"Years before Zootopia stood before us, before animals had evolved into what they are now, humans were the ones that were dominant. Humans had been the superior species for thousands of years. We, as a species, wanted to be in control forever, except that was taken away from us. The animals of the world started to revolt against us, for what we did over the thousands of years of our lifetime. They wanted to kill us off and then become the dominant species of Planet Earth. But, we fought back. For years…" The teacher droned on and on about this all the time, about how the animals were the ones to blame for our problems. The war, sure, but everything else? This is included, but not limited to: World Hunger, Human Problems, ect. As I stared out the window to the wall that was built, separating our world, the Human world, to the world of the animals, or Zootopia, as they like to call it. Me, I saw it as a world of possibilities, right behind the wall.

"Mr. Noah Cartige," I perked up, hearing my name being called. The teacher was looking at me weirdly, as if studying me for whatever reason. I looked around the rest of the room, seeing no one else in the class room. "Class is over, and so being the school day…" I nodded my head and grabbed my things.

"See you tomorrow, Mr. Wolfe…" I said, quietly. I got up, and ran out the door. I heard Mr. Wolfe mutter something under his breath, but I thought nothing of it. Walking out into the hallway, I made a beeline for the bathroom. I ran right to the nearest sink, looking down the whole time. Looking up, I saw that my black hair had gotten in the way of my left eye. Pushing it out of the way, I looked right into my eyes, the blue in them being a little too bright to look at, even for myself. Grabbing my things, I started to head out, fixing the stupid button up shirt my mother made me wear that day. I had also been forced to wear stupid khaki pants. My mother was always up for making me look nice, but I have no idea why, even at my age of 13.

The town I lived in was small, but not small enough where everyone knew everyone. I was walking next to the wall, which turned into a chain link fence (because government) and you could see right to the other side, to the animal's side. While I was looking at this wall earlier, I never got this close and personal with the wall.

As I was walking and playing on my cell phone, I started to hear what sounded like talking. Of course, I was getting to the point where the wall turned into a chain link fence, so I didn't think much of it. But, as I got closer, the voices sounded young, around my age. (Although, I have a deeper voice for a 13 year old, so I get weird looks from time to time.) Finally, I got to the point where I could see the people who were speaking, or more like animals who were speaking. My breath hitched. I walked slower, hoping that they wouldn't hear me or look over at me. I kept walking, slowing down tremendously and taking in the talking animals' that were talking. Both were foxes, one being taller than the other, and, from the sounds of it, the smaller one had a deeper voice than the other. I slightly chuckled at this, but not too loud where they would hear me.

"Why don't you think this is a good idea?" The taller one asked. Looking over with just my eyes, I saw that the taller one had his back facing towards me, while the smaller one was facing me, but looking up at the taller one. Both looked young, and both were wearing torn clothes that looked 5 years old. I couldn't help but feel bad.

"Nick, listen, this cannot happen. I mean, we are too young first off, and second, how would we get the funds to even go along with this?" The smaller one asked. I slowed down without me even noticing, and started to listen in on their conversation.

"Finnick, listen. You aren't thinking of the possibilities, and the money! Think of the money, at least!" Nick, the taller one I guessed, had told him, moving his arms around to emphasize his point. Finnick followed his hand gestures. I followed them as well, stopping just to keep up with them. When he was done, he started to turn around, and we made eye contact. As a matter of fact, both boys were looking in my direction, and both were staring right into my eyes.

I froze up, not expecting them to see and/or hear me, so all I did was stare right back at them. Their green and brownish red eyes clashing with my bright blue ones, and no one moved or said a word, that is until I got the guts to say something.

"Uh… Hello…" I say nervously, moving my hand in a simple wave. They didn't seem impressed so I walked closer to them, my legs shaking slightly. "My, name is Noah P. Cartige, and I was just walking by. I didn't mean to disturb, or to seem like a small creep…" I tell them, still as nervous as before.

