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Chapter 1: new arrivals on remnant

Time: 10:00

Planet: remnant

Location: Drop zone X-ray 5 miles from a large building

A Lieutenant Holding onto one of the handles with his squad of 12 men looks over them a bit when the pilot speaks over the intercom.

"Alright we are through the atmosphere nearing drop zone X-ray ETA 5 minutes."

"Hey Lt think we'll meet some nice girls this time?" one of the other soldiers asked.

The Lieutenant takes his DC-15s carbine.

"I don't know, but if it's like the last time player you aren't getting any." smirking behind his helmet the Lt put the power cell in the carbine and then checked the read out.

"Hey come on how was I to know she had a boyfriend already?!" The soldier called Player said with a slight pout under his helmet.

"Ah ah ah you never ask Player." one of the other clones carrying a DC-15A blaster rifle and smirking under his helmet.

"Oh screw you Hawk!" said player as he was growing annoyed at his pod brother and wanted to give him a left hook.

"Not into guys Player. I am straight thank you." Hawk said smirking seeing Player walk right into that one.

Player was about to say something when the light inside turned red and the pilot spoke up

"Red light, standby." the pilot said as they were nearing the drop zone

"Right Hawk on the door Player right after him everyone else clean dispersal am I clear?" the Lt said

"SIR!" the clones said in unison as Hawk aimed at the door ready to go as Player powered his DC-15S as well with a smirk under his helmet

The ship landed as the clone pilot starting hitting a few switches and then said "Welcome to paradise rock jumpers."

The doors opened when the light hit green and the light shined in an open field in front of the clones

"Green light. Go Go Go Go!" the Lt said as hawk and player were first out securing the parameter as the others came out quick and clean taking a firing point keeping an eye out as the Lt came out he hit the side of the gunship twice as it took off again

"Alright Hawk Player on point, Six shooter Packer you two got right, Mother and Preach left, Switchblade and Hell shot watch our backs everyone else take the center move." the Lt said as they nodded and started to the large building that's in sight


After walking for about half an hour through the forest they keep checking their sides making sure of no ambushes with it being quite a bit too quiet for some of their likings

"It's a bit too quiet don't you think Lt?" said Player as he keeps scanning left to right

"I know Player but we have our orders make contact with this planet's people and see what's what those were commands orders, and remember the rules of engagement do not fire unless fired on I don't want anyone getting trigger happy." the Lt said with a stern tone aimed at player

"Yeah yeah I hear ya boss man." Player said shrugging it off as they kept moving till one of the bushes moved a bit and Hawk razed one fist signaling stop as the rest did

"What is it Hawk?" Six shooter asked from the right side his Z-6 Rotary Blaster Cannon at the ready if needed

"Thought I saw something." Hawk said aiming at the bush he saw move a little hoping he was wrong about what he saw

"Man I don't see a thing you sure you saw something man, or was it your eyes playing tricks on you?" Player said unsure if hawk did see something or not

"Best not to take chances, Player, Hawk, you two go see what it was, everyone's eyes open heads low, if we can avoid a fight try to but if not try not to kill unless we know what we are up against." the Lt said not liking what's going on

"Yes sir." both hawk and player said as hawk made a slow advance to check the bush player following him but hanging back a bit

As Hawk neared the bush it did not move and when he peeked behind it nothing was there and he relaxed and let out a breath he did not know he was holding

"It's nothing isn't it?" Player said starting to lower his blaster

"Yeah it's nothing, guess my eyes were tricking me." he said and turned and walked over to

Player just as he got there a large bear jumped them that looked like the stuff of nightmares black as night blood red eyes and bone plated mask on its face with bone spikes on its back

"BY THE FORCE!" Player screamed a few seconds before Six shooter aimed and fired his Z-6 in a quick enough motion and with it spoiled up already hitting between the side shoulders and head as it lands on Player Packer and Hawk check to see if he is alright

"Player! hey Player!" said Packer as he is helping Hawk lift the thing off him as it starts to dissolve into dust confusing most of the squad

"I saw my life flash before my eyes... I really need to get laid." Player said as he got up to receive a backhand from Hawk

"Is getting laid all you think about? even when you were about to be mauled by smokey?" Hawk said getting slightly annoyed at Player seeing as he nearly gave them a heart attack

