The Year was 2016 and my life was missing it's mystique my squeaky toys had lost their squeak and then out of the blue I read JumpJump's Comic and BAM! My Destiny was calling me! I had a thought in my head as the Loud House was only about a few months old at the time and In my Gut somehow I knew Lucy would be become a Fan favorite sister so I decided to jump on the bandwagon before it even set off on it's trail and my plans were set make a loud house story pairing up Lincoln and Lucy I'd be the first to do so I would make history by being the first non-comic artist to make a Lucycoln fanfic but it made me wonder given that we've yet to receive any real heart to heart moments with Lucy and Lincoln back then how would that work exactly? I ran over numerous scenarios in my head A Time Travel story, A Summer Vacation story, heck even a Super Mario Bros crossover story I had to think of something ANYTHING that would work...and than it hit me What if Lincoln was Adopted? But the aftermath of the reveal would go in a way that no one would see coming and Thus Love in the Loud House was born! granted when I started this story I had nothing but dinky little smart phone to work with seriously you know difficult it is to make Fanfic chapters on a smartphone? anyway the first few chapters were...Ehhhh spotty at best but after meeting a certain someone who's name rhymes with Fred the Lokemon Blaster the first set of chapters were not only redone but also with his help I managed to get the story to evolve but as we all know my mother sadly passed away in late July of 2016 and could tell the quality of my work was...slipping luckily thanks to friends family and a shit ton of Anime Vines I managed to pull through just fine but over time I kept wanting to update but life kept getting in the way but That all changes this year because my main goal is too update all my older stories granted there will be a few new ones here and there but nothing major so anyway guys here it is the chapter you've all been waiting years for so much so that as soon as I post this most of you are gonna think i's an A-Note and not bother reading it and thus depriving me of those sweet reviews!

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Lincoln and the others had their mouths gaped open as they watched Dora dust off her hands.

"There that's all settled" she smiled before looking up and noticed their expressions. "What? Is there something on my face?"

"Thanks Dora we needed the help" Timmy spoke as she smiled.

"No problem Timmy."

"Whoa whoa whoa hold on A Minute. Turner who is she, how did she find us, and why did she help us?" Sokka asked with a scowl making Matata roll her eyes.

"Sokka be Nice!"

"It's ok I have a lot to explain anyway." Dora spoke with a smile. "First off, I'm Dora, Dora the Explorer. Yes, that IS my real name." She spoke with a Chuckle before sighing. "I Got Involved with these Imbéciles when they attacked my World. My Friends, my Family…..gone ...all because of…." Dora trailed off and Scowled before punching the ground cracking it shocking the others. "Huh?...Sorry about that." she Said Looking away.

"Well…..Thanks for the Save anyway Dora" Aang spoke as she gave him a Nod.

"So what's been going on here?"

"It's a Long and complicated story, but I can explain everything" Jimmy said


"That's……" Dora said scratching her head in shock.

"Yeah and that's not the worst of it. Apparently the Syndicate teamed up with this weirdo named Xandred and he's sending out these creatures everywhere" Danny said. "Meaning who knows how many others are being enslaved or worse by these things."

"Ummm Guys speaking of which." Jack pointed out as they saw a large portal open in the distance as a Huge airship slowly lumbered through.

"What the hell?"

"Oh this can NOT be good." Timmy said as a hatch opened and large Pod like objects fell from it and surrounded them forcing the heroes to stand at attention. "Jimmy what are these things?"

"No clue, be on guard team." He spoke as the pods opened up and began to turn into large robotic lobsters.

"Great, now we just need some butter and we'll be all set." Sokka chuckled as the robots began to charge at them.

"Attack team!" yelled Danny before blasting two of them away with his ecto beams with one snapping it's pincers at Jimmy's head who proceeded to blast at it with his Tornado gun.

Lincoln dodged the claw swipe of one as he formed a sword made of darkness and slashed at its face, only for said face to reform. "Crap." before the robot tackled him with the pincers digging into his legs. "AH!" a large rock was thrown at the machine as Toph gave a smirk.

"You owe me snow-white!" she called before making several pillars of rock rise up and pierce several through the heads while several tried snapping at Timmy who duck and dove around them who pulled out two wands and turned said claws into flowers.

"Ha! It'll take more than that to give me a new haircut." he bragged...before a laser blasted off the top of his hair. "MY HAIR!"

"Better him than me." muttered Jimmy before one of them picked him up by his hair and started to spin him around the air. "AHHHHH!"

