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"That's right. How'd you know?" She knew he wasn't trying, but his voice was so captivating. It's been a long, long time since she properly heard it.

"Because it was right after that, that I…" her voice trailed off, suddenly recalling happy and unpleasant memories. She shook her head, and stood up from the floor. "You'll at least stay here tonight, won't you?" She held her hand out to him, offering for him to take it.

He did. Their fingers brushed at the tips before he entwined his hand with hers. "Doesn't really look like I have any other option since I haven't figured out how exactly to get home yet. Weird saying that, considering that this is my house… but it's not. It can get really confusing."

She was having a hard time trying not to laugh, remembering to restrain herself so that her kids can continue to get some shut-eye. "You will… you always do."

They left the room, hand-in-hand. They silently tiptoed across the living room, where Wally was snoring loudly and snoozing fast asleep on the couch, and headed up the stairs to her room. They stopped just outside her doorway to catch their breath. Barry let go of her hand to place his hands on his knees. Alone together, she was free to giggle, "I… I haven't snuck around like that since… since Dad lived here."

"That was several years ago.. for me, too…" He wheezed between laughter, grinning from ear-to-ear.

It took them awhile for the both of them to calm down. "I guess… I guess this is Goodnight?" Barry bids farewell, his hand caressing her cheek. She gently placed her lips on his caressing hand and kissed it.

What she asked him next surprised him so much that he let his his mouth open agape, completely stunned. "Barry… will you sleep with me? In my room?"

And Now...

MeMories of Flash

On hot pursuit of a Speedster's trail ~!


Barry Allen dies in the Infinity Crisis of Earth. How his friends, fiance, and his family try to cope of his absence in the aftermath. Wally West tries to pick up the mantel of The Flash but not everybody is too pleased about him doing so. Could Barry still be alive? Or could he be gone for good? Join as the Justice League investigates.

Chapter Two


Barry's 1st P.O.V.

I let my hand drop to my side in shock. "I - I - Iris, I - I don't think that's such a good i-," I gulped, stuttering, "good idea. Na-uh-huh. Nada, nope! Zilch. Not happening. Definitely not happening."

I started to walk away with my back toward her but she reached out and grabbed a hold of my hand again and held it with both of hers. Her hand was so warm that I didn't want to shake her off. So I wheeled around and faced her. God, she was so beautiful like his angel. I couldn't even tear my eyes away from her for like 10 seconds.

"Where else are you going to sleep, huh? I hate to break it to ya, but the sofa? Yeah, it's kinda taken," She winked at me, giving me a very compelling look.

This wasn't even funny though I chortled once, "Heh. Then a single chair will do. You have plenty of those lying around, dontcha'? I'll bet they'll be boldly lining up to kiss my ass."

Iris raised an eyebrow while giving me a disbelieving face. "Really? You're gonna choose a chair. Over me?"

Yeahhh... I don't know why I was even trying.

She added, "And…" I blinked when she moved her face close up to mine, her warm breath almost on my cheekbone and earlobe, "I'll let you in on my little secret. The chair's not the only one who would be willing to kiss your ass." It was like I could almost feel her breath vanish.

My eyes widened. She winked, sniggered, and next moment later I found myself staring at her auburn door by my lonesome in her hallway. My mind was reeling, '... what in the world just happened?' Or maybe it was already reeled in by her.

Iris 1st P.O.V

Barry was home. It wasn't my Barry, but it was Barry all the same. I loved every version of him, no matter what time he was from. It was a miracle of just seeing him again. So, of course I wanted to make myself look good. I quickly changed into something more appealing. Brushed my hair, added a teensy bit of sweet perfume, and sat crossed legged on my queen-sized for him, waiting. I counted the seconds in my head.

'14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22…' I breathed in and out on every odd number. I was hyperventilating, very nervous down to my core. Sure enough, a moment later, I heard a knock at my door. I hastily made a straight face as if I was expecting him. Breathed out one more time, then called, "Come in!'

Barry entered into my room. Well, it should have been our room.

Barry 3rd P.O.V.

Upon entering her room, he froze once again at the sight of her. Iris had that effect of making that a habit of himself. He instantly noticed that she had changed. She was now wearing a black, silk robe with very lacy red underwear and bra. She knew that his favorite color was red. His throat got dry rather expeditiously. He gulped nervously and decided to turn around, pulling his grey t-shirt off himself.

"If it makes you feel any better," she begins, her tone suggestively seductive, "It took you longer than I thought it would. 22 seconds, to be precise."

Iris 3rd P.O.V.

She was enjoying herself from where she was. Her eyes roaming freely and admiring his torso, upper chest, and muscular, broad shoulders. She wanted it. She wanted him. Again. It wasn't fair that the world took Him away from her. Though he was here. Now. She felt herself rise and her feet patter against the hard-wood flooring.

"Uhh-huh. Yeah, umm, well, I - I thought you could use some time to yourself so that you can', y'know," he was speaking pretty fast, "freshin' u-"

She stopped his sentence by lanking her arms around his shoulders, her hand feeling up his chest. "As sweet as that is, Bartholomew Allen," she whispers, nibbling his earlobe, "Trust me. I have had plenty of time by myself. I Want You."

She tugs and undoes his belt.

After ferociously and hastily getting rid of his jeans so that he was in only his white boxers, he turns around and kisses her. Hard.

She returns his kisses with, if not more, just as enough strength. She had desperately missed him. Would have sacrificed almost anything, except their kids they made together of course, to spend one more day with him. Or only one hour to spend more time with him and to get her life back. Her reason for living.

Even time itself couldn't force them apart.

Barry 3rd P.O.V.

He had missed her. Being stuck in this unfamiliar world, made him think of the only thing that was familiar. Iris, his love. He had never stopped thinking about her. She was always on his mind. Wonder why that was.

