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MeMories of Flash

On hot pursuit of a SpeedSter's trail ~ !


Barry Allen dies in the Infinity Crisis of Earth. How his friends, fiance, and his family try to cope of his absence in the aftermath. Wally West tries to pick up the mantel of The Flash but not everybody is too pleased about it. Could Barry still be alive? Or could he be gone for good? Join as the Justice League investigates.


My name is Iris West. I am the long-time best friend and fiance of The Flash, the fastest man alive. My heartrate speeds up just thinking about it. A smile forms on my face when I can't stop thinking about it. We haven't exactly set an exact date yet, as he is assisting his friends deal with an infinite crisis, but maybe after. He and his friends, or teammates rather, started calling themselves, 'The Justice League.' Isn't that silly? I thought only kids in kindergarten formed clubs that you need a secret handshake to get into or whatever, but my fiance is NOT a kid! Not anymore. I found that out pretty fast after I was let in on his secret. I giggle at that while I'm drying off a glass cup squeaky clean with a rag. Heat rose to my face when I reached up on my tippy-toes to put the glass cup away in its cupboard. 'But maybe it was wayyy before that I finally realized…' My thoughts lingered, contemplating. They were cut off, however, by a rasp knock on the door. I quickly dried my hands so that I could find my phone and lower the volume on my Pandora station. I had been listening to Bonnie Tyler's, 'I need a Hero.'

My feet carried me to the front door and I opened it. Four very recognizable people had managed to squeeze themselves onto my… our… porch deck; Clark Kent stood in the center, Hal Jordan on the left, Wally West on right and closely behind him Jay Garrick. I glanced back at my phone, then returned my gaze on these super beings. Ha, oh the irony. It's not every day that Superheroes drop by on your doorstep. Not unless, unless… I stepped aside and welcomed them inside our home.

My younger brother, Wally West, spoke up first, "Sis, we've got something very important to discuss with you and you're not going to like it." He seemed nervous. Almost afraid, even. Wally West doesn't get afraid very often.

I raised my eyebrow. "I'm not going to like it? You team of Heroes got rid of Darkseid and every other nutjob like him, didn't you?"

"Well, we did," Hal began, "but -" his reply to her was cut off by Superman.

"Miss. West," Clark's voice was firm, sympathetic. "I am sorry to have to be the one to tell you the news that your boyfriend is… gone. He died an honorable death by sacrificing his life to not only save us, the members of the Justice League, but every form of life on two Earths."

"Gone?" My voice choked. They didn't know, I soon realized. They didn't know that I gave my life to him. They didn't know. Nobody, but Wally. He turned his head in Superman's direction as if to tell him so. But it was already too late. My smile failed halfway, "This has got to be some kind of sick joke, right?" I raised my left hand to show them my beautiful, sparkly, diamond ring, "I'm going to get married to him."

I turned to Hal for some sort of reassurance, hoping they were just making this up. This sick, terrible, twisted joke. Though initially shocked by this news, he went along with it with a solemn face, "He disappeared in a blinding flash of bright light." He tried to explain it better but it didn't really help matters.

My left shoulder shrugged once, "but that doesn't mean he's gone, gone. Right?" When nobody answered me and these four great superheroes were staring at their shoes in shame, the terrible truth sunk in. I was NEVER going to see the love of my life again. Ever. I'd never see his smile when I would laugh at his pun jokes or hear his adorable nerd laughter when sometimes I don't get them. We'd never be able to get married. I could feel the water working its way up to my eyes. Then I revealed the revealing truth, "I'm pregnant."

Wally was the first to react. He hadn't heard of this, "WHAT?!" His eyes fluttered down to my stomach.

Then Superman. His eyes also narrowing in on my stomach. He smiled, "Yeah. With twins, apparently."

I was so shocked by this that tears leaked out of my eyes. I, too, glanced down at my stomach and then back at him, "Wha -? Did you just x-raye - !? You know what? Nevermind, I don't want to know. I do know that they're two weeks old and that they are Barry's - children, thanks to Superman for that particular spoiler detail - And… I didn't even get to tell him."

More tears escaped my eyes.

Hal Jordan groaned. "Geez, are you serious? What the frack! Well, this just keeps getting better and better. That idiot."

