RWBY SLVR Origin Prologue: Chosen Fates

Chapter 1: Song of Fate

Set in 10 years ago before the tragedy of the fall of Beacon.

A young girl named Weiss Schnee with wavy white hair and blue eyes in icy blue dress looking at the window in a cool breezing morning at the mansion where she wonders about the future she wants to do. Her older sister, Winter is the current future heir of our family business, the Schnee Dust Company, where it is the largest producers and exporters dust in all in Remnant, and her father, does his usual business and the current heir. She has no idea what goals she wants to do even though everything up to this moment of her talents was all a lie just because she's a Schnee and people don't see the real self.

Suddenly she hears a knock from her door. "Miss Schnee, it's time for your dance lesson."

"I don't want to take my dance lesson. What's the point taking lessons even though no one would ever ask me to dance with them and they won't understand the real me." Say Weiss, coldly.

"But Miss Schnee, that's not true you're a proud and polite young girl who is excellent of everything and love by everyone you meet. Please listen to me, the big Christmas ball is on a Monday and you haven't been practice for a week. I don't want you to felt behind."

"That's what you will think. Nobody cares about me, they just care about my last name."

"But Miss Schee—"before the maid can persuasive any further to her, another maid stop her.

"Forget it about. Let the President's daughter be a brat, there's is no reasoning with her. And beside we're getting pay this month so we don't have to babysit her anymore and we can go to our dream job than this horrible mansion. Let's go to our job for the mean time." Say the other maid, disrespected.

"Okay.. but." say the maid, saddened.

As the two maid continuing a conversation behind Weiss back. She couldn't stand the mockery, disrespect and negative view behind her back, she grabs her coat and boots, pulls the curtains, and open a hidden door she used as one of the hidden passages to get out of the mansion to a hidden rose garden without anyone not even her father knows about it except her beloved sister. After leaving the mansion, she feels the fresh air since the last time she used it when she had her piano lesson.

"This feels so nice without anyone around except my sister, I wish she'll come back from boarding school." Say Weiss, relaxed. "Here I can be myself and enjoyed my freedom once in a while except during raining day and blizzard since it's a dangerous.

Weiss joyfully playing in the snow, making snow angels, and snowman. She also sometimes to train herself to unlock her Aura but with little success as she is not the level neither as her sister and father. Although she is partially good at swordsmanship and some combat experience that she learned from Winter before she went to bordering school about 3 months ago. After she was done training, she sometimes sings when she feels calm, and joy.

"Is fate... a happiness or

despair future?"

She paused.

"If so, I don't want to be,

in a path of sadness,

of my loved ones "

she paused for moment before re-thinking.

"If I can change, a new path, what future I want to be,

A future of hope and peace,

Or a future of misfortune and misery"

She paused.

"Who's the one who can,

change the fates upon our life-"

Before she can finished singing, she hear unfamiliar, yet beautiful song.

"Don't be so sad young one,

You are my destiny and hope,

You give me courage to live on,

To be reborn as brave soul to protect and cherishes"

'I thought I was the only one here? I wonder who's singing?' say Weiss in her thoughts.

Weiss quietly search in the garden for the mysterious song. She tried looking by the fountain, the swings, and by the lake. The only place she hasn't check is by the fountain surround in hybrid tea roses. She continuing going straight to the fountain where she can hear the song growing closer and closer. 'I hope it isn't a burger or a member of one of the bad guys that father keeps mentioning. If it is, I will try to fight back even though I'm not as strong as Winter.' she says in her thoughts, doubtful.

As she arrived, Weiss finally found where that song was coming from it was a young boy with red and black hair and sliver eyes. He appears to be slightly older than her by presumably 3 years apart. She notices he wears a gray school uniform similar style to her sister's private school wears except with red trimmed and a red hoodie jacket. At first, she was apparently disgusted that he doesn't dress property and thought he might has a lack back attitude, however when she try to get closer to him by a few inches as she hide in the bushes, he was really pretty and good looking. She was in awe and amaze by his singing and appearances.

'Who's is this guy? And how does he get to my secret rose garden?! Only me and Winter knows.' Weiss confused.

She calm down and continuing to listen him to sing.

"The power of to protect helps,

strengthen your bonds of your heart"

He paused before looking at a snow falling in the sky.

"You are my destiny of all"

As Weiss tried to quietly leave, she accidentally step on the branch. The young boy notices a sound as he had a feeling he's being watch by someone.

"Who's here?" he said, confused.

Weiss slightly yelp before she cover her mouth to her realization. She quickly escaped and tried to go back to her room without the young boy noticing her. As she finally make out and went back to her usual spot to the rose garden, she unexpectedly being found the same boy she watched by the fountain.

