I know I'm really late, but I really wanted to contribute to this! I love this show so much, and these two are the cutest. So I hope that I do them justice! And now, onto the Ladynoir!

Chin Scratch

"Good job, kitty!" Ladybug said, and her finger reached under his chin and gave him a scratch. He found that he liked it, and he tried to nuzzle into the touch, but she was already pulling away and dashing off, and Cat Noir quickly followed her. However, he was distracted by what had just happened.

She'd never done that before, and he really wanted her to do it again. However, they had to make sure that Kim was protected from Animan, so they used the tracker on Cat Noir's staff to find him and get there before Animan did.

After defeating Animan, the next time they met up again was on one of their routine patrols. Cat Noir watched Ladybug land on the Eiffel Tower next to him, and he smiled at her, which was returned.

"Glad to see you're on time, Cat Noir." Ladybug said, and Cat Noir smirked.

"Of course I am, my lady. I would never pass up an opportunity to see you, even for just a few minutes." Cat Noir purred, and Ladybug rolled her eyes.

"And you've brought that along too. Oh well, let's just begin our patrol. I have something that I need to take care of at home before tomorrow." Ladybug told him, and Cat Noir nodded. She swung away on her yo-yo, and Cat Noir went in the opposite direction on his staff, launching to the nearest rooftop and then jumping over the gaps, looking down at the city as he passed through. He noticed nothing suspicious as he went on his normal route, which was nice. Sometimes there would be a minor crime or something going on, but when there was nothing happening, it meant that they got to finish patrolling early and spend some time together. Cat Noir always looked forward to spending time with his lady.

Cat Noir returned to the Eiffel Tower, and he was the first one back. Ladybug normally took longer anyway because she liked to be thorough, so it gave him some time to think. He found his mind wandering to a certain moment from the last akuma attack, and he felt his face heat up. He really wanted her to do it again. Usually she would brush off his quick thinking and get straight down to it, but there was something about that show of affection that stuck with him. Maybe it was something that she hadn't thought to do, so she wanted to show him her appreciation in a quick non-verbal way? He didn't know, and he felt it would be too awkward to ask. He would just have to hope.

He heard the sound of her yo-yo with his super hearing, and his ears twitched as a smile came onto his face. He straightened up as she landed next to him.

"Nothing bad was happening on my route. Since you got here first, I'm assuming the same?" Ladybug raised an eyebrow, a smile on her face.

"That's right, my lady! This alley cat didn't find any mice to play with," Cat Noir informed her, saluting exaggeratedly, which caused Ladybug to roll her eyes. "Guess that means that they're scared of us, which is always a good thing. It means that I get to spend more time with you, bugaboo." Ladybug groaned, but she was soon smiling again.

"Looks like you're right. It's good to know that the main crimes that we have to worry about are the akumas. I'd call this patrol a success." Ladybug said, and Cat Noir tilted his chin upward. He hoped she would get the message, but all it got was a strange stare. "What are you doing, kitty?" Seeing that she missed it, he lowered his head to look into her eyes and pout at her.

"I thought that you might want to reward your kitty with some affection, but your purresence is all that I need. Anything extra is a bonus." Cat Noir told her, smirking, but internally he was disappointed. He had hoped she would understand.

"Oh, you want affection, do you? Aren't you a greedy kitty?" Ladybug chuckled, and Cat Noir's pout returned.

"I'm only greedy because you starve me of it." Cat Noir joked, and Ladybug sighed, a smile on her face.

"Oh, alright." Ladybug said, moving closer to Cat Noir. He stiffened momentarily as Ladybug's hand reached up toward his face. Was she really going to do it…? He could practically feel his chin itch for the touch as Ladybug's hand went toward it… and then she poked him on the nose. "Boop." She moved away, trying to hold in a grin, but it was slipping through. "Will that do?" Needless to say, Cat Noir was not very amused.

"You're such a tease, my lady." Cat Noir accused, and Ladybug waved it off.

"As I said, too much affection will make you a greedy kitty." Ladybug retorted, and she turned to stare out at the city, leaning on the railing. Sensing that the time for talking was over, Cat Noir turned out to the city as well, watching all the bright city lights and the stars in the night sky. Paris was beautiful, and he was glad that he got to experience it with such a beautiful girl by his side. The only thing he would change at this moment was how they were situated. He would love to hold his lady as she scratched under his chin, or maybe massaged his scalp. But until he could convince her to give him a chance, he was content with what they had.

Cat Noir grabbed the necklace from the akuma and threw it to Ladybug, who threw it to the ground and stepped on it, breaking it and releasing the black butterfly, which Ladybug captured with her yo-yo and purified. Then he watched as she threw up the item that had become her lucky charm, and the city returned to normal. The two superheroes walked over to each other as the victim returned to normal as well.

"Pound it!" They cried, bumping their fists together in their signature victory pose. When they retracted their fists, Cat Noir shot her a grin.

"We did clawsome today, my lady!" Cat Noir said, waggling his eyebrows, and Ladybug groaned.

"You totally ruined the moment, Cat Noir," Ladybug teased, and Cat Noir pouted as a smile appeared on her face. "But you're right. We did really well with handling this akuma. Well done!" Ladybug stepped closer and scratched under his chin. Cat Noir's eyes widened and he stiffened at the gesture, but he was soon leaning into the touch, eyes closed and smile content. "Oh, you really like this, don't you, kitty?"

"You have meow idea, my lady." Cat Noir purred, and the hand was retracted, and when he opened his eyes, he saw his lady glaring at him.

"Cat Noir, that was an awful pun. You should be ashamed." Ladybug smirked.

"But you still enjoy them." Cat Noir winked, and Ladybug groaned exaggeratedly.

"I'll grant that they lighten the mood, but nothing else," Ladybug replied, before her expression relaxed into a smile. "But if you like chin scratches that much, then maybe I can give you more." When she saw Cat Noir's eyes light up, she added, "But only when you do really well with something! If I give you scratches every time you'll become very spoiled."

"I can handle that, my lady. After all, I live to impurress you." Cat Noir grinned, and at that moment his ring beeped. Ladybug's eyes were drawn to the sound momentarily as well.

"Looks like you need to head off, Cat Noir. I'll handle everything here, I still have some time." Ladybug said, and she turned to help out the victim with a wave. Cat Noir stayed a moment longer to watch her kindly offer her hand to the victim before he grabbed his staff and launched into the air, landing on a roof and running in the direction of the mansion. He was ecstatic that Ladybug would be giving him more affection now, and had high hopes that it would only develop from there.

That moment was so adorable, so I'm glad that there was a prompt about it! The next prompt is looking like it'll be just as fluffy, so look forward to that! :)