Jay was rubbing his chin, deep in thought, "Hmm. Something tells me Barry already knows."

"How do you know!?" Wally and I asked him together.

Jay backed up a bit surprised, raising his two hands in the air as if in self-defense. Then he shrugged, "It's just a feeling."

Suddenly, I couldn't feel the weight in my legs anymore as they gave out from under me. I would have fallen to the cold concrete floor if Superman hadn't reached out and caught me. "Iris! You okay?" He shook his head, "Nevermind. Don't answer that."

"We were going to get married," I repeated, my face pressed into Clark Kent's chest. By this time, I was bawling my eyes out. The tears just wouldn't stop.

"I know," Superman murmured, soothingly… or as soothingly as he could anyway. He was awkwardly patting my brunette hair.

I let out a shrieking wail, "I'm - I'm pregnant with his children." Honestly, I couldn't care less if I was staining Superman's red plaid long-sleeved t-shirt.

"I know," Clark was trying his best to look calm and comforting at the same time. The look wasn't really suiting him. He turned his pleading eyes to the others, who had backed up against the wall.

'This is on you, supes,' Hal mouthed back at him. He didn't want to touch his dead best friend's fiance, in that kind of sense, if he could help it.

Jay was not the best with women, apart from his wife Joan, so he would have no clue of what to do.

And Wally… Wally was feeling guilty of hugging his own sister because of what had happened to Barry. It was his fault.

I continued to sob, "What if - what if they're like him, ya know? I- I can't do this alone. I need him. I need my Barry. I need my Bartholomew." I sniffled.

'She was serious,' Wally realized. She never called him by his first, full name if she wasn't so. They had always called him by his nickname, Barry.

"You'll never be alone," said Jay earnestly, "Barry will always be apart of us, Iris. In here," he placed his fist over his own heart, indicating the location, "And I highly guarantee that you'll see parts of Barry inside your kids."

"Yeah," Green Lantern agreed, "He loved you very much so, Iris." Hal wasn't helping matters. He just said, 'Loved.' Past tense. Why did it have to be past tense!? I let out another wail of fresh tears.

Superman had gone from being awkward to holding me firmly in a tight hug. No, not too tight. "As to your kids, if they're like him, the Justice League will keep an eye on them. More than one eye if need be. If they're anything like their father…" his voice trailed off. He picked it up again after a short while, "He's a Hero, Iris. A Hero who we need to pay tribute by holding a proper funeral."

No. I couldn't hear it. I didn't want to hear it. I started pounding my tiny fists on Clark's chest, "I didn't want him to be a Hero. I wanted him to be my husband. We should be planning a wedding, arranging flowers, crafting a rocking cradle-"

Hal cut me off with a sharp, "Iris! I am sorry. He was my best friend, too, but… He's gone."

Wally's P.O.V.

The deadly truth sunk in. Barry Allen was gone. Dead. Disappeared in a blinding flash of bright light, saving the planet. That man was going to be my brother-in-law. No, let me correct that. That man is my brother Barry. The savior of more than one Earth.

Superman's ears perked up, "I am sorry. I hear a situation that needs saving," he turned to me, "I trust you to take care of your sister?"

"Of course," I returned in an icy mutter, "I'll always protect my sis."

Superman let go of Iris, who slid to the floor on her knees, and whooshed out the door. I glared at his retreating back, 'Why couldn't he be that fast enough to save my brother?' I knew that sound reminded her of Barry. 'Why couldn't I be that fast enough?' I added as an afterthought.

"Hey Supes! Wait up!" Hal Jordan called after him, following his lead.

Now it was just me, Iris, and Jay left. I needed to explain to my sister what really happened. Why she was there, crying her tears out there on the floor. I needed to get the weight off my chest. So I turned to Jay with asking eyes. He nodded in understanding, "I guess… I'll go check on Joan then. I'll see you soon, Wally?"

"Yeah," I heard myself say. The word breaking on its way up out of my mouth. The first Speedster sped out the door, leaving a brother and a sister to a one-on-one moment.

It was a while before either one of us spoke. To my surprise, it was Iris who was the one to speak first, "Why are you still here? Come to bring me more bad news?" Her auburn eyes were not looking up at me, I noticed, they were gazing down at the floor in front of her.