When I got to the fence, Finnick seemed to move closer to me, taking me in and watching me intently. I did the same, wondering what he was doing. When he finally got to the fence, his muzzle poked through slightly, and I bent down, looking him square in the eyes. We had a small talk between just looking at each other, and it looked like he didn't like me one bit. I couldn't tell if he was scared or just down right angry at me, but he didn't want to be near me, at all.

"The name's Nick…" A voice rang out, making look away and up, and I looked right up into a paw, it lightly tapping my nose. I look away quickly, grabbing my nose and standing up straight. When I looked back at Nick, he still had his arm through the fence, but was slightly smiling at my little action. I grabbed his paw and shook it, feeling the softness of his fur.

"And this here is Finnick, but I don't think that he wants to say anything at the moment." Nick says, patting Finnick on the head. He starts to swat at Nick's paws, but misses due to their height difference. I couldn't help but smile at this, because it reminded me of me and my siblings.

"You two brothers?" I ask them. Both stop what they are doing and just look at me, Finnick glaring and Nick seems like he is trying to think of an answer.

"No, we aren't. Just friends, but very close ones at that." Finnick says, crossing his arms. Once again, I am taken aback by how deep his voice is. It just doesn't seem right for a fox as small as him to have that deep of a voice.

"Well, by the looks of i-", I stop midway through, covering my mouth and blushing slightly. My voice had just cracked, in front of two people I don't know. Nick laughs a little and Finnick just smiles, seemingly relieved that I had just made an embarrassment out of myself. I uncover my mouth, and say, "Sorry about that, I'm just sensitive when it comes to my voice. It cracks more often than a side walk sitting In the hot sun." More laughter is heard, making me smile.

"What were you guys talking about?" I ask them, taking a seat on the ground. Both look at me, then at each other, and Nick shrugs. Soon, both are sitting on the ground with me, but on opposite sides of the fence.

"This great new idea I have that will bring us money." Nick says. Finnick just mumbles something under his breath, and, by the way Nick was glaring at him, he had heard it.

"What is this 'idea'?" I ask him. Nick just kept glaring at Finnick, so he decided to speak up.

"He wants to start selling popsicles. I told him that this isn't a good idea because a 12 year old and a 13 year old can't open up a shop and just start doing that." He says, finally looking at Nick.

"I think it's a great idea." I say out loud. Both look at me, Nick surprised that I agreed with him and Finnick… Well, he was just staring at me. "But you have to have a catchy name to catch the people's attention." I put my hand on my chin, lightly tapping it. Finnick looked down and started to play with some dirt, while Nick waited patiently for me to finish my train of thought.

I snapped my fingers, startling Finnick and grabbing his attention, informing of the idea I had just come up with, "Pawpsicles!" Nick starts to think, and, once again, Finnick just looks at me weirdly. I can't tell what he is thinking. Nick looks at me and then smiles.

"I like it. But how would that bring in more money?" I look at him, and, while it will bring in some cash, it won't bring in what both want. Once again, I am thrown into a deep thought.

"They have lemmings over there?" I ask them. Both look at each other weirdly.

"What are you getting at?" Finnick asks. I pull out an older book, before the animals had even started to evolve, and flipped to a page on lemmings.

"Back before you guys evolved, lemmings were known to follow each other around, which is why when one would jump off a cliff, others would follow. If you find a lemming area…" I start.

"Then they would follow each other right to us, bringing in more cash!" Finnick finishes for me, finally warming up to both me and the idea. Nick smiles and seems like he could do a 400-yard dash and still not be out of breath.

"Thanks Noah, you're the best!" Nick half yells, seemingly excited from the new information.

"There is another way to bring in more money…" I start. Both look at me, smiling and waiting for more information. I put the book away, and look back them, or, more importantly, Finnick.

"You need to have something cute…" I say, smiling evilly. Both don't know what to say, so they just stare right back at me, puzzled and confused. I sigh, trying to gather the words that I wanted to say. "When something cute is involved, people usually spend more money. My younger sisters do it all the time when they sell lemonade every year. All you have to do is find something cute and put it on Finnick there." I tell them. Finnick looks at me, seemingly angry, and Nick just smiles.