"Hey man, ever since Flucia I've been trying to do what wolves do best before I end up dying at least getting some, would put me at ease." Player said in defense

"Yeah it's how you got your name you always flirt with the girls then either get punched kicked in the nuts or slapped, or like the last one beat up by the boyfriend." Packer said with a smirk under his helmet

"I told you I didn't know! I do not hit on girls that have boyfriends I know better." again Player defended but it was cut short when more bushes rushing was heard as half the squad aimed at the bush

"I think this is going to be a long mission." Six shooter said just as more of those bears came out with some wolves of the same make about them only more agile as the clones started lighting them up

As the battle started to ensue Hawk noticed that with all the bushes and trees around they were at a disadvantage "Lt Maybe we should move to a better location this one's too closed in they could easily flank!"

"Couldn't agree more Hawk everyone peel out!" the Lt shouted as they started peeling back one by one in a line heading east away from the attacking force on the west side of them


North of them no more than 30 seconds before Players Smokey the bear encounter four girls were walking north investigate the strange landing 5 miles north

"So what do you guys think it is that landed?" asked a girl with dark brunette with red streaks and silver eyes wearing a black shirt with a rose symbol on her belt with an ammunition pouch and other pouches with a red cloak with a red combat skirt black and red laced combat boots and black stockings

"Maybe just a meteorite it's not like it was a ship or anything." said a girl with white hair and blue eyes with a scar on her right eye in white with a bit of red white boots stockings combat skirt and shirt and a jacket with red on the inside and pouch

"Or maybe it was an alien ship and we are getting visitors from the stars from far far away." joked a girl with blonde hair lilac eyes in a brown jacket brown combat skirt with black shorts and a yellow shirt with a flame embalmed and an orange scarf and two yellow gauntlets

"Yang you watch way too many movies." a girl said with skeptical look with black hair amber eyes with a white shirt white short shorts with a black jacket/over shirt with black shoes and purple/black stockings and a black bow

"Aw come on Blakey you never know what you'll find out there." the girl now known as yang said

The girl known as Blake just smirks at her antics as they keep walking

"Don't be stupid yang if there is other life out there why would they come here with the Grimm they might think this planet's just got nothing but wild creatures trying to kill you." the girl in white said

"Don't say that Weiss who knows they might be nice." the girl with the red hood defined for yang

The girl now known as Weiss just shrugs not wanting to deal with it

Just as the girl in front takes another step she stops and says "My Ruby senses are tingling."

"Ruby senses? honestly Ruby what are you talking about?" Weiss said as 4 shots were heard just as a blue light flew right past Weiss's head and hits the tree causing it to burn a bit as Weiss looked at it wide eyed a bit "W-w-what t-t-t-the d-d-dust w-was t-that? R-Ruby h-how d-did y-you?"

Before any of them could reply more shots are heard along the sounds of dying Grimm as it starts to fade away and heading what one of them could tell possibly the large building east of them

"You were saying Weiss?" Yang said with a smirk

Weiss turns her head slowly at yang with a look that says shut up yang

Blake trying to hide a giggle at Yang's antics

The final girl known as ruby just laughs a bit "Maybe we should check it out they could need help."

Weiss turns her head to her "Are you insane?! That nearly took my head off! And also signed my hair a bit but still I do not think we should."

"Weiss they could be in trouble and they could be nice, I say we go and see as yang said you never know." Ruby said wanting to go help whoever was in danger

"I'm with Rubes on this besides that sounded like it was heading to beacon, and if it is and there is grimm I think we should go check it out, at least it's better than the school being in danger." Yang said siding with Ruby while Blake just kept silent

"Fine but if I get killed during this I am haunting you 3 for the next 17 years." Weiss said not too happy with it

"Yay thank you Weiss and don't worry no one will get hurt I am sure of it." Ruby said as she goes over and gives Weiss a quick hug and then heads off with yang and Blake behind her while Weiss stood there a second or two

-"That felt very nice for some reason and wait why was my heart racing from that? I'll have to try and figure this out later."- Weiss thought as she ran to catch up with the others as they headed to see who was fighting the Grimm


as they ran to see what shot that and what was fighting Grimm while Weiss was having a bit of internal conflict about the same time as they were running the squad finally got to a clearing where they could make a stand and funnel what was attacking them in