Danny gave a scowl before his eyes turned blue and he launched Concussive Ice Blasts towards a few of the robots who dodged the attacks and fired off missiles.

"I got this!" Tak held his staff out with the stone glowing before the missiles as well and went flying off in random directions, some of which blew up some of the robots.

Aang and Katara formed a large water vortex and trapped a few robots before launching them away. Of course any that were hit or damaged began to put themselves back together.

"There's too many of them!" Lincoln shouted as he slashed five more and more robots fell from the airship.

"We need to fall back!" Jimmy shouted as the others agreed with him.

"Guys This way! We aren't far from an abandoned Town we'll hide out there!" Toph shouted as she made an underground tunnel for them to escape in.

"Danny! Cover us!"

"On it!" he blasted at the ground as the lobsters moved after them and started forming a slippery ground with an ice wall. As soon as they were all in the tunnel duanny took a deep breath and unleashed a ghostly wail that destroyed the wall and created a thick layer of mist that covered the area.

"Oh man, that was close." sighed Aang with relief.

"You said it." Sokka panted as Dora lifted her hands and emitted a light from them.

"This should help, no sense running around in the dark." Dora smiled as they followed Toph who was still digging the tunnel to the town.


"AHAHAHAHA! Did You see that? Those Heroes were on the ropes and we scared them silly with our robots!" Crocker laughed.

"You mean MY Robots oddly shaped human!' Spoke ...a Dolphin on a segway?

"Hey! I'll have you know this is a rare genetic disorder you overgrown tuna!"

"You dare call me, the Illustrious Dr Blowhole a Tuna!? I'm a bottlenose Dolphin you malformed Mole!"

"Don't make me get tartar sauce!" Crocker threatened as Vlad pulled them apart.

"Enough You two! Doctor tell us can those robots of yours can locate them?"

'Of course they can Vladimir, I built them with them best echo-location technology around!"

"Excellent Earth Dolphin. Soon this realm shall be ours for the taking!" Master Xandred boomed as the monitors beeped. "Hmmmm seems the Earth girl called Vicky has Returned"

"In that case, I'll be elsewhere." spoke Crocker before bolting out of the room.

"What a Coward Right Vlad?" Blowhole joked as he saw Vlad was sweating nervously.

"Yes quite the coward…." he nodded while trying not to sound like a scared little girl. Making Blowhole roll his eye.

"Humans and their petty fears" he muttered as Vicky walked in and behind her was a girl with black hair in a short bun wearing red and black armor.

"Hey Grease Monkeys I'm back and I brought our newest member say hello to Azula!"

"Greetings." smirked the woman with Vlad feeling a little better since it wasn't just Vicky, but he was still sweating nervously while Blowhole himself looked her over.

"You don't look like much, but I can tell behind that pretty face lies a cold blooded killer" he smirked making her give one back, but colder.

"Thank you, and here I thought I was going to have smoked dolphin for dinner. That is, I still might, IF you prove to be useless."

Blowhole was shocked, but smirked once again. "Heh I like you already" He said as Crocker poked his back in.

"Is she gone?"

"Crocker! Come right back in here and say hello to our newest member!" spoke up Vlad loud for all to hear with said man cursing at the ghost.

'Oh alright fine" he grumbled as he walked in only to be struck by lightning that Azula shot at him. "YEOWCH!"

"Wow, you were right Vicky, he does make for a walking target."

"Too bad he lives through anything you throw at him"

"Oh is that so?" Azula spoke giving the charred man a wicked grin.

"Hey I don't like the look of that smile!" he cried out before ducking behind Blowhole. "Shoot the fish, not me!"

"ENOUGH! ALL OF YOU!...Vlad go and monitor the screens, Blowhole send the Moogers through the Portals and have them scour the multiverse for anyone who might oppose us, Vicky you, Azula, and Crocker go find and destroy those heroes."

"Xandred, with all due respect, what about you?" Vlad asked.

"I'll stay and find more new recruits, our army needs to be bigger if we are to take the multiverse!"

"Hopefully there are some more cultured and intelligent ones, such as myself." muttered Blowhole.

"But I don't wanna go with either of them. they scare me and give me the hives!"

"Oh those are Fear hives, they'll go away when you stop being afraid" Vicky smirked.


"Exactly, so shut up!" Vicky and Azula left towards the loading docks as Crocker sighed.

"Oh why me?...Xandred off topic, but doesn't that Azula Girl sound a lot like Vicky? I mean it's like they have the same voice or something."

