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"The school just called. It's Don," she explained quietly, "he's seriously sick. His fever is back and is at a higher temperature than before. I - I don't know what to do if he - if he - not right after -" she bursts into tears again.

I go over to her and wrap my strong arms comfortingly around her trembling shoulders. I know this isn't the time to be feeling this way, but my heart was racing like it was running faster than my legs could when I was the Flash. No, I still am the Flash.

Hal Jordan frowned disapprovingly. "Things were much more simple when he was under the ground," he whispered again.

Bruce quickly thwacked Hal on the side of the head, "You're digging your own grave." Followed by a, "Oww," from Hal.

And Now...

MeMories of Flash

On a hot pursuit of a Speedster's trail ~ !


Barry Allen dies in the Infinity Crisis of Earth. How his friends, fiance, and his family try to cope of his absence in the aftermath. Wally West tries to pick up the mantel of The Flash but not everybody is too pleased about him doing so. Could Barry still be alive? Or could he be gone for good? Join as the Justice League investigates.

Chapter Seven


Barry, 1st POV

Followed by a, "Oww," from Hal. He massaged the back side of his head of the spot that got hit while he added, "Did I ever say that I liked things simple?"

"You're simple-minded," Bruce pointed out. He shrugged his shoulders and scoffed.

"Says you," Hal muttered back with a small groan.

They ended their bicker and returned to the main conversation. "Want me to give you a lift back to the school, sisris?" Wally asked friendly and energetically, his hands getting ready as if to pick her up.

Iris looked his way. As if suddenly realizing that he was there. "And what are YOU doing here, Kid?! You're supposed to be in school," she reprimanded her brother.

"I had to come help, didn't I?" Wally grinned, "Life of a SuperHero and all that. Besides, Superboy here," he clapped a hand on Conner's shoulders, "wanted to come aide his mentor as did I. And, I think, all of us felt exactly the same way."

I was looking toward the smaller group now. Now that Wally had joined them, the small group was a total of six. One member was dark skinned and had tattoos up both his arms. There was a teenage female with entirely green skin and long red hair; she doesn't go unnoticeable. There was another female with her blonde hair pulled back into a ponytail, she was also wearing green suit that looked oddly familiar to Green Arrow. Although Superboy shrugged Wally's hand off immediately, they all nodded with him in agreement.

"There's no think, Wallman, there's just do," said a smaller individual who looked strangely like Batman.

Bruce's eyes narrowed in annoyance at this. "Did you forget all your training, Robin? Either that or you've been hanging around impulse for too long."

Robin's blue eyes widened, but kept his mouth shut after that.

Wally's eyes snapped to Bruce, also slightly annoyed. "It's not impulse, it's Kid Flash!" He announced proudly, puffing out his chest.

Bruce ignored him.

Then Wally's attention went back to his sister, "So, do you want me to give you a lift or dontcha? 'Cause like you said, I do need to get back to prison."

The girl with the blonde ponytail chuckled as if trying not to laugh at him.

Iris's beautiful amber eyes turned to me. "What about him? How is he going to get home?"

A grin spread across Hal's face as he clapped a hand on my back again, "Don't worry about Barry here, Iris. We will take extra good care of him. Make sure he gets back home."

A heavyweight suddenly weighed in on my shoulders. I had a bad feeling about that.

"I promise I - We- will get him back home," SuperMan added. "Safe and sound."

Apparently, his comment reassured Iris for she nodded and wrapped her grey cardigan tighter around her shoulders. "Time to go back to school then," she tells Wally as he picks her up in his arms, "Never thought I'd have to say that again. See you later, Bear," she blows a kiss at me before they both disappear in a flash.

I have my arms crossed. "I can look after myself, you know. I'm not a little kid," I tell them defensively.

"Yeah," Bruce mutters sarcastically, "You're doing a great job of it. No powers..."

Why do I get the feeling that I'm being mocked at? "Is he always like this?" I ask the room at large, pointing at Batman with my thumb.

"For him, this is being too friendly," Aquaman explains, "you're lucky. Normally he doesn't even give a compliment."

"To you," Diana adds in Aquaman's direction. "He doesn't give a compliment to you."

SuperMan let his arms fall to his sides. "We know you're not a kid, Barry, but that is precisely for that reason why you need looking after. You're the Flash."

The room falls silent after that pronunciation as they remember their fallen Hero friend. I just give them a confused face. "Yeah. I know I'm the Flash. What I don't get is why that requires babysitting?" I ask after a moment of silence.