"Guess this is the welcoming committee eh Lt?" said Six shooter as he is keeping his finger on the trigger lighting up as many as he can

"I'd say can't wait for their reception wouldn't you say Player?" said the clone with another DC-15A rifle and a pack

"Shut it Rigs!" Player snapped as he kept shooting

"Ah bad luck just follows you Player you should have been named unlucky!" the clone named Rigs kept laughing as he was shooting

"Rigs the days I hate you." Player just scowled under his helmet as he kept firing

"Easy boys we'll get through this just remember your training, these things are no different than beasts or clankers without the shooting back." said there Lt

"Yes Lt." said Rigs and Player at the same time


While the squad was firing nearby Ruby Weiss yang and Blake were closing in while Blake took to the trees to give them an idea of what they are up against

Blake came right into view of the scene that is unfolding in front of her "whoa..." is all she could say

"Blake what do you see?" asked Ruby with slight concern

Blake just unable to Look away her eyes locked on the fight unfolding just motions with her hands to carefully peak on through

"Wonder what's going on?" Yang says confused as she does then sees what Blake is seeing then takes a step back "Wow, Nora owes me 20 lien."

"What?" Weiss said confused what yang just said

"Well me and Nora had a bet on if there was other life I guess I won." Yang said with a smirk

Weiss unsure takes a peek and her eyes go wide and her jaw drops slightly and she takes a step back "No words can describe this moment right now." Weiss said

Ruby already looking and beaming over their weapons as they are fighting and backs up with a smile "There weapons are so cool, and they look really cool too." Ruby said with a beaming smile

Blake came down from the tree and looked at them with a bit of shock still on her face "Seems

Ruby was right, not sure how right she is yet but there are 12 of them from what I can tell."

"Right let's help them out they look like they could use it." Ruby said slightly excited wanting to help out

"Whoa their baby sis with their weapons they can handle themselves I think." Yang said pretty sure they can handle themselves but as she did one of them screamed like they had been hit by something

"Well... seems I wasn't the only one wrong today about something." Weiss said with a sigh and checked her dust supply "If we're going to help them out best do it now right Ruby?"

"Right let's do this." she takes out her weapon a sniper/scythe

"Well guess I had to be wrong about something today." Yang said as she activated her shotgun gauntlets

"Guess we'll find out if they're friendly or not soon then." Blake said slightly unsure with their weapons and takes out her Variant Ballistic Chain Scythe

"Yeah I have enough dust to get us out of a tight spot if needed." Weiss said as she took out her rapier with a dust cylinder

"Alright girls ready?" Ruby asked her team as she saw a node from each of them

"Yeah!" the girls said in unison as they got ready to charge the Grimm

The squad kept firing unknown that they were about to get a big helping hand


"Packer how is he?!" The Lt shouted as he kept shooting trying to cover packer as he is pulling one of the men behind the lines

"He's lucky that a vain wasn't hit! Give me a few minutes here." Packer said as he takes his pack off and starts getting the medical supplies

"Come on Packer get me back in this fight, I hate how it aimed for my damn arm!" shouted the clone that Packer pulled behind their lines

"Easy Crack shot you'll be back in the fight soon just give me two minutes." Packer said as he was working to get Crack shots arm back in order

"Got it Packer but damn these things are fast." Crack shot said

"Look at it this way Crack shot least you won't have to worry about your strong arm for the ladies." Player joked with a small laugh

"Hey player I don't need my right arm to beat you black and blue!" Crack shot shot at him wanting to kick his ass but knowing he can't yet

"Can it you two, focus on the battle." the Lt said trying to keep his men from tearing each other apart on top of these beasts attacking them

As he looked on still firing he saw a larger wolf then the others possible there leader but as he aimed for it he saw a red blur and the wolf's head came flying off

"What the?..." the Lt slowly said as he saw the other wolves start to get frozen in place by ice as someone seems to close line the first line while others were getting cut purely in half from the stomach

"Um Lt you call for backup?" Hawk asked slightly confused as one of the bear like ones went down very quickly with the squad not firing yet the creature's getting destroyed causing the few clones to cheer a bit

"Ahah seems he did otherwise we wouldn't be this lucky!" Player cheered on with a few of the others as a bear one fell right at Players feet