I cleared my throat, finding my voice again. "Sisris," that was her nickname I gave her, "I am so sorry. So sorry. It was my fault. Barry died protecting me."

Now her eyes snapped up to me. Tears running down her cheeks ruining her mascara, her hair all frizzy and out of place, she looked like a mess. I could see longing and despair in her eyes… And I put her there.

"Out." She simply said, using one of her free hands to rub under one of her eyes. Then used her other hand to reach for the nearest object and lunged it at me. Of course, I easily dodged it. The glass vase went flying and crashed into the creamy yellow wall where I had been standing in front of seconds before. All while she was screaming, "Get out!" One last time before I ran.

Her front door slamming shut behind me. I didn't know where I was running to, but any place had to be better than here. Memories of where I first met my father, sister… and Barry. I closed my eyes, letting the cold tears and wind rush past my face. I could still hear Barry's last words to me resounding fresh in my ears, "Move, Wally. Wally, MOVE!"

…. And move I did. My eyes snapped open, and my legs carried me on foot faster than the speed of sound.

~ 7 Years Later ~

Don Allen woke with a gasping start, his blue eyes snapping open. His breath ragged. Sweat rolled off his forehead, down his round cheek and onto his white sheets. 'It was a dream,' he hastily reassured himself, '... More like a Nightmare that his father was being chased by some terrifying monster.' And besides, Mum always said that, 'Your daddy went a Hero.' There's no way that he'd ever lose to a stupid monster.'

Calming down a bit, he turned to find that he had accidentally kicked his action figure, FLASH (his favorite SuperHero) blanket off his lower bunkbed. But he didn't care. He wasn't cold. "Mum! Mommy!" He called to her, coughing twice.

Not too much later, his mother, Iris Allen entered the room and came to kneel beside his bedside, "I heard yelling. What's the matter, baby?" She took her hand and ran it through Don's blonde hair, which he inherited from his father. It felt nice.

His voice was hoarse, and it was hard to talk, but he tried to explain, "... I had another dream again. It was about Daddy. He's in trouble."

He turned his head a fraction to view his mother's face. There was a moment of hesitation in which Iris's hand froze before it resumed the stroking of his hair. "What was it about this time?" she asked him as calmly as she could.

"He was being chased by a scary-looking monster," was how he responded, trying to sound brave.

Another moment of silence. And then, "...did he win? I betcha' he did. Your daddy was strong."

"I don't know. That's when I woke up," Don coughed again.

"Oh," Iris simply said. It was then she started to wonder. Her fingers moved from playing to Don's hair to feeling his forehead. Suddenly she became very worried. As she expected, his forehead felt hot. Very hot. "Goodness gracious! Your burning up! Let me go get the thermometer."

The yelling had obviously had awoken Dawn, his twin sister, up from the upper bunk. Her voice was very excited as she exclaimed, "Superman! It's Superman! Out the window."

Don couldn't believe it, "... WHAT!?" The two of them hurried to the end of their beds to look out the nearest window of their room. But he only caught a glimpse of red fluttering away from the corner of his eyes. That piece of red could've been anything, really. It could have been Santa. "You're lying," he accused his sister, "aren't you?"

He could see his sister's shadow on the dark carpet. Watch as she shook her head, "No! He was there! He really was there!"

His mother re entered the room then, carrying a thermometer in her hands. She almost dropped it, "WHAT ARE YOU TWO DOING!?" Alarmed, Don and Dawn quickly scrambled back to the center of their beds.

"Nothing mommy," Don replied, shaking his head, "Dawn just said that she saw Santa flying in his sleigh."

"It wasn't Santa!" His sister argued, "It was Superman and you know it."

He rolled his eyes, "It might have as well have been."

"Was not!"

"Was, too!"

"Isn't!" Dawn got the final say before their mother interrupted them with, "Nevermind, that! Donny. We need to take your temperature. Open your mouth."

He quickly shook his head again, desperately trying to close his mouth. "Nu-huh! Superman never gets sick."

Iris sighed, exasperated. "You're not Superman," she tried to reason with him, "and besides," she added, "that's not true. Even Superman can get sick sometimes… on very rare occasions."