"The less you know, the better." Bruce answers shortly.

Again, I give them a confused look. "How is that better?"

Suddenly, there a shine of bright green light. "Alright. Enough of this chit-chat," Hal chimes in with a grin, "Climb aboard the Hogwarts Express, Fleetfeet!"

I turn to the right of me and felt my jaw drop. It really was the Hogwart Express in green light… It wasn't really here, but it was more like… a projecting hologram? "Are you kidding me?!" I ask in awe.

Hal's grin just furthered. The green light was coming from his green ring. "What? Who doesn't dream of riding it?"

Location: Central City Elementary. Time: 2032

Don, 1st POV.

A bright light shone in my eye. I wanted to blink, but I must not. At last, Doctor Ham (that's what I know him by) pulled away his penlight and I had time to blink before he shone the light in my other eye. There was a knock at the door, the Doctor and I both turn to find my mum and Uncle.

"Mummy!" I say excitedly when I see her. I want to run to her, but I know I must not, so I stay put on the doctor's table… bed… whatever it is. "Where's daddy?" I wanted to know.

She gives me a sad face and pats my cheek. "Sorry, sweetie, he is with Uncle Hal at the moment, but he wishes he could be with you."

"Oh," I say with disappointment. I don't get very much time to spend with my dad. I've only heard stories about him. Is it bad to want to get to know my dad?

IRIS, 3rd POV.

"What is wrong with him?" she asks directly to Doctor Hamilton. She knows this doctor and she trusts him. Clark Kent knows this doctor and also trusts him and that is saying something. In fact, he was the one who recommended that they bring Don to Doctor Emil Hamilton in the first place. Doctor Hamilton is average height, gray eyes, and has short dark brown hair. He is a superb Physician who is trusted within in the League and has dealt with treating Supers all the time, and he promises to keep his mouth shut about it and confidential to all his patients healthcare.

Doctor Hamilton shakes his head as he flips a page over his clipboard, "I don't get it. His fever is off the charts and unexplained. It's like it's something unnatural, or supernatural. Never encountered a case like it in all my years. However, that doesn't mean I can't do something about it. I can run some more tests. With your permission, of course."

Iris's mouth thinned, "It is Mrs. West-Allen, but yes. I give you permission to save my boy."

Doctor Hamilton nods, "which I will give my best effort in doing. And actually, while we're on the subject, I am quite concerned about your other child as well. They're twins, no?"

Iris's face pales. "Yes, that's right. Dawn. They're twins. Why? What's wrong with her?"

"I think it best if you witness with your own eyes," says Doctor Hamilton briefly, pinching the bridge of his nose and then fixing his glasses.

"I'll stay here with the kid," Wally friendly suggests, giving Don a high five.

"Thanks, Walls. We won't be gone long, just to check in on Dawn," she appreciates.

She and the Doctor then leave the room and walks down the hallway to the kid's classroom. She pushes open the door slightly, and her eyes sought Dawn. She found her small daughter sitting cross-legged on the floor in the corner of the room, facing the creamy-yellow wall. She had her arms outstretched and appeared to be hugging somebody as if they were invisible, and she was talking to… talking to herself?

"There was a strange-looking man with blonde hair who came earlier who looks an awful lot like you, Daddy. Mummy said that he wasn't my dad, but she is pretty friendly with him." Dawn was saying to nobody, nodding her head to this fact. "I am worried that he might drive you two apart." Her blue eyes, so much like her father's, appeared to be that they were about to cry.

It didn't make any sense. Her daughter wasn't crazy. But it was then that a strong presence flowed through her and she became startled. She hadn't felt that strong of a presence ever since… ever since her husband passed away. Maybe she herself was going crazy. He couldn't possibly be here, could he?! No way. Her eyes roamed the room but they only viewed small kids and their teachers, Mrs. Fenton and Mrs. Darbin. That couldn't be possible.

Iris slowly closes the classroom door and turns around, giving the Doctor a questioningly look.

He coughs and raises his glasses higher on the bridge of his nose, looking sophisticated. "My best theory is that she is delusional?" he suggests.

Iris glares in return. "My daughter is NOT delusional! And nor am I, for that matter." She snaps, turning on her heels.