"It doesn't matter what their voices are like, what matters is them getting the job done with their skills, but yes I did notice." the warlord spoke as he muttered the last part to himself.


A Large dust cloud appeared from the ground as Toph opened up a large hole leading to the surface. "Here we are"

"Oh thank god." sighed Sokka taking in air with a smile. "I thought I was gonna go nuts down there. I swore the walls were closing in all around us."

"Oh they were, I did that to mess with you."

"Wait what?" He said as Jimmy sat down.

"Ok we need a new plan of attack"

"You think? We couldn't do a thing to those things." Jack huffed as he crossed his arms.

"Odd Those Lobsters weren't anything like Professor Calamotious's toybots" Aang said as Katara nodded her head.

"Aang's right whoever made those robots made them tougher than anything that mad man's ever made."

"The only question is who, and how can we stop them?" Danny asked as his ghost sense went off. "Uh oh guys we got company!" a Loud Roar was heard as large footsteps lumbered towards the town.

"Oh great, now what?" Timmy grumbled before freezing up and paling at the sound of a familiar voice.

"Well well well Lookie who I find all the way in another dimension!"

Timmy looked up and saw Vicky standing on a floating platform as a large Bear made of blue ecto energy appeared behind her. "VICKY!"

"That's right twerp! I'm here, and ready to make you and your stupid little friends suffer through hell!"

"Oh yeah, well in case you haven't noticed there's a lot of us and only one of you!" Sokka exclaimed as Vicky snapped her fingers and fire nation soldiers began to pour out of the forest. Making everyone glare at the water tribe warrior. "...I'll be quiet now…"

"Boys? BURN THEM ALIVE!...except for the twerp in the pink hat he's mine to Kill!" she Snarled as Timmy gulped despite being fifteen years old he still Feared his old babysitter and boy howdy does it show!

"Let's Go Guys!" Jimmy shouted.

"Right! Run away!" Timmy said as Tak grabbed his collar.

"Man you're a baby!"

Vicky let out a loud laugh of glory as the Nicktoons began to fight off the troops.

Lincoln jumped out the way of a fire blast and slashed the head off one of them causing oil to spray out. "Huh? GUYS THESE THINGS ARE ROBOTS!"

"Meaning we don't have to hold Back!" Danny exclaimed as Dorra formed a sword out of one of her arrows and began to cut the machines to ribbons. He blasted an ecto beam through several of them at once while Aang sent several flying with a strong gust of wind.

"Oh wait did I forget to mention I wasn't alone?" Vicky said as she snapped her fingers again causing Toph to widen her eyes.

"AANG BEHIND YOU WATCH OUT!" She shouted as a Bolt of Lightning was shot towards him.

He turned and barely managed to avoid it as it went and caused an explosion that sent Tak flying.

"TAK!" Danny shouted as more robots poured with Azula leading the charge.

"Azula!" Katara growled.

"So the Water peasant remembers me? How sweet" mocked the princess. "I was hoping you would, that way I could properly pay you back after last time."

Katara threw a wave of water at the fire nation heir who dodged and blasted lightning at her. "Damn it!"


Timmy was trying to breath as he hid behind a tree his legs and knees shaking like crazy. 'Damn it! Get ahold of yourself Turner!' he thought as he slapped his face to keep from freezing up. "Damn Vicky's here and we're getting our asses handed to us can this get any worse?"

"Better be careful with how you say stuff Turner!"

He turned and yelped before ducking as she nearly cut his head off with a chainsaw, which did in fact send the tree toppling over as she laughed.

"Stand Still Twerp So I can Kill You!" Vicky shouted with Sadistic Glee as Timmy gave a Nervous gulp.


"Damn it!" Jimmy snapped as he aimed his flare gun and blasted multiple shots at a group of robots. "They keep coming!"

"How sad and here I thought you Hero types were supposed to be Strong!" Azula shouted as fired off bolt after bolt of lightning towards Danny who went invisible to dodge them.

"We are, like this!" Danny dove into the ground and slipped over near Azula's feet and grabbed them as he went tangible and flew them up into the air.

Azula growled and broke out of his grip and flips onto his back with her hands glowing with fire.

"AHH!" Danny let out as the fire burned into his suit and skin making Azula smirk.


Azula turned around and was met with a fist to the face by Dora. She fell off and went down before crashing into some of the robots while Danny grabbed at one of the burn spots.

"Are you ok?" asked Dora.

"Yeah thanks Dora" Danny chuckled as more robots swarmed them.