Don was so surprised by this newly acquired information that he let his mouth hang loose a little. Iris saw an opening and stuck the thermometer inside.

They waited.

When the thermometer was done, she pulled it back out and read, "41.67 C.? That can't be right. This darn thing must be broken," and she tried jiggling the thermometer, as if that would help her ease her worries. She placed a hand over her own forehead, checking. "Donny? I'll be right back again. Mommy's going to go get something that will make you feel better." She turned to leave the room once more.

"What?" he asked, curious.

Iris had bumped into a surprise visitor. His eyes lit up when he saw exactly who it was that was blocking the doorway.

"UNCLE WALLY!" The twins screamed in unison. Dawn was so excited that she jumped from her bed and into his arms.

Luckily, Wally caught her. "Hey there, kiddo!" They both chuckled as he flew her around in his arms like an airplane.

Don was excited as well. "Me next! Me next!"

But then he sought his sister's disappointed eyes. He nodded knowingly in her direction, "Supes said that you could probably use my help."

The kids wondered who their Uncle meant by, 'Supes.'

Iris cleared her throat, "Well…. he assumed…. incorrectly. I had this situation perfectly under control." She knew that members of the Justice League still felt responsible for her husband's death and so a member visited the house from time-to-time every day to 'Check in,' on them out of guilt, particularly Superman… and those who had been Barry's closest friends such as Oliver Queen, Hal Jordan, and Jay Garrick. 'Why couldn't they be this cautious and precise when the love of her life was facing mortal peril?' she thought in disgust.

"Uhhh-huh," Her brother said it like he didn't believe her, "The situation clearly looks that way." He was indicating how both of them were out of bed. Dawn was now coloring on a child's wooden desk table with a red crayon; her hand was moving VERY fast. And Don was still looking expectantly up at him.

Iris scoffed while she crossed her arms, "They were doing fine until you got here." Who was she kidding, no, they weren't.

"Heh. No, they weren't, Iris," Wally even told her so, scooping up the young boy into his arms. "This kid here is sick, right? I could take him to the Hospital in a flash."

"No, no. That's alright, I need to take him," she disagreed, "A parent or guardian will need to sign the release papers. That would be only me."

"The fastest way to get this kid some help would be if I take him there as soon as possible, right?" Wally persuaded, "And besides, I'm the kid's Uncle. That would count me as a guardian, no?"

Iris pressed her lips. It was hard reasoning with that kind of logic. And she did want to desperately help her son. The fastest way to do that, is to let her brother take him. She gave him a very serious look, "I can trust you with his life, can't I?"

"With my life," Wally declared earnestly with a nod.

Iris allowed herself to smile. "Then I'm counting on you, Wally. Don't let me down or, this time, I really won't forgive you."

Wally let a lopsided grin spread across his face, "Did you ever really forgive the first time? Don't worry, sisris. It'll be a piece of cake. This kiddo here will return as soon as he at least gets checked out." He repositioned the boy to sit securely on his shoulders.

This peaked Don's interest at once. "Cake? Did somebody say cake!? Are we going to go get cake, Uncle Wally?" He tightened his small arms around Wally's neck in response.

Wally chuckled. "Is that what you think, buddy?"

Iris rolled her eyes. "You see now what you've done? I'm never going to get the both of them to bed again tonight," she reprimanded the third Speedster.

"You'll think of something, sis. You always do," Wally reminded her, getting ready to run.

"No Cake!" she called after them but it was too late. The two of them had gone zipping out of the house like a bolt of lightning.

"Ah!" Dawn whined, "I wanted to go, too. They were going to go get cake, right?" A few seconds of silence, then, " … Mommy, when was Uncle Wally able to run like that?"

Don was able to calculate every movement that his Uncle made. It was an Amazing feeling, letting the wind rush past his face. He felt better already. He snuggled his face into his Uncle's red hooded jacket.

"Ah! This is even better than flying!" he exclaimed delightedly.

Wally chuckled appreciatively. 'Ha! Let Superman hear that!' he added in his thoughts. Then, to his nephew, "Your father would have been proud hearing you say that, Don."

He could hear the young boy sigh, "... I wish I could've met him."

