RWBY SLVR Origin Prologue: Chosen Fates

Chapter 4: Song of Reunion

Ten years later after the fall of Beacon in the present time.

In the middle of the night, where several Atlas soldiers are eliminated an Alpha Nevermore that was spotted outside of Altas. Things got a lot worse ever since the battle of Beacon with communication is still offline, the Altasian knights are still debugging and unavailable due to unknown enemy's virus in every machines, and citizen have a hard time to suppressed their negative emotions. However, the Altas soldiers are still busy eliminated other Grimm in the same location until someone in red coat with his face cover up in a hood appear on top of the building and prepare to jump on one of the Nevemore. He takes out his weapon and slash the wings of the Grimm completely and then slice it's head off.

"No way it's that!? says the Altas soldier exclaimed.

A gust of wind blew his the hood off revealing to be a mature young man in his early 20's and mixture of red and black hair, and slivers eyes. He wore a tattered red coat with armor on his arms to his legs, and black collar shirt with red trimmed.

"Specialist Princeton?! Is he's done with other mission already?!" the other Altas soldier says in shocked.

He smirked and the processing of finishing off the remaining Griffons and Nevermores before facing off with the Alpha. He activate his weapon and combined with Wind and Lightning Dust and fused with it as he body is surround in rose petals until his transformation is completely as his hair turn in mixture of green and white and his body is cover in light green silk fable in golden armor along with lime green aura-like wings, and his weapon turns into a spear. This armor is called Gale Thor The Nevermore charge at him full speed, but it miss as he slash it and cast thunder on it. The remains of it disappear into the nothingness.

The Alpha becomes in rage as one of it's kind defeat by lonesome Huntsmen so it started to charge at him. They soar and clash each other cancel their attack in equal rate. He switch Dusts to his second slot with Ice Dust and his appearances changes slightly into light green and blue frozen armor and slightly blue hair spiky. "Face my wrath against my armor, Frost Sliverwind!" He uses his now elemental duel spears and began to focusing on slice one of the wings and suddenly becomes frozen in ice and scatter into pieces. As the Alpha Nevermore falls from sky, Leonardo makes his final blow by change his equip armor to his significant armor, Scarlet Emperor. He is cover in crimson flame armor, his turn pure red, and his weapon change to a big double edge blade and stab it in the chest in full speed into it crash landed to the ground, heavily. Finally the Grimm dispersed from the shadow and Leonardo safety land without a scratch.

"Sir you were amazing! Thank you so much for helping us!"

"You're my hero! Thanks again!"

"No problem, that was helping for. I won't want to lose my men in battle do I?" He gave them a relieved smiled.

His men were overjoyed at his strong believes and heroism.

"We should report this back to headquarters that the Grimm invasion has slightly decreased from last month." The other Altas soldier stated.

After finishing report from Altas military and the other went back to their post or go home to see their family and love ones. He looked at the stars in the midnight sky.

"How long has it been since I been alone." say Leonardo, sadly smiled. 'It already been 6-8 months since the battle of Beacon. This is too much for me to handle in stress situation like this. I kept my promise to my Dad Before his death that I won't mistrust Faunus ever especially to my leader and partner, Sliver even though he revealing his secret that he's the son of the former leader of the White Fang, I will always respect him deeply. However even though one of my teammate is in a coma, we will have a cure him someday. It's been tough of being a Huntsmen and the current of the Princeton Company at the same time rather than pass my title to my only younger brother and family left. But at else I got help from Platinum too. '

He clutched his fist, slightly as he thinks back to the aftermath of his parent's deaths ten years ago.

The following morning later after the tragic incident of Leonardo and Ralphael's parents.

Leonardo woke up in a cold sweat as he look around knowing that he's back home in his room, but for his reason he feel pain all over the places. He sees Winter and Platinum sleeping by bedsides.

"What happened? What's going on?" Leonardo confused.

Winter and Platinum woke up , they were surprised and glad as he wake up from his long sleep.

"Master Leonardo, you're awake! I'm so glad your alright." Platinum cried in joy.

"Took you longer enough then slacking off as usual." Say Winter, sarcastically, but relieved.

"Ralph?! He is alright?!" Leonardo worried.

"Don't worry your brother. He's in a hospital getting check up to make sure nothing bad has happen to him during kidnapping. He will be here about a week or two until he's all clear to return home." she explained.

"That's good." He relieved.

"I'm a bit surprised that you were able to frozen the entire army of the White Fang and their leader."

"Miss Schnee!" Platinum yelled.

"I did what?! What do you mean?" He asked them.