"Well well well Lookie here two heroes ready to be destroyed!"

Danny looked up and saw Crocker in a large fairy mech suit. "Crocker! So your mommy finally let you out of time out?" Danny Smirked as the Mad Teacher gave a Scowl.

"Hey! I'll have you know I had to jump through a lot of hurdles and do a lot of foot massaging!" he yelled out in annoyance as he pulled a lever and launched homing missiles.

"Incoming!" Dora exclaimed as she drew her sword and slashed the missiles. Some of them flew off in pieces, but one exploded near them, making her and Danny fly back.

"WHOA!" Danny ducked under one of them pieces as more flew at them.

"AHAHAHAHAHA! Perish ghost boy!" Crocker laughed as he fired more missiles…..or at least he would have if he wasn't all out. "What the!? I thought I told that Tuna to reload on Ammo for my FAIRY DOOMBOT!"

"I heard that and you asked me to reload the ammo cartridges and I said Maybe Not that I would Do it you Malformed Mole!" came Bottlenose's voice through an earpiece.

Crocker grumbled as Danny and Dora floated up to his pod.

"So no Ammo huh?" Danny Said as he and Dora cracked their Knuckles Menacingly Which Made Crocker break into a Panicked Sweat.

"Now Now lets be calm rational people about this…"


"AHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Crocker yelled as his pod was sent flying into the sea.

"We were calm! About sending you flying!" Dora shouted with a chuckle as she and Danny fistbumped.

"Nice! Let's meet back up with the Others"

(Back with Timmy)

Timmy was running for his life. "AHHHHHHH!" See? Told you.


"That doesn't make any sense!" he shouted as he dodged a thrown knife. He waved the wand and made a brick wall pop up behind him. 'Ok that'll by me some time there's gotta be a way to shake her!' he thought as said brick wall was shattered in a single punch.


"Ahh Crud!" Timmy rolled out the way before dishing out a low sweeping kick knocking Vicky over.

"Ow! Oh you're gonna get it twerp!" she growled with her eyes glowing red making Timmy go pale.

"Ahh double crud…"


"Watch out!' Jimmy aimed his gun towards a group of robots and blasted them towards Toph who proceeded to summon a large rock slab and slammed it on top of them.

"Ha! Let's see them get out from that." smirked Toph.

"Is that all of them?" Tak asked as he saw Aang and Katara rolling in Azula who was somewhat frozen in a block of ice.

"Yeah it seems like it now that we have Azula"

"Guys!" Tak and looked up and saw Danny and Dora flying towards them. "Crocker showed up but we took care of him easily!"

"That nutcase? He's here too?"

"Well he was, but don't we…." Danny was cut off by a large robotic hand reaching down and grabbing Azula and carrying her away into a large Whale shaped airship.

"What the?" Jimmy narrowed his eyes as a large hologram appeared in the sky.

"FOOLS! DID YOU THINK YOU COULD STOP THE MIGHT OF MASTER XANDRED!?" he boomed menacingly as Lincoln scowled.

"Your feeble group is no match for my growing army!"the demon exclaimed as Sokka smirked.

"Army Sharmy! Ugly you don't have any more troops left so how can you beat us?"

"How can I beat you? HOW CAN I BEAT YOU!? LOOK AROUND YOU FEEBLE WELP!" the Camera zoomed out the show the forest covered island.

"...You Planted trees?"

"TREES!? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!' he laughed loudly as the trees…..started to do the same.

"...uh oh." muttered Tak who swore he just pissed himself. "RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!"

"DAMN IT SOKKA WE TOLD YOU TO SHUT UP!" Toph exclaimed as the Trees all began to form into Moogers and surround them.


Timmy ducked under a punch before finding himself swarmed by Moogers.

"Bout time that Bug sprang the trap!" Vicky growled. "Hold him for me boys!" The evil babysitter gave a wicked grin as she cracked her knuckles and began to pummel his face in.

Timmy cried out with each punch to the face, nose, chest, gut, everywhere he was hit while the Moogers held him in place.

"Ya know something you might still be a twerp,'ve grown~" she said making Timmy raise an eyebrow. "I should've done this years ago! The perfect way to break your spirit Timmy turner!"

"Uh ... make me listen to old cheesy pop music?"

Without saying a word vicky ripped off her shirt revealing her bra cladded chest making Timmy pale as she pulled out a knife and shredded his pants.

"Hey wait! Stop!" Timmy struggled against the moogers as Vicky's grin got bigger.