Shortly after, they arrived at the Hospital and checked in. Wally grabbed a number and they went to go seat in the chairs of the waiting area. He glanced down at his nephew whom he was worried about. He could tell that the boy's fever was starting to get worse by the second. Don's face, cheeks, and ears were red, blue eyes watery, his nose runny. Wally went back to staring at the white cemented wall, nervously tapping his fingers on the chair's armrest.

Few seconds ticked by. Don stole a peek at the man that he called his Uncle; he never knew that he could run that fast. 'Since he could run that fast… did that mean that his Uncle was the Flash!? Which meant that his Hero, the Flash, was his Uncle!?' He contemplated, deep in thought. He was suddenly brave enough to ask him, "Uncle Wally, why could you run so fast? Can you teach me?"

Wally sharply turned to look down at the boy, shocked. "Me? Fast?" He scoffed. He repositioned himself, trying to get more comfortable in the chair, "Tough luck, kid. I'm not the fastest man alive. Or I wasn't, anyway."

This didn't tally at all to what Don had been thinking. He made a quizzical face, "... but you are. You're my Hero, Uncle Wally. Aren't you?"

Don was giving him round, big puppy eyes. Like Christmas came early for him. Gosh, dang it! He couldn't argue with him giving a face like that. So, Wally decided to change the subject, "Hey kiddo, did anyone ever tell you that you look alot like your dad?"

"Mommy does," the boy nodded, "All the time. I think this is why she's so prodetective," he sniffles here, "over me."

Wally chortled at this. "I think you mean protective, little man."

Don made another quizzical face, raising his eyebrow, "... That's what I said, isn't it?" A booger hung loosely from his nose.

Speaking of protection, Wally wanted to wipe his nephew's nose with a kleenex but the only kleenex box was at the front desk and he couldn't risk his exposure of his identity of being the Flash in front of all these people here in the waiting area. He thought walking up to the desk would be extremely dull and slow. Maybe if he moved fast enough….

But the one to move fast enough wasn't him. An old man with gray hair and a cane, sitting in the chair nearest to Don, simply handed the young boy a kleenex. "Here, sonny… you got a little something on your nose. What's your name?"

Wally was gonna thank the old man, but the words got caught on the way up to his mouth. Instead, Donny took the kleenex with a, "Oh, thank you. It's Don," and wiped his nose with it.

The old man wasn't done. "Oh, look at this! You got something behind your ear as well. If - if you don't mind…" A wrinkly hand reached and gently tucked a strand of Don's hair behind his ear. When he pulled his hand away, a gold Flash ring toy fell into Don's lap.

Don was ecstatic about it, and his face lit up. "Awesome! Can you do that again?" and shoved the ring onto his tiny finger.

The old man chuckled, his face also rosy. "Maybe, when you get done with your appointment. What are you here for, son?"

Wally felt a bit irritated the way the old man called his nephew, 'Son.' It wasn't his son, so… why? And besides, who even was this fellow? Wally felt uncomfortable around him. Why did he seem… so… familiar? But, that's impossible! He never met this old man before in his whole life. At least, he think he didn't… He decided to find out, "Excuse me, not to sound rude or anything, but - Who are you?"

His question was followed by Donny's, "A fever, I think."

The old man's simple, "Oh?" was drowned out by the Hospital's intercom. A female's voice echoed over the system, "Paging Bartholomew Henry. Paging Bartholomew Henry. Please report to the front desk." Almost immediately, the old man stood up and used his cane to help him walk to the desk.

Wally's mind was working fast. 'Bartholo… Bartholo… Bartholomew Henry!? No way! It can't be. There's no way. Besides, Henry wasn't such an uncommon name. But Bartholomew?' He was unaware that he was unintentionally staring after the old guy who was identified as Bartholomew Henry.

The female receptionist at the front desk slided the glass door open, "Bartholomew Henry? If you turn down the hall to your left, a doctor will see to you now."

But the old man shook his head, then explained, "My number is 377. That boy over there has number 376," he pointed at Wally's nephew, "Would it be alright if I let Don Allen go ahead of me? He has a dangerously high fever."

The lady in white clothes looked from the old man, to the boy, back to the old man, and then smiled, "I don't see why not. Don Allen?" she called to the young boy, "A doctor will see you now."

Don got up off his chair and started making his way down the hall with his Uncle following after him.

