|Lost Butterfly|

Sometimes things don't turn out the way you want them to be, this is one of such inevitable truth about life. But don't you find yourself wishing for only happy ending in any way? But is that even possible to make that wish come true which sounds and looks almost impossible? No, it isn't. Isn't that why beautiful things don't last forever, or more like even a week or day, just like a butterfly who—despite being gifted ability to flight and beauty —wilts away sooner than cocoon breaks to give its birth. Butterfly is always and only one to remain lost, for as long as it lives.

A pair of golden eyes watches the scene with nothing but mix of guilt and longing. The figure could only let out a sigh as she saw seven figures walking through the pavement joyfully, time to time joking with each-other to which they'd in react equally joking manner. Hovering over the seven figures were little human-like pixies that they call Chara. The said charas were buzzing around excitedly like bees in summer days. Every one of them looked very happy and the joyful look that reached their eyes made the person—practically— spying on them happy herself that a smile bloomed on her lips. Despite happy that the group looked like they were having fun, She couldn't deny the feeling of regret and sadness that she felt evading her heart as she watched them. 'Why?' She'd sometimes questions herself as to why she wasn't able to face the truth that was very obvious. She was happy that they had moved on from the past but somehow the very thought of them forgetting her angered her and she almost felt betrayed which is ironic since the situation was exactly opposite.

A low, dry chuckle escaped her throat which grabbed the attention of the blue haired chara hovering beside her inside her egg. Popping out from her blue egg, Her blue eyes darted up to the girl with golden eyes whose gaze on the figures didn't waver. She was actually surprised that they didn't feel any intense gaze on them yet because humans, for some reason, are faintly able to feel gazes on them. How naive.

"You, You look suspicious. Chuckling to yourself? Find something funny, Amu." The curious yet blank looking chara decided to probe her owner.

"Hm? Oh! yes, My thoughts... It's so funny and silly, Miki, It is funny that I'm feeling betrayed when I was the one who left them," Amu let out another dry, humourless chuckle. Her eyes moved to her little companion for brief moment before training back on the people she was observing from sidelines.

Miki was about to say something back to her owner but a loud, boyish voice attracted their attention.

"Hey! Give me that, You just ate yours and now you're attacking mine, dream on." A emerald-eyed male scolded the girl to his right who was currently eating her (or his) ice-cream.

"E-eh!? B-But Kukai, I haven't eaten Butter Scotch flavor for weeks, You know what my mom is like?! She only gives ice-cream and stuff to Tsubasa and wouldn't even give me some pocket money, Can't you share your ice cream with your dearest sister-figure?" The said girl whined childishly as he pulled the ice cream out of her grasp despite her protests.

"If Sharing means to hand MY treat to yours greedy little hands, then No, thanks, I'd rather not."Kukai turned away, popping his cold ice cream bar in his mouth. "Share with Hoshina or Mashiro if you want it so badly, they brought same flavor after all,"

"As if I'd share mine," Rima rejected yaya who had turned to look at them expectantly. Utau nodded in agreement in background with look of dismissal.

"You all are such a meanie," Both of the brunettes started bickering when Yaya stomped on Kukai's feet in slight irritation which resulted him in loosening his grip on his bar and it slipped out of his grasp. Their childish war had lasted till the time they felt a weird dark presence around the place which alerted them. Suddenly looking serious, Amu looked around and heard a shrill scream coming from a direction. She looked down at the group who had started looking for the source of the scream. She wanted to see what they will do, but then she saw Yaya glancing up at her direction so she had no choice but to retreat from that place before they find out about her return. She still needed to keep her arrival a secret for time being. With a gust of wind Amu and Miki were gone from there.

'Strange, I was sure someone was sitting there a moment ago,' Yaya thought to herself as her gazed prolonged at the branch of the tree that was not so far from where she was standing. Narrowing her dark hazel eyes at the innocent looking tree almost accusingly, Yaya slowly followed her friends who had already gone from there. 'Oh well, maybe that was just a bird or something,'


Amu looked over to her little friend who was not looking at her but straight ahead. They were walking down the pavement outside the park. Amu wasn't in hurry because she knew they'd never come this side of the part since they had already ran off to the other side. Now, she just needed to get back to her place.

"That scream, it is probably work of theirs. They are in hurry nowadays...You know that they'd not go easy on you if you messed up, especially those two?"

Amu didn't need to ask who they were.

