, honestly, I'll be fine. It's been a three years since Voldemort's death, most of the deatheaters are either in Azkaban or dead, and I'll be gone a few months tops. You do not need to cancel your holiday to come with me to check out this old house my mum has left me. For the last time, I'm fine and to be honest, I could use the break. You know the ministry has been pushing for me to take that Auror position and I'm... I'm just not ready for that. I'll be back to annoy you before you know it."

Harriet, or plain old Harry as she liked to be called, closed her eyes and ran a tired hand down her face, absent-mindedly flinging her fiery copper curls out of her face, hearing Hermione sigh deeply from the other end of the phone line. Of course this would have all been easier on herself if she had have told Hermione about her impromptu trip over a floo call before she was already at the airport getting ready to board the plane, but she had left it to the last possible second for a reason, because she knew what Hermione would do, follow her, and this trip? This trip was private.

After the war had finished, a lot of hidden documents, wills and transfers had come spilling out of the ministries doors like a biblical plague as the new minister tried to right the once corrupt government. And through all this mass of parchment and goblins with their quils ready, came a side will of Harry's mothers, who for some reason had left it to Sirius to pass onto Harry on her 20th birthday, Sirius's death, or if/when the order of the pheonix won the war. Unfortunately, all three had come to pass, Harry's birthday having taken place just last week, and finally the backlogg of the ministry desk jockey's had caught up and Harry had gotten the chunk of will she should have had since she was fifeteen.

The odd thing, if you didn't include the piece of will Lily Potter had squirrelled away, even from James Potter, was the bareness and lack of... Anything on the will. No final words, no elongated court processes or hoops Harry would have to jump through to get to what her mother had given her. Nope, nothing but a line detailing what she had left to Harry, a request to deliver another letter to a Mrs. Morrow, charmed against anyone else but it's intended recipient opening it, two adresses, one for the house Lily had left to her and another for what Harry assumed was this Mrs. Morrow's place and one simple note, written in her mother's hand with what looked like tear drops scattered across, a note that set Harry on edge more than any snake, horcrux or maze ever could.

To my little Harriet, I hope, in time, you will come to understand why things had to be the way they were. If you are reading this, that means me, James, Remus, Severus and Sirius are dead and there is no one left to tell you the truth. I wish you happiness, dreams and a love filled life. Until then, please forgive me and what I have done and kept you from. I had no other choice. If I could only ask one thing of you, is give Alexander a chance when the time comes, he's a good man underneath all the bravodo, and so much like you. Go, live, love, laugh and find Gemma Morror. Forgive me, all my love,


Truth. Wasn't that the bane of Harry's life. She had been lied to by nearly everyone in her relatively short life. Dumbledoore, the Weasley's, every professor she had ever had, Sirius, the Dursley's and now even her mother. But what had she lied about? Something big enough to warrent a teary letter and need of apology even in death? Harry didn't know, and she sure as hell wasn't sure she wanted to find out.

But this was her mother, and this could very well be her dying wish. Who was Harry to deny her that? No one, and really, after completing her education and milling around Grimmauld place for a year, she really could use a break from it all. A break from the paper's wondering what the big hero was up to next, a break from her friends who held equally high standards for her own life, a break from England and all the dank and dreary memories that haunted her. Plus, she had never visited America before.

She would go to this town, she would visit her mother's old vacation house, find this Mrs. Morrow, deliver the letter, have a month of sunshine and relaxation and then come back to rainy England. Finished, done, hands dusted. Surely even Harry, who quite possibly had the worse luck in the world, couldn't mess that up.

"Harry, are you even listening to me? Harry!"

Harry grimaced as the phone in her hand crackled from the shout of Hermione's indignant shriek. Knowing it was only going to get worse the longer she was on the phone with the bushy haired brunette who only meant well, Harry speadily spoke, already pulling the receiver away from her ear as she went to hang up.

"You're breaking up. Look my plane's arriving, I'll ring you back once I land. Don't have too much fun without me! Bye."

And with a resounding click of the hang up button, the call was ended and Harry was left alone, surrounded by bustling muggles in an airport. She would rather apparate or floo, but the town she was heading to had no floo network and having never visited before, apparating was out of the question if she didn't want to splinch herself. At least, once she actually got there, she would have her godfathers, Sirius's well loved, cherished and looked after motorbike waiting for her, having inherited it after his untimely death. Reaching down to her side, Harry had just enough time to pluck up her new and recently bought suitcase before a highpitched and girly squeal rang out over the intacom, nearly making her eardrums bleed at the frequency and loudness.

"Plane 237 now boarding, I repeat, plane 237 now boarding. Please make sure you have the right documentation and all bags before boarding. Have a good flight!"

Harry shoved her phone into her leather jackets pocket and scrambled for her passport, hastily joining a crowd that was heading towards the boarding dock. Nothing could, or would go wrong. After all, how dangerous could a town called Charming Be?

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