I was at home looking at the letter that I received stating that I am going to the most prestigious academy Hope's Peak Academy, I felt a pat on my back I look towards the person that tapped my back and saw my elder Brother Erik Sammada "Congratulation on being accepted at Hope's Peak!" the obese green haired magician said with his cheerful smile witch made me smile back at him, "Well off you go my little girl" My fathers voice said witch made me blush a bit, you see my father is a police officer and he makes it his job to embarrass me "Good luck" A another familiar voice said that was my little sister Vonda Sammada, the mismatched eyed blonde haired girl was giving a calm smile to me, and I smile back at them and went off to were the academy is located when we said our goodbyes to each-other

"So this is Hope's Peak Academy?" These words escaped my lips as I stared up at the massive academy building in front of me. To say I was a bit nervous as I'm going to a very well known academy, and today I will officially be attending this prestigious academy where only the cream of societies youth are accepted. Every student who has ever attended this place has been guaranteed a successful career so of course it would be the best place to attempt to launch my debut from.

After straightening my uniform and reassuring myself that everything would be fine I made my way through the doors into the main lobby. However stepping in here seems to have had a rather unexpected consequence. "What is happening?" I asked as everything around me seemed as though it were spinning and I was feeling quite dizzy. Darkness was the only relief I came to know from the nausea that had suddenly struck. When next my eyes opened and the world began to slowly swim back into focus I noticed that there were a few things off. The first thing I noticed was that the room I suddenly found myself occupying was quite chilly and the second was that the door was nothing more than Iron bars. "Bars?, am I in some sort of prison flick or something?" I was eyeing the door wondering whether I should try to open it or not.

I decided that trying the door would be better than just sitting here so I got to my feet and made my way across the small cell. When I arrived at the door however I noticed something strange in my pocket. I reached in to remove the foreign object. It appeared to be a tablet of some sort with a rather peculiar start up screen that appeared to be the face of a bear that was half black and half white. Once it got past the start up screen I was startled to find a lot of personal information scrolling across the screen. "HOW?!" I asked softly as the display read

Name: Seiko Sammada

SHSL: Director

Gender: Female

Hair style: Short (Neck Length)

Hair Color: Purple

Eye color: Blue

Height: 6'1" (quite tall)

Weight: 140 lbs

D.O.B.: January 20th

I must reiterate myself though "HOW?!" it may seem silly that I did that but it's how I felt at the time. The tablet seemed to have several other functions to it though the one that made me most curious was the map. I pushed the icon taking me to a peculiar scene. It was an immaculately detailed floor plan for what appeared to be an old police station. The most peculiar thing about this station at least in my personal opinion was the addition of a set of dormitories. I must confess that there was one irritating feature to this electronic map this flaw being several places read "Access Denied" how am I supposed to know what's there if I can't access the data? Honestly quite rude.

Regardless of that I noticed that there appear to be red dots on the map indicating most likely other people scattered across this station. I found myself ready to jump as I heard the P.A. system kick on "Pupupupu alright everyone it's time to get to the auditorium here on the first floor and have ourselves a little powwow yeah?" this voice seemed to be high pitched and sort of grating on the ears. I'm admittedly quite disturbed. I may as well listen though since it seems I'm not alone. I quickly made my way to the now open door and off towards the indicated room.

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