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The wanderer has been waiting for the days to go by on earth but he keeps on wandering through out these days.

He has fought many battles but he has helped different things evolve. When his ship crashed landed, he had trouble getting out due to space being new and being told as a god.

He wishes that the days would end that the reapers would ignore the worlds and die out but that won't happen.

He got paid lots of money through the years but the real problem was that he could get recognized if he appears around the same people.

The armor was well known as the eternal black knight but then as a king that never died. The armor fell apart slowly but it all stayed together. The sword was like an artifact worthy in a museum but it works well and without trouble.

He is part of an eternal Empire as he was told by words but nothing went into writing because it was a myth and they decided to keep it one because he would keep too many hopes up.

When humanity got space worthy, he disappeared and was not heard from again but keeping whispers and different words traveling through the words. But the Reapers knew the name, the soldier who fought back and killed many of the forces.

If he ever reapers then things will change for the cycle.

The woman named Shepard however, has been making trouble causing destruction to the reapers plan and sovereign made his match by her and my collector slaves.

"I will have to take care of her personally" Harbinger spoke