"And how would that work…?" He asks, looking at both me and Finnick.

"He's smaller than you, call him your younger brother." I tell Nick. He smiles, looking down at him. "And I have the perfect thing for him to wear, if you come back here tomorrow." I pipe up. Nick looks back up at me, still smiling.

"It's a deal!" He puts his paw back through the fence, and I shake it, smiling like the biggest idiot that ever was.

The next day came, and I grabbed the thing that I was telling Nick Finnick should wear: An old elephant costume. It was one of my sisters when they were 2, since they loved being an elephant. Stuffing it into my backpack, I walk out of the attic and to the bus stop to get picked up for the day's events.

Once there, I saw the neighborhood bully: Joseph. He thought it was cool to pick on people half his size, even though most of the kids he picked on could easily beat him up. He was picking a nerdy kid today, though. Me being a little taller than Joseph, I didn't get picked all the time, like most kids. But, today just wasn't my day because, when I walked into his line of sight, he dropped the person he was bullying at first and came walking in my direction. I paid him little attention, just playing on my phone. He didn't stop walking here though.

"Hey there, fatty." He says, a hint of venom behind his voice. I roll my eyes at the nickname he had given me.

"I ain't fat, Joseph. Now, please, leave me alone." I never even looked at him once, and he just shoved me down to the ground, the goons around laughing slightly at my misfortune. I stared back up into his eyes, his unforgiving eyes, and just laid there, while his goons were going through my backpack. They threw everything to the ground: including the elephant costume.

"Aw, what is this?" Joseph asked me. I just stared at him, not answering, and giving him the death glare. "What are you doing to do with this?" They all started to laugh, and I had enough of it. Using all of the energy and strength in me, I kicked Joseph in the face. He stumbled a bit, then looks down at me.

"Hold him up boys…" Each one grabs me, holding me into place. Joseph walks up to me slowly, and then does the unthinkable: punches me straight in the face.

School finally ended, and everyone was running around, including me. I wanted to get as far away as possible from that… that hell hole, but, more importantly, to Nick. I ran for the whole 15 miles from the school to the place that I had found him the day before, and sure enough, there they were.

"Noah, how's it going?" Nick asked, smiling. When he saw my face, though, he stopped and just stared at my new black eye.

"Woah… What happened?" Finnick asked. I look down at him, contemplating if I should tell these complete strangers what had actually happened, they might find as a weakling.

"Fell and hit the side of the sink with my eye…" Is the only thing that I said. Nick doesn't seem convinced, but lets it go. Before anyone else can say anything, I reach into my backpack and pull out the costume.

"Really? Elephant?" Finnick asks. I smile at him, knowing that he might be the one to hate it.

"I think it would look cute on you." I tell him, laughing a little. I hear Nick start to join in, with Finnick glaring at the both of us.

"Just give it here, let me go try it on." He says, reaching for the costume. I hand it to him, and he walks off, into the bushes to just… slip it on? Maybe he's nervous about this, but I don't know. I sit down for a minute, leaning against the fence with my back. Everything was fine, until I felt Nick's paw on my shoulder.

"What actually happened?" Nick asks me. I only shrug off his shoulders, not looking at him. After that, there is complete silence for a full 3 minutes. I was silently praying that Finnick would return soon, so Nick couldn't bother me with any more questions. Finally, something is done, something I didn't expect from him: He pulled me into a hug from the behind. I quickly look back at him, and see his solemn face looking right back at me.

"Tell me, or I won't let go." He 'threatened' me. I look at him, shaking my head no, not wanting to tell the truth just yet. Nick only shrugs and pulls me closer to him. And, of course, Finnick came walking out at that exact moment.

"You're luck- Am I intruding?" He asks us. I shake my head no, still not believing what this random fox was doing to me. He acted like he actually… cared…

"Our friend here won't tell us the truth behind his black eye." Nick says, not looking away from me for even a second. Finnick only shakes his head at the both of us, and comes over to sit next to Nick.

"I see that it fits." I say. He nods, looking down.