"Well you unleashed an unknown lights the engulf the entire military base, but lucky we were hiding in one of the prison to shield us from it, That was Platinum's idea to hide though. After that, you came back with long messy white hair and slivery white eyes with markings. You asked us if we are alright and we confirmed it. However..."

"What are you talking about? I don't remember talking to you afterwards." Leonardo confused.

"Wait?! You don't remember what you said? Then what's the last thing you remember?"

"The last thing I remember was following my Dad's voice and then I found them until. . My parents are they.."

"I'm so sorry, Master.. They gone." She sadly confirmed their death to him.

Leonardo heartbreaking continues.. "I made it to room, I saw my parents and that White Fang killer.. And everything went white. And my head hurting." He tearfully cried over his parent's death.


"Please tell me what happen next.. Wait of minutes.. Where's Weiss?! Is she alright?" He remembered.

"Weiss, well she didn't suffer any major damaged so she's sleeping in the guest bedroom."

"I need to see Weiss right now! I'll be right back."

Leonardo get off the bed and attempt to go see Weiss until Winter stopped him. "Leon, about her, you should really need to hear about thi-"

"I don't care. I want to her for myself!" Leonardo run pass Winter and heads to the guest bedroom.

"Master wait!"

A he arrive at the guest bedroom, he find Weiss sleeping peacefully as she suffer some minor injuries from last battle. He comes to her side and gentle clasp his hand to hers and gets on his knees.

"I'm sorry.. I'm so sorry. This is my fault. It because of me you got hurt I hope you can forgive me someday." he says in a sad tone.

Before he leaves, he gentle kissed her on her right cheek, and let go of her hand, but her hand didn't let go as sign she regaining conscious. Weiss open her eyes to take a look at him.

"Weiss, you're awake! Thank goodness! I was so worried. Please don't do this again." he smiled at her.

"I'm sorry.. Who are you?" she asked, half-tired.

Leonardo was shocked.

Winter arrive just in time, but it was she too late to stop him for seeing her in Weiss's current state. She become uneasy to this result.

"I'm good friend with your sister, Winter and my name is Leonardo Princeton, but be free to call me Leon if you like." he fake smiled at her, pretending to don't know her neither as he doesn't want get too desperate to force her to remember.

"Leonardo Princeton.. I prefer calling you by your actual name since it's proper, and it's nice to meet you." Weiss polite greet him.

Leonardo sadly smiled at her.


"Big sister. You're back from school already? What happened and what's going on?" she asked.

"It's a long story, but let me talk to my friend for a while just gets so rest for a bit until servants arrive with your breakfast."

"Oh ok, Winter." she agreed.

Winter grab him by the arm and forcing dragging him back to his room.

After they left, Weiss touch her hand gentle and it feels warm. "It's strangle, my hand is so warm and comforting. I wonder who hold my hand when I was asleep and my cheek too. Could it be Big Sis or her friend, Leonardo." she wonders, and yet she feels happy.

"Winter, tell me what's doing on? How come Weiss doesn't know who I was?! She acts like if we never met before?! What's going on?!"

"If you have listen to I say then none of it will be happening."

"Winter!" he yelled.

"Fine... Weiss has developed some kind of a stress trauma-like disorder that she suppressed her painful and stressful memories of you. It may be because what she saw you after she awake."

"What?! Tell me what the rest of it after I was unconscious, please." He plead her.

Winter sadly continues.. "After that, Weiss woke up, she was confused and horrify that all the remaining the White Fang members are completely frozen like statues. When she saw you in that form, she didn't recognized you, so you try telling her who you are, but she refused to believed. Weiss was so frighten that she doesn't want you to touch her and she call you a monster. You got hurt and distraught by her words, but you look are your reflection from the mirror and you too were shocked by this."

"I can't believe what I'm hearing." Leonardo sadden.

"However Platinum knock you guys unconscious and we brought you back to your household. After we bring you back, you change back to you're old self except you still had long hair so she Platinum cut your hair a while you're still unconscious."

Leonardo feels guilty what he did to Weiss even though he doesn't even remember it.

"After Weiss recovered, we will be leaving soon and we will never coming back here ever again." she stated.

"What are you mean?" he asked in confusion

"My Father saw what happen yesterday.. It was all over the news and that he didn't want me to marry someone who endanger our lives and almost having us nearly killed so Father cancel our engagement." she replied.

"But I didn't-"

"It's alright I said thing to him that it's not your fault, but he doesn't believe me as he thinking I just say that to protect your innocent. But for some reason, I'm actually kind of glad about it."

Leonardo dishearten by her's words.