They begin walking back to the nurse's office. "Of course not," the Doctor is quick to dismiss, though there was a bit of sarcasm to his tone. He easily keeps pace with her, "I never suggested that you had anything to do with it, Mrs. West-Allen. Ignore what the Doctor has to say if you don't want to keep your children alive,"

He had a point. He continued, "But let me get to the point. Your son, Don, is terribly sick. What if that holds true for his sister? Over the years research shows that twins share a telepathic strong bond with each other… even if they are fraternal. Let me ask you, Mrs. West, can it not be possible that your daughter could also start to show the same symptoms?"

Coldness gripped at her heart at those words. Ever since she met her husband, she's come to believe in the impossible. How could she not after what she's seen? Still, it doesn't make her feel any better. If not, worse. She doesn't want to lose her whole family. She couldn't. It was too much for her to bear. Her face paled as she spun around to face the Doctor once more. She raised an eyebrow, "Are you saying that you want both of my children to be sick, Doctor?"

The Doctor's face turned green at her piercing stare. "Oh no-" he says hastily, loosening his coat collar with one of his index fingers, "Not at all," he answers in honesty and wholeheartedly, "Just a precaution."

She put her hands on her hips. "Then why don't you concentrate on saving my son!"

DON, 1st POV

The Doctor is taking my blood pressure. The blood pressure meter squeezes at my arm and I wince. There is a surprise knock at the door, and we all turn to look at it. The door opens and my momma's blonde friend and Uncle Hal enter the room.

Immediately, they caught my attention and I am distracted by them. My mother gasps lightly in shock. "Barry! What are you doing here?" She asks in mild surprise.

She called him Barry. Wasn't that my dad's name? "Daddy! Uncle Hal!" I squeal in delight.

The tick on the blood pressure meter rises and Doctor Hamilton takes it off my arm so that I can jump down off the table. I run and jump into my dad's arms. He always takes me by surprise, but I am comfortable here in his arms. He is so warm.

"Yo, kiddo!" says Uncle Hal enthusiastically, "I wanted to show Mr. Allen here a cool place, but he insisted that we come here first. Don't you feel loved?"

I nod into my dad's red sweater. "A cool place? Where's that?" I innocently asked Uncle Hal, giving him my puppy eyes.

I felt my father shrug. "To be honest, I don't know," he tells my mother honestly, "I just got this strong feeling that I needed to be here." He squats down to my eye-level.

I frowned. I don't get what he means. "You came here to see mommy, didn't you dad? You love her that much. Muah!" I make a kissy sound with the motion and kiss him on the cheek. I was right. He was warm.

Uncle Wally and Uncle Hall laughed at the look on my dad's face. But my dad smiled at me and my heart pounded in my chest. "Yes, I do love her that much," My dad admits, "but I came here to see you, slugger," and ruffles my blonde hair with his comforting hand. I liked the feeling.

At my dad's words, my mother's face turns red. "Momma," I ask, pulling away slightly from my dad to stare up at her with wonder eyes, "Why are you turning red? Are you sick, too?"

Uncle Wally chuckles at this and nudges her in the rib gently with his elbow, "Oooo, sisris. You've got it badddd for a certain blonde."

Momma's face turns even redder. "Shut up, Wally."

The Doctor cuts in, "Might I remind you all, that we've got a sick patient here? Too many people in one room can overwhelm a person and cause stress. Please let me do my job," he is looking over one of his many clipboard charts.

Uncle Wally smiled. "Why isn't anyone ever just whelmed?"

Uncle Hal raised an eyebrow at him at this, "taken a line out of Dick's book, I see?"

"Nah, I'll stick to my one-liner. I gotta get going. Be back in a Flash!" And Uncle Wally raced out the door.

"Hey!" My dad shouted after him. "That's my line!" But it was too late. Uncle Wally was already gone.

"Technically, he is your protege," Uncle Hal shrugs. "So, you're both Flashes."

"Hal!" My mother hissed at him, a warning in her voice.

"But so is Bart! So I mean, it is a legacy of Flashes…" Uncle Hal is quick to try and make amends.

"Hal…" My mother groaned, palming her forehead.

My father asks, "Who's Bart?"

"You Supers..." the Doctor interrupts while he overlooks some graphs on his clipboard chart, "I'll never get any work done if you keep speeding in and out here faster than the speed of light. HOLY - ! Unbelievable incredible. I don't know know how… yet… but according to these charts, Don's health is perfectly normal, but… that can't be right. He was burning up a storm earlier. I think I'll rerun the schematics and diagnostics, want to be extra sure…."

