Guys I am just so sorry about no writing for about two months!

These are the reasons-

I was taking writing classes-

I was improving my writing-

I was grounded-


Anyways now that I look back at my stories I find them a bit bad. Especially this story, I

think I didn't put a lot of details or words. So I know you guys may be mad at me for

doing this. But I think i'm going to redo this story

Don't freak out please.

Listen for what i'm about to say-

I'm getting my own computer soon-

I get to write almost every day at school now-

And for the past two days i've been doing the first chapter, kinda slowly. But for the next

chapters I'll go faster-

Also I have a lot of it already written down on paper-

And guys today I'll be uploading it! I'll be doing it on this account. Prepare for the remake

in a hour (The first chapter) and also prepare for new stories! I'm also doing the

greenflame story in two hours, and others are coming! Just prepare, i'm going to upload

way more faster now! Anyways please don't hate me!

If you have any problems or tips/opinions you would like to say to me, review or private

message me! -TheFutureWriterIsHere(Forever)