Chapter 4: Rememberance (Part 1)

'What the hell?' Amu wanted the day to end soon already. A longsuffering sigh left her lips when she sensed several gazes on her back. What did she ever do to anyone to suffer this fate?

'A lot more than you think.' Her inner conscience reminded her, mockery ever so present in the tone. Amu ran her hands over her long tresses of hair.

Apparently there's a rule which says that wearing a hoodie, or any unnessesory accessories (her sunglasses), is strictly prohibited during school premises. Amu was sure that there was no such rule as this when she first studied in the school. What a drag.

Amu was currently trying to concentrate on whatever her teacher was telling, note the keyword trying. Eyes narrowed into slits, she scanned the script lines of her book. Maths...she has always hated the subject.

"Tsk...I thought they were perfect students..." The statement was directed at certain group that was once called Guardians, because she was being watched closely by the very members of group. She could feel each of their unwavering stares on her back. She tipped her head to glance back. The flaxen haired male flinched when their eyes met.

Tadase Hotori...

It was funny how once upon a time they used to be a couple, a really charming couple. She still remember how she used to dress up all pretty, only to maintain her image as a perfect girlfriend of a perfect prince. She was crazy about the blond boy, and it never hit her until she time travelled to save her guardian angels. It was nothing but an infatuation, concerning only his looks. It hit her so hard that she had avoided meeting Tadase for days. They made many beautiful memories together, they were amazing friends.

Just friends. Amu's eyes softened, ever so slightly, hinting guilt. He was sad, very, but he was very brave. She admired it. all of him. She was just too late to notice his real self.

But then she ended it all with a single statement. She shattered his world just like that. Idiot.

"Friends? Don't make me laugh... It had all been nothing but a play. What an idiot."

Tadase could feel her eyes on him, pricking him mercilessly. She, that bitch, decided to show her face after all, the blond haired boy had seen this coming. She'd come back, sooner or later, and break the illusion he created with so much hardwork, with just a single glance. Like now. Irritation seemed to burn his skin, he wanted so much to get up and slap her. Hard. Wanted to give her the same pain he gone through all these years. Fucking 4 years. She has to be kidding them, if it was all nothing but a game, if they were nothing but a ploy, then it only makes the game even if she suffers the same fate as them.

'She did.' His inner voice defended his worst nightmare. Tadase pressed his lips into a hard line. It still didn't made any difference.

'He changed a lot... I wonder if he is still dreaming to rule the world...' A smile, almost wistful, tugged on her lips when the thought crossed her mind. He was ignoring her eyes like plague.

'I don't think so...' Her eyes watched closely when a purple haired fairy-like thing floated to him, questioning his strange behavior. That cold and unforgiving look in his scarlet eyes didn't go unnoticed by hooded, gold eyed girl. Her former friend was trying too hard to bottle up his feeling, but he still failed to hide his insecurity. He was very easy to read. Not just that but she could feel his feelings radiating off him like waves.

'Typical him...' Amu wanted to grin at him. Some things never change.

She noticed how tense his shoulders were. Tadase probably could feel her gaze on him, making him as uneasy as his eyes were telling her. She was no different, she could feel it as well. His gaze, of all people. He was still as calculating as ever. Or at least, ever since that particular day when everything changed. Whether it was for good or worst depends on person's perspective.

Her eyes flickered away to meet the eyes of the former jack. It made sense, when eyes like chips of amber ice stare fixedly at you, who in their right mind wouldn't feel frightened. Amu was no exception.

Nagihiko Fujisaki. He was still giving her the coldest shoulder as ever, just as she had expected. While it was very sad that a best friend like him, to her, was acting as though she was the greatest enemy, to him, in the world, it reassured her that there'll be no more good-for-nothing sentiments between them when fate will play its cruel game on them all.