It took Wally a few seconds. But then, 'Wait a minute… did Don ever let slip his surname to the gentleman?' He quickly spun on the spot to turn around and face the old man, but… he had mysteriously vanished. Was his mind playing tricks on him? Was he imagining it? Or was it because he wanted to believe, that even after all these years, or see a slight ray of hope that Barry Bartholomew Henry Allen was alive!?

Meanwhile at the Allen residence...

Iris had been sitting a kiddie chair watching her daughter draw a picture at the kid's wooden desk table. Dawn held up the finished art to show her mother. It was a poorly drawn picture of Superman and his red cape, although with a slightly alternating Doctor-Doom (A/N: Yes, I know DD is a Marvel Villain. Deal with it.) look. He resembled more of a bizarro Clark Kent. She smiled at that, "That looks very nice, honey. But you know, your daddy is not going to be real pleased to learn that you're a Superman fan."

Dawn made a face and disregarded that. Then her face lit up, and her eyes sparkled, "Cake! You promised me cake when I was done. Remember?"

She knew she shouldn't be spoiling her kids, but why did they both have to remember her so much of Barry!? She sighed. "If I give you some, will you promise me to brush your teeth again right after that and go to bed?"

Dawn nodded enthusiastically, her honey-blonde pigtail curls dancing every time she did. Sighing once more, she got up from her seat and made her way to the kitchen. She grabbed a plate from one of the cupboards and placed it on one of the dark green counters, getting it ready. She heard thunder rolling in the distance as she did so. She just was glad that it wasn't lightening.. yet. Ever since Barry died, Iris has hated thunderstorms. It wasn't because of the sound, which was most people's fears (Well, at least those who are scared of it anyway), but because of the flashing lightning. It just reminded her SO much of Barry; how he was hit with a lightning bolt, how he got his power, how… how ever time he ran, he sent jolts of electricity off him. Like lightning. It was like that the first time they kissed, too. She had felt a spark of electricity coursing through her when he had pressed his warm lips up against hers. Like fireworks. She shook her head, remembering that she was supposed to be getting cake for their daughter. She opened the fridge door and took out a take-out looking box that she had placed red velvet cake in from her friend, Shayera,'s 100th wedding. Long story and it would take too long to explain. She carried the box of cake to the counter, opened it, took a tiny piece out and thunked it on the plate. Then she placed it in front of her daughter on the table.

Dawn immediately took her fork and took a bite out of it, savoring the happiness flooding through her.

Iris shook her head again, hoping she wasn't making the wrong choice by spoiling her daughter just a tad bit. She moved to get a glass of milk to also place it in front of the persuasive girl. As Dawn was eating the cake with a hungry look in her eye, Iris went to go sit on the couch in the living room to wait until she was done. Another wave of thunder rolled through and it was then that it started lightning. Her sepia eyes flittered to a photograph of her and Barry; she had her arm resting against Barry's shoulder, he was wearing a black long sleeve, she a dark purple dress with a gold necklace, and Barry was smiling like he was having the best time of his life. Seeing him like that brought the waterworks up to her eyes. Iris was smiling in the photograph, but.. not like that. That was taken way back before when they were just BFF's and she had not realized her strong, growing feelings for him yet. If she could turn back time… A tear escaped her eye and she sniffled.

She was unaware that Dawn had been watching her. The young girl had finished scooping up the last bit of crumb of cake she could find on her plate and then hopped down from her stool. "I'm gonna go brush my teeth now," she declared to her mother, her feet pitter-pattering to the lavatory.

Iris heard the front door squeaking open and shut. She sniffled again, recollecting her memories. "Okay, sweetie," she called after her, "I'll come to tuck you in a moment!"

There was another roll of thunder. She returned the photograph to back where it was on the endside table by the couch. "Wally? That you? That was quick. Even for you." She sniggered at her own inside joke. "So, what's the verdict? Is my boy going to be alright?"

When Wally didn't answer, she was starting to get a bit suspicious. She got up off the couch and started walking toward the front room. "Wally?"

But a tall, shadowy figure was standing right in between the archway of the front room to the living room, made her stop dead in her tracks. The lightning flashed, illuminating his face.

Her breathe caught in her lungs. She sucked in an inaudible gasp...!


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