"Cute enough for ya?" I nod my head, getting a weird look from both of them. I smirk slightly, then look down at my watch. My eyes widen, seeing that I should've been home an hour ago. I quickly try to get up, but couldn't due to Nick's death grip around my stomach.

"Nick, let go. I need to head home…" I whisper yell, trying not to bring attention to us. He finally lets go, still looking at me weird. I walk away, and hear Nick ask me, "Same time tomorrow?"

"Yup, see you then!" I answer him, giving both a slight wave and running off into the distance.

That is how it went on for months, hell, for years. Me, Nick, and Finnick would all get together to talk about our lives, and we became the closest of friends, especially me and Nick. If people were to walk up to us, they would say that me and Nick were too close to be "just friends". Hell, Finnick even made fun of us because of it. But, he meant nothing by it, just trying to poke fun at us for being too close.

By the time that we were 15 (Nick was 14), I had started to notice that I was developing feelings for Nick. I knew it wouldn't work out, but I thought that, maybe, just maybe, I should tell him. So, after school and walking over to our usual meeting spot, I saw that it was just Nick today.

"Sup Nick, where's Finnick?" I ask. Nick just looks at me, smiling and eyes half lidded.

"Getting something for the Pawpsicles. It's just us for today." He answers, still giving me his 'sly' look, as I like to call it. I just shake my head, but it would be easier for me to do this without Finnick around.

Our time hanging out started as usual, us cracking jokes and having a great time all together. We laughed, shared stories of our past together (although, Nick doesn't know I was bullied growing up, don't know how he would react to that…), and even had the guts to play a little bit of Truth or Dare, just to speed up time.

"Ok, Noah… Truth or Dare?" Nick asks. I start to think for a moment, then think to myself, "YOLO".

"Dare." I say. Nick smiles, eyes half lidded and him just trying to be sly all around.

"I dare you to kiss me for a few seconds." My breath hitches, although I don't let it show. I know why he did this. He wanted to work me up and try to see if I would go through with it or not. 'Well, two can play this game, Mr. Wilde.' I thought to myself. Grabbing the sides of his head, I pull him towards me, making his muzzle go through the chain link fence, closer to mine and kiss him, straight on the lips. Nick is taken aback by this, but I hold him there, for a good 2 minutes before pulling away.

"I win, Wilde." I tell him, smiling like an idiot. He just blinks, staring right at me, not believing that I had just done that. When he finally comes through, he grabs my head and kisses me again, only, this time, it was me who was confused and taken aback by the kiss. Nick had his eyes closed, seemingly enjoying himself. I close my eyes as well, finally melting into the kiss. It went on for a good 5 minutes, before I pulled away for air.

"No, Mr. Cartige, I win, because I made you blush." He said, smirking. I look away quickly, then glance back at him. He smiles, making me smile back.

"Nick…?" He keeps on looking at me, smiling. "There was something…" I was cut off by the sound of a gun being cocked. I turn around quickly, finding a man with an old pistol in his hands, pointing it straight at Nick.

"Kid, get back! That thing… That thing will kill ya if you aren't careful." I was startled at first, then angered. Angry for being found, angry at this man for calling Nick a 'killing animal', even if he didn't say it out loud, and, especially this one, angry that he had a gun pointed at Nick's head.

Gathering all of my courage, I stand up and stare the guy right in the eyes. "Sir, I need you to put the gun down." I walk towards him, slowly, showing him that I meant no harm. He watched me intently, and then looked behind me, gun still raised, and he pulled the trigger. Adrenaline kicked in, and I jumped in the way. The sheer force of me jumping, though, made me stagger a bit when landing and run right into the fence, looking Nick right in the face.

"R-run…" I tell him. My conscious was starting to dwindle, and I saw Nick start to cry.

"Hang in there, Noah.. Please, for me…" He says, his voice cracking slightly. I smile a little, looking him in the eyes.

"I'm going nowhere…" I tell him, falling to my knees. The last thing I remember before falling into the darkness was Nick screaming my name, and an ambulance that was coming to my rescue.

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