"Look at the bright side twerp, you get to lose your cherry before getting sliced up like a turkey and who knows maybe Xandred will let me keep you as a pet!" She growled as Timmy tried to fight back the tears. She tossed the ruined pants to the side and slowly brought it to his underwear.

"...Please…..don't" he silently begged as Vicky laughed.

"That's what I like to see a Pathetic wimp begging for mercy, all it does is turn me on even more!" Vicky was about to take off his underwear until the wind began to blow.

"GET OFF MY SON YOU BITCH!" out of nowhere a Pink blur decked Vicky in her face sending her flying across the island as a Green Purple and Gold blur cut down the moogers.

"...You ok Timmy?"

He looked up and saw Chloe looking at him with concern. He tried to give a smile and nodded. "Yeah, never better, you?" He chuckled as Chloe hugged him.

"It's ok" she whispered as he smiled and began to cry.


"AHHH!" he yelled out while jumping from one mooger head to the other while swinging his Claws around as fast as possible. "Damn it Jack I need wings here!"

"On it!" Jack covered Lincoln's body and gave him wings allowing to take to the sky.

"They're everywhere!" yelled Tak using a forcefield to try and hold them back with Danny trying to freeze as much as possible.

"James this is Bad, these creatures are swarming everywhere not just here!" Zim told Jimmy over the transponder.


*Dimension 2-25-06 Japan*

People ran away in fear and panic as moogers ran after them while trashing anything they were near while one person was hiding under a car, near tears and scared. That is until a mooger lifted the car and was about to smash over their head until a gunshot sound rang out killing it.

"Get to safety quick!" a Man with orange-red hair wearing a dark blue suit spoke. The Person nodded and ran off as the Man pulled out a pocket knife and pressed a button revealing it to be a Katana. "Alright you Fucks COME AND GET IT!"

The moogers let out a cry while several of them ran at the man.

He gave a smirk as he charged the moogers and cut the arm off. He swung back behind him and chopped the head of the other two and began to go on the defense. "Damn it!" he growled as one slashed his back and he began to get swarmed. "You guys are stubborn!"


The Moogers fell down dead as a Woman with blue hair and wearing a red suit jumped down. "You alright Mikey?"

"Yeah thanks babe." he chuckled making Mitsuki smile as her watch beeped. "What is it?"

"It's a distress signal coming from Jimmy Neutron." she spoke as Mikey stood up.

"Jimmy huh? That's a name we haven't heard in years" More moogers began to pour out of the portals. "Get ready Mitsuki this is gonna be tough!"

*Dimension 11-19-05 Unknown Location*

A Teenager with red hair was tinkering with something while sitting at a desk.

"Oh Todd~ guess who bought a new outfit"

"Let me guess, you?" he chuckled as he felt a pair of hands covering his eyes.

"Can you guess what it is?"



"Mauricia? What was…"


Moogers crashed into their apartment surprising them.

"What the hell are you guys?!" growled Mauricia. "FLUFFY! SICK EM BOY!"

The moogers heard a growl before one fell down as what looked like a yellow porcupine had tackled it down and started biting at its face like a rabid dog. The moogers began to attack, only for Fluffy to shoot off his quills and take out more of them.

Todd scowled, reached under his bed, and pulled out a Lightsaber. " that a Lightsaber?"

"Yeah I made it last week" he chuckled before tossing her one as he began to cut them down to size.

"Come on Todd, you know me already." she shook her head while one mooger ran over, only for her to swing and send it flying back through another wall with her fist looking like it had grown in size.

Fluffy ran up Todd's leg and stood on his shoulder.

"Alright Fluffy you know the drill" he spoke as the porcupine gave a toothy grin and revved up into a ball and began to ricochet off the wall and into the monsters that resembles cheap latex suits.

"I knew letting him Play Sonic 3 and knuckles was a great idea!" Mauricia exclaimed as she sliced a mooger and cut another one behind her with her roller blades. "And you said it couldn't be done."

"How was I supposed to know a porcupine could push buttons without thumbs?" Todd spoke as Fluffy pulled out a Ghost pepper and ate it causing a fire shield to appear around him. "Ok Now that's just impractical!"

"Says the guy who made a lightsaber" His girlfriend muttered while rolling her eyes just as Todd's computer lit up. "Todd look at this!"

"Kinda busy!" he called ducking from a strike one one mooger managed to cut his shirt down the middle making him gulp.

"But it's coming from someone called Yimmj Norteun?"

"Hit the SpaceBar!"