"I didn't though, didn't have the time, but I won't turn down the help, alright men keep your eyes open any that get by our unseen ally's make sure they never get up understood?" the Lt said grateful for the help but also wary a bit

"Sir!" the clones said in unison as they kept their weapons ready and watched the creatures getting slaughtered some smirking under their helmets

as the clones watch on team RWBY keep just utterly destroying the group of Grimm as Ruby comes in using the recoil of her shots to pretty much be a cyclone of death to the Grimm Weiss with her glyphs just quickly making short work of them and yang just giving them hell with her gauntlets and skills Blake's quick strikes just add insult to injury for the Grimm after about two minutes of destruction the few Grimm left ran for their lives from the team

"There running Lt." said Player as he raised his fist in the air "Ah Ah run you Wimps! Run back with your tails between your legs Ah Ah!"

"Player can it." the Lt shout at player as he kept his weapon close to his chest ready if needed

"Alright you helped us out against those creatures, think it's time you come out rather than being just blurs." he said in a calmer tone

first to come out was Ruby with her weapon in its rifle mode along with Weiss Yang and Blake each of them ready just in case and wary of the squad though when the Lt saw them along with the rest there was silence this went on for about half an hour as tenses were looking like they were running high then Player had to speak up to break the silence

"We come in peace." he said in a slow motion as he lowers his weapon to show it only for his Lt to mentally facepalm in case they didn't understand him this was going to get out of hand real quick but what surprised him was what happened next

"Nice to meet you." Ruby was the first one to speak up as the others relaxed and started lowering their weapons

"As it is to you miss." the Lt said hoping that no one does something to screw this up as he saw Hawk keeping an eye on Player "May I ask your names?" the Lt finished

"Oh right sorry about that, my name's Ruby these are my friends Weiss the one in white Yang my sister the one in yellow and my friend Blake the one in black." Ruby said happy seeing as they aren't a threat

"I see, it is nice to meet you four but um how did you know we were out here?" the Lt asked slightly confused at how four girls with strange weapons could know they were out here and needed back up

"Well we were already on a mission and as we were going we heard the shot's, and came to see what was going on, and one nearly hit my head, and singed my hair a bit too." Weiss said slightly annoyed at the fact she nearly got shot even if her aura could protect her she didn't want to take the risk

"Um yeah sorry about that one miss, had to save one of our buddies from the larger bear like the one's here guess one of my shots went wide there." Six shooter said knowing he was the one that shot the bear Grimm

"Well apart from the slightly singed hair no harm is done." Weiss said not really sure how to go about this seeing as he was holding a very large weapon with what looked like Six barrels from the angle he was holding it at

"Alright I'll try to be careful." Six shooter said rubbing the back of his helmet a bit

"So with that out of the way, what's your name?" said Yang wondering a bit there

"Names Hawk, I am part of the squad here and this guy next to me is Player." said Hawk as he kept his eyes on player

"Player what kind of name is that? No offense just wondering here." said Yang slightly confused

Player just walks up to her "Nice rack miss." stopping right in front of her Hawk just walks slowly over next to Ruby as within a few seconds

-"This is not going to end well."- the Lt thought as he watched the scene unfold

in a few seconds Yang quickly grabbed Players family jewels and squeezed as she did Player's head went right down into her chest as Hawk had Ruby's eyes covered right before it happened Players sounds of pain were easy to hear as Blake was glaring at player as Yang just squeezed them a bit harder due to where his head was as his head shot up

"now what was that?" Yang said with an evil grin

"S-s-sorry m-ma'am." Player barely was able to say as the rest of his squad was cringing

"Sorry, what?" Yang said as she squeezed harder

"S-sorry s-sir." Player said feeling his legs go somewhat numb

"Good." Yang then let go as Player fell to the ground on his side twitching

"And that is why we call him Player, sorry about that miss but he does that sometimes normally slapped or kicked there or like one time beaten up by a boyfriend." Hawk said as he uncovered Ruby's eyes to see Player on the ground

"Eh no biggy but I think he learned his lesson." Yang said shrugging it off

Blake was just giving Player a death glare as Weiss was feeling a bit off by Hawk being so close to Ruby

"I think he has to though I do not think he will be walking for awhile, this here is Rigs and Six shooter, Packer's behind me tending to Crack shot, Mother and Preach are the ones next to Rigs and Six shooter, Switchblade and Hell shot are these two and this guy is Shadow reason we call him that is-" the Lt was cut off before finishing

