You are my sunshine

Tears poured down my face, and I cursed myself for being so weak. I took a drink from the glass of water beside my bed, trying to calm my ragged breathing. It's in the past, it shouldn't bother me anymore.

Will was sleeping over, I couldn't let Will see me like this. I can't let him know I'm still a baby that has stupid nightmares. Stupid nightmares almost every night. I jumped softly when I heard him rustle beside me, and pressed a pillow to my face, hoping he'd just fall back asleep.

My only sunshine

Too late. He was always a light sleeper. Will tried to wrap his arms around me, and though I wanted nothing but to let him, I pushed him away half-heartedly and turned my face. He couldn't see me cry, I wouldn't let him. My back shook with sobs nonetheless.

"Why don't you just leave me alone, like everybody else." I tried to sound menacing, but it was more of a broken whisper than anything.

You make me happy

"Shh it's okay. I'm here, you're fine. I'm not like everybody else, you know that." Will tried to hold me a second time, but I shrugged him off again.

He shook his head softly, unseen by me. "There's science that shows that hugs actually release a chemical that can calm an anxious, angry, or upset person."

He tried once more, and I finally submitted to his admittedly strong arms. I was tense at first, but slowly melted into his arms until we fit together like cliché puzzle pieces.

When skies are gray

I allowed myself to relax in his arms, sobbing quietly into his shoulder. The calmness worked through my body, massaging the tenseness from the inside out. Eventually I was calm enough for him to ask the question that he was bound to ask eventually. The question looming in the room like a rain cloud, heavy with rain.

"What's wrong, Nico?" Will asked gently, pulling back but still holding my shoulders, searching my face.

I fell backwards on to the mattress, closing my eyes, feeling himself lay down beside me, hand on my arm. "It was a Tartarus dream."

Using the word dream instead of nightmare kept some of my little dignity intact.

You'll never know, dear

Will wrapped his arms around me again, rubbing my back rhythmically. "I don't know what you're going through, and I can't promise to take the pain away. But you can know I won't stop trying. I'm here for you, whenever you need me, okay?"

I lay stiffly in his arms, contemplating these words that were so familiar, but so distant. That had been repeated time and time before, but never kept. But this time, it was different. Will's words had depth, and meaning that the other times had lacked. The truth of our love was lingering in the air, making every breath sweeter.

How much I love you

Eventually I relaxed and nodded gently. I wrapped my arms around his bare waist, resting my head comfortably on his chest.

"Thank you." I whispered, closing my eyes again.

Will responded by kissing my forehead gently, prying a soft smile out of my lips. I fell asleep with a strange feeling, that as long as I had him here with me, the nightmares wouldn't be coming back.

Please don't take my sunshine away

A/N: Yes, this is short but I had this idea while walking about and thought it might be cool. I haven't posted in a while so I though I might as well. It's not even 1000 words ughhgghghhghh I'm so horrible and everybody hates me gosh. I really need to finish up my trilogy story and my multi chapter but I have some more one-shots until then so yay.

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