"I thought I," he says in between kisses, pushing her up against her bedpost to kiss her more easily, "told-you-to-call me-by my-name."

"You mean-" her hand runs through his hair while intensifying the kiss, "Barry?"

"Yes," he replies, smiling before rubbing his nose gently against hers.

They resume the heavy make-out session. It wasn't long for Barry to find his fingers playing with the hem of her red underwear. His eyes widened as if he was suddenly coming back to his senses. 'Stop!' his mind was telling him, 'stop.'

"We should st-" he begins, but Iris hungrily kisses him, "Stop."

"Stop!" He demands with force in his tone, pushing her away with all his might. He walks a few paces forward, his back to her.

"Why?" he hears her ask, confusion in her angelic voice.

He scratches the back of his neck, "because I need to scratch my back? No, wait, that's not it. Sorry, I -" he walks over to the corner of her bed and sits down, his hands on his knees, "I'm sorry. I can't betray my Iris."

She walks over to him and starts rubbing his shoulders.

"Ah," she noises out, "Loyalty," as if that was the cause of their problem.

"-and the deepest devout of devotion for Mi'lady," Barry adds with affection, gently taking one of her hands and placing his red lips on the back of it. "Becky Cooper, Linda Park, Patty Spivot? I tried dating them to make me forget about you, Iris, but.. I can't. I could - will - never forget you. You, your name, everything about you will be filled to the fullest in my heart 'til the day I die."

Unbeknownst to him, Iris was blushing deep crimson. She clears her throat, "which is one of the many reasons I love about you, Barry, but… cheating on me with me? Yeah, kinda not one of them."

He chuckled, "Yeah. I am in a weird situation, aren't I?"

"You are one of a kind, Barry Allen," she agrees, chortling also, "a special kind. Kind of like… a special entree?"

He makes a face at this declaration, "If I'm a tasty meal…" he pulls her down on the bed to his level so that he could snuggle his nose against her cheek, "Then you must be the dessert." He leans in to kiss her, but then remembering, stops and sits up.

She giggles at this gesture, "Alright, I'll take that," watching him rise from the bed, "but… only if I get to be a brownie."

"You and your brownie obsession." He shakes his head at her, "do I get brownie points for that?"

She gasps, "You did not!" she reaches at a nearby white pillow and lunges it at him, "You did not just say that!"

He laughs. The pillow hits his head; he catches it as it falls to the floor, "Hey. Do I get to keep this? Thanks for the pillow, Iris, I've always been wanting one of these."

She rolls her eyes, trying not to giggle at his sarcastic joke. She's only had him back for a few hours already, but it was already starting to feel like a home again. "Only while you're here," she insists, yawning.

Of course, Barry noticed this, "We should, umm," he mumbles, the tips of his ears turning red, "probably get some sleep. We should get - go to bed."

She climbs to her side of the bed and crawls into her covers, "If you… say so…"

He smiles at this, shaking his head, "So obediente." Sighing heavily, he makes his way over to the other side of the bed and climbs in with her. Barry puts his feet on top of hers so that they wouldn't get cold.

Iris snuggled her head against his shoulder, and he grasped her hand gently under the covers. Their feet were playing, 'footsie' with each other. By the time several minutes went by, they could hear the storm outside also calming down. It was nearing 4 A.M. before either one of them was close to sleep. Then, "... So Oliver got married, huh?"


"Good for him. Mr. Moody and Broody finally got a happy life, huh? Good. I'm happy for him," said Barry earnestly, playing with her ring on her fourth finger.


"Iris," he waited until she responded.


"... Did we ever get married?"

He waited. No response. He turned his head to find that Iris was already fast asleep. Or, at least, that's what he thought. His eyelids were barely drifting into a deep slumber when he was suddenly awoken by Iris's gasping start, "... Barry?!"

His eyes popped open to find her hugging his forearm very tightly. "Hmm?"

"If I go to sleep now, you won't disappear on me. Will you?" She asks.

He could tell that she was very tired, "No. I'd never do that." If he was being honest with himself, he was pretty tired as well.

He felt her fingers gently move up his bare hairy chest. "You will still be here in the morning?" She asks, unaware that she asked that suggestively.

Damn it. Now he was going to have a tough time falling asleep, if he could ever. "I'd be a fool if I weren't. If I ever were to disappear, I'd find my way back to you in a flash."

Iris had really missed his flashy jokes but more of him than his jokes, and she really wished that this time it really wasn't just a joke. "I really wish that to be true," she whispers, snuggling closer to him so that even an inch didn't budge in between them.

"I'll prove it to be true. Goodnight, my Iris," he whispers in return.

She closes her eyes, "I'll be seeing you in a flash then. Because if you don't? I swear to God - Goodnight, Barry."

"Did'you...just-" he mumbles, sleepily, "make a flash joke?" Because he seriously wished that THAT was NOT a joke.

She didn't answer. Neither of them really had the energy to carry on the conversation. But with that reassurance and wish in mind, the two of them finally drifted off to sleep.



A little more Action...


"Almost too easy," Mick Rory, HeatWave, remarked with a grunt.

Mark Mardon, Weather Wizard, groaned, "You just had to say that."

Is that... A League member?!


"The Flash may be gone, Rogue's," discloses Batman, finally revealing himself from the shadows. With his batlike cowl and midnight black cape made visible, "but I'm not about to let his city fall to the likes of You."

A little more Romance...


I smirked mischievously as I made my way toward him to wrap my legs and arms around him, nibbling on the nape of his neck. "Hey there, handsome."

And a clueless Barry (for once)...


"Metropolis? Duty?" I furrowed my eyebrows, confused, "Where? What the heck's in Metropolis?"

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