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Cat Noir left his room, a basket clutched in one hand. He went across the rooftops slowly, being careful to make sure that nothing spilled out of the basket. He had a large grin on his face, and he was excited.

The reason for his excitement was that he was going to have a late night picnic with his lady in the park, with no one around to intrude on them. He'd been pestering her for weeks about hanging out outside of akuma attacks and patrols, and Ladybug had finally relented. Surprisingly, she had a suggestion as well, and thus they organised a picnic. She made sure to emphasise heavily that it was a friendly thing, and nothing more, but Cat Noir didn't mind. He was just happy that she was giving him the time of day. Or night, as it may be.

Cat Noir landed in the park, and looked around to make sure no one was around on a late night stroll or anything. Seeing nothing, Cat Noir smiled and went over to the statue of him and Ladybug. He set the basket down and pulled out a blanket, which he set on the grass under the statue's shadow. That done, he placed the basket on it and sat down to wait. He had high hopes that she would show up, especially since they had both agreed to this. Surely she wasn't the type to bail on arrangements without warning.

A few minutes later, his worries were dispelled when Ladybug showed up, landing on the fence and jumping down into the park to walk over, attaching her yo-yo to her hip.

"My lady, you made it!" Cat Noir greeted enthusiastically, waving a hand at her. Ladybug smiled and waved back.

"Hi, kitty. Looks like you're prepared." Ladybug gestured to the basket as she sat down. Cat Noir grinned and opened it up to take out the food that had been prepared. He would have made it himself, but he wasn't allowed to make anything in the kitchen at home, so his chef had prepared it. Cat Noir wondered why his chef allowed him to get away with so much food without asking any questions. It was convenient for him, though.

"I want this picnic to be purrfect, my lady, so I put a lot of effort into it." Cat Noir told her, offering a sandwich with a wink. Ladybug sighed as she took it from Cat Noir's hand.

"You do realise this isn't a date, right? So it doesn't have to be perfect," Ladybug said, taking a bite of her sandwich as Cat Noir retrieved his own. Cat Noir was happy when he heard her hum happily as she chewed. She made sure to swallow what was in her mouth before she spoke again. "This sandwich is really good! But as I was saying, you don't have to put in so much effort for just a friendly get together."

"But you deserve the best, bugaboo. I want to make you happy, and if I put in little effort, that wouldn't make you happy at all." Cat Noir replied, digging into his own sandwich.

"I would be happy, Cat Noir." Ladybug said, and Cat Noir looked to see her watching him, a serious expression on her face. He tilted his head slightly, and Ladybug sighed. "When we're fighting or just patrolling together, it feels really nice. Just knowing that you're by my side is enough to make me happy. You don't have to go to such lengths as this to make me feel good." Cat Noir's face heated up after hearing his lady's thoughts, and he knew for sure that he was blushing. He hoped that the darkness of night would be able to prevent his lady from noticing.

"I didn't know you felt that way, my lady. If you enjoy my presence, then I'll continue to be there for you when you need me." Cat Noir replied, and he was glad that his voice didn't waver.

"Thank you, Cat Noir. You're a great partner, and my best friend. I don't want you to believe that you need to put me on a pedestal just to make me happy. We're equals in this fight, and often I even depend on you." Cat Noir could feel his face getting redder with every word his lady was saying, and he didn't quite know how to handle the praise. "Cat Noir, are you alright?" Cat Noir cursed his luck that Ladybug could see his blush.

"Y-Yes, I'm purrfectly fine, LB." Cat Noir stammered, and he cursed himself again. He heard a sound, and he looked to see Ladybug hiding her mouth behind a hand, her eyes twinkling in amusement.

"Are you flustered, kitty? You can dish out all the praise you want, but once it's turned on you, you can't handle it?" Ladybug teased, and Cat Noir shook his head rapidly.

"Of course I can handle praise! I'm just not used to so much from you." Cat Noir said, purposefully taking a bite of his sandwich so that he didn't have to reply immediately.

"Oh," Ladybug said, and Cat Noir watched her eyes drop to her hands. "I don't praise you enough? I'm sorry."

"No, that's not what I meant!" Cat Noir waved his hands around. "I mean that you're overloading me with praise right now! I'm happy with all the praise you give me, my lady." Ladybug looked up at him, and Cat Noir could see the happiness in her eyes.

"I'm glad to hear that, Cat Noir. I don't want to feel like I'm not giving you credit where it's due." Ladybug said, smiling. Cat Noir returned the gesture.

"I would never accuse you of that, my lady. You're kind to me and everyone in Paris, and if you are hard with me, then I probably deserve it. So please don't change a thing." Cat Noir told her, and he could see her cheeks redden slightly, even with the mask. He chuckled. "Looks like you're the one getting flustered meow."

"Whatever, kitty. Let's just eat, okay?" Ladybug waved a hand dismissively and picked up another sandwich. Cat Noir chuckled, but complied. It was nice to talk like this every once in a while, and it seemed like they'd needed to talk about everything that they had.

Short and sweet, but hopefully it's still good. :)