"The reason for that, but promise me you won't tell Weiss or Father about this what I am doing to say to you." say Winter in a serious tone.

"I promised, why?" Leonardo confused and unsure of Winter sudden request.

"That I decided not to become the next heiress to the Schnee Dust Company." say Weiss, solemnly.

"How come and why, Winter?" he asked, seriously.

"It's no point of becoming the heiress that involved commoner or servant fight your battles for you and stay helpless. Which is why once I graduate Atlas Academy, I'm planning to joined the Atlesian military instead which means, Weiss will become the next heiress to the company. You could say this is my faith I chose." she gave him a smiled.

"Winter.." Leonardo worried.

"Before I go, here's Weiss's late Valentine gift, I found it in your backpack and next time don't bring gift to a battlefield. You're lucky her gift didn't get ruined and be sure to open when you have a chance."

Winter gave him a peck on the cheek and left.

Leonardo sit on top of his bed and open Weiss's gift. Inside contain a letter and a box, but first he opens her letter instead. He read her letter that said,

"Dear Leon,

This is my first time writing to someone who isn't not my sister, but I want to say,

Happy Valentine Day!

It already been three months since I met you and you bring me happiness to my life. I know that you are engaged to my sister and I'm happy for you. There is something I want to get something off my chest before I regret it later that I'm in love with you, not as your future sister in law, but as a woman.

Your my reason of not giving up hope and I decide to what path I want to take in the near future it is to become a huntress so I can help the world, help the citizens, help to protect humanity, and to help each other.

It's thank to you I have a new resolve in life. No matter what happens to you, I will always love you and accept you for who you are.



P.S. I got you a special gift that I bought for you.

It make me think of you and your encouragement and bravery.

I hope this counts."

Leonardo crying in both sadness and happiness by her words she wrote before her memory loss. He wiped the tears away before he open the box which revealed to be a golden lion pin. His gentle clenched it with both hands. 'Weiss.. I didn't know about your feelings. Maybe it's for best that you don't force yourself to remember me and that event. I'm sure you will find better happiness with someone else than me.'

After the years went by. Leonardo does his everyday life of both tried to apply to Atlas Academy and take care of raising his brother on his own along with the help with his good friend and servant, Platinum. His ex-fiance is almost in her third year in Atlas Academy.

Although during his time he spend time watching Weiss from far of her daily life revealing that she really is working hard to become a huntress just like she wrote to him even though she doesn't remember from the three months they met, but she heart doesn't. Leonardo feel a bit relieved.

Later he went Weiss's concert and watch her sing before she attend Beacon. After she done, he send white roses to her in her dressing room and leaves with a calm smiled.

Back to the present time.

'That's bring back memories. Maybe I should visit her since after what happens to her school and her team disbanded from separation. I think it would be best to comfort her.'

Later in the Schnee household, he quietly sneak into the mansion into the rose garden. He sees Weiss from the far in her room, having her back turned.

Leonardo smiled at her from afar. He takes a deep breathe and start to sing to her.

"Someday, will I see you

from a distance sea or the stars,

You save me from my darkness,

And bring me to your light of hope,

Don't cry, it would be okay,

I will always protect you

in my heart and soul,"

From afar, Weiss began to feel depress after what happens 6-8 months that she lost some of friends she made including Penny and Pyrrha. She only thing that worry her the most is her former teammates. 'Why does it come this it. This isn't the future I want to happen.' Suddenly she listen to a beautiful unknown and yet familiar voice. 'Who's it this? That voice.. It's so familiar.. where did I hear to this voice before.' Weiss began to remember of a piece of her childhood memories as she listen to it. She remembers a young boy with black and red hair and sliver eyes, who appear to smiled at her. She heard him calling her Snow Angel in a gentle, sweet and kind tone, not like how Jaune and Neptune say it. She also remember she once dance with him as well. 'I'm starting to remember.. is this my actual memories from my childhood? Could it be that's..'

She open her window and take a good look at mysterious figure.

"You are my snow angel,

who comes from the heaven

in the great blue sky,

and a winter season,

I hope my love and hope,

will shrine in your future path

of happiness."

"I know that voice, I know him, It's all coming back to me." say Weiss, as she begun to shed tears in both of her eyes.

After Leonardo done singing, he takes one last glance before heading home, only to be found out that she was actually watching him singing.

"Weiss?" he say confused.

"It's you.. Leon." say Weiss, smiled a while she still crying.

He change his words to her "You finally remember me? Well then.. It's nice to see you again, Snow Angel." he smiled back at her a while he began to cry as well.

To be continued...