"You hear that, slugger? You're going to be okay. I knew you would," my dad optimized, ruffling my hair once more before standing up.

My mother is in tears again and I don't know why. She goes over to embrace my dad, "Barry! Isn't that great?" she burries her face into his shoulder before quickly letting go of him. Why? I don't get it.

Uncle Hal beams. "Now that that's taken care of, Bear…" his smile getting even wider, "there's a place that we have to be."


Barry really didn't want to leave Iris's side, but this Hal guy dragged him along for the ride anyhow. To…

"A bar?" he questions his "friend" with uncertainty as he stares up at the building. This was the place that he wanted to show him so badly? He didn't get it.

Hal Jordan shakes his head as if to disagree and waves his pointer finger at him. "Not just any bar, mate." He says nonchalantly, "Who forget who you're talking to, I am the Space Spector, so Welcome to The Hole in SPACE!" He threw out his hands as if to show him the whole world.

Instead of being either shocked or disappointed, a blank expression appeared on Barry's face. Hal Jordan wasn't kidding. He could see the Earth from here if he looked down. Stars stretched from the ends of… well, he was going to say Earth, but that wouldn't be right considering they weren't even on the planet, somehow… but he somehow got the feeling that this wasn't his first trip up into space. It wasn't quite as starry as he had pictured it. Spheres of all shapes and sizes surrounded them of rocky, bulky structure; the sun, being the hottest (obviously), still seemed light years away. Someone had miraculously built a tilting building on one of these rocky spheres; a bar called The Hole. Colorful welcome signs lit up the dark space like a firework display. But all Barry could think about, at that moment, was… "Dude, don't call me your mate. Gross," and he pretends to shudder.

Hal wheeled around to look at him and raised an eyebrow, "Really? Not even an intsy bit impressed?" he made the motion with his thumb and pointer finger as if trying to close in a gap, "I thought we were friends, considering the fact that we came here all the time."

It was only when Barry started walking passed him that realization dawned on him, and his jaw dropped, "OH. MY. GOD! I'M IN SPACE!" He doesn't panic very often, but he was definitely panicking now. His legs started shaking in his friction-resistance yellow boots.

"The Big Bang theory did happen, but yeah, we can assume God created the space that you're in," Hal laughed, "but seriously. You're just now noticing that?"

"Oi. You may be a Space Spector, but I'm a Speedster and can travel faster than the speed of light. Time temporal aftereffect," he explained knowledgeably.

They entered the building. "Forgot you had that side effect. Okay, fair point," Hal noted.

Barry was wildly looking about. He's never been in a bar in space before. To be honest, he had no knowledge that there even WERE buildings in space. Until now, of course. The place was mostly crowded with… "Are those aliens?" He asks Hal in an undertone, "Houston, we have a problem. Again, why a bar? Did you also forget that alcohol as no effect on me whatsoever?

However, they started walking to the main midnight sleek counter and plopped themselves down in vacant spiny, woody stools. "The usual," Hal told the fat, green-skinned barman while he shrugged off his brown jacket, "Oh yeah, and the usual for this guy," jabbing his thumb in Barry's direction.

"Hey, it's The Flash!" the barman boomed in obvious delight, "Never know when you'll speed your way here. Was beginning to think that you ceased to exist in the presence of your absence, but I heard about what you accomplished on Earth… even we ought to grace you with our gratitude. It's on the house, boys," he places the drinks in front of them, "Only don't go boasting about it to my other customers. It's bad for business."

"Uhh, thanks?" Barry acknowledged nervously, still not really sure what he exactly did on his planet. Something clicked in his mind, "Ooooh, so this is why you brought me here. You wanted free drinks." He berated Hal.

Hal brings his glass up to his lips and takes a sip, savoring it, "That normally doesn't happen, idiot. I brought you here to have a good time because that's what bros do. And usually, even though you're immune to it, you go ahead and drink up anyway." Then to the bartender, he says, "Don't worry, Plankworth, we know how to keep a secret." He gulps the rest of his drink down.

Yup. Go ahead and spoil everything. Barry was beginning to see his relation, somewhat, to this Hal guy. "If I'm a idiot, than you're a jerk," he brings his own glass up to his lips and gulps down the useless liquid, "but thanks, bro."

Hal chuckles, "Then you're an even bigger idiot, bro." The barman refills his shot.