"I can see where this going Miki, I...I am just hesitant to work on this mission, they were after all once my dearest friends, I can't do the same to them,"

Miki frowned for a brief moment before pulling off a blank face again. She glanced at her bearer who was looking down in remorse. Miki knew how Amu felt, she felt the same after all. They had reacted so violently the last time Amu had made a mistake, especially that guy. Their temper even now gives Amu scare but If she completed this mission successfully then the memory would always haunt her, in dreams or not.

"Amu, You are regretting what you did back then, are you not?"

"No! I'm not! It was for the best, for me and everyone else, If I hadn't decided to follow him then I'm sure I'd have not lived to see this day!" Amu hastily explained herself in loud voice, shrouded in panic and fear. What she said was true, If she hadn't chose this path she was walking on then she'd probably have been dead. Especially since she had made that deal.

Miki turned to face Amu who had stopped on her tracks. She could relate on what Amu said. The deal Amu had signed was the beginning of their nightmare and primary cause of her misery. If anything everything was Amu's fault, in her obliviousness and naivety, She had failed to see that it was all a plot– A shady plot instigated to get her. And guess who was the gamemaster? Her very own blood.

"I see, you don't regret it then," Miki said, "then how come you are feeling guilty?"

Amu stiffened. She stayed silent for a full minute, not uttering a word or even breath, it was as if her body had paralyzed. Tension between the two was so dense, none of the two back down from their ground. Then Amu hesitantly locked her eyes with her chara that had been by her side for 6 years. Miki's confident blue orbs meet cloudy golden ones.

"I-I'm not, w-why would you think that?"

"I'm your chara, I'm you. Of course I know how you are feeling, because they are practically what I'm feeling so I can tell" Miki frowned at Amu, "And about what you just said, that's a lie, you are shuttering."

"I'm not! That's-"

"I can tell that you know that as well, you are regretting coming here. After looking at how happy they were, you want to run away from everything,"

"I...I don't, I'm not running away,"

"...I see, so you're telling me, you are crying just because you felt like it?"


Amu touched her cheeks, feeling the soft flesh wet from her tears. She knew holding back her tears was futile, tears of helplessness that was holding back for four years was too concentrated for her power. She couldn't do anything other than letting everything out for good. She opened her mouth to speak but she only managed to break into sobs.

"Miki, they took away everything I held dear to me, only you...only you are left for me and I have no intention to lose you as well," Amu leaned on the wall as she tried to utter as understandable words as possible for her. "Last time I did a mission like this and I nearly lost you, I don't want that happening again. I don't mind...running away...from this nightmare,"

It was after the time when Amu and others defeated Easter. Everything was fine until that time when Amu had signed a contract with DAYDREAM. It was not a normal contract, if anything, it was a devil's contract. That contract nearly sucked her life away from her, she was almost dead. After all, she had lost all of her charas during that time, well, all but Miki who somehow managed to remain by her side. What Amu didn't know that time was it was all a plan to capture her from the beginning. Her obliviousness and naive self led to her downfall and Amu hate that self now with burning passion. But...then everything came rushing down to her when she realized the gamemaster to prey on her happiness was her very...sibling.

"I don't want to leave you, Amu. I'll never leave you, not alone in this darkness," Miki whispered softly, her tiny hands wiping the tears that fell from her bearer's eyes.

Miki had mourned over her sister's death as well but she knew that crying over something that was already gone was nothing but a waste of time so she had moved on, because if everything went normal, back to how it was, then chances are that Ran, Dia and Sū will reborn.

Snapping out of her thoughts, Miki hovered right before her bearer's face and kissed Amu's forehead, silently reassuring her bearer with her act of affection.

"...Let's go home, Amu,"

"Hm...Yes, Miki,"

With a smile, Miki took out her sketchpad and pencil from her satchel. She was wondering what she should be drawing when a butterfly flew over to Amu who was walking ahead of her. Amu had not noticed the lovely butterfly just yet. It had pink wings which faded to beautiful shade of purple. The butterfly rested on the hood that Amu had worn to conceal her pink locks, after brief moment of rest it flew away.

"...hmm," Miki hummed thoughtfully before her tiny hand shot up to start scribbling the idea that popped in her mind. After completing her work, she admired it with a pained smile grazing her lips.

It was the drawing of the same butterfly that she saw a minute ago, it was trapped in the cage with small holes that prevented the poor butterfly from escaping.

"You are so much like this butterfly, Amu. You are so strong but still you get trapped with many slim chances of escapism that are yet to be used. Don't worry, Darling, I promise you'll be freed from this small dark world," Miki gazed up at the blue sky. Her eyes glimmered in determination and confidence. "And this time, I'd keep my words,"