She ran over and hit it while kicking one mooger away across the shins, making it drop down.

Fluffy bit the head off one as he pulled out dish soap and ate it was covered in the bubble shield.

"Who's it from?" Todd shouted.

"Oh its from Jimmy!"

"What's he saying? Cause right now we're busy trying to survive here!"

"I think it's a distress signal!" she shouted as she cut another and kicked it out the window.

"Tell him we ARE in distress!" Todd shouted as Fluffy pulled out a box of batteries and swallowed them created the electric shield. "...Ok now You're just showing off"

The porcupine rolled at a group of moogers and hit them, shocking all of them at once.

Mauricia pressed the screen and was about to massage him back until a beam of light shot through the room destroying the moogers and beaming the three of them into the computer.

*Dimension 3-22-02 Chalkzone*


"I'm drawing as fast as I can snap!" Rudy exclaimed as he drew a drew a laser cannon and aimed it at the Moogers. He blasted them away while Snap was shaking and sweating.

"I don't think it's fast enough! These fellas are all over the place!"

"HIIIIII-YA!" Penny shouted as she kicked away a Mooger and Pulled out a…..Ruler? She was surrounded by them as they all came at her one by one and with her ruler she hit two on the head kicked away three more and began to punch them away one by one but one tried to attack her from behind so without looking she reared her fist back taking it out effortlessly.

"HAHAHAHA! WAY TO GO PENNY! THAT WAS AMAZING!...Rudy uhhhh your nose is bleeding there Bucko." Snap spoke as Rudy's mouth was on the floor. "Did ya get decked when I wasn't looking?"

Snap waved his hand in front of Rudy's face and looked up as a sentence written in chalk appeared above them. "Rudy look!" Snap slapped Rudy's face and pointed up.

"Ow!" Rudy rubbed the spot before looking up.

"S.O.S Rudy. Skrawl and Craniac-4 are working with Villains from Other worlds and are after the Red Chalk Mine. They have to Many Troops at the moment, follow this portal and we'll all meet in Adventure Bay-James Issac Neutron aka Jimmy" He read as Goddard appeared with a portal handy and ready to go.

"We can't just leave Chalkzone!" Snap exclaimed.

"Snap we have no other choice plus more are coming!' Penny exclaimed as More Moogers began to appear.

"Come on guys!" Rudy said as the trio ran into the portal.

*Back with Jimmy*

"That should do it!" Jimmy said as a he began to massage Zim letting him know the Plan as Dora Slashed through a group of Moogers.

"Ay Dios mio! Stay down already!" she growled as more began to swarm her only for Dora to fire off more arrows and destroy them. "Estas malditas piezas de mierda!" she growled.

Toph stomped the ground and threw a large boulder at gun wielding Moogers only for one of them to tackle her luckily Katara grabbed it and flung it into the ocean. "Damn it! If I had enough room I could just send them sinking into the ground, but you guys might get dragged down."

"LOOK OUT!" Sokka shouted as he threw his boomerang and beheaded five of them. "This is insane!"

"Tell me about it!" Lincoln said as the heroes were all back to back. A large pink dome covered them as a Massive T rex did a cannonball into the water causing a wave to crash down and wash away the moogers.

"That was a close one!" the dome spoke making the others give a sigh of relief.

"Yeah! Let's go again!" Poof cheered happily.

"Cosmo, Wanda, Poof!' Danny said as he smiled at his old friends. "Are we glad to see you here?"

"Yeah, but don't get too excited we have company!" Timmy said as Large grey blobs began to fall from the sky and multiple by the dozen surround them.

Danny blasted one as it began to form into a humanoid shape but all it did was reform itself. "What the hell!?"

"THEY'RE SUPER PUTTY PATROLLERS!' Lincoln exclaimed as the Monsters began to attack them once again putting the heroes on the defensive.

"We're screwed!" yelled Toph as several of them started to dog pile on her.

Dora summoned her arrow sword and began to slash at the paltrollers only for more to spawn from the one that was cut. "Binthehos!" she said as one tried to punch her.

"That's Enough Prima." a Voice spoke as they all stopped when a Lone figure walked up to them surrounded by more Putties. Dora's eyes widened in shock as she dropped her sword.


A NEW CHALLENGER HAS APPEARED! AND IT'S DIEGO! Wonder what he's doing anyway guys That's the end of part 1 expect part 2 This Summer around the story's 5 year anniversary also special props to Yugiohfan163 go read his stuff and than get Diarrhea from it.