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************ We all need a Family, Chapter 1.**************

Kai's Pov

I could only remember the smoke filling my lungs, the sound of my little sister weeping, and my

parents only going deeper within the fire. "Get you and your sister out of here now!" That's all

they said before they went back to the burning village there beliefs fueling their own fire. And so

like they said I shifted Nya upon my shoulders, she was only five at the time, and me being eight I

could easily carry her. But that didn't mean I was better in mentability. I was crying, crying so

hard, my face distortion in fear and sorrow, crimsoned tears slipping down my cheeks and falling

to the burnt grass below as the screams and cries echoed through the atmosphere, my feet barely standing with my legs. Nya was

somewhat crying, but she didn't understand death, didn't understand the reality of it all, she couldn't understand it especially at this age, not that she wanted to, I didn't want her to understand it, too young, just too young. The

smoke filled the night time air as a small breeze startled the air, only making the fire grow more

desperate, hooking onto anything it could touch. My parents couldn't make it out, but yet I

followed their orders and kept carrying the meek Nya and made my way to the village exit, trees that were now burning shuttering the distance. I

made one quick glance back at my burning village, my burning home, my burning parents. And

then I just collapsed, no I didn't faint, I just collapsed with an confused Nya by my side, her fragile

hand holding onto my back as I covered my teary eyes. "Kai?" Her voice was soft and delight as

she pulled closer to me, her rosey breaths catching to my scent. "Where did mama and dada

go?" Her voice was still delight but now whiney as she looked deeply in my green lit eyes. (Yes

I think Kai has green eyes not brown or red. Sorry XD) An ocean meeting and falling evergreen

forest. "Nya I don't think their going out of there." I turned back to the burning village, the thing

was basically falling to crisp it wasn't long before- the whole thing demolished, right in front of

me, leaving my parents to their demise. They were dead, he knew that now. No one could

survive that, and then I cried even harder leaving an even more confused Nya as she shouted once

again, "Kai where's mama and dada?" I wasn't sure that they were completely dead, but no

living movements came out of the collapsed building leaving me to cry even, harder. "Nya their

dead." That's all I could choke out from my forming tears. And that's when It all came down on my sister she aswell started to cry her fragile pale

hands covering her eyes blue, teary eyes. We stood their crying for who knows how long, and


(No one's pov)

Kai quickly woke up, sweat painting his forehead and face formed in distraught. Tears still stained his green eyes.

Dreams, no nightmares, like those nightmares of the past he was getting more often, it haunted

him. The day they died, the day the village disappeared, the day they found her. It was quickly

unsettling, Kai turned over to the clock that was departing way from Cole's bunk bed. Zane slept

under Cole's wooden bunk bed, Jay slept under Kai's and Lloyd and Nya had their own bunk

beds in the corner of the room, stating that they were still in the boat-like bounty. The black lined

cloak read, 4:00. Still two more hours tell they really had to get up, but Kai couldn't go back to

sleep, he didn't want to, he just couldn't. Instead he pulled his knees to his chest his eyes

feeling tears stating them. His brown spiky hair laid across his forehead as he brought his eyes

to his knees, tears rolling down his cheeks, demising down to his bed making it the slightest wet. He just wanted to see them again, to feel his

mother's touch, to hear his father's jokes. But it was just impossible, to insane for them to

actually come back. And that pained Kai even more. He knew he couldn't do anything to get

back to the good days. Kai only clutched his knees closer to his chest and face, as the time

ticked by, the memories flashing into Kai's brain, the good days, the burning, the funeral, Auntie,

and then that beast of a torture. Kai hated those nightmare's that brought back the past, he

desperately wanted them to stop, to remind himself those thing happened in the past. But he

couldn't stop those feelings even if he wanted to. The sorrow, pain, depression, and the ongoing

lies. Why couldn't he be more like Nya? His little sister who didn't cry about it anymore, not an

inch of thought of their parents coming close to her mind, why couldn't he be strong? Kai didn't

know how long he weeped, but morning birds singing their sweet songs outside which got Kai

alerted. He couldn't let anyone see him like this, his head snapped up to the clock, 5:55. Kai's

breaths suddenly panicked as he knew people could easily see that he cried, he didn't want pity,

or care. He could deal with himself, he didn't want to showed as the weak fire ninja, the first one

to actually show weakness. No, he didn't want them to care. He didn't want them to see him at

his weakening point. He more or less wanted the pain to stop, and he didn't think telling his

friends would be any better, especially them having pity. He didn't want pity, HE DIDN'T WANT

PITY. He didn't was to receive it, or feel it under their gaze, he wanted to fight his past alone,

and alone he stood. Kai quickly leaped off the bed making himself to the white bathroom that

stood parallel to Lloyd's bed and quickly ran through the wooden door frame, first he splashed

water on his face, hiding some of the tear streaks that still made it's way down. He then tied in

new contacts in hiding some of the pink that used to be white from tears, and scrawled his

messy hair bringing it back to the same infamous Kai hairstyle. And as he made his way done,

bongs were heard in the background. Sensei Wu made his way through the wooden walled

room and floor, the sound of his feet clicking on the ground echoing through the silence. "Ninja's

wake up early now wake up." Wu practically ordered as he received groans in response from

the rest of the ninja, Wu's eyes trailing the beds as he kept bonging the loud bong with the

mong. But he was quickly baffled as a certain red ninja was missing, his light blue eyes

continued to trail for the fire ninja until his eyes landed on him in the bathroom. "Kai I've never

seen you up this early." Wu simply stated putting down the bong, cocking his white eyebrow. "I

wanted to get up early to use the bathroom early, Jay takes forever to out of there." Wu knew

Kai was easily lying, the detailed in his pained eyes and forced carefree catch, but didn't ask more as everyone groaned in agreement as Jay quickly

alerted up. "Hey it doesn't take me that long!" He huffed climbing out of his blue sheeted bed.

"One time Jay you almost missed half of practice because you were in there so long." Nya

replied cheekily from the other side of the room as she too climbed out of bed, her black hair

trailing behind her. Jay only huffed in response knowing he couldn't argue with Nya, the one girl

he had a crush on, and continued getting up, checking his closet and grabbing his blue ninja

outfit and closing in the changing room that stood on the other side of the wall of the bathroom,

standing by Lloyd's and Nya's bed. "Good." Kai thought making his way out of the bathroom

only receiving and strange look from Sensei.

If he just pretended he wouldn't get pity, and get noticed by his friends. Just pretend and they

wouldn't notice the on going pain. That was fine for Kai, but wouldn't be for long.

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