"I run mainly night ops for the squad or night guard I like the night surprised they did not call me owl." Shadow joked a bit as he smirked under his helmet

"Oh it's nice to meet you all but why didn't you say your name?" Ruby asked the Lt of the squad

"That's because I don't really have a name, anytime anyone tried to think up something, they drew a blank for some reason, so I just worked with what my squad called me Lt or my full rank, or cap or boss man that's all I have been called by for this long." said the Lt feeling a bit sad inside for being the only one without a name but not letting it get to him

"oh... I'm sorry." Ruby said feeling a little bad now

"It's alright Ruby, you didn't know so who could blame you really." the Lt said to cheer her up which worked

"Wait one question what are all of you exactly?" Weiss asked still feeling slightly odd about Hawk being so close to Ruby

"Fair enough we are clones soldiers of the republic." the Lt said

"Wait what?" Weiss said confused by that

"Like I said we are clones soldiers of the republic." the Lt said again in a more calm voice

"But that's not possible it shouldn't be possible." Weiss said confused and slightly shocked

"Whoa..." Yang said just shocked

Blake didn't say anything but she was shocked

"Neat!" Ruby said happily

"From Weiss's reaction along with Yang's and Blake's we will need to show it alright men let's show them." the Lt said as he starts taking his helmet off as the others do as well showing the same faces but the hair styles different

as Weiss looked on still shocked she saw the Lt had short hair in a military cut rig had almost a bald head but his hair was still there six was short but not too short crack shot had his shaved completely off but sported a five o'clock shadow mother kept his hair at a normal length perch had his short like the Lt but switchblade hell shot and shadow had there's short as well military style but a little longer than the rests

"Whoa you guys were not kidding twice in one day eh Weiss?" Yang said poking a little at Weiss

Weiss just turned her head to the blonde brawler with a look that said shut up

Blake was still surprised but not too much now

"You guys look nice and you all have cool armor and weapons too." Ruby said still calm about all this

"Sis I will never know how you can be so calm with all these things." Yang said astounded that her sister is able to take all this so well

Ruby just shrugs it off and walks over to the Lt "So why are you guys here on remnant?" she asked curiously

"Well um I am here to well.. Start a diplomatic meeting with some of the leaders here, we didn't know if there was life here, so they thought sending me as a survey and diplomat would work they gave us a small ship and two pilots, they are currently holding orbit but can be called down if we need it." the Lt said slightly embarrassed

"Wait so let me get this straight they sent a soldier to be a diplomat?!" Weiss said finding it hard to believe anyone would send a soldier to be a diplomat when he may be better in other fields of work

"I know shocking to say the least I was not too happy with it. But I took the job, not much I could say against it I am a soldier and I follow my orders." the Lt said

"Even if he was asked to be a diplomat doesn't mean he can't still fight like a soldier seems to help on this planet with those creatures." Hawk said still wondering what they are

"Grimm." Blake plainly said helping them know what they were fighting though also unknowingly answering hawks question

"What?" Rigs said confused as hell

"There called Grimm that's what attacked you." Blake said again just to clear it up

Hawk nodded understanding and looked to the rest of his squad "well least we know what we are up against for the name."

The squad apart from the Lt nodded

"Either way we will need to speak to someone in charge here only place we were heading was that large building, still a little ways east of here." the Lt said pointing his thumb behind him

"Oh that's beacon a school for hunters and huntresses you were heading there from your ship right?" Ruby spoke up

"Yes any of you four know anyone there?" the Lt asked surprised she know about the building

"Yeah it's our school I think the professor Ozpin would like to meet you all right girls?" Ruby said turning to Yang Weiss and Blake

"Um Ruby I don't think we can walk up to beacon with 12 armed soldiers dressed like this it might cause some alarm." Weiss pointed out

"Unless we are leading them shouldn't cause any worry right?" Yang said trying to help

"We could call ahead and let the professor know." Blake suggested

"That might be best I'll handle that real quick we should be Ok for now" Ruby said smiling sheepishly and walked away from the group as the clones kept an eye out and put their helmets back on but the Lt walked the way Ruby did to make sure she doesn't get jumped as Weiss looked on and felt again off about someone else getting close to ruby