He leveled a glowered look when he studied her. It thrilled him that she was back, returned to the place where she belonged, to him, but devouring the sight of her, in front of his very eyes, fuelled something in him. When she locked her eyes with his, her golden eyes that he has always adored, he was at loss for real. She used to be a best friend, and more, to him. She knew this too, all the favors, they weren't completely platonic, they had a spark too that only they knew.

Right now he was only frustrated. Many thoughts ran in his mind, he wanted to torture her to death, right in his arms, for all that she did to him, made him feel, and everyone else. Her presence was starting to drive him insane.

Amu licked her lips, they were starting to go dry. She also noticed how the sliver of emotion in eyes darkened when she did that action, and heard him grumbling something under his breath. His eyes watched her with predator's unwavering attention, unsettling her, so she was forced to unglue her eyes from him.

After sometime, she was no longer feeling his penetrating gaze on her back. She let out a sigh, relief washed over her. She wasn't feeling suffocated anymore.

'As long as he continues to ignore me, I'll be living a life.' Amu turned to the front. She hadn't returned to Seiyo to attend a reunion party after all. She had a job to do, and she must complete it without involving the guardians into it. It will be very troublesome and regretful otherwise.

"Amu..." She heard a whisper. It was quiet, almost inaudible, but she managed to hear it. Whoever it was, they were whispering to themselves, with an edge of grief tainting their voice. Golden eyes narrowed into slits, already telling who it was.

Amu glanced at the brunette, who was teaching something related to limits, making sure he wasn't looking at her, before she turned her gaze and found herself looking deep into her caramel eyes. The girl had to bite back her gasp when she found herself into a lock with her best— ex-best friend, she corrected mentally.

Rima Mashiro. Amu's eyes hardened in concentration. If she wasn't mistaken, the shorter girl was most effected by her actions. She must really hate everything about her by now, but Amu couldn't really blame her. Her guardian angel, Kusukusu if she wasn't wrong, had got crushed by her very hands. Her dreams, she had them all dashed to the ground by doing a simple action.

"...h-hi." Amu heard Rima say. Amu didn't know what to say to the shorter girl who was looking too expectant for her own good.

Rima could hear the sounds her heart was making against her ears, it was deafening. She doubted the rosette heard her because she was almost inaudible when she greeted her, but when Amu nodded back, albeit hesitantly, at her, Rima found it hard to resist the urge to smile ear to ear. Then Amu broke the contact. Rima felt a flutter in her stomach, her eyes warmed at the possibility that Amu didn't hate her.

It was true that Amu had done horrible things to her at some point of her life — but Rima has long forgiven the girl. What she did to Kusukusu was unforgivable, she also betrayed them, but they amounted so little compared to her deeds that changed her life for better since she enrolled into Seiyo Academy. Rima has already been thankful to the rosette for that. Even when Amu left the city, Rima was only devastated because she wasn't able to save her friend. She was pressured to commit sins that she did, Rima has always firmly believed in that till date.

"I'm glad you're back, Amu." She had to gather all of her courage when Rima uttered the words out of her thick throat. It should've been easy to say those words, but Rima was sure that they come out sounding more strained than she thought. Was she really going to cry? Rima wiped her watery eyes.

Amu was in shock. She had to be— why else would she be feeling all sick? When Rima said those words to her, she literally felt her blood ran cold. Colder than ice. Colder than that bone-chilling glare Nagihiko passed at her. The shock was too much for Amu. When Rima looked at her, there was a familiar warmth in those amber orbs, too likable and addicting. It was the same gaze that Amu had grown accustomed to over two years of friendship with her.

"This is bad...very bad. At this rate, I'll be a dead meat." Amu groaned, squeezed her eyes shut and she gritted her teeth. She needed to stay on her guard around her. At this rate, she lose her focus and end up making the same mistake she made years ago.

"Get a grip, Amu. It is for the best..." She told herself, quietly, and her fingers balled into fists. She wouldn't lose anymore.

Why was time moving in such painfully slow pace? Damn it.

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