"What do you think your doing, little lady?" he asked, politely.

"What?! Huh? How do you found me that quickly?" Weiss nervous questioned him.

"Oh I see you for a far distance where you might want to hide or I did it by instincts."

Weiss dumbfounded.

"But you didn't answer my question, I said what do you think your doing spying on me?" he repeats his question to her.

"I was a just doing my own business until I heard someone singing so I tried to find who it was. After that I found out it was you, and I continuing listen to you singing." she explained to him.

"That wasn't so hard to answer." he gently smiled at her.

"And I like your singing, it was beautiful." Weiss blushed.

"Thanks." he slightly blushed at her.

"So what's your name?" she asked.

"Oh I forgot to property introduced myself. My name is Leonardo Princeton, but you can call me Leon."

'Princeton.. where do I heard that name before.' she said in her thought, thinking.'

"Now I give you my name. I want to know what's your name, Snow Angel." he slightly teased her, warmly.

"It's pleased to meet you, Leon." Weiss said, "I'm Weiss."

"Nice to meet you too, Snow Angel."

"I already give my name. You don't have to keep calling me that."

"I know, but I like calling you that because your like a pretty angel falling from the heavens in a snowy day."

Weiss becomes fluttered. After that she regain her composure she asked him, "So how did you find that place nobody ever heard of this place except me and my sister?"

"I notices something unusual in the side entrance that connects to the garden, so I open it and went in." he replied.

Suddenly Weiss heard another unfamiliar voice, "Young Master Leonardo, it's time to go! You're father is worried about you. Don't make him wait."

"Alright, Platinum, I'll be right here! But first, will you give me about a minute."

"Yes sir!" say Platinum, solemnly.

"Who was that?" she asked.

"That's my maid, Platinum. She's a servant and a friend to my household. She's also very skilled at cooking, cleaning, gardening and many other things. She also takes care me and can be very protective." he replied.

"She sure cares for you deeply. You must have been lucky to have a older sister figure to look after you." she asked.

"Oh no.. she not that old, she only 8 years old." he correct her.

Weiss shocked and unexpectedly somehow puzzled by his statement.

"Before I go, there one more question I want asked you about."

"What is it?" Weiss confused.

"What's you're main reason you being here all alone where no one knows about?"

"I just want some be alone for a while without any conflict, and I'm current trying to awaken my semblance."

"Oh I see.. Maybe when we meet again. I'll show you another way of awaken and I can show you my semblance as good example." Leo smiled.

"You're semblance?!" said Weiss, shocked.

"Yeah I already got mine about a year ago, and I'm fairly good at it. I'll show you for some time when I'm not busy." say Leon, amused.

Weiss slightly blush at him before turning around as she doesn't want to see him like this thinking it might be embarrassing and disrespectful. Unknowingly to him, she was secretly happy to have a good conversation toward him.

"That's reminds me, you didn't tell me what's your last name was? I'm curious which family household you belong to."

Weiss remain silent.

"It's okay. You don't have tell me, you have you're own reason. I'll respect your decision. Oh that's remind me, are you going to the big Christmas ball?"

"No.. why?" she confused.

"Since me and family are coming for here for a special occasion between nobles and company across Atlas. But if your not coming, I was going to ask to dance with me and maybe help unlock your semblance-."

"I mean I course I'll come. So I can get to know you even more and maybe to hang out"

"I'll looking forward to it!"

Weiss gentle smiled at him a while he did the same thing to her as well.

"Young Master it's time to go!" say Platinum, demanded.

"I guess it time to go. I'll see you later, Snow Angel." he winked her, affectionately.

With Leon leaves with his maid, Weiss felt her heart is fill with happiness as if her cold heart has melted away replacing it with sear warmness and comfort.

Soon after, Weiss returned to her room without the other servants she left the mansion. Weiss still flustered after her encounter with Leon.

The maid from before where confused and concerned what going on with their young mistress. The kind soft spoken up first, "Miss Schnee, are you alright?"

"It's alright, just thinking about someone I have in mind. Someone I started I have a crush on" say Weiss, calmly.

The main were utterly surprised at Weiss's statement as they thought she would have ignored or coldly replied to them.

"Miss Schnee, like someone?! That's the first."

"Say do I still time to take a dance lesson?" she asked them.

"A course, but the Christmas ball was only about a week away. Are you sure you still want to do it in a short amount of time?" say the kind soften maid.

"I can handle it." Weiss smiled.

The maids still remain confused by Weiss unexpectedly decision.

