It took about fifteen seconds of gazing into those lustful emerald eyes for him to extract the real meaning behind the words that had just left her mouth.

Ron took her hand and led her down the hall, toward the exit door. In his haste, he almost bumped into the middle-aged waiter who was pushing a trolley containing their desserts. His hand shot out, grabbing a bowl full of chocolate-dipped strawberries to be savored later as Kim took the lead, whisking him out of the hall.

A short elevator ride and a quick jog through the corridor resulted in them arriving at their destination, half- panting, half-giggling. Kim swiped the key card through the slit and entered her room, closely followed by Ron. Her room was a replica of his, Ron judged, both in design and grandeur.

Kim excused herself to the bathroom, jumping around to vent out her excitement as soon as the door closed. Cocooning her mouth and nose with her hands she checked the odor of her breath, and decided to forego brushing her teeth. Using mouthwash, she gargled, then splashed some cold water onto her face, all the while looking at her reflection in the mirror.

Okay, Kimmie. Here's the sitch. Your BF is on the other side of the door, most probably sitting on the bed. You're gonna walk up to him and demand?!...request sex? Yes, ask for what you want unashamedly. No need to be assertive. Remember politeness is the key.

What if he isn't ready or worse if I misinterpreted the signals? I don't wanna make a fool out of myself! Come now, Kim. You know Ron. Trust your heart...he wants you. Plus he's not gonna deny you... So stop hyperventilating, girl! Walk out that door with confidence and seek out your man.

Encouraged by the dialogue with her inner self which strangely sounded like Monique, Kim exited the bathroom and saw Ron standing near the window, gazing out.

Kim inserted a Poets of the Fall CD into the stereo and hit play. Ron's favorite song, 'Someone Special' filled the room as she crossed the distance between them.

I wake up to the sound of rain upon my sill

Pick up the pieces of my yesterday old thrill

Can I deliver this used up shiver

To how I pronounce my life

And I leave it up to faith to go by its own will…

Turning around, Ron smiled at her thoughtfulness. PotF was one of his favorite bands and the song now emanating from the stereo seemed perfect for the occasion. He offered her a fully ripe strawberry which she gladly accepted. She took a bite, the pulp and white chocolate intermingling on her tongue, transforming into an exquisite flavor. A thick red drop of juice escaped from the corner of her mouth, treading down to her chin. She lifted her hand to wipe it away but was stopped by Ron, who slowly leaned in, his eyes fixed on her lips. His tongue darted out, licking the droplet, causing a whimper to escape her mouth. She encircled his neck with her arms as their lips met, softly at first, the movements becoming more animated with each passing second.

Back row to the left, a little to the side

Slightly out of the place

Look beyond the light, where you'd least expect

There's someone special…

The kiss broke as Kim took a step back and looking deep into his eyes, whispered, "Ron, make love to me." There wasn't an iota of hesitation in her mind about what she was asking for.

Ron placed the bowl on the window sill and gathered his girlfriend into his arms. His mouth descended on hers with such intensity that it surprised them both, plundering its depths with his hot tongue. A moan escaped her mouth as his hands traveled to her buttocks, gently squeezing and kneading them. Soon he found the zipper of her dress, tugging at it till it yielded. Ron stepped back and found that her hand on her chest prevented the silk from sliding down. Looking into his chocolate brown eyes, she lowered her hand, causing the dress to swish down her curves and pooling around her ankles. Ron's breath hitched as her figure was revealed- slender neck, taut belly and those round breasts with erect, rosebud tips that he'd fantasized about groping for such a long time.

And ever further I run to find her

I yearn to define my life

Placing my faith in chance to meet me in half way...

Kim smiled at his response and gave a small nod. Not needing any further permission, he buried his face in her soft mounds, sighing as their skins made contact. Squeezing her boobs lightly, he peppered kisses on the valley between them. Pinching one nipple, he took the other one into his mouth, nibbling at it with his teeth and tracing the areola with his tongue.

"God...Ron..." she moaned as the man she loved feasted on her flesh. Grabbing the lapels of his suit jacket, she brought his mouth up to meet hers in a deep, urgent kiss.

A moment later, Kim found herself reclined back on a comfortable arm chair near the window. Ron trailed hot, open mouthed kisses on her throat, one on each pebble-hard nipple, down her belly till he reached her navel. He dipped his tongue into the indentation while his hands were busy tearing off her bice blue lace panties. No longer hindered by the fabric, the musky smell of her pussy flowed easily, enveloping him in a daze. His mouth traveled further down, finally coming to rest on the pink flesh between her thighs. He swiped his tongue along her folds, never penetrating, while his hands were busy fondling her titties. Irritated by his playful ministrations, Kim lifted her hips and pushed her core more firmly to his mouth. The maneuver caused his tongue to enter her finally and her clit to press more firmly against the upper row of his teeth. Intoxicated by her taste, he licked and lapped at her juices, making her squirm and writhe in ecstasy beneath him.

"Ooooaaauuuuhhhhhh..." she moaned, unable to make out coherent words as her eyeballs rolled back in their sockets.

When Ron had had his heart's fill, he rested his chin against her lower abdomen, looking up at her face. Kim's vision was blurred due to the firecrackers still exploding in her mind as she ran her hands through his hair. Feeling the broad expanse of his shoulders, she realized he was still fully clothed. Sidetracked by her own ecstasy, she'd completely forgotten about his pleasure.

Time to remedy it!

And she's here to write her name

On my skin with kisses

In the rain, hold my head and ease my pain

In a world that's gone insane...

She stood up, taking him with her and tore open his suit jacket and shirt, her hands roaming over his muscular torso, reveling in the feel of his skin against her palms. She bent down and removed his shoes, then proceeded to lower the zipper of his trousers. She helped him out of his pants and boxers. With a gentle shove, she made him sit on the chair and parted his legs to snuggle between them. Her eyes fixed on his engorging member which seemed to twitch in a manner that she found oddly…charming. Beads of pre-cum had appeared on his glans which gave it a glittering appearance…or was it the naughty twinkle in her eyes? Nobody could tell, especially Ron who was having a hard time keeping his feral primal instincts of thrusting into her again and again, at bay. He hadn't ever been this hard before. His cock was rigid like a solid steel shaft and he thought he might explode if release didn't come soon.

Impressed by the incredible self-restraint on his part, she decided to end his ordeal. She opened her mouth wide, giving him a view of the place his member was going to inhabit soon and slowly began to descend it on his length. Before her lips could coil around him, an explosion of noise greeted the pair from the direction of the door.

"Surprise!" yelled a group of people, The Possibles, Monique, Josh and Tara prominent among them. Kim and Ron shuffled to their feet at lightning fast speed. Kim picked up the tatters which had been Ron's clothes two minutes earlier and covered her nudity as best as she could. Ron, on the other hand, jumped behind the arm chair hiding his nether region from public scrutiny.

The noise quickly dwindled into stunned silence as people realized what had happened…They had walked in on the couple having sex!

James Timothy Possible swayed on the spot before slumping down to the floor as his legs buckled.


His daughter's shrill voice was the last sound to reach his ears before he lost consciousness.