"I think you're both idiots," chides a female voice next to them, "You know how to keep a secret? Oh, please. What do you think you're doing bringing him to a place like this, Hal?"

Hal's head jerks up at this voice, his eyes a tad red already. Barry kind of recognizes this voice as well.

Both men turn their eyes upon to find… "Diana? What're you doing here?" Hal asks in great surprise, spluttering his drink a little.

The drink spills some on Diana's leotard and she tries to clean the spot out. "Making sure the timeline stays in tact and to make sure you don't do anything stupid like you usually do."

"Too late," Barry mutters, gulping down the rest of his shot. Diana roars in laughter at this.

Hal is now red in the face, "Hey! Some friend you are, Bear."

Ooooh. He gets it now, he thinks. Hal has a crush on this Wonder Woman. Diana clamps a hand on Barry's back with some surprising strength. His wince goes unnoticed by either of them. "It has been too long, my friend. All joking aside, we've missed you. That, and, can't a woman go to a bar and have a drink? Or is that illegal, huh Space Spector police?" As she is saying this, the barman refills Barry's glass.

Hal grimaced. "That's what you call a joke? It should be illegal and damned fined."

Barry can't help it. He bursts into laughter. "I think I know what you think is finer. Huh, Hal?"

"Shut up." Hal grunts, his entire face turning impossible redder.

Diana just glances between the two with a confused look. Before she can say anything, they hear a female whimper from somewhere nearby, "Please! No, please! Let go of me. I demand that you let go of me."

They turn to find a tall, big-muscle type creature advancing on a female with blue skin and long droopy ears in the back booth. The muscle creature had its grasp around the girl's skinny wrist and she was struggling to free herself. The creature responds in another language.

"Release the woman," Diana demands, not even glancing behind her or moving from her sitting position.

The creature replies in its language. "What's it saying?" Barry mutters to Hal.

Hal just takes another sip of his shot. "I think it's saying that it doesn't take orders from women." He respondes nonchalantly.

"Then what of men?" Barry asks in his way of kind nature. "Shouldn't we, like, you know - help?"

"I got this," insists Diana before she spins around in her stool and throws her shot glass. Her glass crashes into the creature's bald head, green ooze dripping from it upon contact. The creature, somehow still alive, slowly turns around.

Diana jumps from her seat and charges at it while exclaiming, "Hiyahh!"

Location: GOTHAM. Time: 2032

Bruce Wayne was having a very exhausting day. Or night, he supposed it was now judging that the moon had replaced the sun. He had aided in the fight of the Secret Society, kept a certain bird in the sky all while taken care of some of his own crooks who ran amok in his city. He was driving back to the cave in his batmobile.

"Exhausting day. Huh, Batman?" A voice that read his mind replied from within the shadows of the backseat.

Slightly startled, he nearly loses his grip on the wheel before gaining control of it again. But he need not worry. He knows that somewhat high-pitchy voice from anywhere. He decides that it's best if he puts the batmobile in auto-pilot. "Robin," he growls, "what. are. you. doing. here.? Didn't I tell you to go home and isn't it past your bedtime?"

"You got a blood sample from this so-called Flash, didn't you?" Robin spends no time in getting to the point.

Batman grimaces. "You even have to ask?"

"Just checkin'" Robin shrugs. "If you think like I do, then you might be thinking that he is a clone. Am I right to assume?"

Batman grunts, "It's none of your business. Go home, kid."

Robin ignores this and carries on, "If he is or not, I have the right to know. He is my best friend's mentor, so it makes it my business. Wally's just too happy seeing him alive again that I don't want it to go to his head. To be frank, you're happy too, aren't you Bats? It clouds your judgement."

"It doesn't cloud mine," Bruce responds icily.

Robin doesn't believe him. "You're too proud to admit that you're happy to see him alive again, admit it."

Before Bruce could admit it, they hear another familiar voice that breaks out into the night. "Help me! Help me!" Cries the eerily voice.

They turn their heads to look out the front windshield to witness The Flash running at his fastest directly towards them. Bruce quickly takes off auto-pilot and jerks the steering wheel and swerves the batmobile to avoid hitting The Flash at top speed. But they need not worry. The Flash phases through the batmobile almost as if he was a ghost. But the batmobile is swerving too quickly that it plunges off the face of a sharp cliff. The batmobile crashes into a rocky surface, creating a BOOM and blowing up in smoky orange flames.

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