-"Why are a lot of these clones trying to get close to Ruby they better not try to to- wait what? Why was I thinking that? Well Ruby's cute an- WOAH where did that come from bad Weiss bad don't think about that'- Weiss thought as she kept an eye out and none of the clones near her noticed her internal conflict

As the others were keeping an eye out Weiss having her internal conflict and Yang and Blake just chatting a bit and Player well he is still twitching in pain the Lt walked up to Ruby to see what she had for a com unit he was wondering what the people on this planet used as he did he heard Ruby and another man's voice meaning she got a hold of her professor

"Clones you say, hmm very interesting and you say one is here as a diplomat?" said the man on the other end of Ruby's scroll

"Yes headmaster though it is kind of well, I do not know how to explain this... but the only one that doesn't have a name is-" ruby was about to finish when the Lt spoke up cutting her off

"Sorry to interrupt, but if I may speak for myself on this, if that's Ok of course." the Lt said

"Ah Lt um yeah of course um sorry." Ruby said trying to not sound like she was being insensitive

"It's alright Ruby I know you were letting your headmaster know ahead of time, I am assuming he is also a professor am I right?" the Lt said in a calm voice to help calm ruby down

"That is correct good sir, my name is Ozpin Headmaster at beacon, miss Rose was just about to tell me about someone who did not have a name, if I may ask how could one not have a name are they not given it when they are born?" the man now known as Ozpin on the other end asked in a calm and kind voice

"That's not the case for some of us sir she meant me, also we are known as just numbers nothing more, apart from those that lead us that are kind enough to give us names they were drawing a blank with me but my record said enough." the Lt explained to Ozpin calm

"I see hmm well seeing as you are here to talk you are welcome to come to my school to meet me, miss Rose and the rest of her team can show you the way when you arrive we can discuss more on the reason you are here." Ozpin said in a calm tone

"Yes sir glad to know that there's life here more friendly then these Grimm." the Lt said in a calm and respectful tone

"The Grimm can be a bit of a nuisance, but they are in low numbers close to the school you shouldn't run into any problem." Ozpin said in a reassuring tone

"Alright I guess we will talk to you when we get there sir." the lt said in a kind and understanding tone

"Until then and miss Rose." Ozpin said catching ruby's attention

"Um yes headmaster?" she replied

"After you arrive take some time to rest before we talk after the gentleman and I finish talking alright?" Ozpin said with a kind and caring tone

"Alright professor" Ruby said as she closed her scroll and put it away and looked at the Lt "You know you will need a name while you're here."

"I know but with the amount of blanks everyone is having I do not think I will be able to get one, and if I end up dead well another unmarked grave for the pile I guess." the Lt said as he looked in the sky a bit

"That won't be happening to you though, I know how about I give you a name for you would that work?" Ruby offered trying to help ease his mind

"You'd do that to someone you just meet? I have to say Ruby you are one interesting girl." the Lt said with a smile and also in a kind tone

"Yes I would and thank you for that, hmmm now what kind of name would fit you, oh wait I know how about Chappy?" Ruby suggested with a smile

"Chappy huh I'll be honest it kind of has a ring to it, I like it thank you Ruby." Chappy said happy with his name and smiling under his helmet

"Your welcome Chappy." Ruby said with a giggle as they headed back to the others

ith the others Player had finally sat up still slightly twitching and keeping away from Yang and Blake as the two walked up

"Alright men Ruby and her team will be leading us to beacon, her headmaster knows we are coming so remember, no messing around am I clear Player?" Chappy said aiming that right at player

"Come on Lt I won't mess around in the school." Player said trying not to piss Yang off

"Ah don't worry if he does I can just straighten him out again." an evil smile creeps up on her face as Player takes a few steps farther from her

"Alright then let's get going and Yang thank you he can be a handful sometimes." Chappy said in a calm tone

"Handled worse Lt handled worse." Yang said with a smirk as Blake smirked a little at that but kept glaring at Player as they walked over to Ruby

"Well with the lack of Grimm in the area it should be just simply walking to the school from here." Weiss Said as she walks next to Ruby as the four started for the school with the clones following behind with Player watching their backs trying to stay as far away from Yang as possible for now. That is till the idea of their ships came into play

End of chapter 1 new arrivals on remnant

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