A week later, the day of Christmas ball in cool and breezily night.

After hardship that Weiss had endure, she fells prepare and ready to meet up with Leo as promised. She wears a elegant light blue dress with dark blue blazer. Although she was a little anxious for waiting for him. As she waits, Weiss spotted her father talking to his employers and presumably business partners from other company. She feels morose towards him without knowing her presence. 'Just as always, you'll never have time to spend time with me nor notice my presences not even once.'

"Weiss?" say a familiar formal voice.

"Huh? Is that?!" Weiss come back to her senses and feel a saw that makes heart feel excited and joy.

Her beloved older sister, Winter arrive at last. She appear to be very graceful the last time she saw her with her beautiful dark blue dress like the night sky and the sea.

Weiss ran to her with open arms, and give her a warm embraced. Winter hug her back as well.

"Winter, I miss you so much. Did you miss me?" say Weiss, delighted.

"Yes, a course I miss you. I been thinking about you every day when I was in bordering school." Winter smiled at her.

Both of them let go from each other.

"So how are you been Weiss when I was away?" Winter asked her.

"It been.. rough and uncomfortable, but I'm top student in my class and I got straight A's in all of them because I take my study very serious." she replied.

"That's good. Weiss, are you secretly training again without father permission again." Winter worried.

"Yes, I am. But I don't want to be a burden to anyone else, not even you. What would happen when one of Father's enemy attempted to kidnapped me or you, I don't know what to do or how to fight. I can't just depend Father forever even though he doesn't care about me." Weiss slightly depressed.

"Weiss, even though Father can be harsh and busy, but he does worried about you. However he's right about one thing, you can't rush things when you're not ready. It's too risky and dangerous, you'll will get yourself killed if you're not careful." she explained to her.

"But Winter, I am ready, I taught myself some of the steps of advance swordsmanship and I even tried to awaken my Aura, but with no success. Can you teach you me how property way to wield a rapier like yours or help me to unlock my Aura." Weiss tried pursuing her.

"If I started to teach you earlier, you will get a scar on your face or may lost your own live when your not careful. Is that what you wanted?"

"No.." Weiss disappointed.

"Good, just keep up what your doing and everything will be fine."

'I don't get it. Winter was teach to do swordsmanship and was able to unlock her aura and semblance at the age of 8. Could it be because she's the next heiress to Schnee Company someday." say Weiss in her thoughts.

"Now presenting our last and special quests arrival tonight." said the butler.

"Can it be he's here at last?" Weiss seems excited.

"What do you mean "he" who?" Winter wonders.

"Presenting, the founder of the Princeton Shard Company, Garnet Princeton, his wife, Ember Flare, and his two sons, Leonardo G. Princeton and Raphael S. Princeton. " he announced formally.

Everyone in the ball room where impressed and in awe as the Princeton late arrival.

"Oh that guy.. he's in my class. I don't get it how everyone sees in him, he's too laid-back and a delinquent after he finish he works. Plus he's also the son of our rival company that use different method of producing Dusts." Winter disgusted.

'Now I remember I heard that name before. The Princeton company is one of the largest company not only our company. They alternate and modified Dust after mining into something that can be helpful for all kingdoms of Remnant, Huntsmen and Huntress. Although don't know much about them, but I heard that the company created healing Dust for curing all type of aliments and heavy injures, and some helped increased your strength, speed, and defense without any use of their semblances.'

"Mama, Papa, can I play with the other kids?!" said Ralph.

"Alright, but be sure take your brother or your Mama with you."

"But Papa.. why can you?" he frowned.

"You're too young to venture off on your own and your Papa is a busy man maybe some other time. You will safe with your Mama and Big Brother taking care of you."

"Oh ok Papa, I'm going take Mama with me instead. " he said, cheerful.

Both Raphael and his mother already left leaving only Leonardo and his father alone.

"Is he still mad at you that about you know." Garnet asked.

"Yeah, but don't worry he will get over it." Leonardo replied. "Dad, can I go to meet up with a "friend" now, and I promise I'll be back before dinner."

"Do you mean the "friend" you made from a week ago." he question him.

"Yes, I promised to meet her and I never break my promise to someone, please." Leonardo begged.

"Oh alright, but be sure to meet up here before dinner, son."

Leonardo leave his father to meet up Weiss as promised. He curiously search for Weiss in a big crowds where most of them consist are adults or teenagers. After that, he finally spot Weiss since lucky she was with someone he's very similar with.

"Hi Snow Angel." he kindly greet her.

"Leo, you came. I'm so happy to see you again." Weiss kindly smiled."

Winter annoyed at his presence.